UPDATE: Looks like the AMA is about to die, thank you all for participating. It was a lot of fun, hope you guys enjoyed it too! I will check back for new comments and questions and reply if needed.

Hello reddit people,

My name is Roald Riepen and I am the managing director of www.FreeOnes.com (nsfw /18+)

For those not familiar with FreeOnes, we run one of the biggest (adult) model databases online since 1998. We currently have about 2 million daily visitors on the site (desktop and mobile) and we list over 27k models.

Last March was our 15 year anniversary and because of that we thought it would be fun to do a reddit AMA. Besides that our "We now accept bitcoin" thread here was fun to do so lets go! I will do my best to reply as fast as possible and will get help of Petra, one of our all-round managers. She will start her replies with "Reply Petra:" to keep all clear on whos who!

EDIT 1: Our 15 years Infograph: http://hostones.com/temp/Roald/infograph.jpg

EDIT 2: wew that went well so far, I am suprised about some questions and on the other hand was prepared for questions you guys did not ask yet. Keep it coming, really enjoying it so far.

Proof this is actually FreeOnes: https://twitter.com/freeones/ Tweet saying: Since I am doing an AMA on reddit and they need proof that it is me, here you Reddit :) Hope this works.

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calibanned1567 karma

When I was thirteen years old I stumbled across your website and, awed and aroused, wrote down the URL on a piece of computer paper I then folded and put in my wallet to avoid the awkward conversation I might have with my parents had they found it saved in my bookmarks.

I carried that scrap of paper in my wallet for seven years.

FreeOnes1872 karma

haha thats great however a 13 year old should not be on our website!

exilelexxii627 karma

Do you ever get bored of beautiful ladies after seeing 27k different ones?

FreeOnes1219 karma

The funny thing is that hardcore pornography is more boring to me these days than a beautifull erotic lingerie shoot.

Overall it does change your views and it can get boring yes

it_turns_out578 karma

Is it bad that as soon as I saw your infograph boob picture I recognized its source?

Edit: thanks, thosefeels, for finding the name: Christie Cavalli

FreeOnes463 karma

Hahaha I have that too, its a skill I created over the year.

RyZaN513 karma

You helped me through high school. Thank you.

FreeOnes361 karma

You are welcome

redfrojoe497 karma


FreeOnes1028 karma

About once every 2 or 3 days allthough im pretty sure my co-workers do not want to read this about me ;)

dickdongcock419 karma

Do you get to do any of them?

FreeOnes664 karma

I take it you talk about the models, in that case no. We run a website and are more a technology company than a production company ;)

polluxuk509 karma

Can dickdongcock get to do any of them?

FreeOnes594 karma

Only if dickdongcock has a valid test and is with an agency ;)

RedditTooAddictive447 karma

Isn't the name a sufficient proof? I'm disapointed.

FreeOnes715 karma

good point, let me forward the application

RedditTooAddictive544 karma

I take 30% of his benefits as the intermediate.

FreeOnes446 karma


The_Director352 karma


FreeOnes230 karma

Haha no not really.

Im_Dyslexic321 karma

Wow. You've answered every question posted so far. How does it feel to have one of the most successful AMA's recently? Any tips for Morgan Freeman to try next time?

FreeOnes286 karma

haha I was just telling Petra how ridiculously fast this is going!

popsickletits318 karma


FreeOnes565 karma

thats a good, and very tough, one. I can not say who my personal favorite is cause that will cause me trouble with the other models however I can say I am into the more natural girls ;)

AnthonyMimming247 karma

How does it feel, knowing you are the boss of a company where, you get girls willingly emailing(basically) you naked pictures of themselves, and you get paid for it?

I mean how does it really feel? It must be quite alpha

FreeOnes354 karma

It might be an idea to explain this process a bit. Models do send us content yes, however we promote their websites on FreeOnes with this content and we get a commision on the sales it generates. So it is not like they send us content and pay us right away.

But how does it feel? It gets pretty normal fast and feels just like a "regular" job.

