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Hello reddit! I'm a filmmaker ('Fahrenheit 9/11'), author ('Stupid White Men') and citizen ('United States of America'). I'll be here on Friday, March 22nd from noon ET until about 2:00 pm. EDIT: See below, hope to return later today.

Tomorrow, March 23rd, is the 10th anniversary of my film 'Bowling for Columbine' winning the Oscar for Best Documentary. It was only the fourth night of the Iraq War, so my acceptance speech was a little ahead of its time. Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7Is43K6lrg

But the reason I wanted to talk to you today isn't to celebrate, but to help organize the vast majority of Americans who are against gun violence. My greatest hope in making 'Bowling for Columbine' was that in ten years, so much would have changed that people in 2013 would think of it as a dated and irrelevant film. Sadly, that has not been the case.

That's why, together with Moveon, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, USAction, Progressive Democrats of America and RootsAction, I'm holding a nationwide screening of 'Bowling' tomorrow, Saturday, March 23rd at 7 pm ET, with an online post-movie discussion from New York of what we all can do right now to end the plague of gun violence in our country. I hope you can join us -- all the details are here: http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/must-read/hold-your-own-10th-anniversary-bowling-columbine-house-party-and-discussion

So let's get started here on reddit. And we don't have to just talk about guns…ask me about anything and I'll give you an honest answer.

Proof: https://twitter.com/MMFlint/status/314981382348763137

EDIT: Sorry to have missed some things, just learning how to use reddit. Will have to go soon, but hope to be back later today at six pm to answer more questions.

EDIT: 5:15 PM ET I'll be back at around six pm for about 45 more minutes.

EDIT: 7:15 PM ET Have to run now -- thank you! Sorry I couldn't answer too many questions at the end, kept getting message Reddit was down for maintenance. I really hope everybody interested can join us tomorrow for the 'Bowling for Columbine' screening and post-movie discussion about gun violence -- http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/must-read/hold-your-own-10th-anniversary-bowling-columbine-house-party-and-discussion

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aswimmingkoala754 karma

Were you pleased with your portrayal in Team America: World Police?

MMFlint696 karma

My only regret is that they blew me up, so now I wont be asked to be in the sequel (unless I'm a zombie).

DownSyndromeSquirrel313 karma

Hey Michael, I think I accidentally scared you out of a movie theatre in Traverse City when you were seeing pineapple express. I said "Hi Michael" before the movie started then you got up and left. Just wanted to say sorry!

MMFlint555 karma

Hahaha. No, I was just going to get more Goobers.

The-Angry-Bono25 karma

Hey Mike,

Big fan of your work. Especially The awful Truth series.

Was there ever a time when you were seriously afraid of being arrested, or injured during the filming of any of your movies or T.V. Shows?

Also, If you're ever on the Canadian East Coast, come by for a beer.

MMFlint2 karma

I was pretty much seriously afraid doing all of that. Thanks for the offer of a Canadian beer.

MMFlint20 karma

So sorry I'm new to Reddit. I'm still trying to figure it out. For instance, I've answered many of the critics' questions, but i don't see them showing up. I hit "save" and i've also refreshed. But I don't see them listed. So I've got to go back to work now but I will do this again and maybe figure out why some of my answers didn't get posted. Otherwise it's been a fun 2 hours and I will definitely do this again! Thanks to all. (now i'm going to hit "save")

ProfHeisenberg13 karma

Thank you for participating, Mr. Moore. As a high school sociology teacher, I use your films to drive students' discussion and research of social problems.

Any advice what I as a teacher can do to mark the anniversary of Bowling For Columbine with my class?

With gratitude,

MMFlint19 karma

Ask how much do they think has changed in 10 years. Ask them if they now when they are being manipulated with fear and what are some examples of that. Thanks for being a teacher!

tigs8410 karma

If you were President, what would you do to curb, or better yet eliminate, gun violence?

MMFlint5 karma

I would say, "Today, we, as a nation, will no longer use violence to solve our problems. We will not invade countries. We will not execute people for committing a crime. We will stop abusing women." I think if we could change that about ourselves, the gun problem would go on the decline. But we OFFICIALLY sanction violence as a means to an end and so that's the message that's sent to the average Joe. Go ahead and shoot if you must.

MMFlint9 karma

I'm back for the next 45 minutes. Don't be afraid to ask the personal questions. I will answer anything, time permitting, by 7pm!

unmined8 karma

Hi Mr. Moore. Thanks for the AMA. Seems like part of the problem is that the NRA is so highly organized whereas groups that want to have better control over firearms are disparate. Should we try and encourage one central lobby for firearm regulation?

Also, unrealted, but what are your thoughts on the MI state takeover of Detriot?

MMFlint0 karma

Yes, we need one mass group, but there's no time to create one. SO this will have to be a massive grassroots nonviolent uprising.

