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My only regret is that they blew me up, so now I wont be asked to be in the sequel (unless I'm a zombie).

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Hahaha. No, I was just going to get more Goobers.

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Every single fact in Bowling for Columbine is true and I have all the backed-up sources for each fact listed on my website. As for "selective editing", that a redundant term because the very definition of editing is that it IS selective. You have 100 hours of footage and you have to select the 90 minutes of it you are going to show. If you have a specific scene or fact you're concerned about, let me know what it is and i will address it.

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I agree 100%. And you should make that movie. I'm serious.

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Nope. Those were the first two guys we ran across. In fact we weren't even looking for someone to interview. We just pulled into a gas station to fill up and there they were.