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Maybe because they've knocked them out from tripping while taking stairs two at a time.

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Not me, not anymore. She was SO MEAN to Poussey I just couldn't handle it. Maybe Taystee can win back my love, but she better be nice to Poussey.

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Well...he could be a lethal deterrent right?

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How many times to I have to fight with googlemaps about the Oklahoma State Department of Health Central Office and the Division of Vital Records being THE SAME BUILDING. Currently if you google "oklahoma state department of health" it sends you to a location that is incorrect by almost 2 miles.

I've tried correcting it but have not had good results. YOU MAKE PEOPLE GET REALLY MAD AT ME BECAUSE THEY CAN'T FIND US! There isn't even a health department building at 1000 N City St

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I also don't think it really glorified anything about pregnancy. She had a hard time, people made fun of her, she puked in a vase, she got fat and couldn't fit into her clothes. She didn't have any "magic of pregnancy" moments.