Gozer20017 karma

Will you be doing anything about snyders hostile take over of Michigan, and may I help?

MMFlint0 karma

We must run someone for Governor of Michigan next year who will win.

iobserver7 karma

What's your thought on exorbitant drug price in U.S? Has there been any change since your documentary?

MMFlint6 karma

None. It's only gotten worse. I hear there's a special place in hell reserved for the pharma companies.

himynameiszack5 karma

Favorite late night host to be interviewed by?

MMFlint4 karma

A Tie. Colbert and Letterman.

jetpacksforall4 karma

How can mental health professionals help curb gun violence? Gun violence of course doesn't begin with guns, but with disturbed individuals looking to harm others. How can schools, workplaces, even gun dealers help address the psychological side of this problem?

MMFlint3 karma

It's our sick nation psyche thats at the core of it. Adam Lanza was in therapy. The guns he used were legal.

Enchilada_McMustang4 karma

Would you rather fight 100 Bush sized Charlton Hestons or 1 Charlton Heston sized Bush?

MMFlint3 karma

I would simply challenge W. to a geography quiz. And if Mr. Heston were still with us, I'd love to hear what it was like to work with Orson Welles.

hellotygerlily3 karma

Thank you for your leadership, and for having the balls to speak out against injustice.

How do you deal with all the hate and negativity you get personally from those you oppose? Like, psychologically.

MMFlint2 karma

Hahaha! What hate? Seriously, I only truly care what my family and close friends think about me. If you keep yourself grounded that way, all the crap just flies over you and crashlands somewhere else. It seems like most of the haters are mostly just concerned with my body type, which i think has some homoerotic overtones to it but I'm not a shrink so i dont know. One thing i do know -- if it's a hater, it's (90% odds) a white guy. I always cross over to the other side of the street when i see a bunch of white guys walking toward me.

markskull3 karma

Right after Sandy Hook, I re-watched "Bowling for Columbine", and I wanted to see if there were any real lessons that we should have learned, not only after the shooting, but also from your movie. It seemed to ask more question about why we're such a violent country than answer, and I left feeling that we just need to curve the way we act as a society on a whole.

Do you feel that was the main message of your movie, or did I miss something?

(PS: BIG fan of your movies! :) )

MMFlint3 karma

That's the message. We can pass all the gun laws we want (and i hope we do) but until we change things about who we are as Americans, then nothing will truly change. You have to keep asking the question: Why does this violence happen here at this level, and nowhere else? Those Canadian kids are playing the same violent video games.

pbell2 karma

Hi Mr. Moore,

I'm currently doing work on capitalist influence on the arts and culture and the effects this has on society. You tackle a lot of issues that can be considered controversial, and it seems likely that executives/owners at movie studios may not agree with what you say. What kind of opposition to you encounter from the movie studios? Have you ever been asked to edit parts of your films out in order to appease higher ups at a studio?

Also, As a Canadian, I just wanted to say that Canadian Bacon is one of my favourite movies.

MMFlint2 karma

I assume studios give me money to make my films because they make a ton of money from them. In that way, I am using capitalism against itself. The powers that be assume that no matter how many people see my movies, they know the American public has been dumbed down and has been encouraged not to rock the boat cause it won't get them anywhere. So they don't see my movies as a threat because they assume Americans will never rise up and use their democracy. I'm siding with the belief that they're wrong.

msxenix2 karma

Mr Moore, how do you feel about the foreign aid controversy to the new Egyptian government? Is the president acting irresponsibly or are the Republicans being misleading about the issue?

Also would you rather fight 100 horse sized ducks or 1 duck sized horse? (Just a standard Iama question)

MMFlint5 karma

Would the duck-sized horse be able to fly?

Panentheist1 karma

What is your advice about the future, for instance economy, or what to expect in all reality? What are your predictions generally.

MMFlint6 karma

My predictions? I predict Don Draper is going to jump out the window on the final episode. I predict that Ann Coulter will finally admit she believes none of what she says and that she's a performance artist. I predict the Detroit Lions will always suck as long as the Ford family own them. I predict i will never lose any hair. I predict that the Palestinians will eventually be treated as human beings. I predict that we will be invaded by Mexico and not a single person I know would oppose trying to stop them by any means necessary (just as all people who are invaded tend to do). I predict will never see this (true) headline in an media: G.E. Vice-president's Son Murders 26 People in Newtown CT (we have different ways of labeling people, like calling Adam Lanza "Autistic!".

janefinch11 karma

First, I wish you all the best in mobilizing people to push back at government regarding action on gun violence.

My question is: I'm doing daily walks with you (most of the time!). How do you motivate yourself to get out there when it's -20 and snowing (still...spring has fallen victim to climate change)?

MMFlint5 karma

How do you motivate yourself to brush your teeth everyday? It's never an internal discussion is it? You just do it. Second nature. Keep walking and you'll never want to miss a day walking.