My name is Sam Witwer (I've tweeted for verification here @SamWitwer) and I am an actor, musician and singer. I play Aidan, a vampire, on “Being Human” which airs on Syfy. I am also the voice of Darth Maul on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and portray StarKiller in the “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” video games. I’ve been on “Battlestar Galactica,” “Smallville” and “Dexter” and starred in Frank Darabont’s “The Mist.” My band is called The Crashtones. This is my first AMA and I’m really looking forward to answering your questions on February 4th at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET.

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cultstatus93 karma

So who do we have to kidnap to get you cast in Episode 7?

SWitwer103 karma

Haha! I suppose that would be JJ Abrams...but make sure you leave him alive. We need him.
Oh, and I appreciate the vote of confidence.

SWitwer72 karma

My name is Sam Witwer (I've tweeted for verification here @SamWitwer) and I am an actor, musician and singer. I play Aidan, a vampire, on “Being Human” which airs on Syfy. I am also the voice of Darth Maul on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and portray StarKiller in the “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” video games. I’ve been on “Battlestar Galactica,” “Smallville” and “Dexter” and starred in Frank Darabont’s “The Mist.” My band is called The Crashtones. This is my first AMA and I’m really looking forward to answering your questions on February 4th at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET.

TonyStarkforreal39 karma

It was great to see you on Tabletop with William Wheaton! Are you a big tabletop gamer?

SWitwer69 karma

Big time.

All my buddies I grew up with, we all play once a year for like a week straight. We rent a house and just go nuts. I'm generally GM.

I love that you called him William Wheaton.

Funny story about that guy. I met him when I was like 9 and a HUGE TNG fan. He was so cool to me and my little brother and it was one of the defining moments that made me think about being an actor.

He's a cool cat.

Oziquix39 karma

Are we going to see an intimate relationship develop between Aidan and Sally?

SWitwer41 karma

Well...! One never knows! I will say that there is a great affection and love between the characters. I will also say that Meaghan Rath and I have some really great, sometimes very funny scenes together this year. The rest? You're gonna have to wait and see. But certainly don't expect the same TYPE of relationship as Mitchell and Annie. If a romance develops, it will indeed be different.

JonnyShips11 karma

I hope not. That was a major arc in the british Being Human and I hope they try and become more original as the series goes on. It'd be nice to envision both series occurring in the same universe.

SWitwer31 karma

I've often thought that could certainly be in the same universe. I mean, in season 4 of the BBC, Toby Whithouse introduces us to a different Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost living together.

MassiveEndork39 karma

Had 'Crashdown' survived, which side during 'Gaeta's Mutinty' do you believe he would've chosen?

SWitwer50 karma

Wow! That's a really great question. Although I certainly don't know for sure, my instinct is he might have been part of Gaeta's mutiny. I found it to be a super reasonable reaction to all that Cylon collaboration that had been happening. I mean, Cylons were responsible for the deaths of billions. Literally billions. So yeah... I just find that Battlestar Galactica does good vs good better than anyone.

RenegadexVessel26 karma

Sam you are awesome. Your portrayal of Aidan is by far my favorite character to date. How was working on small ville and being apart of the DC franchise? What would you say has been your most influential role you have played.


SWitwer36 karma

Thank you for your kind words. Smallville was fun. Weirdly, it was kinda a prototype for Aidan. Both are monsters. Both don't wanna be... but Aidan has better hair and a sense of humor. As much as I wanted to inject humor into Davis, we didn't have time. As for influential... hmm. As far as my career goes, and not including Aidan, Starkiller in The Force Unleashed got me more exposure than I ever thought possible. I have been answering questions about him constantly for like 4.5 years now. Oh, and Neil Perry on Dexter. That was the first role I ever did that let casting people in LA see me as anything other than a bullish thug... that's all they ever saw me for before Neil Perry. I thank Dexter for that.

dannyisyoda26 karma

What was it like playing the zombie in the tank?

SWitwer45 karma

I never blinked once. Ask Frank Darabont.

It was like this... ............................................................ .......................

::3 minutes later:: CUT!

::Gasp for air. Blink your eyes out::

NaitsirkC25 karma

Whose idea was it to make Starkiller look EXACTLY like you?

SWitwer30 karma


The good news is the concept art they created as painted by Amy Beth Christenson already looked a good deal like me at the time, so that worked greatly in my favor.

All of the characters have the likeness and mocap of the actors.

