Hi, redditors! I'm Emmy Rossum. I currently play Fiona on Showtime's Shameless, Ridley in the upcoming movie Beautiful Creatures and I just released an album of my favorite standards called Sentimental Journey.

I'm excited to answer your questions, thanks for having me! Proof: http://i.imgur.com/c9P1gYi.jpg

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therasengankid2556 karma

How do you feel about Dante Basco having a crush on you? (he's having an AMA right now too)

dantebasco2805 karma

i'm embarrassed this came up during your ama... it came up in conversation in my ama... ummm... i'm a fan of your work, i think you're an amazing actress and singer. Steve Howey is a buddy of mine, I love Shameless... I'm rambling on... I hope we get to work together someday... -Dante

emmyrossum2333 karma

Hi there! I love Steve. He's one of the funniest dudes I know. Would be fun to meet someday! xo Emmy

JayElric709 karma

Anyone else imagining this being said how Zuko sounded in the episode where he goes on a date?

emmyrossum1385 karma

You guys! Go easy on the guy!

emmyrossum702 karma

THANK YOU guys so much for coming on and asking great questions. It's really fun to be able to connect with all of you directly. We are all outta time for today. Hope we can do it again. Lots of love always. xoxo Emmy

Jbozzarelli461 karma

Love you in shameless Emmy, keep up the great work.

Is William H Macy a method actor? If so, his liver must be wrecked!

emmyrossum737 karma

nope. he doesn't drink on set. he's just a really good faker. :)

unoriginaljames461 karma

Hi Emmy! Huge Fan! A few days ago you had a contest on twitter to win a copy of your new album. You retweeted me and are now sending me a free copy!!! I just wanted to say that’s one of the nicest coolest things anyone’s ever done for me, not to mention that’s it’s coming from someone so talented and successful!!! Thank you so much for being so humble and generous!!! I wish you all the best!

emmyrossum358 karma

thanks! i appreciate it! xo

thedaysrunaway419 karma

Hi Emmy =] Probably something you've answered many times before, but when doing Phantom did you feel a lot of pressure to emulate Sarah Brightman or was the onus on making the role of Christine your own?

Thank you =]

emmyrossum808 karma

Are you kidding? I was a WRECK. I was completely panicked after getting the job. I was so nervous I'd mess it up for the fans and never be able to compare to SB. That said, I think I made it my own and I'm really proud of it :)

pears-are-underrated414 karma

Hello, first off Shamless is awesome. Now to the important part. My family friend claims to have babysat you in NYC. I have been told a story since shameless has become popular about me meeting you. I'm 23 now so at the time of this story you were slightly older than me. Mary Phillips is her name and she is much older now and I rarely see her. Anyway I was in a car with you and I was a toddler and I was just crying uncontrollably. You said "Is that baby ever going to shut up?" So, FYI I did stop crying. Also if this is at all accurate I think I deserve an apology.

emmyrossum467 karma

Mary Phillips Green was my nanny for many many years :) she used to play judy garland for me..

choza321336 karma

Hi Emmy! This one is from my girlfriend (both huge fans):

How do I get your abs?

emmyrossum607 karma

physique 57 abs tape. I do it when I'm traveling.

unoriginaljames308 karma

Who is the funniest person off screen on Shameless?

emmyrossum564 karma

Steve Howey. Hands down. He's always breaking into some kind of funny accent and making me laugh during a take!

HeLiX_C269 karma

Hi Emmy!!

I fell in love with you when I first saw you in “The Day After Tomorrow”.

And then finally I got to see a lot more of you on Shameless where you absolutely kill it in every episode!

Thank you for being so awesome. :)

So here’s an easy question.. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

emmyrossum348 karma

coffee or pistachio! i also love coconut gelato. I'm a sucker for ice cream. It's my weakness.

craberombie242 karma

Have there been any episodes of Shameless that have hit home and affected you personally? As a fan of the show, there have been some extremely emotional parts that have caught my feelings off guard.

emmyrossum524 karma

My gramma died the week we were shooting the episode where Fiona's gramma died. So that was hard. I found myself not wanting to get emotional on set because that feeling was so close to home and I wanted to save it for my personal life.

unoriginaljames217 karma

What has been the best advice you’ve been given on pursuing your career? Who gave it to you?

emmyrossum565 karma

I grew up in nyc in an apt with my mom. Our neighbor across the hall was a famous film editor. He told me when I was very young that it's not always the most talented people who make it but the ones who can keep standing up after taking all the punches (i.e., rejection, etc). So I guess I just keep standing up after the knock downs and keep pursuing the dream :)

pearlbullets205 karma

Does Justin Chatwin still eat horrible, disgusting smelling foods before your make out scenes?

emmyrossum376 karma

Not anymore. Now I play pranks on him.

