For all you inventors out there, who don't know where to start...this is the book for you. Ask me anything about how to bring your brilliant idea to market, and how to make it a big success.

My book "Invent It. Sell It. Bank It." tells you exactly how to do it! Step by step by step. I didn't leave out any secrets!

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El_Dicko76 karma

Can you do something about the amount of pretzels in chex mix? Seriously, it's bullshit. If I wanted pretzels, I would have bought a bag of pretzels.

SharkLoriGreiner41 karma

I'll see what I can do and personally for me, I want more of the Sesame sticks!

Rekordhead33 karma

What's one company on Shark Tank you regret not investing in?

SharkLoriGreiner22 karma

I have no regrets. Everything I have ever wanted I have always invested in.

Roy3029 karma

Hi Lori,

I've always wondered about one aspect of the show I don't understand.

Sometimes someone will say "thanks for the offer, I'd also like to hear if there are other offers on the table" and it seems they either get shouted down and ridiculed for asking around, or the sharks will nod and agree and continue speaking like nothing out of the ordinary was said. At first I chalked it up to how close the offers were to their asking price, but I've seen it happen both ways regardless of that fact. Is there more happening that just gets cut from airing, or is there something else I'm missing?

(By the way, thanks for doing this AMA!)

SharkLoriGreiner44 karma

Yes - sometimes pitches are an hour to an hour and a half. You only get to see about 10 minutes.

Daqqi21 karma

Has Anybody ever flipped out or became angry at you or any of the other sharks for not investing in their products?

SharkLoriGreiner21 karma

No - thankfully :)

Sleddersdotcom20 karma

Why are you so hot in those dresses? It distracts me from the conversation

SharkLoriGreiner21 karma

Good to know ;)

ddelrymple19 karma

You are one of my favorite sharks! How often do you guys tape? It must be hard to get you all together

SharkLoriGreiner27 karma

Thanks so much! We tape mostly in the summer and it's not too hard to get us all together - it's our job ;)

Imbrokeson18 karma

When you and the other sharks go out for drinks and food do you guys split up the bill evenly, fight over the check, or play some game like credit card roulette? Also, the show is awesome!!!

SharkLoriGreiner19 karma

Thanks so much and glad you like the show. As for paying, Daymond always sticks me with the bill ;)

ebil_lightbulb14 karma

Hey Lori! You're my favorite shark on the show, and I'm a huge fan of the show. I have a few questions for you.

Have there been any deals that you opted out of during the show just to regret your decision later?

Who is your favorite shark, besides yourself, on the show?

Have you ever had any heated arguments off camera with any of the other sharks?

SharkLoriGreiner17 karma

No - I don't look back and don't have any regrets. I like all the Sharks for different reasons. Kevin and Damon are hilariously funny. I love to watch Mark in action. Barbara zaniness is a hoot and Robert's always got my back!

CrazyK913 karma

  1. We saw some bad pitches but was there ever a situation where the contestant turned out so bad you decided not to air it?

  2. After going through the Tank, can contestants veto airing of their pitch? If say they feel it would generate more harm than good for their business.

  3. Can you confirm the era of Intrusive product placement on Shark Tank is over? You already run what is essentially a 1 hour commercial. By forcing those additional ads, especially on contestants, I feel it takes away from the credibility.


SharkLoriGreiner14 karma

Yes - there are definitely pitches that don't air.

Flight1312 karma

What is mark cuban like off camera ?

SharkLoriGreiner26 karma

He's a good guy. Very smart and moves very fast as most brilliant people do.

wfa1912 karma

Do you use any QVC Products in your house?

SharkLoriGreiner21 karma

Yes - all of mine! Kidding aside, I happen to really like luminara flameless candles, bye bye undereye by IT cosmetics and a lot more.

mjkelly46212 karma

Lori we always see on Shark Tank how the show has changed peoples lives.

How has the show changed your life?

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

It has changed my life immensely because I know I have helped a lot of people.

xBish11 karma

Hey Lori, What advancement would you like to see in the world in the next couple of years?

SharkLoriGreiner14 karma

Better cures for cancer.

SerenitySmile11 karma

Hi Lori, Firstly, I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to women with a passion for leadership and a fire for entrepreneurship! My question is:

Where is one place in the world that you recommend everyone should visit during his/her lifetime?

SharkLoriGreiner15 karma

Thank you so much for your kind words. OMG - Paris (can't die without going there), Italy (anywhere!), and Russia - St. Petersburg (the Hermitage is unbelievable)!

luke_dunphy10 karma

I need to know, what kind of wine are you drinking right now?

SharkLoriGreiner12 karma


buymybuttplug10 karma

Is that really your money being invested on Shark Tank? It seems like a lot is being thrown around between the Sharks..

SharkLoriGreiner14 karma

Yes that is my money. And I need to invest it wisely!

massarogi9 karma

Hey Lori! Happy to see the Dropstop guys achieve massive success with their product. Helped out Marc & Jeff with some small promotions back in the day when Dropstop first came out :). Just wanted to say that I see you running giveaways all the time, and you should check out my service to help you power them: ViralSweep

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

Thanks - my Drop Stop boyz are the best! And I will check it out!

ebainsurba9 karma

What was the most ridiculous product you saw on Shark Tank?

