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Let's do this.

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Talpostal239 karma

Are you happy in Buffalo or would you welcome a move?

What was the experience like starting in net for the USA in the Olympics?

I understand that you are not hockey Ryan Miller but would like you to answer these regardless.

fruitspam181 karma

buffalo is a fantastic town and has been great to me as a new goalie in the sport of hockey in which i excel. my nuts smell.

i was in the olympics? FUCK YEAH!!! I AM AWESOME.

cande66198 karma

Why is the trippy live version of 'Airport Song' so awesome?

fruitspam251 karma

because brian stops being a pussy and bleeds out of his hands like jesus the kids want.

othankevan92 karma

I have tickets for you show in Philly in July. Will you please yell "EVAN, SHUT THE DOOR!" at some point? I have nothing to give you in return, but I can promise I will look at those attending with me with a very shocked expression on my face.

fruitspam104 karma

i such a shit memory but i love this idea. you gotta remind me or something.

ErdySouth58 karma

As a long time fan, I was extremely disappointed that I was not able to get a show during the 10 Year Lost and Gone Forever tour. Any chance of releasing a live DVD?

PS - Thank you for coming to Fargo!

fruitspam71 karma

we taped two shows- boston and dc for an eventual release. the show that was captured the best on video (boston i think?) we sort of tanked on performing. we did get great audio for one of the shows so we are working on putting those 2 performances together. i have no idea why it's taking so long. we suck.

that said- it will get done! that was a super fun tour!

hruby55 karma

I was a Guster campus rep back in 1995. I don't think I ever sent you the money for the 10 discs I sold. I guess that means I stole from you. Please accept my apologies. I was young and an idiot. I have since purchased all of your albums and have seen you in concert a number of times. Will you forgive me?

fruitspam98 karma

i want my $2 $100. or buy me a beer the next time you see me. i look like gene wilder. you'll see.

J_D_P53 karma

Favorite band, have drunkenly emailed Brian several times and he has responded as only the Thundergod would.

  1. Will you collaborate with Folds live on this tour? I remember seeing you play All The Way Up To Heaven with him at Wolf Trap before and it was awesome despite Brian complaining about the necessary drum loop machine.

  2. About how much of your old material have you simply forgotten? And how much of it do you look back at and think "man, we have improved so much since then?"

fruitspam63 karma

man, if we don't play music with folds this summer something is super fucked up. it's gotta happen.

it's really hard for me to listen to "parachute" or "goldfly". really hard. i bet i remember most of it though. i'm played most of those songs hundreds and hundreds of times. maybe not "getting even".

lauramcarter9 karma

I love getting even, would you consider playing it on the tour?

fruitspam31 karma

no way. i mean, mostly likely no way. heh.

megustagustar44 karma

I need to clear something up. You played an AIDS benefit concert with The Roots at Villanova in 2005. I helped sell tickets for the concert and my sales slogan was, "Boo AIDS!" Needless to say, I sold a lot of tickets. During your set you said that this was a benefit and most of the money was going towards AIDS research and everyone cheered. I was in the front row, right in front of your mic, and I threw my arms up and my thumbs down and yelled my slogan. You looked at me with disgust and said, "You can't boo that." I was not booing the cause, I was booing AIDS! The fact that my favorite band thinks I'm a terrible person has bothered me ever since. Proof I was in front of you and got the set list after the show.

fruitspam80 karma


great story. i love you and so sorry i made you feel bad. feel good. you deserve it.

th3ragnar0k43 karma

First, extremely well done with "Safety Not Guaranteed." The film overall was excellent but it's hard to imagine without the music in a lot of those scenes setting the tone so well.

So, do you have any other movie scores in the works? Also, any collaborations with Mark Duplass/Duplass brothers specifically?

fruitspam44 karma

thanks dude. very proud of how that movie turned out.
i love being a film composer. i'm working on my 6th film as we speak. i have 2 films coming out this summer... one is called "kings of summer" and i'm super proud of my work in that. great film too. another one was written/directed by lake bell called "in a world". also awesome.
my composer stuff is all here if you wanna take a look. can't wait to do more.... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1792454/

lauramcarter40 karma

What is your favorite Guster song of all time?

fruitspam148 karma

the back half of "come downstairs" still gets me. really proud of "that's no way to get to heaven" and "stay with me jesus' too. "satellite" holds up for me.

mhillkc36 karma

What influenced your descision to use bongos, congas, djembe, hand snares and cymbals instead of a more traditional drumset?

fruitspam106 karma

honestly, brian brought a pair of congas to college and we had acoustic guitars. we were freshman and didn't have room for a drumset. plus he didn't even know how to use sticks.
TL;DR: we were dumb

riversnake8136 karma

Small backstory to this question:

Ryan, I saw you at O'hare airport in Chicago in August 2010. You looked like absolute shit and were running late to catch your flight. I asked if you were "the lead singer of Guster" and you said yeah but couldn't take a picture because you were late. You were also sneazing a lot.

