I have had alot of health problems for about 6 years. They include: -just in remission from cushing's disease (since 8/2012) -can not sweat ANY where on my body -this causes me to be unable to regulate my body temp. -raynauds

23 year old woman btw

edit: Alot of people with hyperhidrosis

edit 2: I would describe the feeling of getting too hot and not being able to sweat like the scene from Ace Ventura When Nature Calls...the rhino scene! Minus coming out of a rhinos butt at the end :)

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em0chibi324 karma

Do you ever smell bad?

Sheaoil679 karma

No not really no body odor. You just found a plus side...thanks :)

Googalyfrog127 karma

I imagine you might shower to cool down but how long can go between showers, or how long do you go if it's not too personal?

Sheaoil216 karma

I shower as soon as I wake up everyday because it cools me down. Plus I need to do my hair :)

Googalyfrog117 karma

Ah, does your hair still get oily?

Sheaoil166 karma

Yes! Super annoying

RDPhibes121 karma

No sticky balls, bam! another plus side!

Sheaoil387 karma

Or sticky boobs I guess!

anasab281 karma

I'll ask the obvious. How do you cool down? Panting?

Sheaoil405 karma

How the hell did you know?? No really I have to carry a handheld fan/water sprayer thing with me. I also avoid warm places. I use alot of ice packs too.

kittenpoopies69 karma

may I recommend a cooling vest?

Sheaoil52 karma

I've looked into these things! Thanks!

etfonehome260 karma

Want to have some of my sweating ability? I have hyperhidrosis.

Sheaoil85 karma

Yes!! I'm sure that sucks but at least you can't die from it!


If you have any interest in light sci fi reading you should pick up a copy of The Windup Girl. The titular character also does not sweat, although this is due to genetically engineered pore shrinking.

Sheaoil131 karma

I actually read all the time so I'll look into this. Thanks buddy!

Poopdick_Blowjob137 karma

What happens when you sex?

Sheaoil175 karma

It's not the good hot and sweaty kind...oh the glory days

evilbob114 karma

You just need a walk-in freezer for active sessions.

Sheaoil69 karma

I do lol that would help a lot actually

MonsterTruckButtFuck63 karma

Does your vagina sweat, if you know what I mean?

Sheaoil67 karma

This made me literally lol...

Ll4m426 karma

I assume it's just the sweat glands that do not produce? Lubrication is not a problem?

Sheaoil36 karma

Just sweat glands! I honestly did not think about that but I've never been asked if that is a problem....my doctors seem to really know what they are doing lol.

Melvin_Udall8 karma

So, does this mean this condition has not been a problem since birth? When did it first present?

Sheaoil14 karma

I started to notice my sweating slowed down when I was about 13. Then at 17 I became pregnant and I completely stopped sweating.

hey_youre_cute122 karma

On a scale from 1-10, how uncomfortable does this make you on a daily basis?

Sheaoil205 karma

It depends where I am, I usually keep my house at a cooler temp. But out at stores and stuff about a 9. I don't only get uncomfortable, I pass out like I'm having a heat stroke almost.

MGUK74 karma

So do you save on heating bills?

Sheaoil97 karma

A little bit but I have a 5 year old living with me so it still has to be warm. I always keep my bedroom really cold so if I get to hot at home I just go into my room for awhile. My son has a thick robe and slippers he wears just so he can come into my room.

twistedfork35 karma

Were you on bed rest while pregnant? My friend had a baby in November and she was super hot the entire second half of her pregnancy.

Sheaoil65 karma

I was not on bed rest I kept getting told I was too young for the things that were happening to me to happen. I live around hillbillies.

emiliethestrange101 karma

At what point do you realize you're overheating?

Do you exercise?

Sheaoil227 karma

I realize I'm over heating when I feel a prickly feeling on my skin and I feel my heartbeat in my head. Then my eyes kind of darken. It never gets less scary!

I just started exercising this past year. I literally spray water on myself and stand in front of a fan on high. I've lost about 45 lbs and kept it off!

shadetheartist525 karma

Why not take up swimming?

baboonredass100 karma

Because if she passes out in the water she's fucked. It's not like you don't get hot in the water. You just don't get as hot....

Sheaoil105 karma

Exactly I'm always a little nervous about passing out and drowning.

SourGlobe3 karma

But your body in a pool should act exactly the same as anybody else's body, right?

