Hi Reddit!

I’m an inventor & entrepreneur; created over 400 products and have 112 US & International patents. I'm a Shark on ABC’s Emmy nominated Shark Tank.

Proof it's me (also posted on Twitter/FB)

Facebook Twitter Website - you'll find some great resources to help hone your ideas.

I am truly the one reading and writing every answer in this AMA.

Audition for Shark Tank here.

Things to watch for and learn from:

This Friday 2/22

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Edit: Have to jump off for now - please keep asking questions and will be back in a few hours to answer them! Thanks Reddit - always a pleasure.

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playoffss107 karma

I don't have a question, you're hot though.

SharkLoriGreiner117 karma

I have an answer...thank you ;)

MeganFoxx78 karma

  1. Would it be possible to beam some questions to your phone using my TMobile device with super fast unlimited nationwide 4G?

  2. Have you ever called Mark Cuban, Cubes?

SharkLoriGreiner32 karma

LOL - yes I have called Mark Cubes - ck out my twitter from a few weeks ago

RickGehman45 karma

"An entrepreneur will work 80 hours a week, so they don't have to work 40 hours a week."

Cheers! Keep rockin' Lori!

SharkLoriGreiner14 karma

Glad you follow me on Facebook or Twitter! Cheers right back at ya!

mcgaheyd26 karma

I liked the deal you made with the glasses magnet guy. Did you actually make him a millionaire?

SharkLoriGreiner40 karma

YES-Rick & I did it together! He's a phenomenal partner!

ProdigyLightshow25 karma

Do you ever think the other guys on the show are dicks? I mean, I understand that you won't invest in a product if it isn't worth your time or money, but don't be an ass hole.

SharkLoriGreiner56 karma

I think all the Sharks have dynamic, unique personalities. While Shark Tank is a forum for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and businesses, we must all remember this is a television entertainment show as well. I think the Sharks, as well as the entrepreneurs, realize this and try to add drama on both sides. Not all episodes air, and only the most entertaining ones make the cut. Many times you see the Sharks playing into their characters - but no one is out to just insult someone for no reason. These people know what they're getting into when they enter the tank. Not a place for minnows ;-)

Akavarii21 karma

Is Kevin really that cold behind the scenes?

And is Robert just as cute?

SharkLoriGreiner36 karma

Kevin is hilarious really.....Robert a sweetheart....

TheHappyPeanut16 karma

Do you believe that a MBA is necessary to own and operate a business efficiently? What are your opinions on degrees in business administration? Are there better suited degrees for business?

SharkLoriGreiner22 karma

No - I don't and actually some of the most successful people don't even have a college degree if ytou read about most successful ENT's.

honestbleeps16 karma

Honest question I don't expect to get an honest answer, but here goes:

I sometimes feel like people took a deal that was really great for the sharks, and really bad for the person(s) who took the deal... Obviously you're sharks, you're looking to get the most you can out of a deal, but have you or any other sharks ever acknowledged getting a bigger piece than you probably should've? Ever felt a little guilty about it?

I imagine you may not want to answer for yourself, so perhaps if you think another shark swindled someone... ;-)

SharkLoriGreiner15 karma

I can only speak for myself and I sleep great at night because I do my very best for my ents/ deals and they know this and I don't think I have any situation where this has occured.

hoouliey15 karma

were there ever any ideas pitched to you that you did not invest in that you later regretted? if so, what were they? same goes for the other way around: were there any ideas that you DID invest in that you later regretted?

SharkLoriGreiner22 karma

no and no. i work to make things happen so I don't regret , also I don't look back - always move forward!

techlick8 karma

I like that - always look forward and never back - there is a reason our eyes are on the front of our head :)

SharkLoriGreiner12 karma


caphits14 karma

Who pitched the idea of Shark Tank to all of you guys?

SharkLoriGreiner14 karma

I met first with Mark Burnett. An amazing person I really love, respect and admire!

DocDresden14 karma

I'm a marketing student so I'm really interested to know which product that you've created would say was the biggest challenge to market successfully for whatever reasons and what was your solution? (As in niche market, limited appeal, etc.)

SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

I have to think on this one......

sbball137713 karma

What are the main things you look for in a product/idea that determine whether you'll invest or not?

SharkLoriGreiner20 karma

I typically like to see if it has broad mass appeal, if it is something I can manufacture at a good price, and do I feel it is something people really need and or would want.

RickGehman13 karma

Is tracking a shark down in person and giving them a business card/business plan considered taking initiative or stalking?

SharkLoriGreiner27 karma

More stalking. Best to do things in a more professional manner.

pen_is_mightier12 karma

Mark Cuban was supposed to ask you to get into a Dallas Mavericks cheerleader outfit (he said he would during his AMA) did he ask or is he a dirty liar?


Also, did any of the deals from Shark Tank end up losing money or not worth the hassle?

SharkLoriGreiner59 karma

Mark did ask me - see here

I can only speak for myself and whatever I put my mind and time into is never a hassle.

roguepublichealth12 karma


SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

I think that the guys "try" to pigeon hole me as the QVC lady which I am very proud of, but as you have seen and will continue to see this season, I have a broad range and get my shark tank deals into retail stores around the world, infomercials, and I have many diversities in what I invest in.

Pepsiman349 karma

Once again thinks for doing another one of these. Have a few questions for you.

1) Can we get a drawing from you of the Reddit logo 2) On last Friday's episode what did you think of the Smart Wheel 3) Where did the nickname of Mr. Wonderful come from for Kevin O'Leary 4) What is up with Daymond's cut throat like attitude in the last few episodes?

SharkLoriGreiner21 karma

Proof! :-) Posting soon to Twitter and Facebook.

Seriously, who ever drives without their hands on the wheel?

Not sure where Mr. Wonderful came from...I think he created it for himself ha!

Daymond - cut throat? Maybe his alter ego Damien. ;-)

fwho9 karma

Why are the sharks so against providing seed capital? Sure it might require more work, but it also provides the opportunity to build a company with the proper foundations to bring about more gains than simply expanding or growing the company.

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

for me it all depends on if I beleive in the product and how great I think it will be

techlick3 karma

I have several product ideas you can believe in - I am sure of myself. We are both innovators - we should brain storm one day just for the fun of it.

SharkLoriGreiner15 karma

Send them to my website & I'll take a look (http://www.lorigreiner.com/contact-us.html)

trunchbul9 karma

What makes the perfect pitch?

SharkLoriGreiner32 karma

Confidence but not cocky, knowing your product and numbers inside out, passion and excitement, believeability, no lying.

Geaux8 karma

I really dig your attitude on the show and reading your responses to the questions on this AMA just verifies that sentiment. Also, it doesn't hurt that you're cute as a button.

If you're ever in New Orleans, hit me up, k? ;)

SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

Thanks so much!! Will do;)

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

Thanks for the compliment!

lovesfunnyposts8 karma

How do you feel that there are two women on Shark Tank, and they rotate between you whereas there are always 3 guys on the panel? (i.e. you and Barbara may be the same person because we never see you together)

Big fan of the show, BTW, and you are great on it.

SharkLoriGreiner12 karma

thanks so much. I have to leave that to our great producers of the show. They know what they are doing - we have a great show people love.

spate427 karma

my parents love Shark Tank, they religiously watch it every week, and refer to you as the Nice One.

what is the best and worst product/invention pitched on Shark Tank that was not aired?

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

Aww thanks so much to your parents. Unfortunately I can't talk about what hasn't aired because it could still possibly air.

gaylordsforce7 karma

what was your first investment?

SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

On Shark Tank, I believe it was ReaderRest.

sbball13777 karma

What advice would you have given a teenager version of yourself about the business world? I'm a teenager (and very interested in business), so I'm sure some of this advice could really help me!

SharkLoriGreiner12 karma

Absorb everything you can, ask a lot of questions, keep thinking, be creative, think outside the box, and don't take no. Think - how can I? Hear what people tell you, and learn from mistakes. Don't wallow in them.