So, I guess I'm basically asking why did you look like shit at an airport 3 years ago.

fruitspam53 karma

they are gigantic petri dishes. sorry i sneezed on you.

irish98128 karma

Just want to say you guys are awesome! I've seen you at least 15 times (including driving to Portland from Boston for Guster on Ice) - I'm sad to be missing you this summer in Boston but I'm due to give birth the day before! Any baby name suggestions?? (boy or girl - we don't know!)

fruitspam78 karma

i'm partial to Skillet.

freezedried7428 karma

I miss Joe. Do you miss Joe.

fruitspam38 karma

i miss joe every single day of my life. i also see joe a bunch and just worked with him on a film score of mine. joe rules.

halgal23 karma

Longtime fan. Have met you guys 3 times, your music has gotten me through many a rough time. What's your best/worst fangirl experience?

fruitspam82 karma

we had a stalker once who legitimately scared the shit out of us. he even wound up backstage at our first conan performance. of course, now he's one of my friends. so that happened. guster rules.

lurking_misanthrope23 karma

Thanks for being awesome.

fruitspam70 karma

not very misanthropic of you. or lurk-y.

stryder6622 karma

For such a "redditor" you have an extremely low karma score....care to explain?

fruitspam80 karma

if you click on my name you can see my posts, right? FUCKING NOTHING. i gave up early trying to get any karma stuff because it never worked. as far as comment karma the top/best almost always says it better/funnier/smarter that i could. that's why it works.

Browndogs22 karma

How often do you get mistaken for Ryan Miller the goalie of the Buffalo Sabres and US National Team?

fruitspam52 karma

that dude CRUSHES me on google. so bummed. fucking athletes have been kicking my ass since 6th grade.

BrokenPug22 karma


Ryan, what's the deal with the plants?

This picture is from an acoustic show you did in PA a year or two ago. I just want to say thanks for keeping music fun and not being a dick. When people requested songs that you hadn't played in forever (I think 2 Points for Honesty was one) you warned us that it'd be bad but played it anyway. That's what makes you guys awesome! Thanks for making great music, keep it up.

Also, does Luke know that he looks like he's jerking off his guitar when he uses the whammy bar? It must be intentional. What a slut.

fruitspam39 karma

i love plants luke loves jerking off

yellowspider21 karma

Which album of yours would you consider to be your favorite, and why?

And which album by anyone would you consider to have the largest influence on your music?

fruitspam50 karma

i'm super partial to our last 3 records (keep it together, ganging up on the sun and easy wonderful). i also understand why people like l&gf a lot too.
satellite has had a lot to do with people discovering the band. i'm still proud of that one....

uwsherm14 karma

And what are your (not Gardner's) feelings on "Happy Frappy?"

fruitspam38 karma


kickingtelevision21 karma

Another question: Will there ever be another Pasty Tape?

fruitspam27 karma

for sure. we love those things.

JellyMonster21 karma

I just want to thank you guys for being an amazing band. Your live shows are such a unique experience. You have the uncanny ability to make it feel like you're friends with everyone in the audience, and as a fan, that's an incredible feeling. Thank you for being awesome!

fruitspam35 karma

you're not such a monster. thanks.

helluvacopter20 karma

I don't really have a question, but just want to let you know that in a household of 5, Guster is the only band that all family members can agree are one of the best bands out there. (Age range from 10-67). Thank you for your music.

fruitspam27 karma

thank you for your children

mhmass4520 karma

Why has Adam been singing a lot less lead and doing a lot less writing for Guster over the years?

fruitspam29 karma

i think i just started writing more of the melodies and then it often it sounded weird if he sung them as they weren't really part of his dna, you know? adam is a great singer and it's part of our sound to have his voice on the records even if it's in the harmony parts....

benlew19 karma

I know that most of you guys are Jewish. Some songs from Easy Wonderful seem very anti-religious (Stay With Me Jesus etc.). What are your thoughts on religion, Judaism, God etc (Btw I saw you guys play a BBYO convention in Maryland which was awesome! Such a small crowd).

I have been a huge fan for many years so thank you for making music I love!