SippyCupGiraffe243 karma

How many DMCA complaints do you guys get a day?

FreeOnes374 karma

None. Lets say about 1 or 2 a month max. We have a different working method compared to tube sites as we dont allow users to upload their content and we only use licensed content and content thats provided to us by various other sites and models.

SippyCupGiraffe124 karma

Has it always been this way or has pressure made you change your business model?

FreeOnes231 karma

Always been that way, we looked at the tube model when it came up and voted against it.

MrFreeLiving232 karma

Have you ever felt curious and ended up watching shemale porn?

FreeOnes604 karma

Funny story, when I started in this industry before workign at FreeOnes I sold shemale porn online. I dont feel arroused by it at all but it sold like hot cookies.

XFX_Samsung210 karma

Have you taken any photos to personal collection and not publish on the site?

FreeOnes317 karma

Of course, mostly pics taken on industry parties :)

danno1769210 karma

What's the strangest thing you have seen at an industry party?

FreeOnes530 karma

A girl snorting coke of a cock. Is that strange enough or just a regular saturday night? :D

tabascotazer209 karma

Is it hard to keep finding new titles for your pics/vids?

FreeOnes314 karma

Yes, our link reviewers are having a hard time to stay unique.

chaseman421182 karma

Are you married and if so, how does your wife feel about your business?

FreeOnes384 karma

In a relationship for 14 years already. She is completely fine with it and loves to come along to industry parties :)

nowitasshole179 karma

Do you do the marketing in-house, use an agency or does it take care of itself?

The site usually is first page on Google when I'm searching for an obscure models name +videos, so you're doing something right.

FreeOnes217 karma

All in-house yes.

dachsj142 karma

Did this AMA stem from a marketing meeting?

FreeOnes307 karma

yes and no, it came out of our 15 year anni marketing meeting but was also something I wanted to do for a while already just to give people some insight in our world.

dickdongcock175 karma

Do you make a decent living off this? are you living the rich life? or actually closer to average than people think?

FreeOnes294 karma

We employ about 25 people full time in the office and have about 5 more working from home doing grunt work. If we would run this site with only 2 people we would be kings, now we do fairly ok I think.

However if we would be just with 2 people we would not be where we are right now.

dgrocksolid453 karma


kalakalakalakaho162 karma

Where do I apply?

FreeOnes277 karma

whosinthetrunk169 karma

Is there a standard weight to be classified as a BBW?

FreeOnes229 karma

I would have no idea, mostly the model portrays herself as a BBW so we work from there.

I_smell_awesome165 karma

What are you going to have for lunch today?

FreeOnes278 karma

I just had lunch and it was a sandwich with a salad. Thank you for asking haha

bassieboy1990162 karma


FreeOnes308 karma

Yes. For example I don't personally don't like the extremely rough sex you see out there but we do get a lot of it submitted to us so you know the demand is there. We have a policy to stick to the more vanilla porn and leave the extreme stuff to the others.

FreeOnes361 karma

And of course every now and then we get confronted with illegal content which we of course hand over to the justice department.

Red_Delta142 karma

How do you see your company in 5 years time?

FreeOnes183 karma

Tough question since the internet is changing so fast however I do picture us still being relevant. We have a tough time fighting over visitors with tube sites since our model is so different but in the end I think people will appreciate what we do and we will come out stronger.

Zephiron119 karma

What do you like/dislike about your job the most and why?

FreeOnes284 karma

I like the marketing aspect a lot. Coming up with new things and get all excited with the team about it is somethign I really enjoy. Specially when an idea turns out to work great.

I dislike working with the people who are nice in your face but in reality are fake just because I run one of the bigger porn sites.

magicmanx3116 karma

Hey, so you can't answer who your favorite model is but how about this question. Which model had the biggest jump from least to most popular? What does the missfreeone get as a prize?

Thank you for maintaining the site for so long I have been watching for like 10 years now.

FreeOnes133 karma

Biggest jump huh, good question which I would have to look up.

