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Do you know yet if the Onion News Empire is going to get picked up for more episodes?

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Here's a wierd question. Do you have craft services put out anything special to fit your gluten free diet when on set?

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Okay, I'd been debating it but you just convinced me. I'll pick it up on Steam right now.

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Ever read Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry? The zombie plague in that one is based on using parasites to quickly infect a host with an engineered prion disease.

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He also wrote a book called Zombie CSU. Long story short, he researched the plausibility of anything making a remotely zombie like thing medically happen by going to various medical professionals, scientists, etc. He wrote all that research up in Zombie CSU, then used that research to write Patient Zero with some ideas that sound reasonably plausible. You will obviously see right through the made up stuff. But you might find the basis for it interesting. http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-CSU-Forensics-Living-Dead/dp/080652877X