Did you know that Dinosaurs suffered from brain cancer, or that Koalas can catch Chlamydia? How about that Reindeer seek out narcotic escape in hallucinogenic mushrooms, or that Stallions self-harm in ways psychiatrists call “cutting” in human patients? Also --- Gorillas experience clinical depression.

My book with science journalist Kathryn Bowers was named a Discover Magazine Best Book of 2012, an O, The Oprah Magazine “Summer Reading” Pick and a finalist for the 2013 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books. Zoobiquity explores how animal and human commonality can be used to diagnose, treat, and heal patients of all species.

We hope our book helps others see the connection humanity has to all living beings. We are all one world, interconnected.

Ask me, or Kathryn, anything.

NOTE: This is intended for discussing the connections between human and animal medicine and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Thanks to all of you who asked questions, and thanks again for your patience as we learned our way around Reddit. Until next time!

Proof: http://www.zoobiquity.com

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Sarah444444449 karma

Which animal (s) that are currently in zoos do you believe should be in their natural habitat. I ask as a Canadian who knows we have been criticized for having elephants (as well as other animals) in our zoos because of our winter climate.

Zoobiquity2 karma

An interesting and complex question. I'll have to think this one through.

jstrydor9 karma

I have a medical question for you. I was taught in Paramedic school that Atrial re polarization isn't seen on a heart monitor because it's hidden in the QRS complex. However, I have seen plenty of third degree heart blocks where the P Waves and QRS complex's are completely disassociated. When this happens in a third degree heart block, I have never seen any type of electrical activity that could be considered atrial re polarization. It almost seems as if the Atria re polarize on their own, however I know that this is impossible. Could you shed some light on why Atrial Re polarization can't be seen, even in a third degree heart block with complete dissociation between the P waves and the QRS complex's? It's been bugging me a while now and I would really appreciate your professional opinion! :-)

Also, I had the pleasure of being able to participate in the cadaver lab for the Paramedic students at UCLA even though I wasn't a student at UCLA. I knew one of the doctors that was in charge of it and he invited me and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Zoobiquity1 karma

This is a great question. There are lots of great basic EKG books that deal with this issue. One of the best books is out of print - Dr. Stephen Scheidt's book on EKG has natter diagrams and is very clear on these topics.

sarahstrattera3 karma

My background is in human physiology/pharmacology. I would love to read your book and I'm sure it would answer most of the questions that immediately come to mind. But basically, what do you think is something currently applied in the care of animals that could potentially be applied/studied in care of human patients?

Zoobiquity2 karma

There’s a sudden death syndrome seen in wild animals that has linkages to sudden death in people. The conserved physiology of the autonomic nervous system is seen in diverse species ranging from birds to great apes. This means that physicians should expand their knowledge beyond the one species they’re used to taking care of.

raejoywil2 karma

I'm also in the imaging field and have been passionate about animals, any tips on how to get into that side medical imaging?

Zoobiquity2 karma

I believe some sonography schools specialize in veterinary imaging.

bagofbuttholes2 karma

Were you recently on npr? The first paragraph in your post sounds like the exact thing I heard on there yesterday. Also why does my chest hurt sometimes? I don't wanna have a heart attack...

Zoobiquity1 karma

Yes, I was on NPR. If you’re having chest pain, you should go to an emergency room and/or contact your physician.

Mgladiethor2 karma

Whats is the most spread animal disease

Zoobiquity1 karma

There are many diseases that can spread between animals -- non-human animals to people and people to non-human animals. Not completely sure off the top of my head which disease is most prevalent.

CoolMoniker2 karma

Hi Barbara. Your life work is very interesting to all of us and I have several questions I could ask but in order for this event to work you need to let us know how and when you will be answering our questions. People won't want to ask a question if they don't think it will be answered. Thank you!

Zoobiquity2 karma

Very sorry for the delay! -Barbara

Zoobiquity-1 karma

Hi -- Kathryn here -- You are absolutely right! We're new to Reddit and weren't completely clear on the culture of asking and answering questions. We're figuring that out now -- so sorry for the long silence More to come....

rc1honda2 karma

Hello, I was wondering if you are in need of skilled cardiac sonographer? I would love to apply my imaging skills in a zoological setting.

Zoobiquity1 karma

Thank you for your solicitation. I don't know of any positions available at this time.

