Shot my show on Jaunary 24th, and two months later, it's going to air. I can't give specifics on how I did, but ask me anything you want.

Here's a pic from the backlot:

EDIT @ 11:35 PM EST: thanks for all of the great questions everyone, keep them coming, I'll get to as many as I can tomorrow, thanks!

Edit 2: I'm back at 8:20am to answer your questions! Make sure to watch tonight!

EDIT 3: what the fuck is up with all the downvotes? Wow.

EDIT 4: glad you guys enjoyed the show, and thanks for all of the great questions, I had a blast doing this. Good night!

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revjeremyduncan42 karma

People that annoy you


Your answer, please.

Fiedy8840 karma

I think I know it, but not sure if I should say it.

kuhndog541 karma

How are pat and Vanna off-set? Were they friendly?

Fiedy8865 karma

Yes, incredibly nice, in between puzzles they chat with the audience and contestants making sure we keep our cool. During our rehearsals about an hour before taping, Vanna came out in like a sweatsuit and said "hey everyone, I'm Vanna, nice to meet you!" Like she really needed to introduce herself.

Brad_Wesley10 karma

Although she is getting on in years, would you bang Vanna if given the chance?

Fiedy8810 karma

No comment...

Fiedy889 karma


hashtag_RIP37 karma

How long did the whole game process take (from start camera action to cameras off)?

Any restroom breaks, or are you stuck prairie-dogging last night's Thai?

Fiedy8841 karma

It's actually close to real time, about 2 minutes in between puzzles for water and makeup touch ups, but that's about it, whole thing was over in about 35 minutes

mohampton29 karma

What does the application process consist of?

Fiedy8834 karma

Well I submitted a video for them, the got the email to attend an audition in Brooklyn, cuz they were taping in NYC. Made the first round of cuts after simulated games and a written test that was like Hangman. Then at the end of the 3 hour process, they said they would contact us by mail by the end of December if we made it. My audition was 12/4, got my letter on 12/26. It said they filled up the NY tapings, but wanted to have me come to LA. They'd let me know two weeks before a taping date so. Could make arrangements to go, email came January 9th, taping for the 24th, booked my flight on the 10th

JasonGD198213 karma

They pay for your whole trip?

Fiedy8820 karma

Nope, we paid for ourselves.

bobcat17 karma

Jeopardy does the same thing. Goddamn cheapskates.

Fiedy8824 karma

Eh, you win it back.

transmigrant9 karma

How much do you get paid if you don't win (aka, just for doing the show)?

Fiedy8818 karma

If you end up with nothing at the end, they give you $1000

transmigrant11 karma

So you pretty much break even if you have to book a flight and hotel? Weird.

Fiedy8811 karma

Depends on where you fly from, like I came from NJ, so yeah, pretty much even.

vikvaughn6665 karma

Do they pay for any of your travel or accomodations?

Fiedy885 karma

Nope, all out of our own pocket

backpackwayne2 karma

Could you tell me more about submitting the video. Who and where do you send it to and what did it consist of? Do you send it online?

What do you recommend I put in the video?

What address do I send it to?

Fiedy886 karma

Yup, it was an online thing, just me blabbing to the camera on why I'd be a good contestsnt

editorlightyear26 karma

Was the wheel for the final puzzle easier or harder to spin than the big wheel?

Fiedy8840 karma

I know you're trying to get me to answer if I made it to the bonus round or not, hint hint, but the bigger wheel is very heavy, probably heavier than the small one, if I knew anything about that sort of thing.

editorlightyear17 karma

Oh shucks. I didn't even realize that you might or away the end with that question. You are much wiser than I. How about this question: does the million dollar wedge sprinkle green glitter everywhere?

Fiedy8811 karma

Nope, it's very well put together, but the wild card on the wheel is different than the one the person has for the ret of the game, they swap it out in between commercials

editorlightyear5 karma

hmmm.... and is the first 1/2 car piece the same as the second?

Fiedy886 karma

There are two of the 1/2 car pieces, directly across from each other on the wheel

editorlightyear5 karma

I meant do they both weight the same... if you were to pick them up one in each hand

Fiedy8815 karma

The big wheel is heavier

hi_please20 karma

how competitive does it get between the contestants? any trash talking or is it fairly civil?

Fiedy8840 karma

Really none whatsoever, we're cheering each other on, it's like a casino, we're all playing with house money, but in the end, you want to win, so you get an evil but good feeling when they hit bankrupt or lose a turn.

kcaudle16 karma

Did you do anything super embarrassing either on camera or off?