BR00T4Lbrandon174 karma

Would you date a commoner?

emmyrossum386 karma

hahaha are you serious? am I not a "commoner"? umm yes. I have and I would.

JesusJuice45171 karma

As a huge fan of the original Shameless, and being very skeptical of American re-makes I was really surprised with how much I loved Shameless USA. It is a really really great show in it's own right.

You're character in Shameless seems to have to the least sort of, comic relief, of the cast and some pretty heavy story lines, so does it get tough playing emotionally taxing scenes often? Did you watch much of the original series before starting? Ah sure one more, what kind of music have you been listening to lately?

emmyrossum389 karma

Yes, I do get the heavier story lines.. but I think the writers have started to write to our strengths so that's okay with me. It's sometimes rough to "go there" emotionally but I love my job and I LOVE Fiona so she deserves all my attention and focus. It's worth it.

Music... I love passion pit, m83, alt-j, and I love love love oldies. Andrews Sisters, Boswell Sisters.... etc

bytheway_29168 karma

Big fan of yours here. So, how do you feel having such a big lesbian following? Seriously, you're on all of our "i wish she was gay" lists. Thoughts?

emmyrossum315 karma

I'm so flattered!!! :)

falconomics150 karma

Hey Emmy, I was just wondering if doing the show has given you any new perspectives on what living in poverty is like. I also wanted to say that you are flawless and my favourite actress :)

emmyrossum317 karma

yes bc of the neighborhood we shoot in. it's very eye opening. at the same time we shoot in these houses and pay to rent the spaces so the families benefit from us being there which is great

unoriginaljames139 karma

What are some uncommon things you find attractive about men and women?

emmyrossum285 karma

Men: hairy nose, bad breath Women: too tight clothes, gum smacking

EdmontonZach180 karma

Wait, you find men with hairy noses and bad breath to be ATTRACTIVE? :D

Paddlefoot007202 karma

Someone just got excited....

emmyrossum443 karma

I was kidding obviously.

emmyrossum419 karma

Uncommon things that are attractive in women: a gap between the teeth... a unique fashion sense.... In MEN... a unique nose... or accents...

Novel_Tie136 karma

What's the most Shameless thing that has happened on set?

emmyrossum436 karma

this year we pranked justin chatwin. we had wb release a script with a scene where he comes out of the closet. Justin was freaking out because he "didn't know his character was secretly gay the whole time"... it was really funny.. it was retaliation for another prank he pulled.. it was hysterical!

FappleComputers118 karma

  1. List the top 3 songs played on your ipod in the last month.

  2. Describe a #sentimentaljourney from the filming of The Day After Tomorrow

  3. Describe your preparation for the role of Bulma in Dragonball: Evolution

  4. Justin Chatwick or Jake Gyllenhaal

  5. What was the most shameless thing you did while filming Beautiful Creatures?

emmyrossum291 karma

  1. diamond rihanna. breezeblocks alt j. sh-boom crew cuts.
  2. my trailer blew up when one of the teamsters filled up the gas incorrectly. Thank gosh I wasn't in it at the time. The fire dept came. The trailer burned to the ground.
  3. I tried to read the comic and have fun with it. Not take it too seriously.
  4. Can I have both?
  5. Had a dress up competition with Emma Thompson.

dystopika95 karma

When will Fiona start singing on SHAMELESS? Did you audition for Les Miserables? How much do you want to murder Anne Hathaway now? (Love your work.)

emmyrossum192 karma

hahahah Don't be silly! There are enough great characters to go around. I didn't audition because it was shooting during a season of Shameless so I wouldn't have been able to do it. I am most happy that it's having success because it could lead to the movie musical really having a comeback! and that would make this music geek really happy!!!

jaymdee88 karma

I love Shameless and find it both hilarious and enthralling. I'm particularly struck by how the show addresses such a delicate subject as poverty in a humorous way without mocking. The characters are portrayed as having this heroic resilience and black sense of humor at the shitty situations in which they find themselves. Is there as much thought put into this as there seems to be or am I just reading too much into things?

emmyrossum142 karma

There is. We try not to play the emotional depression element of being in an economic depression. We try to play the humor and the resiliency of the family.

unoriginaljames87 karma

Beautiful Creatures comes out next week, besides seeing you why else should I see it?

emmyrossum186 karma

Because it's awesome.


