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I don't know you. I never will. We will never meet. I will probably never benefit from your work. However, know this: I love you, and everything you're doing. Thank you.

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my wife's grandfather actually opted out of teeth and paid a local dentist big money to rip all his healthy teeth out. I thought he was a moron, and then I saw him eat an apple with just gums. He's a psycho but he's a tough son of a bitch.

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Can you raise me a million dollars so i can take off until im 40? k thanks

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Why does your title sound like the only person patting you on your back is yourself?

Why didn't you mention what you're the author of in the title?

Why is it important for you to have unseated Stephen King?

Why do we care that you were a programmer?

Has any of this increased the amount of super model type women you've had sex with?

Is this the highest point of your life? Will your next release be the lowest point?

Will anyone remember who you are or your book after your 15seconds of fame are gone?

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Can I buy a China IL rap album? If no, will I be able to buy one eventually?