Edit: Here is a picture of us from that convention! http://i.imgur.com/849lH5P.jpg

fruitspam29 karma

this is a big question and i think we've gone on record about this in a bunch of interviews. (not dodging but have a shit ton of questions to answer, obvs). basically, i'm not here to preach. take from the songs what you will (i have my opinions, but i try not to color the interpretations beyond what's in the music)..... shalom rav

Browndogs19 karma

Guster seems to tour frequently, but not extensively (many cities and dates). What goes into your decisions to book dates and what frequently keeps you from certain markets?

fruitspam39 karma

for the most part, we go to where the people are. routing (ie getting from a to b to c) and room availability play a large part as well.

we are also all parents now and spending 8 months a year in a bus is not conducive to happy wives or children. the new rule is to "tour smart" meaning that we like to have really compact, cost-effective tours....

Kerosene_Cucumbers19 karma


fruitspam42 karma

i thought (and think) that shit is hilarious. c'mon! i am 1000% believer in our music being free and may have been involved with the first leaks of most of our records. that said, i am evangelical about subscription services (rdio esp) and that is the way forward. absolutely.

ArtScrolld19 karma

I saw you in Connecticut 8/3/11, when you sang from the moat in front of the stage, and added the word "milkshake" to Manifest Destiny about 30 times. You're awesome. And coming around the back of the audience to sing Jesus on the Radio was amazing.

Just wanted to ask, how does it feel seeing your audience full of people from 5-60, not just people's parents and kids, but fans who've been listening to you since you started and they were 30 or 3, or who have just started listening now at 3, 30 or 50? You guys are timeless.

fruitspam33 karma

FLOORED by this. we've taken our share of knocks (and continue to do so) but so honored to still be able to play music for people to give a shit, regardless of age. true story.

specs12317 karma

How do you think you have managed to gain such a loyal and quite large fanbase despite not being a 'mainstream radio' type of band? Word of mouth? Extensive touring? Etc?

fruitspam30 karma

i don't really know how to answer the question (and it's all relative, remember) but we put a lot of care into our songs and albums and really haven't phoned in a live performance in a long time. we have put our heads down and tried to do work we are proud of and that has mostly been the case, especially in the past 10-12 years...

imaginarybird16 karma

How did the song "Jesus on the Radio" come about? Any story behind it?

fruitspam22 karma

joe pisapia and i wrote that one of the first times we hung out. we wrote it on his organ in nashville. that was a fun one.

KoreanBoredom15 karma

What's your favorite song of the past year or so? Favorite album?

Also, can you put the Window video on YouTube? Thanks!

fruitspam27 karma

i'm still flipping out on the new foxygen record. instant classic for me. the rest of the guys too, i think. that window video is hilarious. i became really good friends with the director, renny maslow, in the past few years. i should ask him where that thing is.

lumbled14 karma

I saw you guys at a show a few years ago and you came out during the second act's set to feed everyone in the front row pudding. My question is twofold and obvious: Why is "Barrel of a Gun" your best song ever, and why was I unable to get pudding?

fruitspam42 karma

gun = penis that's why. the pudding was expired and we care about you more than everyone else.

HaikoopedMyPants14 karma

Can we expect any collaboration with Ben Folds Five on the tour this summer? Because teenage (and current) me would lose his shit.

fruitspam30 karma

answered above but this better fucken happen. ask folds.

wherethecolorsr13 karma

You've exposed me to some great music, not only Guster, but also by your opening acts. Who's been your favorite group to tour with?

fruitspam28 karma

that ben folds/rufus wainwright tour was super fun mostly because we all played together every night. that shit is a blast. i really like nate from the format/fun a bunch. that dude's the real thing. so many other. shit!

murf4314313 karma

Ever get your money back when your land lord bounced with your cash?

fruitspam34 karma

YES!!! i fucking found that dude after 2 years! he was on a drug/alcohol binge and stole my shit but then i fucking called the dude and he sent me my $1,000. crazy!!!

buildalife13 karma

Did you know that in your astronaut remix of Satellite the voice at the beginning sounds like it's saying, "With my muffin top, with my muffin top" repeatedly? I sing every time I here the song, so now all of my friends hate me.

fruitspam14 karma

you're the second person to mention this. fucken awesome.

tommyd113 karma

First show was Cleveland about 6 years ago. The encore was "Ruby Falls" and it BLEW me away. ANy chance of that one making it back onto the set list?

fruitspam24 karma

that one is a keeper. it'll come back.

gigafishing12 karma

How did you and Jeff Garlin first get together, and then the idea of doing a comedy and accoustic show come about?

fruitspam30 karma

met jeff on the rufus wainwright/ben folds tour. we were (are) MASSIVE curb your enthusiasm fans and our tour manager brought him backstage. we all jumped on him like puppies and were great friends every since. we had talked for years about touring together and the acoustic format seemed to be a good way to try it out. it was a blast with the exception of the first 2 shows (chicago and minneapolis). (our fault, not theirs btw....)

bemoedee12 karma

Love Guster and I can't tell you how stoked I am for the show with Ben Folds Five in Seattle (Auburn)!!

