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We have to go back Kate!

Thanks for your great work on lost :) Is there a classic film that you would love to have played a role in and if so which role?

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Hi Emmy, I thought you were amazing in Phantom of the Opera in particular but also in all the films you have been in. I hope to see you in more soon!

My question is do you think that Hollywood offers enough variety and quality in roles for actresses compared to their male counterparts?

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Great to see you doing so well on the circuit!

Given all the cheating and mismanagement we have seen from people running poker sites over the years what responsibilities do you think Pros have to investigate how a site is run before they take a sponsorship deal with someone?

What questions did you ask of Pokerstars before signing with them?

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A+ would watch that!

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It might not be possible or just add enough extra stress to fry your brain but would it be possible to have the event run at 2 (or more) places at the same time but linked via video casts? I'm sure people would be interested in vidcon UK even if it was only just a live projection of the main stage at vidcon set up in a big hall in the UK somewhere.