Fiedy8825 karma

I do my Peter Griffin impression whenim first introduced, so that was fun. And when we're going to commercials, sometimes I think I made awkward faces, have to see for myself.

iamaredditer15 karma

Make sure you continue this AMA tomorrow bro. Did you grab some vanna ass while there?

Fiedy8816 karma

I'll continue it for sure, I'm actually in Puerto Rico now and my show is tomorrow while I'm flying back, so everyone gets to see it before me. This Puerto Rico trip is something my girlfriend won in a raffle, go figure.

iamaredditer6 karma

I was hoping you had won until reading about the raffle won by the girlfriend. I'm sure you did win something as 2nd and 3rd get something. How does taxes work on prizes and cash? Are you required to pay immediately?

Fiedy884 karma

This trip I'm on now has nothing to do with Wheel, hint hint. Don't get any cash or prizes until after the show airs. Could take up to 120 days. Taxes will be form next year, probably for CA, NJ, and federal.

iamaredditer4 karma

Well look forward to watching. You should have wore a reddit tshirt on there. You would be the Karma King come tomorrow.

Fiedy885 karma

I know, but I had to look sharp for TV, you understand.

rmt9215 karma

Was it actually fun?

Fiedy8872 karma

A motherfucking blast.

TheKyleShow14 karma

Does Pat smell like scotch?

Fiedy888 karma


SixteenVolt7 karma

What does Pat smell like?

Fiedy8826 karma


Anindoorcat13 karma

I just want you to know I'll be watching tomorrow.

And when it comes on I'm going to be doing this

Fiedy887 karma

Haha, thanks.

Anindoorcat6 karma


congratulations man!

Fiedy883 karma


Scarytoilethair13 karma

Do you miss the old puzzle board, before the touch screen one?

Fiedy8820 karma

Watching old episodes, that old format made it take so much longer, I appreciate the newer technology.

LabRatTrick12 karma

Were you tempted to say "no whammies" when spinning the big wheel?

Fiedy8810 karma

Haha, not really, I was more focused on what letter to call next and clapping away from my microphone.

Kryptonikz10 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA! I've always been curious about this so my question (first question ever in IAMA) is...

How do they choose each contestant's position (left, center, right)?

Fiedy8813 karma

When the contestant coordinators bring in our applications and head shots from our auditions, they split us into our groups of 3, and designate one person to be the ball picker. That person literally reaches into a bucket of numbered golf balls to determine the show number that we're on, I got on the first of 6, then we come up in our goop, and draw out of this bottle either 1,2, or 3, that determines your playing order. I got 2, so I was in the middle.

Kryptonikz2 karma

Matt, I'm watching the show right now. I found it funny as hell that Pat Sajak thought you were Bill Clinton instead of Peter Griffin.

Fiedy882 karma

I think he was goofing on me, at least I hope so.

Kryptonikz5 karma

Oh wow! $45,525 in total prizes! Congratulations man... You owned it tonight. Enjoy your spoils. Great job! :)

Fiedy883 karma


SirDooblay9 karma

Hi, thanks for the AMA, I've always wanted to know what it was like to play the wheel.

  1. How long did it take to film your episode?
  2. How many puzzles did you play throughout the day, were there any "throwaways"?
  3. Do the puzzles go as fast as the show makes it seem?

Fiedy889 karma

About 35 minutes. Did about 5 if I remember correctly, didn't have any throwaways, and yes, it's all in real time granted there are no difficulties, those letters fill in fast

ChiliFlake6 karma

IS it true that they encourage you to buy vowels so the puzzles go quicker?

Fiedy886 karma

Yeah, it's true

BackwardsMarathon8 karma

Did you win? How long have you been watching the show?

Fiedy8815 karma

Been watching since I could read, so almost 20 years. As for the winning, you'll have to see for yourself...

twistedfork7 karma

Why do so many people buy vowels? It drives me up the wall when I am watching at home and it is a puzzle like "What are you doing?" and the answer is "S_ _ B _ D _ _ _ N G _ N T H _ C _ R _ B B _ _ N" and they start buying vowels. IT IS CLEARLY SCUBA DIVING IN THE CARIBBEAN JESUS CHRIST!

witherspork11 karma

Btw It couldn't be "Scuba diving in the Caribbean, because the C isn't marked in "Scuba", but in the word "Caribbean" it is...

Fiedy887 karma

You need to try out for the show.

Fiedy889 karma

They encourage us to buy vowels, sometimes it seems stupid, but mother times it really does help.

SparkBunny7 karma

Do they offer you cash value for the trips, prizes, or cars after the show if you don't want them?