My question: Why haven't you taught Brian how to sing yet?

fruitspam19 karma

that would ruin the joy

mufarge12 karma

What was the inspiration for "Ruby Falls"? To this day it is still my favorite Guster song.

fruitspam24 karma

brian rosenworcel wrote those lyrics! i think he went there and then saw it as a metaphor for hell or something.

laxioespana12 karma

you guys were my first live show, my all time favorite band, and thank you for doing this AMA! i still watch the clip from your show with State Radio, Ben Kweller, and yourselves and would love to see that again.

Will Trippin Balls be making a come back with Guster any time soon?

fruitspam12 karma

The 'Balls could come out of retirement at any time. only they know.

Rosenworcel12 karma

So exactly two years ago my friends got me an autographed guster guitar for my birthday, and it came with this picture of you. For years I've pondered why such a beautiful photograph of the human form was sent to me, so I'm here to ask; does this picture have any relevance to anything, or is it completely random? Also, its kinda my birthday today so a shoutout from one of the coolest people ever to a crazed gusterrhoid would be... you know... chill.

fruitspam15 karma

that's crazy i have no idea but i'm glad that exists in our lives

TheCreativeName12 karma

I was at your show in Bloomington, IN when you landed in Bloomington, IL. I have to ask - who booked that flight?

fruitspam23 karma

sadly, i did. i am not so smart.

jnazmraz11 karma

When can we expect another fantastic album?

fruitspam39 karma

fantastic, not sure. an album this year though probably? we have 8-10 songs that are really really fucken good. hope to play a few out this summer and record a bunch in the fall. feeling good.


Is it dirty, oh so dirty or dirty, you're so so dirty?

fruitspam19 karma

i think the first one

hell_bent11 karma

I saw you in Denver with the symphony. It brought me to tears several times... except for backyard ;)

My question is this, is Denver featured on the live CD? If so which songs.

Second question, what can I bring you in Berkeley when you play with Dispatch? Special treats? Custom t-shirt? You name it.

fruitspam24 karma

backyard hater!
i loved that denver show. i don't think we recorded it because of union stuff? i could be wrong though. i will play with symphonies every single day. what joy.

berkeley eh? i always need socks. just saying.

zBriGuy10 karma

I thought you should know that I had sex during one of your concerts at the Electric Factory in Philly MANY years ago (around when Lost and Gone Forever came out).

I'm not sure if they are still there, but there used to be these wooden cutout spaces leaning back against the side wall that you could stand in and the music echoed and sounded cool. (only picture I can find) Well, my girlfriend and I snuck behind that wall and got down to some sweet loving with your music as the soundtrack.

It is one of my favorite memories from any concert and I have you thank for it!

fruitspam11 karma

and now i have YOU to thank for it. goddam this is an awesome story. keep bonin' briguy.

major10189 karma

So, this is creepy, but I totally saw you at a grocery store here in good ol' VT, did your wife finally get you to move to here permanently? Also are you ever going to play a regular show here again? & not at the Flynn because I absolutely HATE venues where you can't really dance, though I did have fun at your sit down show in Durham in January :) but that's beside the point.

fruitspam23 karma

yes, i live in vermont now. she won. wives always win. there's not a perfect venue for us here in vermont- flynn isn't the best for us, higher ground is a blast but a little small. playing a summer show at shelburne museum would be the thing although i don't think we have enough fans here...

th3ragnar0k9 karma

Out of both curiosity and being on the lookout for new subreddits, what are some interesting subs with good content that are you subscribed to and would recommend?

fruitspam21 karma

oddly, i'm more of a front page guy but i'm over cats. i never really dug in and just did subs. i know i'm dumb.

cyclejones9 karma

I've been to over a dozen of your shows (Boston, R.I., St. Louis, Mizzou, Detroit, LA, etc etc). At some of your shows it seems like everybody knows the "insider" stuff, but at others, especially the LA shows, it seems like I'm the only one there with a pocket full of ping-pong balls. Does audience participation, or lack thereof, affect how you feel about a show or the audience? Are you disappointed or relieved when a hail of ping pong balls doesn't erupt out of the crowd?

