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Laser refractive surgery would not help unfortunately. People with albinism have a condition called 'foveal hypoplasia' which means the central part of their retina is underdeveloped. This ultimately limits their best corrected visual acuity. A monocle simply magnifies objects to make them bigger so a 20/20 line will appear larger and easier to read.

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Not necessarily true. Plenty of people with myopia or nearsightedness with uncorrected vision of worse than 20/100 get laser refractive surgery. The only reasons people can't get laser surgery are thin corneas and other coexisting medical conditions of the eye like glaucoma or diabetes.

I am a Resident in Ophthalmology and have seen several healthy eyes go from 20/200 to 20/20.

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Hi Barbara. Your life work is very interesting to all of us and I have several questions I could ask but in order for this event to work you need to let us know how and when you will be answering our questions. People won't want to ask a question if they don't think it will be answered. Thank you!