Edit: also, you appear to have a fairly bad troll infestation. My condolences.

Fiedy883 karma

Nope, there aren't any cash options for the prizes. In regards to the trolls, they can fuck right off.

mycreativename7 karma

Was it embarrassing to have to yell out "FANNY PACK OF COYOTES" even if it was for money?

Fiedy883 karma


nightmarelover7 karma

are your lines scripted?

Fiedy886 karma

We practice our introductions but everything else is on the spot.

SinisterPaige6 karma

Did they pay for your flight and hotel?

Fiedy8810 karma

Nope, had to pay our way there. My parents and sister came along, but airfare wasn't really that bad for only having two weeks notice to book tickets. Then my dad used Marriott points for the hotel. I told him I'd pay him back for airfare, he said no, he was so proud of me.

backpackwayne6 karma

How did you get on the show? What is it you did different that you think got you selected from the many who applied and didn't?

Fiedy8812 karma

You have to be able to think quickly, and be clear and concise with your letter calling. Some personality helps too.

backpackwayne4 karma

Thanks. I plan on trying sometime in the future. Any other tips are appreciated. I was on the game show "Scrabble" with Chuck Woolery like 25 or so years ago.

I have the personality since I am very outgoing.

I'll be watching tomorrow night.


Fiedy881 karma

Good luck in the future, thanks!

strepoftheass5 karma

Congratulations on your win! I'm curious how you get the car back to NJ, do you have to drive it or do they deliver? I've always wondered about this.

Fiedy883 karma

I guess they will transfer the title to NJ, but I'm gonna sell it anyway.

strepoftheass2 karma

Were you disappointed it wasn't the cash prize? I personally don't like the cars they give away on that show.

Fiedy884 karma

I don't need the car, I'm going to sell it, cash is king!

dev-heg5 karma

Who was the smokin hot chick that came out to congratulate you?

Fiedy8811 karma

Ugh, my sister..

pocketelvis4 karma

how accurate do you think pat is on that final spin, I have a feeling he can place it wherever he wants

Fiedy883 karma

It depends who is spinning at the time and where the wheel is, he only landed on 600 for the final spin, and most of the puzzle was filled in anyway.

RAS3103 karma

What color position did you get (red/yellow/blue) and were you hoping for any position in particular?

What was your favorite dumb answer in Wheel history?

Shameless plug alert. You should sign up for so you can share more comments on your experience. We also have a member who's wife (Robyn) is on this Thursday's episode. We'll all be rooting for you!

Fiedy883 karma

I'm in the yellow position, didn't care where I was, and you'll see that it works out for me pretty well. My favorite dumb answer is from last year, the dude who couldn't get Magic Wand. I'll check the site out, thanks!

Zippy02233 karma

Anything you didn't like about the experience?

Fiedy886 karma

Just the weather. I was never in Los Angeles before, and I'm a huge movie buff and film graduate, but it was rain like whole time we were there. We did go to Marty McFly's house though, which I've posted previously on reddit, and drove next to Larry King while on Rodeo drive.

CalebOnRye3 karma

Can you post pics of the McFly house again!

Fiedy883 karma

You can just go to my post history, no?

Fiedy885 karma

Thanks for doing the hard work

karkahooligan3 karma

Do you miss the old format where you get to buy prizes with the money you win? That was awesome as a kid... a total shopping spree grabbing all manner of stuff.

Fiedy884 karma

Watching old clips of the show, that format sucked. First they play, then the announcer listed everything off that could be bought, the. They pick prizes, then he lists again what they won, it wasted so much time.

okiedawg3 karma

I got a letter a few weeks ago to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune (after two rounds of local auditions). I think I'll be going on this fall since the casting person said they will start filming again in August. Any tips for a future contest?

Fiedy883 karma

That's awesome, congrats. Just keep watching to practice, and go in there like you're going to dominate.

jreedrocks3 karma

Can you get them to release the famous "Wayne Gretzky" FAIL? That would be freaking awesome! Please do all you can. Fans of WOF know EXACTLY what I speak of. See you tomorrow!

Fiedy883 karma

I've honestly never seen that, can you elaborate?

clow_reed2 karma

Evidently, there was a black contestant that pronounced Wayne Gretzky as "Wayne Greet-sky". Sajak couldn't take the answer.

Found after reading a few blog responses.

Fiedy883 karma

Yeah, that's happened when one puzzle was Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa

melonlollicholypop3 karma

Did you get a digital copy of the final edit for posterity? Is your epi on youtube yet? If not, can you fix that?

