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Asperoth684 karma

  • What are your thoughts on the current economic crisis in Greece?
  • What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Sit down restaurant?
  • Do you like penguins?

cammodelthrowaway616 karma

  1. Sucks to be Greek at the moment I guess.

  2. For fast food (I rarely eat it) I like Subway. Sit down restaurant.. Idk. I don't often eat out, I like to cook.

  3. Who doesn't like penguins? They are goofy and cute.

sasquachs_balls67 karma

What's your favorite dish to cook? Thoughts on the Kitchenware brand?

cammodelthrowaway101 karma

Never used Kitchenware. I make a mean pot roast, and I make a ton of different pasta dishes, I'm great with those.

sasquachs_balls67 karma

Now I want Ricotta stuffed shells. Thanks, cammodelthrowaway.

cammodelthrowaway73 karma

So fucking good.

femaiden580 karma

Weirdest experience?

cammodelthrowaway1496 karma

A guy logged on, took me to exclusive, and asked if we could do Cam 2 Cam. When we did, I saw he had his arm all wrapped in an Ace bandage and he told me that he had chopped off his own arm (when it was obviously still there lol). He went on for like ten minutes, having me masturbate while he rubbed his "stump" and talked about how he doesn't have a hand anymore. Weirdest fetish I came across.

badger74791 karma

Did he mention anything about his trip to Home Depot?

cammodelthrowaway524 karma

Lol no?

No-Im-Not-Serious1116 karma

There was a news story recently where a guy went into Home Depot and started sawing off his own arms.

cammodelthrowaway281 karma

Oh god I must have missed it! Maybe it was him, he decided to actually lose the arms!

mobilizemarch254 karma

In fact this was likely a spotting of a rare psychological disordered called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (or BIID), where people believe themselves to be disabled people "trapped" in able-bodies. In some extreme cases, the individuals actually amputate (or force amputation through injury) of the offending limb. These people often "pretend" though, strapping/taping the limbs up to appear disabled or simply using a wheelchair to simulate the experience. (source)

It could also be a cross with "devotees," a weird band of people sexually aroused by disability/amputation.

cammodelthrowaway194 karma

I have heard of that, I felt bad for him because it did seem like he really wanted to not have his arm.

RtardDAN565 karma

Hey bb show ass pls.

cammodelthrowaway840 karma

Haha, I hate those guys. Tip me motherfucker!

Theroyalhamster547 karma

How many creepy PM's have you gotten so far because of this AMA?

cammodelthrowaway693 karma

Eight or nine, haven't answered them lol.

Leozilla462 karma

Why did you stop?

cammodelthrowaway713 karma

Well, I can't exactly use camming as a reference in a vanilla job, and honestly I got tired of freebie seekers and answering the same questions every day.

DoctorDeath765 karma

freebie seekers and answering the same questions every day

Sorry to break it to you honey, but that's every job.

cammodelthrowaway608 karma

Yeah, but sitting in front of a camera in your bedroom with dweebs saying "hey bb just a peek and we go private" gets really old lol.

DoctorDeath395 karma

So does, "So, can I get an extra 10% off of this because..." when you've been standing on your feet, on a hard floor in dress shoes for ten hours.

cammodelthrowaway323 karma

True that. But I've had other jobs in the service industry, nothing was as repetitive as camming so far lol.

Studioboss247 karma

aaaahahahaha i love that:"i will take you an hour exclusive if you just show me a little preview of your tits/pussy"

cammodelthrowaway349 karma

They are so full of shit!!

Studioboss252 karma

or:"what do you do in private?"


cammodelthrowaway227 karma

Yup basically.

cracked6141 karma

Why do all cam girls seem to say bb?

cammodelthrowaway366 karma

Because the guys say it to us all the time so it's a running joke. It's the one-handed way they type "baby". Ha.

PabloEdvardo378 karma

How is bb formed?

cammodelthrowaway555 karma

They need to do way instain mother

garythecoconut103 karma

b...but, you only need one hand to type baby already?!?

cammodelthrowaway89 karma

Tell that to those guys!

Leozilla226 karma

Fair enough, how did you get started, and how long did you do it for?

cammodelthrowaway342 karma

I got started because I'm really a bit of an exhibitionist by nature, and it seemed like a decently easy way to make some cash. I did it for about eight months.

Godlesskittens155 karma

How were you paid?

cammodelthrowaway236 karma

By check through the mail

Godlesskittens135 karma

Damn... what I meant was like is it an hourly wage? Or based off of the customers and how much they pay you?

cammodelthrowaway281 karma

Oh. I made like 20-50 an hour, on a great day I made 120 in one hour once.