fruitspam14 karma

the ping pong ball thing doesn't bother me. i like it when people are into the songs though. music, man!

memmer948 karma

I heard somewhere you once wanted to be a Reform Rabbi. How did that whole thing influence your songwriting/general gusterness?

fruitspam38 karma

i wanted to be a rabbi but then decided i didn't believe in god. that sort of stymied the whole deal.

the_annex8 karma

Hey! What made you guys decide to the live "Guster On Ice" in Portland, Maine? Don't get me wrong, it was amazing and a huge boost for our small city, but it doesn't happen often and I'd love to know why.

fruitspam6 karma

state theater. portland fans.

rentfn8 karma

I loved when you did the Guster Scavenger Hunts for tickets and meet and greets before shows. Any chance they return??

fruitspam18 karma

i love doing this. for sure some version will go down this summer.

lovelivesinthesun8 karma

Fuckin' love Center of Attention. Seriously. What the one song you hate that the rest of the band dudes love? I'm talkin major eyeroll when you see it on the set list.

fruitspam15 karma

demons sorry fafa sometimes

ohio9377 karma

I made an account just to say this: as a long time fan, you guys are consistently the best concerts I have ever seen. My favorite was the Lost and Gone Forever 10 year anniversary tour in Cincinnati (I think) where you guys didn't even have an opener, and just played an amazing show. I respect the humility you and the other guys have-- just playing good music for fans you appreciate. Thanks for everything.

fruitspam14 karma

you are a nice man and i care about you unless you are a woman and i still care about you thank you

bigern797 karma

Confession: I was a huge fan in the early/mid 2000s, but haven't been following much lately (shame on me). Regardless, thank you for your music! Did you intend for "Jesus On The Radio" to make a grown man cry every time it is heard, even 10 years after releasing it? Or am I just a wuss?

fruitspam13 karma

yes and yes

superfletch57 karma

What are your thoughts on Michael Landon and his fishing abilities? Has Adam gotten over the fact that such a magnificent piece of art was torn from his life? If not, tell him I'm sorry.

fruitspam16 karma


(truth be told, if we had kept that thing there would've been a fistfight to see who kept it.....)

Snoswnager7 karma

The first song I ever truly loved from Guster was "Love For Me" but yet I've never heard you play it live. Why? It's a great song.

fruitspam39 karma

that song sucks sorry

Hokie_Wartooth7 karma

Guster rocks my face off. What was your inspiration/POV when writing "the Captain"? (see you on my Bday with Benny F in DC!)

fruitspam24 karma

not really sure. i do like that line "face forward / move slow / forge ahead" though. i just quoted myself DEAL WITH IT.

motownguy7 karma

Any chance of seeing you guys on a cruise again soon?

fruitspam21 karma

apparently, cruises are the worst things for the earth ever and that makes us hypocrites because of adam's/guster's enviro bonafides. i wish the cruising industry would get their shit together because those things are a BLAST.

Banjerpickin7 karma

Hey Ryan, I listened to your NPR interview where you expressed concern that Guster was no longer relevant, and you didn't want it to become a "nostalgia band." Just wanted to let you know that while Lost and Gone Forever used to be my most often played Guster record, I find that Easy Wonderful now spends the most time in the car or on the turn table compared to the other records. I think it sounds very modern, really adds something to the Guster experience, and many friends of mine who aren't aware of Guster think it's great, too. Two points for relevancy!

fruitspam13 karma

thanks dude. that interview caught me at a weird time. i feel a little better now.

nutsforbucks6 karma

I was at the Denver show where you performed with the Colorado Symphony. By far one of my favorite Guster experiences! Any plans to release the recording as a live album?

fruitspam10 karma

i think i answered this already. but i care about you, nuts.

FlutGOS6 karma

What three songs do you guys like performing the most? Are there any songs that you hate to play but the other guys love playing and vice versa?

fruitspam16 karma

i think luke hates "diane" but i'm not sure. i love that one.

purplepalmtree96 karma

I am really excited that you guys are coming back to Summerfest this year. I went to your concert there in 2006, 2007, 2009, & 2010.

What is the most memorable thing that has been thrown on stage during Airport Song?

fruitspam11 karma

there's been some pretty subversive poetry on the ping pong balls. i wish we kept the good ones. idiots.