Just use a wet towel to get there and wet it again for the way home. Little bit of plastic in the car. I think that would work, but I don't know the particulars of your condition.

Sheaoil4 karma

Yes I swim everyday with my kid. Or I always have a sprinkler on in my yard so I can go outside. My water bill is so damn high.

brokendimension12 karma

At what age?

Sheaoil16 karma

I'm 23

brokendimension15 karma

When was it 'diagnosed?'

Sheaoil22 karma

It hasn't been officially diagnosed. But it was medically recognized last year that I could not sweat. I'm going to the mayo clinic or Cleveland clinic next month, I haven't decided which one. I honestly posted this AMA to see if anyone here had heard of it and maybe help somehow.

koopa6482 karma

Any incidents from eating spicy foods or do you avoid it all together? I can't handle anything spicy without breaking into a sweat.

Sheaoil125 karma

Do not bring up my pain!! My favorite food used to be salsa but I can't eat it at all. I used to work at a Buffalo Wild Wings so I also loved wings too. I still eat the sweet bbq ones but it is not the same!!

tbrenn9982 karma

I have extreme hyperhydrosis! We should touch and see if we're both normal afterwards.

Sheaoil60 karma

Lol ill try anything at this point!

Adagi81 karma

You should consider picking up playing guitar, the strings would probably never rust!!

Sheaoil86 karma

I played the flute in middle school, it did not go well...

LordPudding50 karma

What is the hottest you've ever gotten as a result of this? What happens if you overheat?

Sheaoil96 karma

I'm not sure the hottest I've gotten but over last summer I was outside and fainted on my way to the pool so the person I was with just threw me in and splashed my head. Had to still go to the hospital though.

titan623295 karma

throwing your unconscious body in the pool, that's what friends are for.

Sheaoil125 karma

My head was above water lol! It was either that or heat stroke.

Eapoe1850 karma

I was tested for cushings last year. I had a lot of lady problems, milk coming in when I hadn't been pregnant for 2 years, I have that extra padding on my upper back/neck area. My MRI showed no tumor on my pituitary. Good luck with everything.

Sheaoil68 karma

Thanks you too! I also showed no tumor on my MRI but my doctor still thought I needed surgery so they removed about 1/3 of my pituitary gland and found a small tumor and tumor cells in what was removed! Keep fighting for answers if you still have problems. Cushings is very hard to be diagnosed! Pm me if you ever need to talk about it!

cheddarpuma46 karma

Were you just unable to get down with this song?

Sheaoil46 karma

Oh god now I'm too hot from laughing!

BertStared79 karma

Try and pop a molly

Sheaoil158 karma

this motherfucker..

_Rat45 karma

If I understand this correctly, you don't sweat anymore because of a pregnancy. That's really interesting. Also, I've never heard of this possibility before. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about these things or at least talk about them more often?

Sheaoil86 karma

I'm not sure if it's "from" the pregnancy but it did start to happen then. None of my doctors have ever heard of this which is why i'm sure it doesn't get talked about. It's very rare and I've never met or read about anyone have this happen. I'm a damn snowflake.

Illegit_Sandle75 karma

I've actually had this problem since I was born. Growing up was tough for me (I'm 21 now, going to be 22 in march), because I would randomly pass out from overheating, and the doctors had no idea what was going on. I was tested frequently for epilepsy, or any other possible conditions dealing with my brain, and even my heart (I remember being on a heart monitor, and having to have an EEG? scan.. It was scary). My first known pass out was when I was 2 months old. I actually figured it out myself that I was overheating a few years ago, and that I wasn't sweating. I have no memories of ever sweating during my childhood, but seeing other children sweat.

I now have a cooling vest that I just shove in a ziplock bag (pre-soaked), and carry with me when I believe I may have a chance of entering a too warm environment.

Stay strong, this disease sucks, but you can still live a semi-normal life. =)

Sheaoil47 karma

Ahhh someone else with this problem!! I thought I was the only one!

pinnerboob36 karma

How much do you save on antiperspirant on average per year?

Sheaoil84 karma

Hmmm alot. However I use the money saved from that on batteries for my fan. It is always dying!

coldize28 karma

I have the opposite: Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

For me, personally, what this means is that my body works relatively normal but instead of stopping the process of cooling down or heating up, it overshoots it and then tries to correct itself and then overshoots that, like a pendulum that eventually settles in the center. As a result, I sweat in pretty much any circumstance unless I've been at a constant temperature for a long time.