Restroom406109 karma

What are a few examples of the questions you were asked? Like stuff sexual in nature on the job or from people that you knew in life that were in on the secret.

cammodelthrowaway278 karma

My friends and sisters never cared, I just told them funny stories about dumb guys and we laughed.

On the job people asked me anything and everything. I did a forty minute session with a guy who just wanted me to describe all my prior sexual experiences while I rubbed my clit. It was fun!

A surprising amount of men wanted to know my real identity, but none of them got to know it.

avengepluto450 karma

So, I did a Google reverse image search on your tits. Turns out they are "visually similar" to a bunch of bald dudes, a kid with a Jolly Roger on his cheek, and at least one Pope.

Congratulations, I think.

cammodelthrowaway109 karma

I'm seriously dying with laughter, that's the funniest shit I've seen in a long time.

L3ftyrocks89414 karma

When I was younger I asked a cam girl to finger herself and she said "Okay" and proceeded to pick her nose and wipe boogers on the camera lense. Have you ever done that?

cammodelthrowaway296 karma

Lol NO! I liked to please my customers and I like to finger myself.

Make_it_Snow351 karma

Which of your clients turned you on the most and what was it about them that put you over the edge?

cammodelthrowaway735 karma

I had this really, really sexy guy who did phone and Cam 2 Cam with me (I'm a sucker for dirty talk), who had a nice Scottish accent and such a way with words. And he was really interested in letting me do what gets me off, so I just went at it. So fucking hot.

Make_it_Snow258 karma

You know if you looked him up he'd probably be into it as a fun encounter for both of you. Have you ever wanted to meet him in person?

cammodelthrowaway617 karma

Nah. It was good as a fantasy, I don't believe it's safe to meet guys off those sites. I do use him as a masturbation fantasy now though. :D

farmerfoo332 karma

Did you cam while you had your period? Any vagina blood fetishists?

cammodelthrowaway505 karma

Nah, period blood shows are technically illegal and I never felt like playing to that audience anyway.

TheUnplannedLife375 karma

Why are they illegal?

cammodelthrowaway571 karma

They violate obscenity laws, apparently. Stuff like scat fetish and things like that are also illegal. Technically stuff like incest roleplay is also illegal, but most of us play along with that.

need_my_amphetamines234 karma

Hey big sister - can you teach me how to French kiss?

cammodelthrowaway527 karma

Of course bb. ;)

Studioboss99 karma

to a certain point its fun and games, but when the chat goes towards "young girl" stuff or "little sister" its kick+ban

cammodelthrowaway218 karma

I'm fine with the incest if everyone is legal and it's not daddy-daughter. I don't do that ageplay shit, it creeps me out.

Badgermeister46 karma

Whoa, wait. Why is incest roleplay illegal?

cammodelthrowaway138 karma

Because obscenity laws are fucking stupid.

GrandMasterMara302 karma

"are you for real? or is this a recording?"

cammodelthrowaway499 karma

Ugh. "Flash me your tits to prove you aren't a recording". I would flip them off to prove I wasn't a recording!

ByNeptunesBeard274 karma

how much did you make a week and do you recommend it?

cammodelthrowaway486 karma

I made about 300 - 900 a week, usually around 20 to 50 dollars an hour. It depended how many hours I worked, which guys were online, and tips.

I would recommend it if you enjoy masturbating, have a thick skin, and like attention!

Borgismorgue430 karma

As an unemployed male doing mturk for pennies... this makes me really really wish I had some tits.

cammodelthrowaway328 karma

They come in handy!

ShitsAndGigglesSake46 karma

How do you feel about clientele? What is the ratio of normal/weird/creep/lonely/loser clientele?

cammodelthrowaway73 karma

Nah, most of them were just freaky and wanted to get off and I like that! I felt sad for the obviously lonely guys, and I only judged those who threatened me or talked shit to me.

suomihobit115 karma

Why the need for a thick skin? Do some people actually go on there* to insult people?

cammodelthrowaway275 karma

Yes. Some guys go out of their way to make women feel bad on those sites, either because they have a humiliation fetish or they are just trolling. You have to let it roll off your back!