Big_Byoo-Tox6 karma

I'm sure every artist has a least favorite pieces they've done, do you have a least favorite song you've released? If there aren't any least favorites, are there any songs you would change and rerecord?

fruitspam13 karma

parachute? although i was 19 so what the fuck did i know.
"bury me" could be improved i'm pretty sure.

jhoolia6 karma

Which of your videos was the most fun to make, and why?

fruitspam13 karma

we made a video for new underground that no one has seen. we got buried in dirt and there were dancing skeletons. brian hated it so much he vetoed it. there is a movement afoot to post it. it's fucked up.

jnazmraz6 karma

Long time fan - love what your music does to my soul. Can I buy you guys a round when you come to Summerfest?

fruitspam11 karma

a round from the root beer lady. i love her.

NoranPrease5 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA, guys! I've been fans of you guys ever since FaFa first came out. I went to a concert of yours a few years ago and was astounded when I saw Brian play a whole set with his hands. Your songs can get pretty intense. My question is, how are Brian's hands feeling after a gig?

fruitspam22 karma

better now that he mixes it up with drum kit. all bongos all the time was not sustainable. blood in his piss and stuff. NSFL

huyvanbin5 karma

I saw you guys at Cornell in 2004 and Boston in 2007 (both awesome). Now I live in Somerville. I imagine you guys probably hung out at some of the same places as I do now, but 20 years ago. What are some great live shows you saw when you were living at Tufts?

fruitspam6 karma

brian saw uncle tupelo at johnny d's. i think that place is gone though.

lauramcarter5 karma

Not a question but I just wanted to say how much I love you guys! I've been listening to your music for well over 15 years and you guys are awesome!

fruitspam14 karma

no you

hummingbird42895 karma

Last year, before your acoustic show in Huntington, NY, I ate at the table next to yours at Sapsuckers. I may have stared at you like a creep. I want to apologize for that. What did you get there? I had the fried chicken and it was awesome.

Also, I am ridonkulously excited to see you guys for what is probably the 12th time or so this summer at Prospect Park!!

fruitspam10 karma

i think i got the fried chicken? i just googled it though and i have no idea what you are talking about. i believe you though. and forgive you as well. it clearly didn't scar me too badly.

mpython095 karma

Are you aware that at the beginning of "Satellite (Astronauts Mix)" the rhythm sounds like "Top, in my muffin top, in my muffin top?" If so, was this intentional? EDIT: Spelling.

fruitspam19 karma

i can only say this: putting "muffin top" in a song is a work of genius

draobehtfonamriahc5 karma

Want to listen to my demo? j/k. Did you really date Miss Oklahoma?

fruitspam15 karma

i wish. i did date the homecoming queen though. she broke my heart but we're friends now so thanks for asking.

Casual_Deviant5 karma


fruitspam5 karma


gusterhuster4 karma

I obviously love y'all, and am going to my 50th Guster concert this in June (Mansfield).

Anyhow, wondering if you could say a few words about why you think you guys have such incredible staying power? Over the years I've watched your popularity rise and remain consistent, even grow. What do you attribute that to?

fruitspam15 karma

i said this above but i'm honored and floored that people give a shit. we take a lot of time to make sure our songs are good. maybe that works/worked. i dunno!

coopmusic4164 karma

HUGE Guster fan here. What's your favorite venue in Boston to play in? And which live performance has stood out the most as the most entertaining/important/emotional that you guys have played?

EDIT: 1 more question: How different is it having Luke Reynolds instead of Joe Pisapia in the band right now?

fruitspam6 karma

the paradise (it's not even there anymore, is it?) were huge shows for us. maybe it wouldn't be fun to play there again but those were big ones for us. new house of blues is pretty fun. that tent on the water too.

luke vs joe is amazingly similar in some ways and completely different in other. they are two of the best dudes i know in the world.

Tacos_GOAT3 karma

Hey huge fan. A few questions answer what you will. 1. What is your favorite part of touring? Your least favorite? 2. Do you get bored playing some of the same songs over and over again? Are there some that you hate? 3. Do you feel fulfilled being in a band? Do you miss having a conventional desk job? Anything else you want to do career wise? 4. Why does texas suck so much?

fruitspam6 karma

lightning round! 1). seeing shit. missing my kids. 2) yes. yes. 3) yes mostly. no. score more films. 4) only houston sucks. just kidding!

StoneTheAvenger3 karma

First off, I have been wearing my "Guster is OK" t-shirt for the last ten years. One of my favorite shirts ever.