This, fortunately doesn't give me any real health problems (I get dehydrated if I don't drink an absurd amount of water), but it can be embarrassing to try to explain that I'm not sweating because I'm nervous, but because I went to the gym an hour ago and my body hasn't cooled off yet.

I can also radiate heat a lot and get really uncomfortable cuddling with people because the combined body heat becomes way too much for me.

I guess my question is would you rather deal with Hyperhidrosis over Anhidrosis? Did Anhidrosis cause you any embarrassment?

EDIT: I saw in your post that you weren't sure what caused this but it happened after your pregnancy. I remember talking to my doctor about my Hyperhidrosis and he said that its not uncommon to start in women after pregnancy so that might be connected.

Sheaoil34 karma

It's really embarrassing to have the weather outside be like 30 degrees and in I walk with short shorts and a tank on. I literally get stared at everywhere I go. Even at doctors offices! It like really I'm here because I have a problem quit staring asshole. Plus I always have a handheld fan and it is noisy. So people hear the noise then look then see me dressed light and look so more lol it used to bother me a lot but anymore I'm kind of used to it!

IrishRedditer43 karma

Maybe they are staring because you look hot in shorts and a tank? always look on the brighter side of life ;)

Sheaoil26 karma


amod0032 karma

you should go to england or germany, or norway or something, there's always people wearing shorts when it's 30

Sheaoil39 karma

Oh god my people....

Holycity27 karma

Please tell me you don't live in a tropical area.

Sheaoil35 karma

No I live in the US near the east coast. It is only really hot here from about June to September. I can't really leave my house in those months. But it sucks because in the winter it's cold but not inside of buildings and peoples houses.

DukyDemon24 karma

You ever think of moving somewhere with a better climate for that? I'm originally from Tennessee so I know the humid heat of summers but moved to San Fran a few years back. There's like 2 weeks out of the year where you need shorts here. Pretty much 50-70 year round.

Sheaoil29 karma

I didn't know it was so cool there. That is awesome and in the next year I will be moving somewhere where it's cold.

Ch33sus23 karma

You must be hot.

Edit: I'm sorry, this is an AMA. Are you hot?

Sheaoil36 karma

I'm always hot ;)

thombudsman22 karma

What other health problems have you had?

Sheaoil63 karma

This all started when I got pregnant at 17 (shut up, I know) I had a terrible pregnancy and had to have a c section at 30 weeks. I stopped sweating and developed Cushing's disease while I was pregnant. It went undiagnosed until last year. It's pretty rare so no doctors around me could figure it out. I had a tumor on my pituitary gland which was causing the cushing's so I had brain surgery in January of 2012. I didn't go into remission until August though. There are alot of little problems that add up from having all this but the list could go on and on. Right now I'm in the process of testing for a tumor in my hypothalamus in my brain or something attacking my sweat glands. The doctors are kind of at a loss for now and are just grasping at straws it seems.

blergh-20 karma

How's the baby?

Sheaoil103 karma

He's amazing! Very tall and healthy! He's only 5 but will be passing me up in height before I know it. He was all excited today because there is a new kid in his class that is his height. Lol he was like OMG someone my size. He has no health problems and says he wants to be a doctor when he's older so he can fix me.

TFDDx45 karma

I hope my kid is that sweet.

Sheaoil75 karma

He really is so sweet! When I had brain surgery last year he slept with me the whole time I was in the hospital. We played wii Mario and donkey kong. He made that stay so much better!

littlebrale21 karma

Do you pant? Roll around in mud?

Sheaoil66 karma

Yes both but while naked for full effect

nitrousflare21 karma

What's one spot on the world that would give you the perfect ambient temperature for the majority of the time, and would you move there?

Sheaoil20 karma

I have no idea where but I would like it to be around 60-68 degrees. I would move in a heartbeat!

[deleted]16 karma


Sheaoil21 karma

Shower sex or quickies are better for someone like me.

Pancakeman014114 karma

How has it effected your work/professional life?

Sheaoil15 karma

Yes in a huge way! I haven't been able to work since it started! I'm on disability. It sucks. I can't wait to be able to go back to work!

spongebath5 karma

What do you do for work when you can work?

Sheaoil10 karma

I want to become a physicians assistant. Or be a cook lol I love cooking

JennyFrances9 karma

I have like the opposite, hyperhidrosis were I sweat excessively, it affects my hands feet and underarms.