Scarytoilethair261 karma

Show us some free tits? Could be good for advertising.

cammodelthrowaway414 karma

Ha, if this IAMA gets enough traction I'll upload a no-face boob pic.

farmerfoo177 karma

Come on. You have to now!!

cammodelthrowaway488 karma


Eliminioa245 karma

What's the funniest request you've ever gotten?

cammodelthrowaway950 karma

Some dude wanted me to talk about Mitt Romney. I couldn't stop laughing. "Oh Mitt, show me that Mormon dick and your Cayman Islands account!"

dominion47248 karma

Today I learned I have a very vanilla masturbation protocol...

cammodelthrowaway205 karma

Dude you have NO idea.

antropy242 karma

Did anyone strike up a conversation instead?

cammodelthrowaway618 karma

All. The. Time. I actually didn't like that, because they were obviously very lonely and I felt guilty they were paying me to chat with them. I would try to give them relationship advice. Some of them acted like I was their girlfriend. I would rather fuck my pussy than take advantage of some lonely guy like that. :(

rigor_sos216 karma

I have a couple questions since I've never had the opportunity to ask any cam girl.

Did any guys ever get mad at you for refusing things?

What was the weirdest request that you turned down?

What was the largest tip you got?

Was the money worth it?

cammodelthrowaway375 karma

  1. Yes, some dudes are fucking assholes if you turn them down. Call you a fat stupid bitch and shit like that. I didn't care, I laughed and blocked them.

  2. Weirdest request I turned down was a guy who wanted me to burn my nipples with a cigarette and say "Daddy don't hurt me".

  3. Largest tip was $400 but I only got to keep 35% of my earnings.

  4. I thought it was worth it, I got bills paid off that needed to get paid and I had fun.

Bangted295 karma

35%?! seriously? I mean, your share should be higher, don't you agree?

cammodelthrowaway364 karma

Yes, I think all sites should be at least 50% for the model.

Jabberwalker13 karma

Did you ever work for or consider working for Myfreecams.com ? I think they pay closer to 50%

cammodelthrowaway15 karma

It's really difficult to break into Myfreecams.

thewonderfulwiz158 karma

Have you ever done panty stuffing?

cammodelthrowaway289 karma

Yes! That's a popular one and kinda hot. You have to suck the panties after cumming on them!

JarrettP22 karma

Weird question, but do you like the way you taste?

cammodelthrowaway59 karma

I taste really good. It's lucky I like it, because I was constantly sucking off my toys after sticking them in me!

Studioboss158 karma

as you have worked streamate can you please agree with me how bad streamate support is, even while they only pay 35% to their (us) models.

and do you agree that streamate is totally random in keeping to their model rules...i mean...some top girls are allowed to sell their panties, and other crap in the chat, while other girls who try to do that, get dropkicked from the site.

cammodelthrowaway197 karma

They fucking SUCK. If they are taking so much fucking money they should be golden with the support, but they barely answer emails and ignore real problems.

Yes, and top girls get favored, while new girls are suspended all the time for stupid shit. I agree completely.

ragehorse140 karma

Who's the coolest person you've met via nudey-cam-chat?

cammodelthrowaway311 karma

There was this dude named Chris who was a D&D nerd, we got along great (I don't do D&D, but I do love fantasy). We talked about A Song of Ice and Fire and LoTR, and such. He would chill in my free chat and keep me company while I was bored too.

Maine_Man582 karma

and then he'd complain on facebook about friendzone

cammodelthrowaway153 karma

Lol I hope not, he seemed sweet!

mtnathlete140 karma

What other jobs have you had?

cammodelthrowaway282 karma

I worked in healthcare, I've worked as an apartment manager, worked at Taco Bell, worked in a day care in a church (lol), worked as a waitress.

mtnathlete96 karma

What do you want to do? Assuming it's something since you stopped camming. How old are you?

cammodelthrowaway297 karma

I am 24. If I could choose a job I would work as a physicist, I have half a physics degree completed at the moment.

glass_houses94 karma

You mentioned you made 20-50/hour generally, and you're college educated, did you start doing this because you found it was a good way to make supplemental income while in school?

cammodelthrowaway152 karma

Partly. I had a lot of hospital bills and needed them paid off, plus I was a broke student. Camming is flexible and lucrative if you work at it, so it worked for me.

glass_houses72 karma

How did you find a reputable website that you knew would pay you?

cammodelthrowaway118 karma

I talked to other cam girls online and they told me which sites are legit and which are scams. Plus, you can research that shit online and find out what's a scam or not.

mtnathlete11 karma

Very cool. Under grad or working on phd? Smart = good, very good.

cammodelthrowaway24 karma

Undergrad. I don't know what I want to do for PhD, I am just focusing on my general physics undergrad degree right now.