SharkLoriGreiner17 karma

I think the most ridiculous product on Shark Tank was the guy who said you would get Abs of Steel just by breathing. He was a great pitch person and I talk about him in my book about him being a great pitch person but I'm still working on those abs ;)

collinjames6 karma

Lori, if you could have any (reasonable) superpower, what would it be?

SharkLoriGreiner13 karma

To read people's minds.

Jhud1116 karma

Ever think you should patent the long sleeve cutout dress? I'd invest!

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Yup :)

Firefight3525 karma

Hey Lori! Are you living in Chicago now? And if so, why did you pick here?

Also, the guys at the station and I have a long standing bet on who can get the biggest celeb to visit and have dinner with us. So far it's Coolio. I'd love to have you as a guest.

SharkLoriGreiner4 karma

Yes I do live in Chicago but travel a lot. And what station are you talking about?

Sir_Duke945 karma

Hi Lori! I'm huge fan of yours on shark tank! I wanted to ask if there was ever a turning point in your life that made you work hard to become successful or have you always had the drive to become successful?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

I have always had the drive to be successful. I think most entrepreneurs have this personality type and I talk all about this in my book.

Genital-Jamboree4 karma

What's Kevin like off the show? Also, is there any entrepreneurs on the show that you truly wanted to make a deal with but couldn't make a negotiation?

SharkLoriGreiner6 karma

Kevin is hilariously funny. Mind you, Kevin is Kevin and what you see is what you get (with all the Sharks).

gorvzono4 karma

Do you ever get distracted by kevins shiny bald head?

SharkLoriGreiner7 karma

Of course Kevin is distracting, but after I hit him a few times, he gets better :)

unpleasantorgasm4 karma

Hey lori, what has been your proudest moment of being an entrepreneur?

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

There have been several. Getting my own hour show on QVC. Becoming a Shark on ABC's Shark Tank. Seeing my first product in a retail store. And knowing how much I am helping others.

mjkelly4624 karma

I have an idea for an invention but dont have the crazy amounts of money to hire a patent lawyer to look into it for me.

What can i do?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

There is a section in my book about patents and it explains everything in simple language and will give you everything you need to know.

anonymous1234213 karma

How long does it take you to find a "hero" versus a "zero"?

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

I know instantly if a product is a Hero or a Zero. And in my book, I have a checklist for you that will help you know if your idea is a Hero or Zero.

peoplepowerfund3 karma

The power of Lori , we signed up to Reddit just for her

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Yay - love hearing that!

ptrehan3 karma

Hello Lori, You're a huge inspiration to entrepreneurs! What ever happened to the plate topper deal and were other deals that fell through after airing?

SharkLoriGreiner7 karma

Plate topper guy was stubborn and didn't listen to anything anyone had to say. Same in the Tank. Can't go forward with that.

Bammer73 karma

I'm watching a Shark Tank episode right now on Hulu. The one with the Bamboo towels. I saw Lori's eyes light up at one point. I'm predicting a deal.

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Make sure you watch until the end - your prediction might just come true.

TheOntarioguy4203 karma

What's the biggest investment you've ever done on the TV Series.

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma


AdvisablyRed3 karma

What's the best thing you've ever bought for over $500?

SharkLoriGreiner10 karma

Wow - I like everything I buy over $500 :)

dub18083 karma

Hi Lori - our family are huge fans of the show.

Do the Sharks ever invest when a product is still in the R&D phase?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Yay - so glad to hear this. And yes, this does happen. I will invest if it is something really cool and has amazing potential.

erinalexa3 karma

As a fellow Chicagoan, I'd love to know your favorite restaurants and/or bars here in this great city!

SharkLoriGreiner11 karma

I love Joes for steak and seafood!

leeebu3 karma


SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

In my book I have a whole section on funding. It truly walks you through the best ideas and opportunities.

codester21243 karma

What's the most memorable moment you've had working with a company you invested in?

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

I had a really touching one today. We filmed a segment on The Queen Latifah show which airs next Wednesday, the 19th, and my Drop Stop boyz said some really touching things about me and our partnership so that's fresh on mind. Make sure you watch the episode.

Felix____3 karma

Will you be my girlfriend? Can I be your boyfriend?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

You'll have to talk to my husband about that one!

CrispyBagels2 karma

Hi Lori, welcome to Reddit!

I'd like to ask if you have any tips for time management. How do you manage your day in day out activities and stay productive while also finding time for yourself? Do you work weekends?

I work as a personal banker full time and have 2 startups on the side. I'd love to hear what you have to say about staying focused, motivated, and realistic. I'm checking out your book as we speak.

Thank you!

EDIT: Can you reply via text as I am unable to watch the stream at this moment. Please and thank you.

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Yellow Pad to keep track. Deal with the hots and urgents first, then go down the list. Notes on ipad and iphone...but yellow pad keeps it together. Old school!

richownsyou2 karma




SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Hey! You are beautiful too and thanks. That's all ;)

Taylor70772 karma

I don't know what this website is and I hadn't heard of it until you tweeted a little bit ago haha but I just wanted to thank you for signing copies of your book for qvc. Mine came today and I'm so happy to have it :) How many did you have to sign?

