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Right, which is the beauty of the writing in this work: they actually get you as the viewer to empathize with the main character to a degree where you don't see them as the villain, you see them as the hero, and go beyond that and try to rationalize and justify mass-murder by the character as somehow being "okay".

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I know we the employees get like 60% off now.

Holy fucking shit. TIL I need to work in a fireworks stand for the 4th.

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You think Bill Fucking Murray needs Brazzers? He could have any woman in the world that he wants - all at once, even.

You should be asking him if you can film that shit.

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So your work is like watching The Young And The Restless, except with crows...?


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So what you are saying is sometimes you are dipping winkies and fuck the consequences, right?