IVIagicbanana131 karma

Did you ever have a relationship while do this? If so, did you tell them and how did they react?

cammodelthrowaway219 karma

I did have a boyfriend for the last two months I did it. He didn't care, thought it was hot, and tried to listen to me while I was working lol.

IVIagicbanana110 karma

At least he was supportive!

cammodelthrowaway179 karma

Yeah, it actually was good for our sex life.

rj_livz115 karma

How do you deal with any dickheads who would say abusive things to you through chat?

cammodelthrowaway363 karma

Laughed, mocked their penis size/lack of ability to please a woman, and blocked them.

mynameisalso120 karma

Ha joke is on you, that gets me off.

cammodelthrowaway19 karma

Then just pay for an awesome SPH show dude! I did a lot of those!

PortableBook81 karma

you have GIGANTIC nipples.

cammodelthrowaway99 karma

Yup, the people obsessed with big nipples went crazy over mine.

ilovecableporn80 karma

What percentage of the time do girls pee when they say they are "squirting".

cammodelthrowaway141 karma

I don't squirt, nor pretend to squirt, so I can't tell you. I am pretty sure a lot of them are peeing though lol.

remembersomeone67 karma

Weirdest request you've gotten? I know you can request girls/guys on cams to do certain things so I'm just curious.

cammodelthrowaway84 karma

Well, I answered this one already, but I had a stump fetish guy come in and pretend he had cut off his hand and had me masturbate while he talked about it.

And there are a LOT of incest fetishists that want you to play along.

remembersomeone18 karma

First, sorry for asking the same question. My bad on that one.

But you WANT to play along with the incest fetish? Meh. I suppose everyone has their own cup of tea.

I don't think you're getting quite enough money for the stump fetish thing though or the incest lol.

cammodelthrowaway47 karma

Lol I kinda had fun with the brother sister incest stuff, I just pretended that it was stepsiblings and had fun. Daddy daughter freaks me out and I refuse to play. The stump thing was hilarious to me lol.

ByNeptunesBeard67 karma

Do guys make as much as girls?

cammodelthrowaway117 karma

Not at all. Go on the cam sites and see how busy the guys are versus the girls, it's not even close.

GoddamitMrNoodle294 karma

Who in their right mind would pay for a guy-show, when they can just go on chatroullette?

cammodelthrowaway150 karma

That's basically it, exhibitionist men are free on a lot of sites.

ThirstyForJustice65 karma

Waffles or French Toast?

cammodelthrowaway133 karma

Waffles by far. I like them with butter and a little bit of maple syrup.

OjosDeLuna58 karma

What made you choose Streamate over any other of the sites? Also, on a scale of 1-10, how important is it to be really attractive? I was looking into it but am worried I won't make the cut! Some of the girls I've seen are really gorgeous.

cammodelthrowaway98 karma

Nah, it doesn't matter if you are hot or not. You can make money with tits and vag even if you aren't particularly attractive. It's more about personality and connecting with the guys, and giving them a good show and fulfilling their fantasies. You have to be open-minded more than hot.

Max_Beezly54 karma

How much for a ZJ?

cammodelthrowaway191 karma

If you have to ask you can't afford it.

jackmeeker44 karma

what's your favorite kind of muffin?

cammodelthrowaway99 karma


VernBeave43 karma

Are you worried about recordings of your performances that might leak out?

cammodelthrowaway72 karma

Not really. If it happens it happens. I will just laugh it off probably.

Sg871935 karma

Does size matter in your opinion? If so, what's good?

cammodelthrowaway59 karma

Depends more on how you use it. I've been with big men who suck at fucking and small men who have an amazing mouth, or good with their hands, or willing to use toys. Go with your strengths! Anyone can be good in bed!

Icehead3228 karma

Was it fun? :)

cammodelthrowaway57 karma

YES! I love cumming for people. Some shows were "eh" but it's nice making fantasies come true.

redshirt0726 karma

How did you get into it ? Would you recommend it to someone else (who has the potential for it) ?

cammodelthrowaway52 karma

Anyone has the potential for it (females, at least), guys like all sorts. I would recommend it if you have a thick skin and enjoy masturbating.

I got into it because it was something I could do for fun, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and I wanted some more money to pay bills.