MissFreeones winner got $10k

Thank you for being a fan

FreeOnes112 karma

Ok im taking off to home for some food. Back later to answer your questions!!! keep 'm coming!!!

negrowin102 karma

Can you provide information on the hardware/software used in your systems?

FreeOnes155 karma

Thats a tough question since we use a lot of it however I am in no way a tech guy. I do know we run the site from 2 data centers. 1 in Amsterdam and 1 in New York. So for example people from Europe go through the Amsterdam connection for a better and faster user experience.

johngalt333102 karma


FreeOnes182 karma

haha no. Mostly paysites I have passes to ;)

whosinthetrunk87 karma

What's the most fucked up scene you ever watched?

FreeOnes155 karma

Some Max Hardcore scene, I cant recall the name off, thats really not my thing.

nicklegram75 karma

What is your biggest WTF moment? (Job related)

FreeOnes162 karma

The unlimitted amount of gifs my brother is sending me often having the most crazy filthy and scare shots in it.

DerCze73 karma

I just visited your page and I noticed that the german translation for "Suggest a babe" is "Schlage ein Model" which translates to "Punch a model". I think you might want to improve that.

Also how popular is your north korean version of the page.

FreeOnes71 karma

haha we will have that updated.

The NK version is not that popular as I think we are banned there.

gburgwardt70 karma

How are bitcoin sales? +bitcointip roll verify


FreeOnes55 karma

slow so far

cheeza51percent68 karma

What types of models are most popular with your site's visitors?

FreeOnes239 karma

Big boob milfs

gdj1166 karma

Have you ever added a coworker to the database as a joke?

FreeOnes159 karma

haha no but I will now ;)

wlkng_dead62 karma

First and foremost thank you for the site. I enjoy it very much. My question is what made your want to start the site considering there are others similar to it? Also how do you stay on top of the competition?

FreeOnes106 karma

To make things clear, I am the managing director and joined the site only in 2005. The one starting it started it as a hobby which gained a lot of traffic in a very short time. Back then in 1998 there were really no others like it out there so being one of the first sure helped.

How do we stay on top of the competition? Work hard and try to focus on your own product. A lot of people always complain while we of course look at what others do however we keep focussing on what we know best. Try to offer more information of the models, more content, be better and do it in a different way. Try to be unique. besides that we always invested income back into the company instead of blowing it all. We are in this for the long run so we try to treat our visitors the best we can. No pop unders, no crazy java scripts, no annoying ads, etc.

jewby_pls61 karma

What's the furthest a client has gone to get your attention?

FreeOnes75 karma

define "client" please

jewby_pls59 karma

One of the 27k models.

FreeOnes117 karma

Furthest is probably the one who wanted to get off the website and went on and on phone stalking us :)

CommanderBly4444 karma

Who's the girl in the infographic?

Where_is_dutchland43 karma

Do you still run the website from Holland? Are your employees dutch? How and how fast did the site grow? I mean, how do you gather more customers/models.

Thanks for introducing me (and i'm sure many more) to this website.

FreeOnes54 karma

We still run the site form our office in Holland yes. I would say 65% of our in-house people are dutch, the others are american, swedish and russian.

The site grew very fast around 2004/2005 when we doubled in traffic in basically 1 year. Since 2008 we are kind of steady at 2 million uniques daily. Getting more and new models is really not an issue since we get them provided by the numorous producers and companies who work directly with the models.

johnnylogic43 karma

How do you get the pictures? Like do you buy them in bulk from a third party and then just post them on your site?

FreeOnes65 karma

We buy content and we get content supplied to us from the various websites and models to promote them.

Hollywoood35 karma

What is your favorite color?

FreeOnes85 karma

blue! Ever seen our back ground color?

RiseOtto30 karma

You say you consider your work technical; how do other people in the tech-business react and treat you? Do they accept your work as a tech-job like any other?

FreeOnes51 karma

In my experience most do however sometimes when you meet a more conservative person its looked down upon.

mystery54430 karma

Who do you have controlling your forums? I was searching my ex's videos and came across a post on the forums a few years back that had a few people listing personal information of hers. She got stalked by a lot of guys partially because of this. What is your stance on that?