SharpieBurger7 karma

How many pitches do you guys film in 1 day?

SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

We hear 6-10 pitches each day we film. Each range from anywhere between 30 minutes up to 2 hours! The length of each pitch determines how many we hear that day.

MissSuzyQ7 karma

Can I just be your personal assistant? I'm graduating next May.

SharkLoriGreiner16 karma

talk to my personal asst. :)

SharpieBurger6 karma

What is your favorite book?

SharkLoriGreiner10 karma

The one I'm writing...soon to be your favorite too! I liked plays written by Tennessee Williams and Harold Pinter.

mvoogan5 karma

I am a huge fan of you and the show.

I am curious how the sharks evaluate the companies. Do you (or your analysts) get a profile of sorts that reviews the business model/stats/financials before the show? Or is it on the spot as the entrepreneur shares data with you? If so, do you verify the model/financials afterwards?

SharkLoriGreiner9 karma

Thank you so much. We know nothing about any of the entrepreneurs who come onto the show. The moment we first see them is the moment we find out what they are pitching and who they are. If a deal is made, there is due diligence done afterwards to make sure everything that is stated is truthful.

hdog20124 karma


SharkLoriGreiner7 karma

we go through the due diligence phase, and get to know each other.

hdog20126 karma


SharkLoriGreiner7 karma

Everything has its own importance and having the best of both worlds makes for the perfect partner.

muffinman33 karma

Hey, you look really great on the show! How does one go about presenting a product on the show?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Thanks so much! Go to the ABC website, they have a submittal pg.

SharpieBurger3 karma

I'm a Canadian entrepreneur. Can I audition on Shark Tank?

SharkLoriGreiner7 karma

Not sure on that one.

phrostyy3 karma

in an interview you said that 'if I think it’s a winner, I will give 110% to get it sold.' do you feel that there is a product that you didn't give your 110% and now regret it because it could have been much bigger

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

No, I give it the best shot and if it doesn't work and it was given a great shot then it isn't the right product or maybe not what people REALLY want - so best to move on and be creative and come up with something else!

joefitness3 karma

Do you own any software patents? What are you thoughts on software patents?

SharkLoriGreiner4 karma

No Software patents

fwho3 karma

Most of the people on Shark Tank that get deals also seem to have viable business models that could easily find funding through either other venture capital companies, or even loans. Do you think the Sharks are offering fair deals?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

I do think the sharks are offering fair deals most of the time. Just getting a partner that can take you to high levels fast ism a big foot in!

Bieb3 karma

On the show you're always saying you know instantly if it's a hero or a zero. What is it that helps you gauge what an idea/product is, and is it a lot of intuition?

Also, you're coming back for season 5 right? We need you on there permanently!

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Thank you - yes I "think" there will be a season 5 and actually I am a permanant shark now, but I am guessing you mean you want me on every episode. I'll let them know ;)

trunchbul3 karma

Which product that you have invested in was most outside your comfort zone? What made you confident that it would be a success, despite your limited knowledge of the field or product?

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

frankly no product is really outside of my comfort zone that I've invested in. I have been in the manufacturing and retail arean making my own products for so many yrs and so diversified that i feel I can really make anything happen.

inventioneers3 karma

Which of the other four sharks do you admire the most from a business perspective?

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

Wow, I truly do like them all and respect them all for different reasons. They each have great strengths and personalities. Can't single one out.

affluentsummerdress3 karma

What, in your opinion, was the most revolutionary product to upgrade living standards for women?

SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

The bra ;) That's a big question - let me get back to you on that one.

PSDSH2 karma

Lori, I have the utmost respect for what you've accomplished! I was born and raised in Oak Park, IL and know you're a Chicago girl so I'm a big fan of you! Keep on keepin on!

I'm in the process of launching a product of my own and hope to bump into you someday on Shark Tank, QVC or just on the streets of Chi-Town!!! : )

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Thanks so much...very sweet! Don't give up!

TurtleSub2 karma

Lori, what is the best way to go about getting a patent? I have some ideas but I haven't really looked into having them patented yet.