RZRtv24 karma

Be honest: how many guys from reddit have now propositioned you for a cam show now?

cammodelthrowaway50 karma

Seven or eight so far. And a couple messages me to tell me how ugly my tits are lol.

camoh45520 karma

If you could domesticate one animal, that is not already domesticated. Which animal would it be, and why? Eg: elephant

cammodelthrowaway34 karma

Hmm. Possibly dingos because I think they are pretty.

LiirFlies32 karma

But the babies... Wait. That'd probably be good for babies.

cammodelthrowaway30 karma

Yes the domesticated dingos would be less likely to eat babies in my mind, lol.

DexIsHere17 karma

Domesticated dingos exist.

Source: I'm Australian.

cammodelthrowaway10 karma

TIL, thank you.

yaboigesuskrist4 karma

FYI, There are Dingos that are already domesticated, they're called "Carolina Dogs". They are extremely energetic, fast as all hell, and super sweet and obedient.

Source: I own one :)

cammodelthrowaway3 karma


Lagwagonnofx81312 karma


cammodelthrowaway29 karma

I have a high school diploma and half a physics degree, going to go back to school and finish my education soon.

NastyGringo11 karma

Have you ever backed out before the show was over because it got too weird or uncomfortable?

cammodelthrowaway26 karma

When a guy threatened to shove a knife up my vagina I ended the session lol.

debasheez10 karma

1 ) who would you rather be alice( resident evil) or agent romanov

2) do you like bullock carts?

cammodelthrowaway16 karma

Alice, I think she's hot.

Uh, I'm neutral on bullock carts I guess?

killpineapple10 karma

How goes it? During your cam time, did you ever come across someone you knew? Also, what is your favorite drink? ::random::

cammodelthrowaway16 karma

Not as far as I know, but to be fair I can't see the guys unless they choose Cam 2 Cam, so I could have been performing for someone I know and never known it!

My favorite drink is Absolut and cranberry.

klsi8329 karma

I'm a guy, would you recommend trying to make money doing this? I do it at cam4 for free and get quite a response.

cammodelthrowaway17 karma

For maybe a couple extra bucks, sure, if you enjoy being an exhibitionist. But it's really, really hard for men to make decent money.

klsi8325 karma

What site?

cammodelthrowaway10 karma


babyshampoo8 karma

Does your family know? If so, what do they say about it?

cammodelthrowaway20 karma

All my sisters know, they don't care, think it's cool.

None of my brothers, parents, or any other family members know. Some of them are fairly religious and I wouldn't want them to find out.

trollbotix8 karma

  • Wind, Solar, Water, Nuclear, or Coal?

  • If anything other than wind, why?

  • Is high-altitude wind energy the future or all hype?

cammodelthrowaway11 karma

Nuclear and wind.

I think nuclear is very cost effective and safe.

Leviktuz6 karma

How much would you make an hour?

cammodelthrowaway13 karma

Usually around 20-50 bucks an hour. My record without tips was 120 in an hour.

rochambeau6 karma

You say you're an exhibitionist - did you grow disillusioned with that passion after making a living on it, did it get really old?

What do you do for a living outside of cams?

cammodelthrowaway9 karma

The masturbating never got old, dealing with dumbasses did lol. I still like exhibiting myself. ;)

I've done many different jobs, healthcare, apartment manager, day care worker, etc.

homeskillet_5 karma

Did you enjoy doing your shows or was it purely for the money? Also have you ever run into anyone in public who recognized you from being a cam model?

cammodelthrowaway5 karma

I LOVED some shows, they were hot as fuck and I came like a mofo. Some I was more "eh" on, but it was fun making guys fantasies come true. Never met any customer as far as I am aware.

pallysfall4 karma

so how much would you say you were actually making a month? and how was the money given to you and what percent would you say you actually made of what these guys were paying?

cammodelthrowaway6 karma

Generally I made 2000-4000 a month if I was consistently online (it's hard to be in front of a computer web cam all day).

The money was sent to me in a check, they have direct deposit but I never used it.

I made 35% of what they paid.

VernBeave3 karma

What's something that a nice, married, male friend can say to you to make you feel good about yourself? I have a cute, exhibitionist female friend who sometimes needs a moral boost, but I don't want to sound creepy, or say anything that would piss off my wife.

cammodelthrowaway4 karma

Um, I don't know it would depend on the woman. Telling her she has great eyes or smile is usually a safe bet.

Xaotikdesigns2 karma

Ever think about doing more shows?

cammodelthrowaway5 karma

Maybe someday, but I'm trying to be vanilla right now for job references.