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People like guys named Steve.


source: named Steve. nobody likes me.

edit: aaand I'm pretty sure this is by far the most upvoted comment I've ever had on reddit. reddit is freakin' weird.

edit 2: this made my day. <3 private message from such a lovely person!

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on one hand, I appreciate not doing too many sequels of games.

on the other hand, Trivia Murder Party remains my favorite thing from the party packs so far... any chance it comes back, even more murder-y?

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I just wanted to thank you once again for being one of the few users who's tossed something (in your case, quite generous!) into the Reddit Enhancement Suite tip jar.

I know I thanked you privately, but I hope you don't mind me doing so publicly, as well.

I get discouraged sometimes with RES because there's an awful lot of negativity and entitlement that surrounds it with people freaking out over tiny little things... when the CEO of Reddit shows up in my email... well.. that's the sort of thing that helps keep me motivated to do what I do... so thanks.

Okay: I owe IAMA a question...

What are your thoughts on how the community has created tools around Reddit -- not just RES, but things like AutoModerator, sites like RedditInvestigator, etc -- do you feel that certain tools may be a detriment to Reddit, or is all sorts of crazy tinkering always welcome?

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I love this. "I don't really want to tell you that you're wrong, because you're entitled to be wrong since interpreting art is a valid thing, but you kind of are wrong" ;-)

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You know what? I've had a miserable, frustrating week on basically every possible level... I needed a good laugh... thanks.