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Mr. Randi, you were one of the first people who, through lots of media, taught me proper skepticism and rational thought. Thank you for that.

My question for you is, What is your favorite form of woo to debate that so many people seems to believe?

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What is your present day view on communism?

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Thanks for holding this AMA RJ. You've done a great job portraying Walter White Jr. aka Flynn. I think that it's great that you are working on raising awareness on Cerebal Palsy.

Anyways, What did you enjoy the most about working on Breaking Bad, or just acting in general?

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Thanks for the reply. I agree 100% that this is a terrible movement. People stop taking their medicines and abandon western medicine for these charlatans.

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I agree. Though in the US it might be hard to actually do anything about it because the whole religion thing protects them.