SharkLoriGreiner4 karma

I always suggest finding a good IP attorney.

iSkyHigh2 karma

Do you like turtles?

SharkLoriGreiner20 karma

Live turtles or chocolate turtles? Actually my Father has a turtle named Myrtle :) He likes to eat bread!

SharkLoriGreiner18 karma

BTW Myrtle lives in a man made lake.....

techlick2 karma

Stopped by your twitter account for weekly inspiration and saw your post - so I hopped on over - how are you and how is the foot?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

The foot is much better. Thank you for asking and I'm hoping to get my cast off Monday.

LikeWoahThere2 karma

I watched all the episodes there are. Which investment has given you the biggest return?

P.S. You're beautiful.

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

so gfar Readerest, but that was my earliest one! TX!

[deleted]2 karma


SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

I Love all my ST babies like my own children so no fav's. So far the most successful is Readerest the magnetic glasses holders, but that is also my oldest deal......so the others will soar and are and RR continues to.

supercerially2 karma


Also.. were there any ideas you regret not investing in that were featured on the show?

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

No regrets - i never look back!

georgesikat2 karma

Hi Lori

George in Alaska. I am a product developer/inventor here in Alaska. Would you be able to work with me even though I live in The Last Frontier?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

I never turn my back to anyone who is a good person with a great idea. That being said, you are pretty far away from me...and too cold up there!

Mc2sand3s2 karma

Do you ever watch Dragons Den ( the Canadian version of Shark Tank)?

Also what would you say is the greatest words of advice you've received to date?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

I can tell you "my" best words of advice, don't let people tell you you can't do something - if you beleive in it and yourself you will make it happen!

VerbalDispute2 karma

Do you think it's possible for businesses to behave ethically and become massively successful when their value is solely measured by the profits they create and not the social goods they provide us with?

SharkLoriGreiner4 karma

Having ethics and providing a good product is a very large part of being successful. I don't measure success solely by how much profit a product has/will make.

duckyinahat2 karma

What is the best thing that you have ever seen on the show?

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

I love all my Shark babies like my children - can't pick favorites. I have some great new deals coming - my new episodes are 2/22, 3/8, 3/29, 4/12, 4/26, and likely 5/17. And also check out The View tomorrow at 11:00am EST/10:00am PST for a sneak peak!

joefitness2 karma

Are the investments on Shark Tank solely your discretion or do you work with a financial advisor(s)?

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

I do not work with a financial advisor

anisenayati1 karma

Is there any product or idea you feel is amazing that you never got around to doing and wish someone would pitch to you?

Thanks for doing this !

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

I never look back and all the products I wanted to make a deal with, I was able to do so.

tbonz11221 karma

Did your PR adviser suggest this interview? Also, judging from a lot of the responses, did s/he also answer the questions?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

No, 2 fellow Redditors who did a deal with me on Shark Tank helped bring me into the fold. They sat me down and trained me how to answer - I insisted on answering all questions personally. They help assist me though when posting links, pics, etc. I'm revealing who they are this Friday on The View! Anyone care to guess who they are?

googleers1 karma

Are you opposed to the current US patent system (a la Cubes)?

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

Well, I have 112 US & International patents so not too opposed to the system ;) While the system isn't perfect, it has protected and served me well.

hookedtoreddit1 karma

  1. I think you're absolutely pretty. What can I do to get you on a date with me?

  2. Does body language, tonality, confidence and other subtle traits of a contestant play a role in your investing decision?

SharkLoriGreiner11 karma

You'll have to take that up w/ my husband ;) Confidence and body language is very important and how one presents themselves does come into play when thinking about investing in someone/product.

glant1011 karma

Would you rather fight 1 shark sized duck or 100 duck sized sharks?

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

1 shark sized duck...one of my fav quotes is "An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions, led by a sheep every time!"

kllrby101 karma

Hey Lori! Jon here, I was just wondering what I should do, if I have a revolutionary idea for a product? I have no idea where to begin! Haha

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

Watch Shark Tank ;) It's a great teacher!