Fiedy883 karma

I work in a TV studio, we DVRed it, and I'll get an HD copy

taynn20123 karma

I've always been curious about this...

How heavy is the wheel? Was it hard to spin, or was it relatively easy?

Fiedy884 karma

Probably like 500 pounds, it is kind of tough, you have to hold the top half of the spokes so your hand doesn't smack the flipper.

woozlew3 karma

Did Pat appear to be drunk after the lunch break?

Fiedy882 karma

My show was before lunch

jsimkus2 karma

Pat seems disinterested in the show when I'm watching it nowadays, did you get that impression?

How did you prepare for the show?

Would you rather win a vacation or money?

How would you describe your experience on the wheel? Would you do it again?

What is your dream car?

If you could punch any person alive today in their face, would you? Who would it be and why?

If you could reach out and communicate to millions of people via this AMA, what would be the message?

Fiedy8814 karma

Wow, glad you thought this out. 1. He seemed into it, dude has had the same easy gig for 30 years, he might get bored, but didn't show it. 2. Been watching since I could read, parents used it to teach me spelling and phrases. Just watching at home is the best practice. 3. Depends on vacation location or money amount. Cash is king though. 4. My experience was fantastic, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 5. A DeLorean decked out like the Time Machine, I'm a BTTF junkie. 6. I'd punch Jim Parsons, can't stand him or that fucking show. 7. If a goof like me can end up on the show, so can you, like Galaxy Quest taught us all, "never give up, never surrender!"

Falcnuts6 karma

Seriously, fuck BBT.

Fiedy886 karma

Fuck em

dylix2 karma

thanks for doing this ama, it was entertaining to read! i'm going to use some of the things u told us to sound like a wizard tonight.. before the show comes on, i'll be like hrm.. "i get a feeling there will be a matt on the yellow place and he does a pretty good peter griffin impression".. muwhahaha

Fiedy882 karma

And you will not be let down, haha, thanks buddy

kcaudle2 karma

I didn't get to watch the show. How much did you win?!

Fiedy882 karma

About $45,500 in cash and priEs

Malfam52 karma

You did win! Congrats fellow New Jerseyan.

Fiedy882 karma


buttons3012 karma

How old are you?

Fiedy885 karma

I'll be 25 in June.

bitchesmoneyweed2 karma

The puzzle is: People who annoy you?

Fiedy883 karma

Naggers, not making that mistake again

SirRogerKlotz2 karma

How does it make you feel that Wheel of Fortune is considered "Jeopardy for stupid people"?

Fiedy883 karma

I get sad with my $45,000 prize.

SirRogerKlotz2 karma

Better to be lucky than smart, AMIRITE?!

Fiedy882 karma


weezermc782 karma

Is Vana White really that good looking?

Fiedy884 karma

She's made up like crazy but still looks good.

backpackwayne2 karma


Nice going and congrats!

Fiedy883 karma


choixpeau2 karma

Do they ever mishear which letter a contestant is saying? (And, if so, what happens?) Given how often people mishear letters over the phone ("P as in Peter?" "No, T as in Tom") it seems like this would happen on Wheel of Fortune when they're just naming one letter with little context.

Fiedy885 karma

There weren't any issues like that for my show, but they have mentioned that it has happened in the past, usually they throw out the puzzle and start new if that happens.

frid2 karma

Why does Pat's Final Spin never land on Bankrupt?

Fiedy885 karma

Cuz he knows what he's doing

MattDubbaU2 karma

Did Vanna smell good?

Fiedy882 karma

Indeed she did.

mrfundude1 karma

What made you decide you wanted to apply to be on the show?

Fiedy882 karma

I knew I could win, and that was half the battle. I just went for it.

Psychoconuts1 karma

Did they pay for your trip and everything?

Fiedy881 karma

Nope, we had to pay our way there.

jhammy961 karma

If you could go on another game show, what would it be?

Fiedy882 karma

Maybe price is right, not sure though

Chewbacca_1 karma

Advice below. What ever happens. Don't use the N-word!

Fiedy884 karma

Best advice ever

CNN71 karma

What do you do for a living?

Fiedy883 karma

I work in the corporate HQ TV studio for Verizon in Basking Ridge, NJ. Working in a studio definitely gave me an advantage I believe.

JeBalon1 karma

Have you been on any other game shows? If not, what game shows would you want to be on?

Fiedy881 karma

Nope, this was the first time one game show for me. I saw Figure It Out taped live in 1997 and was asked by a producer if I wanted to be the kid to win during the Secret Slime Action, I was too shy and said no and kissed that bike goodbye.