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Probably better than alcohol. IIRC the federal government has a lot of strings attached to highway money regarding state alcohol/tobacco laws.

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How are bitcoin sales? +bitcointip roll verify


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What is the current state of development of liberland? ie, is it all forest aside from your base camp and that gravel road in the picture you posted?

I'm very interested in liberland, and would consider moving there in the future if there are jobs to be had.

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Hello, big fan of opera 12. I feel like opera ASA really insulted their loyal users by dumbing down pretty much everything in the rework.

I'm closely watching Vivaldi and otter browser, waiting for one of them to implement reasonable tab minimization, since I've given up hope on a full MDI.

Is Vivaldi planning on allowing tab minimization? That is really the most important part of my web browsing work flow.

Thank you for the AMA!

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Thanks for the response, I'm not a fan of those because both require me to move my mouse to a specific location on the screen (which tends to be rather small). Down left in Opera 12 was great because I didn't have to break the flow of whatever I was doing to move my mouse all the way up and back to the active area of the window.

That said, if the functionality exists as a click action (ie, clicking on the active tab to switch to the previous active tab), maybe that being bindable to a mouse gesture would suffice for me, depending on how it works in practice. Is that possible with Vivaldi?