FreeOnes34 karma

This should be reported as soon as you see this. We will remove this is found true. We have moderators working for us however since the forum is soo big its hard to monitor it all.

SweetSlowKiss29 karma

What's your take on Measure B?

FreeOnes52 karma

I think it is ridiculous. It will not help a thing and only drive production out of the state.

stopbeingsheep26 karma

Do you use the agile development style or waterfall? How many QA people do you have?

FreeOnes23 karma

Agile mostly allthough I prefer not to mess to much with the dev team/company.

gbove23 karma

Do you guys have a quiet room in the office for, well, you know.


FreeOnes87 karma

yeah, we just call it the bathroom ;)

sidney_crago22 karma

I love that the infographic casually mentions that you have a 2% chance of fapping to someone who's now dead.

This is awesome.

FreeOnes18 karma

Yeah that surprised me too

Ramza_Claus20 karma

You mentioned that you get illegal content submitted sometimes. How frequently? And what is the nature of the material? Do you know what comes of the parties who submitted the material, or do you just turn it over to the authorities and let them do their thing?

FreeOnes28 karma

If it is once every few year it would be a lot. Mostly posted on our forum. We don't follow up on what the authorities do with it though.

Matazuma20 karma

Did you ever expect this website too run 15 years? did you have any plans if the website failed?

FreeOnes24 karma

Well we (and specially the owner) always invested the money made straight back into the website so in some way yes we did expect to make it this far. Of course there are a lot of things that can change on the way and disturb your run. I personally had no plans for it the site failed. Guess we were so confidant people would like it that we didnt even think about failure.

poisonbiscuts15 karma

Do the girls come in to do shoots and things, or is it done In another location and sent in?

FreeOnes38 karma

It's all done by 3rd parties and not by us at all. Boring huh :)

poisonbiscuts25 karma

Not very titilating then

FreeOnes37 karma

I prefer it this way based on the experience I have with working with models ;)

Stingz6 karma

Congratulations on 15 years!

Where do you see your company in another 15 years time?

FreeOnes11 karma

15 years is way to far ahead, I did answer the 5 years ahead question already though ;)

yomoxu4 karma

You have a listing of the most popular models. I'm sure that's easy enough to gather thanks to an algo or two. Do you have a theory on why they're popular?

FreeOnes7 karma

It's a combination on updates and the sites they shoot for. For example a site like Brazzers has a lot of pull so girls shooting with them are often popular. Of course the response in sales these sites get when they do certain updates can give them information on who is popular. This is just one theory of mine though. We can also make a model popular by promoting her a lot and shoving her into the peoples faces. And of course looks and the actual sex act help a lot

Muskiebite3 karma

How did you get this job?

FreeOnes2 karma

I was a freelancer and the owner hired me for some work. We became close friends and at one night out drinking he offered me a contract.

Dourme3 karma

Yeah I have a question, are you hiring?

FreeOnes3 karma

we might have some jobs yes, try [email protected]

Zupefiasco3 karma

How do you make money?

FreeOnes5 karma

It's affiliate based, we send traffic to sites, when someone joins we get a commision.

motionless192 karma

Who's the hottest model out there, in your opinion?

FreeOnes4 karma

Cant answer that as others will be mad at me ;)

Gaminic2 karma

What are the best and the worst things about working for FreeOnes and your job in particular?

FreeOnes11 karma

The freedom I have is best, worst was me giving up my self employment and being able to work naked.

dhrdan2 karma

the hell is "free ones"

FreeOnes8 karma

Things which are free. The owner was a student when he started and back then domains were expensive so he wanted a domain which could also be used in mainstream non adult.

poisonbiscuts1 karma

Do you ever, well, ya know...

Sex them good?

FreeOnes6 karma


platformblues1 karma

What happened to the embedded Twisty's daily vids?? I need to access some of them for... science.

FreeOnes2 karma

Redavic1 karma

What is your opinion on CISPA?

FreeOnes3 karma

I know too little about this atm to give a proper answer.