Edit: I was so excited that I had the opposite, I had to comment. Just read that ever other commenter has hyperhidrosis.

Sheaoil11 karma

People with sweat problems unite!

GreasedCat8 karma

What about during intercourse? No sweat even then?

Sheaoil26 karma

Nope my ideal guy is a minute man

Gentlemen hold yourselves back..

GreasedCat14 karma

Well, in that case, I'm an Aries and a virgin. How much more of a quickie can you want?

Sheaoil28 karma

You sound perfect lets do this

Polboron8 karma

As someone that sweats almost uncontrollably, I'm jealous.

Was the anhidrosis a side effect of medication or separate altogether from cushing's and raynaud's?

Sheaoil4 karma

This is something I'm not sure of! Still having testing done to try and did out!

shutthefuckingdoor7 karma

What are your sleeping arrangements like at night? I imagine keeping your temp stabilized thought out the night has to be a hard thing to manage.

Sheaoil20 karma

I sleep with a light blanket and a fan right on me. It really sucks when I wake up after having my mouth open all night! Mouth. so. dry.

mokr226 karma

Do people ever ask you why you never sweat? Or is it not noticeable to everyday people?

Sheaoil15 karma

I always get asked after anyone sees my handheld fan. I usually get "oh wow are you hot!?" Ugh I either have to go into detail or answer the way I usually do "nope" lol but I look normal I recently have lost a lot of weight so now people are a lot more sympathetic about it.

durtysox8 karma

Congratulations on your success with that despite the danger of overheating in exercise. I can confirm from personal experience that heavier folk have a harder time dissipating heat.

Sheaoil13 karma

Thanks! I started out at about 200lbs at 5'5 and now I weigh about 159lbs. I'm guessing about 20lbs of my weight is boobs. I plan on having a breast reduction when I stop losing weight!

TheDickNixons5 karma

As someone with hyperhidrosis, I envy you.

Sheaoil3 karma

Don't though! :) in summer it is terrible

Typhor4 karma

Do you suffer from intense heat rashes when your body warms up?

Sheaoil3 karma

I turn red. Super sexy look!

morachan3 karma

So since sweating is a reaction caused by becoming too hot, do you have the opposite problem too, which is not shivering when you are too cold?

Sheaoil2 karma

I don't get too cold very often but I still shiver. My hands go really numb when I get cold.

chimpychimp2 karma

I sweat almost exclusively through my hands, do you want to have a hand transplant? You can have one of my sweaty hands to help regulate your body temperature, I can have your non sweaty one so I don't embarrass myself during business meetings.

Sheaoil2 karma

Deal! That way I don't embarrass myself out in public :)


Why no proof?

Sheaoil3 karma

Because I'm a dumbass and couldn't think of any proof lol :)

best_perspective2 karma

Do you have some sort of digital thermometer or something to monitor your body temp?

Sheaoil3 karma

Not at all times but I've used one during testing so the doctors would know when I get overheated.

sahil882 karma

I have hyperdrosis. I sweat a lot. ps- I am jealous!

Sheaoil1 karma

I'm jealous!! :)

seieibob2 karma

Do you wear deodorant regardless?

Sheaoil3 karma

I do but honestly I don't need to.

sandman2052 karma

Do you get sick more often since your body isn't secreting bodily toxins through the sweat?

Sheaoil1 karma

You would think I would but no. Other than this I'm actually pretty healthy. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu.

olavsmed2 karma

What happens when you get sick and get a fever?

Sheaoil1 karma

I actually have not had to deal with this yet. I don't get sick very often! All I've had is colds.

Special_Muffins1 karma

Does this mean you have to constantly find a good patch of mud to roll around in? Like a cop? : )

Sheaoil2 karma

Are you kidding me? Fucking hilarious...

w0den1 karma

Do you use a blanket to sleep?

Sheaoil1 karma

A very thin one because I can not for the life of me sleep without one! I've tried and just can't do it.

fckingrandom1 karma

How do play sports? and has this ever cause u not to do something?

Sheaoil1 karma

I used to do gymnastics but other than that never really been a big sports person. I used to go hiking a lot and now I can't. I tried going kayaking over the summer and it was awful. I just wanted to be in the water the whole time.

ItIsWhatItls1 karma

Was the baby affected in any way from you being diagnosed while pregnant?