Now, to be honest, the past two albums have been good, but I havn't been as into them as I was with the first few. I was wondering where you think your music is going to go in the future and if you will go back to the Lost and Gone Forever vibe.... or is it (sorry!) 'Lost and gone Forever'?

fruitspam6 karma

probably not? i think i can appreciate what people like about l&gf but if i were to guess i would say we're not making definite moves towards that sound. i love in rainbows a lot.

PhishnChips3 karma

I just caught the episode of Guster on Live at Darrell Hall's House a few weeks ago. That shit made me smile from some of my concert memories and feel really freaking old at the same time. My gf at the time (now wife) took my little sister and her friend to their first concert, a Guster show at the Riv in Chicago. They were 14 at the time, they're drinking age now (I guess 8 or 9 years isn't that long ago, but the gf and I had been listening and going to shows since the late 90's early 00's) Thanks for the great music throughout the years.

What was it like playing with Darrell Hall?

fruitspam5 karma

that dude is solid gold. so giving and cool and the band too. i can't bring myself to watch it though. glad you didn't hate it!

justanotherrachel3 karma

PLEASE play "so long" at your columbus ohio concert this summer. I have gone to two concerts so far and even though i have screamed "PLAY SO LONG" (rather obnoxiously to the annoyance of those around me), you haven't.

love you.

fruitspam5 karma

maybe! love you!

exhaust-pipe3 karma

Did MTV lock down all those Violent Femmes covers you guys did forever ago? Those were quality covers that i don't have nearly enough of in audio form.

fruitspam5 karma

i know, right? what fucken happened to those things? i remember it being good but maybe they weren't that good? shit!

brianfancypants3 karma

I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter (in a band and solo acoustic stuff), and I just love the lyrics and music your band writes. Do you have any songwriting/lyric-ing tips to share? What's the process like for writing a song or putting together lyrics? Stay awesome, bro. Can't wait to see you in Holmdel.

fruitspam7 karma

keep writing! writers write! listen to everything and stay open to the musical and non-musical universe! there's an extraordinary amount of awesome shit out there....

music first, then a painstaking lyrics reverse engineering process. melody rules for me.

HotdogBerger3 karma

Are there going to be any new albums in the future? Are there any in the making?

I love you guys! Have seen you 4-5 times. I fell in love with ya'll after hearing "Fa Fa" for the first time when I was in college!

fruitspam4 karma

you bet your hot dog berger ass

bunnyraabit3 karma

First of all, thanks for doing this AMA! You guys were the first concert I've ever been to. You played at the Cleveland House of Blues back a few years and played the 10 Year "Lost and Gone Forever". It rocked, and you guys were great live!

What have been some of your favorite venues to perform at? Will you be coming back to Cleveland anytime soon?

fruitspam4 karma

love red rocks. the greek theaters in sf and la. gorge. stubb's in austin.

cleveland? i dunno. i feel like we are in ohio all the time.

catebobait3 karma

This will probably get downvoted to hell, but whatever. I've no questions to ask...just wanted to thank you guys for producing awesome music. Also the first time I saw you guys live was when you opened for John Mayer 10 years ago. You danced around wearing John Mayer T-shirts as diapers and KFC chicken buckets on your heads. Good times!

fruitspam7 karma

those are the first pics in my iphoto library. weird.

Fleurr3 karma

I'm sure you've answered this in countless interviews, but I figured I'd waste your time here with a question. What artists have influenced your musical style?

I find Guster, Cloud Cult, and Barenaked Ladies similar bands, in that they all make me ineffably full of true joy when I listen to them. Keep it up!

fruitspam10 karma

tons and tons of bands influence us. i always say kinks and beach boys, rem and talking heads, wilco and the shins and am constantly devouring new music. love the father john misty record, washed out, foxygen, rosebuds, japandroids. so much great music out there. it all finds its way into our music i think....

KingOfSchmackistan3 karma

If Guster, Ben Folds Five, and Barenaked Ladies got into a "Battle of the Bands" type of struggle, which band would win and why?

Also which band would win in an actual fight?

fruitspam11 karma

tyler stewart has a gigantic head. like, physically massive.

youbbetchya3 karma

I am a huge fan and I've been to pretty much every show you've done in Boston.

I once gave Brian a T-shirt from a summer camp I worked out and I hope he still wears it. Ut's from thayer Academy summer programs.

fruitspam6 karma

if it's a thin cotton one, he probably does wear it. dude's a shirt stealer for sure.

Ballsaxs3 karma

Any plans to do more composing for films, I really dig the Safety Not Guaranteed stuff?