Also I loved the books and it's SO MUCH BETTER than any other young adult adaption that has been done so far. It's kick ass. It's funny. It's romantic.

ken2723878 karma

YAY!! I've been looking forward to this!!

Since we are in the middle of award season I was wondering what you could tell us about it.

  • What's it like from the perspective of the "red carpet"?
  • what are the after parties like?
  • Any interesting stories that you would care to share with us?

emmyrossum211 karma

Red carpets are usually stressful. It's fun to get dressed up but I usually pick my own dresses and design hair and makeup so it's some degree of pressure. Especially with the internet you know someone online is going to blow up the picture so that your face is giant and they can see every little thing! that said, the parties are usually fun and it's nice to see friend and congratulate people who really deserve it for their work. I usually bring band aids and m+ms in my purse, for uncomfortable shoes and to keep my sugar levels up! :)

Rtpmarine75 karma

I am a Marine currently deployed overseas. Want to come to my unit's ball this November?

Edit: Don't want this to be an awkward sticking point, so how about an alternate question: We all know you can sing, so what is your favorite thing to sing in the car?

emmyrossum79 karma

Sometimes I vocalize in the car. It's a good way to multitask. Although fellow drivers on the road think I'm craaaazy.

sheydee31 karma

Don't listen to the trolls :) Nothing ever hurts to ask.

emmyrossum85 karma

Agreed. I'm flattered.

RinDoza70 karma

what makes you feel sexy?

emmyrossum186 karma

vanilla perfume and/or the smell of the ocean

unoriginaljames68 karma

You are in room filled with one type of food!! you must eat your way out!!! what food would you choose???

emmyrossum186 karma

Birthday Cake.

quod_erat_demonstran67 karma

Hi Emmy, I thought you were amazing in Phantom of the Opera in particular but also in all the films you have been in. I hope to see you in more soon!

My question is do you think that Hollywood offers enough variety and quality in roles for actresses compared to their male counterparts?

emmyrossum159 karma

I think most writers are men and they write for men and sometimes women are just the foils. I try to bring as much as I can to the table for a female character and really flesh it out. That said, I think cable TV offers amazing characters for female actresses... which is one of the reasons I feel so lucky to be on Shameless, where I have amazing writers like John Wells writing specifically for me. It's a dream, really.

Lvl_6_Squirtle66 karma

How do you like your steak?

emmyrossum383 karma

rare with sautéed spinach and crispy french fries!!!!!!

KRash927754 karma

Best cafe in NYC? Best cafe in LA? Go!

emmyrossum122 karma

Cafe Gitane. Mels Diner. Or Swingers Diner

unoriginaljames51 karma

What do you do to relax? What kinds of dancing do you like? Besides Ballet!

emmyrossum129 karma

Stupid dancing around my room to silly pop songs!

emmyrossum125 karma

bubble bath. reading a mystery novel.

allahuakbar7939 karma


emmyrossum193 karma

devil in the white city. so scary.

FusRoDafuq47 karma

My sister is obsessed with Shameless, and when she moved out she stopped going on Reddit, so she didn't know you were doing an AMA. I just showed it to her, and she almost cried from excitement. I think the thing she'd want to say to you is that you're awesome for doing what you do, and for being her favorite actress. I just wanted to let you know.

emmyrossum70 karma

thnx xoxo

mattbennett1346 karma

Hi Emmy, What major characteristics do you share with Fiona? How have you not been nominated for an "EMMY" for Shameless? Who was your celebrity crush growing up? And finally, would you ever take on a Super Hero role? If so, any favorites?

emmyrossum154 karma

I dig the unexpected super heroines. Like... Neil Gaiman stuff... Black Orchid...

RinDoza45 karma

do you stay humble despite the fame? and is lip single offset? i'd totally date him.

emmyrossum146 karma

i do. my family often reminds me that I'm not really that cool. and my mom still tells me to make my bed when she visits LA.

zazazazoo45 karma

As a fellow curly haired female, what are your favorite hair products you use in your personal life to combat your locks? :)

emmyrossum98 karma

joico smooth cure, organix keratin shampoo and conditioner

Darko3343 karma

Huge fan of Shameless. I'm curious: If a real-life boyfriend pulled the same kind of stuff Steve/Jimmy has pulled through two seasons and change, would you have stayed with him or left by now?

emmyrossum151 karma

I'd be G.O.N.E.

legendfourteen42 karma

Who are you closest to on the set of Shameless??? Who is your worst enemy???

emmyrossum104 karma

Don't have any enemies! I am closest to Shanola

edjca41 karma

Do you like tea? If so which kind and also if so I love you so much and Shameless is awesome.