Affected /effected I have no idea

Sheaoil3 karma

I just answered this but no he is very normal and happy. I do worry about how me always having to go to doctors and hospitals affect him so honesty I started lying about it. I just tell him I need to go to the store or if we need to go to another town I make it into an adventure and find something he can do that's fun while I go to the hospital for things. We went to Chicago in December and he went to shedds aquarium! I'm a single parent so I don't want him to always be worried. Luckily I have my parents so when it's an out of town trip I bring one of them and they have a fun grandparents day.

Cuntslapper90001 karma

How are your pores?

Sheaoil1 karma

I just had a skin biopsy and they look normal....so good!

rnepmc1 karma

Do you think a second pregnancy may reverse or at least make your problems better?

Sheaoil1 karma

I have never thought of that my thoughts were always being pregnant almost killed me no more babies for me. Maybe that is crazy enough to work!

theesthetician1 karma

Congratulations on your remission! How does this effect you doing strenuous but normal activities, like sex, exercise, etc?

Sheaoil1 karma

It changes the way I have to do things a lot. Like there are certain times of the day that I'm warmer or cooler so I usually try to do all my stuff in that time frame. I haven't had a boyfriend in about 6 months so no worries on the sex part lol but it's a little difficult. You learn how to manage!

Ixath1 karma

Have you ever done bikram yoga and, after it was over, told people that you've mastered control of your body so well that even the intense heat couldn't make you sweat?

Sheaoil1 karma

Haha! No but I should! Some asshole friend of mine told me to try that so I went to the place and bam it's like an oven. He thinks he's funny lol

JulioOintment1 karma

Do you have congenital insensitivity to pain, too?

Sheaoil1 karma

Nope I still feel pain! If anything my feet feel more pain. If I hit my toe it hurts forever!

NeoLearner1 karma

Feel like a scumbag for suggesting this, but you should totally make this your theme song :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QyoRzZrF00

Sheaoil1 karma


emmental1 karma

Can't find a source for it but I was watching late night TV and they claimed the current Queen of England doesn't sweat.

Edit: Found a link, no medical info given though!

Sheaoil1 karma

Seriously?! If so bros for life!!

juggalow1 karma

Were you born with the inability? I assume your son doesn't have this?

Sheaoil1 karma

No it started while I was pregnant and no my son is fine.

cogrient1 karma

how can you test for similar things? I sweat very very little. After a hard workout at the gym, winded, about to pass out, I have a tiny bit of sweat in my armpits and that is it.

Sheaoil1 karma

I recently had a "QSART" test done and did not sweat the whole time. I've had the test done when you get covered in powder and put into a chamber and they turn the heat up to see what happens when you get too hot. I almost peed myself in that one lol.

HarjiFangki1 karma

Soo... What's for breakfast?

Sheaoil1 karma

Eggs and bacon. I make it for my kid everyday before school!

SteamPoweredHat1 karma

Do you show any other of the 'too hot' symptoms (like red skin)? Have you ever had your temperature taken during a too-hot-attack? If so, how high was it?

(Also, I have hyperhidrosis. We need to somehow trade some of our sweat glands. With our power combined, we can be comfortable!)

Sheaoil1 karma

Yes I turn red! Really red on my hands and feet. Kind of looks like a sunburn

Sheaoil1 karma

Yes I turn red! Really red on my hands and feet. Kind of looks like a sunburn. Share with me your sweaty ways :)

Twentyhundred0 karma

:o Jealous! That is, more or less, I don't think it's something i'd actually want to have. I say I'm jealous because I sweat pretty easily, and because I have eczema, it itches and is a bit extra comfy. After hockey practice I basically scratch my ass off... How would you then play sports? Does your temp stay the same, or does it rise and almost not cool down? The other way round too, like when you're cold, do you have difficulties heating up?

Sheaoil1 karma

I couldn't play sports the most I can do is Pilates and yoga. I don't have any problems warming up its just cooling down.

Twentyhundred1 karma

Without wanting to be offensive, or even worse, creepy... What about sex then? That has to be quite unpleasant :(

Sheaoil2 karma

Not unpleasant it just can't last very long. My old boyfriend and I would have me on top and have a fan set so it would hit my face lol nailed it!

Schmerzenkind0 karma

Utterly fascinating.

Before I ask any questions I'd like to see either proof or mod-verification.

Sheaoil1 karma

Hmm I thought of this but like what? Medical papers maybe?