Also thanks for being pretty much an annual show at Summerfest and Milwaukee in general, I've seen you guys 3 times now and the shows were all awesome

fruitspam5 karma

thanks dude. i do it all the time. check it: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1792454/

uwsherm3 karma

I know you joke about the Open for Guster; Win a Grammy phenomenon, but why do you think Guster was never able to completely break out of "Indie" status? Was it partly a (unintentional?) resistance on the band's part to "selling out" in your earlier years?

fruitspam9 karma

i think because our first records weren't the best. people got first exposure to those and never opened their mind to our better later records (kit, ganging, ew). or maybe because we are poop. not sure. we never resisted it though. i mean, we didn't add dancers or autotune but have always wanted people to hear our music as long as it was on our terms...

themisk083 karma

A 23 year old who has never listened to one of you're song. What song do you suggest?

fruitspam10 karma

"satellite" is a gateway drug i can stand behind.

calvnhobs63 karma

Hi Ryan - I'm a big fan from Boston, and very excited to see you and Dispatch perform together this summer. I feel like the comparisons have always been made between the two bands, and it's like my middle school wet dream to finally see you guys together. What kind of relationship do you guys have? Have you known each other for a while?

On another note, my two favorite Guster memories are when you played Jesus on the Radio completely unplugged (mics, guitars, everything) in a packed Pageant show in St. Louis, and the super funky fucked up version of Airport song you were playing on that same tour. Also, seeing you at City Hall in Boston all those years ago. Also, seeing you with Jeff Garlin. You guys are great. Thanks for doing this.

fruitspam5 karma

i don't know them as people very well but we share management so we have always felt like they're family. it's weird that we are just now playing shows together. huh.

telekelley3 karma

You've done the novel thing with the cruise with BNL...so will you do something else novel and come to Alaska? PLEASE?

fruitspam7 karma


saxamaphone3 karma

Does playing certain songs get old? Are there any from way back that you will never get tired of?

P.S. L&GF is a top-3 reason that my wife and I are married. True story.

fruitspam9 karma

if i never play "demons" again i'd be a happy man. but i get that people like that song so i think about laundry or something.
certain songs have held up for me: hang on, satellite, come downstairs, lightening rod....

Mazlanka243 karma

Hi Ryan, guster was the first band I saw live and learned on guitar. What advice do you have for up and coming guitarest. Also what's your favorite type of instrument to play? PS I met you in state college last year, you're a funny guy

fruitspam10 karma

i also love perfect pancakes

chelseam_3 karma

what inspired the meowstro's sings and are you planning any fantastic surprises for red rocks?

fruitspam8 karma

we had a dude in the bus who was a great cat-singer. true story.

we will cover a u2 record of your choice at red rocks this summer.

fontchster3 karma

Do you guys miss Scooter at all? What's he up to these days?

fruitspam7 karma

i'm hanging out with scooter tomorrow! he plays drums in a bunch of bands out of san francisco.
this is one. shit. know there's more... http://www.kellymcfarling.com/

alancohenexperience3 karma

Ranch or Blue Cheese?

fruitspam6 karma

blue cheese for wings ranch for fries

moyafookie2 karma

How do Brian's hands hold up? Has he changed his style over the years? I first fell in love w/ the band when you guys opened a show and Brian was going to town on the bongos. Thanks for all the great music!

fruitspam3 karma


piano0072 karma

Hey! Nice to get the opportunity to ask you questions! What is your favorite song that you've written and why? Also, what is the coolest moment you've experienced as a musician? Thanks!!

fruitspam19 karma

i think i answered the song question already.
meeting my heroes has been cool. i shook bob dylan's hand. paul rudd told me he loved our harmonies. ke$ha and i shared a hot dog. (not a euphemism. a hot dog.)

thegreekthunder2 karma

Anyway you could do a recording of the "Live Free or Die" song you busted out last year at Meadowbrook?

fruitspam4 karma

i have no idea what you are talking about but yes

Aciani2 karma

Guster is a very fan accessible band, are there any times you regret this? Also, did you use Darryl's beard trimmer? I always imagine guys using those on their nether regions. Hahahaha.

fruitspam2 karma

no and yes and i hope so

iahawk152 karma

You got annoyed w/me for banging on a metal barrier (out of rhythm apparently) at a show in Lincoln 7-8 years ago. Just want to say I'm Sorry!

fruitspam14 karma

7 years later we're good. please don't do that again. it fucks with my whole thing.

BadlyBeardedBoy2 karma

What is the one song you wish you'd written?

fruitspam6 karma

girl from ipanema