MysticFear1 karma

Is there any software/app or improvement in existing software/app that would help with your job?

Zoobiquity1 karma

Great question! Hmm... I have to think about it.

soundon1 karma

pleeease. I really want to know,

These days, how hard is it, actually, to find a good heart?

Zoobiquity1 karma

Hmm... an interesting question!

HeroicLuke1 karma

I wanna know more about those reindeer and the shrooms. How do we know they're just not eating it for food and how do we know they're tripping?

Zoobiquity1 karma

It’s an excellent question as to why these animals are consuming these psychoactive plants. More research needs to be done to see if the animal is consuming it for nutrition or its psychoactive effects.

Sindroome241 karma

Hi! The summer before my freshman year of high school, I was diagnosed with bells paulsy (which is gone now), and later Lyme disease. However, my Lyme manifested with a prolonged QT interval, bariochardia (the slow heart beat), and a passed out. The weird part: noone in my family has a history of prolonged QT intervals. According to CHOP, only 4 other cases even remotely similar to mine have happened since the dawn of stored computer medical records. What is your opinion on the likelihood of this happening to someone else or myself additionally in the future? Also, I'm 17 and slightly chubby :) but otherwise healthy now.

Zoobiquity1 karma

It sounds like you have a lot going on for someone so young. I recommend you talking to your doctor about your specific prognosis.

jackmeeker1 karma

what's your favorite kind of muffin?

Zoobiquity1 karma


jaypeeps1 karma

What would the heart of a horse sized duck be like in comparison to the heart of a duck sized horse? Would there be any difference besides size? Would the duck sized horse need a more powerful heart than the horse sized duck because of being more active?

Zoobiquity2 karma

Haha. Great question. :)

heriman1 karma


Zoobiquity1 karma

Go Bruins! :)

georgeo1 karma

A while ago, I heard of a promising imaging technology that measures calcium deposits to determine coronary blockage. Can you recommend it.

Zoobiquity1 karma

You should discuss this form of imaging with your doctor.

infinitum171 karma

Hi, I listened to the interview you had on The People's Pharmacy, and my wife (who is a vet student) and I enjoyed it very much.

It seems that veterinarians are so much more aware of the connections between human and animal health, and that One Health/One Medicine is a much bigger thing in veterinary medicine than in human medicine. My question is, what can the veterinary community do to reach out to the human medical community and engage them on this issue?

Also, regarding reddit etiquette: It is not sufficient proof to link to your website. Anybody could come on here claiming to be you and link to your website. However, if you linked to a post on your website that said you were doing an AMA on reddit, that would be sufficient proof.

Zoobiquity1 karma

This is a great question. Veterinarians are the bearers of comparative knowledge in medicine. I recommend that veterinarians make an effort to participate in local medical meetings. I like to invite veterinary subspecialists to join journal clubs and other educational ventures at the university. I also encourage veterinarians to join physicians at the Zoobiquity Conferences which are explicitly designed to engage the two professional communities.

saintlawrence1 karma

Third year Med student here: How do I learn to read EKGs well?

Zoobiquity1 karma

I'd recommend an out-of-print book by Dr. Stephen Scheidt - Basic ECG.

Warkitz1 karma

I'm graduating in 2 months with a degree in natural science with a focus in biology and health science. Hire me. KTHNX

Zoobiquity1 karma

So sorry, I'm not hiring at this time.

digga13011 karma

Many would say that the future of interventional cardiology or even general cards is not particularly bright right now. I'm a current medical student and just wondering what your thoughts on this subject are.

Zoobiquity2 karma

I think cardiology is a wonderful field with fantastic potential for future cardiovascular clinicians and investigators.

mollybo1 karma

I have supraventricular tachycardia (for those not in the medical field: a heart rate of around 200 at random times). After two (!) radiofrequency ablations, I only have brief episodes and am off heart medications. Much respect to those of you in the field - people like you have changed my life!

Zoobiquity1 karma

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

thesozzilizer1 karma

Do you know Anthony Horowitz?

Zoobiquity1 karma

The author? Unfortunately, no relation.

waiting_for_rain0 karma

Kind of morbid, but if a cow who has like 9 hearts, has myocardial infarct in one heart, do the rest compensate like if one engine on a jumbo jet were to go out?

Zoobiquity1 karma

What an interesting question! I don’t have an answer for you but will ask my veterinary colleagues.