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I know a little about homesickness, being away from America for almost two years now. Its not easy to adapt, especially when you do not know the language and have very little independence. There are four distinct stages to being an expat: honeymoon, frustration/anger, depression, acceptance. Do some research on the subject for some guidance.

In the meantime, the best advice I can give is accept the fact you might be in Hungary for the long haul and find ways to make the most of it. At your age, you're considering university. American universities would be stoked to accept someone like you because your background is diverse. If you can demonstrate an ability to overcome adversity, in two years you could be back in America, attending a solid school with possible scholarships. For now, you are going to have to focus on that and work towards a similar end.

You answered some of my questions already with your original post, but I guess I'd like to know if the eastern European girls are as hot as everybody says they are. I understand Hungary is some kind of hot bed sexy euro babes. Just lie to me if it isn't true...

Good luck with everything else.