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

Thank you so much for your support. I signed 15,000 books! But there are not many left so glad you got yours.

sschelb2 karma

Hi Lori... I am a marketing analyst with 20 years of experience. Any advice on starting my own consulting business? I want to do it gradually (i.e., don't quit my day job). Any insights are appreciated!

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Do it gradually and make sure it is going well before investing a lot of money. I always say, make sure it is a Hero first before mortgaging the house!

Taylor70772 karma

What's your favorite movie??

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Where do I start - American Beauty is a big favorite. Still and have always loved the Godfather Series.

NonsmokingSmoker2 karma

You're so gorgeous is hurts my eyes. You have such pride and you're fiesty as hell in the most nicest way. At what age did you realize you were a Badass?

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

You are too sweet. Young. I needed to be :)

Seven--Costanza2 karma

Hi Lori, Big fan of Shark Tank. But there is one thing that bothers me on the show. Its when one of the Sharks makes an offer but says the presenter only has 10 seconds to accept or the offers off the table. Is this not a bad business practice? They scorn the presenter if he wants to hear the other Sharks offer, but isnt it good business to hear all the offers? Why do you think the Sharks do this and do you also believe its poor business practice?

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

You don't see everything that is happening on the show as it is edited down. That being said, sometimes this is used as a tactic and even I have done this myself. If you want to win, and you know it's a product that you want to have, you want to end the negotiations with others right away. I even do this in an episode coming up - stay tuned!

amraisback2 karma

Hi Lori,

I love you on Shark Tank and love your products! I wish you much luck and success. Chicagoans unite!

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

Chicago wat wat!

discoduck832 karma

I am a huge fan of Shark Tank; I really started to enjoy the show when you joined. If you were on any other show on television (not fiction), which one would it be and why?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Key and Peele, Mindy Project. Not nec fiction, but love them. Also The Good Wife, Mad Men...sorry all fiction!

ckydmk2 karma

How many failures did you have before you succeeded?

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

Honestly, my first product was a very big success and the other ones after it as well. That wasn't where I experienced issues.

AlteregoX2 karma

How tall are you?

SharkLoriGreiner8 karma

6'5", with the afro 6'9" :)

giantpizza2 karma

What salad dressing do you prefer?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Caesar for sure! Second I Blue Cheese. and don't forget about Ranch.

bnj531 karma

Hey Lori, will your book be available in french anytime soon? Also, have you ever been to Montreal or Quebec city?

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

Oui! I will let Random House know you want it. Follow me on Twitter and I will keep you posted.

ebtrask1 karma

Hi Lori! I love your book and everything you do on QVC! My daughter loves your makeup organizer! How did you stay strong and not get discouraged as you first tried to sell your inventions?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Thank you so much! Anytime you ever hit a road block, you have to keep going forward, get smarter and learn from it and don't ever give up!

eggshi1 karma

What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

SharkLoriGreiner5 karma

Dealing with unscrupulous people. P.S. - I have triumphed. Remember, Karma is a bitch - I believe in Karma and I have seen what goes around come back around.

kikiwas871 karma

Do you feel as if you gravitate to certain products or ideas in the tank? Or do you think you're very diversified?

Thank you for answering!

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

Yes - I gravitate to products that are Heroes! I think things that solve problems. If they are demonstrable, even better but all in all I like good products and great people to work with!

TM5311 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! What would you say your best investment from Shark Tank has been?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

I have many and I love them all. If I had to say the ones that are doing the best at that moment, they would be Drop Stop, Scrub Daddy, Cordaroys, Readerest, Marz Sprays (just launched in Walgreens today), Stella Valle, Pursecase, Invisiplug and Bambooee.

_QED1 karma

Two questions for you Lori:

  1. What should young entreprenuers take advantage of that they won't be able to do at a later age?

  2. If you were 18 years old, and about to enter entrepenuership, what advice would you give yourself?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Absorb everything you can. Learn, teach yourself, research everything you need to know to about what's required to achieve your goals.

Jimbolicious1 karma

Hey Lori! Thanks for doing this AMA. Besides yours and the other shark's books, what do feel are absolute must read business, sales, etc... books?

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

Frankly if you have an idea, and want to know how to get it out there step by step by step - I think my book is the one ;) Look at the reviews on Amazon and people are saying they have read a lot of books but this one is the first one that has really helped them.

kev124321 karma

What is your most successful product on QVC, and did it come from Shark Tank?

SharkLoriGreiner1 karma

My most successful product was my Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet. You can check it out here on QVC.

dlrfsu1 karma

I love Shark Tank and the way you try to give everyone something positive about their person or product, even the clear losers. Was there ever an owner or product that you found beyond hope in every way?

SharkLoriGreiner2 karma

Platetopper. Too stubborn to listen. Stubbornness always gets in the way!

eggshi1 karma

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

SharkLoriGreiner3 karma

Red wine ;)