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is an American inventor and entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois.

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I have an answer...thank you ;)

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Mark did ask me - see here

I can only speak for myself and whatever I put my mind and time into is never a hassle.

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I think all the Sharks have dynamic, unique personalities. While Shark Tank is a forum for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and businesses, we must all remember this is a television entertainment show as well. I think the Sharks, as well as the entrepreneurs, realize this and try to add drama on both sides. Not all episodes air, and only the most entertaining ones make the cut. Many times you see the Sharks playing into their characters - but no one is out to just insult someone for no reason. These people know what they're getting into when they enter the tank. Not a place for minnows ;-)

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Yes - sometimes pitches are an hour to an hour and a half. You only get to see about 10 minutes.

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I'll see what I can do and personally for me, I want more of the Sesame sticks!

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YES-Rick & I did it together! He's a phenomenal partner!

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Kevin is hilarious really.....Robert a sweetheart....

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LOL - yes I have called Mark Cubes - ck out my twitter from a few weeks ago

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Confidence but not cocky, knowing your product and numbers inside out, passion and excitement, believeability, no lying.

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More stalking. Best to do things in a more professional manner.