Thank you.

emmyrossum118 karma

Yes. I quit drinking coffee about 6 months ago. So I like English Breakfast. PG Tips when I'm in London. I take honey in my tea, no lemon or milk or sugar.

GeorgeYoung1241 karma

Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

emmyrossum250 karma


unoriginaljames40 karma

Where has been you favorite location to work? If you could be on shoot anywhere, where would you want to go?

emmyrossum199 karma

North Carolina... If I could go anywhere it would be THE MOON. or Antarctica.

Mattiesime1231 karma

What is the weirdest fan-mail you have ever received?

emmyrossum121 karma

A laminated picture of me as a mythological fairy with wings...

shizknight23 karma

Here's a wierd question. Do you have craft services put out anything special to fit your gluten free diet when on set?

emmyrossum50 karma

mary's gone crackers. lots of fruit. peanut butter. almond butter. and gf cookies on fridays!

lenaethanxoxo20 karma

Who did you bond closest with on the set of beautiful creatures?

emmyrossum54 karma

Emma Thompson

bordersofsin17 karma

Hi Emmy, I was just wondering if you knew how to solve a Rubik's cube? I can only do one side.

Oh, and I'd like to take you on a date. What do you say?

emmyrossum35 karma

I have no luck at that stuff. I get really frustrated!!!!

Andrew012615 karma

Favorite color? Also briefly describe your dream wedding :) Love you & all of your talents. Hope to meet you one day! <3

emmyrossum76 karma

Dream wedding? Hmm. I've only been designing it since I was 4.... big band, all my friends, fancy but comfortable, maybe outdoors, twinkle lights, the usually girly stuff I think... and I just heard about a cool tradition where the rings are passed around to each and every guest at the wedding so they are "blessed" by all the guests before they are put on by the couple.. pretty cute... kinda cheesy but cute... anyway, I think I'm a long way from that day so I'll just keep dreaming... :)

Frajer9 karma

Hey Emmy, do you think Fiona was born a badass or had to become one to take care of her and her family? Do you see yourself in Fiona at all?

emmyrossum27 karma

There are bits of me and my mom in Fiona. But she's also her own character and they write her so well. My mom was a single mom so she raised me by herself. Her tenacity, encouragement and love definitely inspires my portrayal of Fiona.

lemodedelarue7 karma

I love how your wardrobe has progressed on Shameless! Do you get to pick out your own clothes or does someone dress you for each episode? Also, how well have you gotten to know/get along with the rest of the Shameless cast and are any of them similar to the characters they play?

emmyrossum12 karma

we collaborate... i look at a lot of interest pages and we shop online for fiona... a lot of stuff from free people, vintage stores, etc

fciscojl3 karma

Mango or Kiwi Emmy?

emmyrossum7 karma


Windowlick3r3 karma

Hello Emmy, love your work. Are you a beer girl? If so whats your poison?

emmyrossum7 karma

Redbridge GF beer

kidrick3 karma

Emmy, 1: your awesome, 2: if you could have any superpower, What would it be and Why?

emmyrossum6 karma

invisibility. or teleporting like looper.

CannibalAnn2 karma

I love the show! You do a much better job than the English actress! I can't get through the European version! You're beautiful and very talented.

I feel like the show displays a lot of struggles of the addicts family. Do you use any personal sources to pull the happiness, frustrations, and other emotions? In other words, what do you use to pull those realistic emotions?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

emmyrossum11 karma

it's different all the time. some days it comes easily without having to pull from too deep. other days it just seems to be harder. i use everything from personal life stuff (replaying old voicemails from exes that might make me sad) to using my imagination (researching difficult things and then imagining I was there)... if I have to laugh, sometimes I'll imagine a tiny circus elephant sitting on the other actors head and it always makes me giggle. :)

dhoward11 karma

So I am gonna say what the hell and just give this a try. Would you be willing to read a script my friends and I wrote and give me your feedback? It's kinda like The Goonies and Monster Squad but for an older generation.

emmyrossum7 karma

You can always send scripts to my agent at ICM

Sperla951 karma

  • When did you start acting professionally?
  • First role?
  • When is it too late too start?

PS: You're beautiful and I have a bit of a crush on you. :)

emmyrossum7 karma

Never. Read about Katheryn Joosten.

bribooth1 karma

Does your Yorkie travel with you wherever you go for work?

emmyrossum7 karma

only sometimes. he likes to be home with the cat, too :)