RevenantCrow23 karma

Your voice over for the Emperor in the Force Unleashed was hands down the best Emperor impression I've heard. Was this an impression you knew you could do before being asked to do it?

SWitwer34 karma

I wanted to do it. I didn't quite know how. I worked at it. I then demanded to do it. Haden Blackman said no. Then he said maybe. Then in a readthru of the Force Unleashed script he's like, "Ok Witwer. You think you can do the Emperor? Go ahead."

So I winged it...

...And it wasn't bad. So he hired me.

I do wanna say this - Ian Abercrombie ... Sidious on the Clone Wars. Boy was he great, wasn't he? He will be missed.

slimer1623 karma

What is the fake blood made out of on Being Human and are you tired of drinking it yet?

SWitwer95 karma

First year it was this minty, toothpasty type stuff. I drank bags of that crap!

Second year, they were so excited. "We've made a break thru! Try this! It's fruit juice with food coloring!"

"What do you think Sam?"


Amon_Equalist23 karma

:O what was it like voicing Starkiller? I rather liked that game.

SWitwer58 karma

Dream come true, man.

It was all about research. Haden Blackman says, "hey, this story takes place close to the original Star Wars."

So I think, "Ok. Time to figure that out. That was a different time in film making, the 70s. Bigger frames. Not a lot of closeups in that movie. BIG personalities that fill those big frames."

Then you go a little deeper and watch what Lucas watched. 1940s movies. The Killing. Casablanca. Double Indemnity. You learn WHY George Lucas always said to his actors "Faster, More Intense"... because that's the pace of those 1940s movies.

Then you watch Buster Crabbe in those original Flash Gordon serials and realize, ok... this is all about fun and charm. it's an expensive B movie but with this mythological underpinning.

...I could go on, but what it comes down to is this. Star Wars acting. Speak fast. Speak loud. When you speak about the force, neutralize your american dialect a bit and use your theater training to make the force feel timeless and bigger than life.

Kit-Katalyst22 karma

Of all the actors on Being Human, you're my fav character.

As Aiden, what emotion would you most want to portray after finding out Henry was infected? What emotions did Aiden have after losing Rebecca, Bishop, and Sarin?

How shocked were you, when reading the script, and finding out Sally was coming back from the dead and Josh wasn't a wolf anymore?

SWitwer20 karma

Rebecca - I wanted a tinge of panicked loss... Maybe that's not the right way to say it. A sense of, "Oh my god, this is really happening. ..This girl never had a chance."

Henry - Shock. As of episode 3 he has NOT dealt with it yet.

Bishop - determination with a desert order of devastated.

Surin - Anger. Plain and simple. Maybe she wasn't the best girlfriend and Aidan knew it, but Mother needed to get her ass kicked.

As for the turns of this year... it's been a DELIGHT reading those scripts. It's our best written season.

HypocriticalBastard321 karma

Why aren't more people here asking questions?

Anyways, Can you confirm if SW:TCW will be moving off of Cartoon network next season?

Any plans for another Force Unleashed game?

Exactly how many vampires died from the "cold" and how many are left?

SWitwer31 karma

I dunno about you, sir. I see a whole page of questions. I'll be here for a while ;) Oh, and thank you all for that. ... Oh wait. Were you being sarcastic? I cannot give you any Lucasfilm related info right now. I will say that some of the next season Clone Wars stuff I've seen is STUNNING and DRAMATIC. As for Vampires... it will be revealed in a few episodes as to who survived and how. The Aidan story really starts to get moving in episode 5... Tonight's episode 4 so we're still setting up the pieces.

sorato21 karma

Just a comment. I'd love to see you reprise your role as Muscular Guy on It's Always Sunny!

SWitwer32 karma

HAHAHA! Glenn Howerton is one of my best buddies. We're developing an animated series together.... about a muscular guy!

RevenantCrow21 karma

I heard you kept a copy of one of the 'spiders' from the Mist. Is this true and if so how often do you freak people out with it?

SWitwer38 karma

Oh yes. My buddy Greg Nicterto took a half completed spider, completed it, and gave it to me.

It is easily the single most unnerving thing I own. Have even had a nightmare about it.

tominabox120 karma

If you could play any other character on Being Human, which one would it be?

SWitwer24 karma

I would love to play Josh.

I did an indie a while back that wasn't finished correctly and will therefore never see the light of day where I played a more Josh-like character.

A lot of fun.

CaptainHarkness19 karma

  • Have you watched the UK version of Being Human?

  • If so, is there anything you like better about the UK version (i.e., writing, acting, direction, etc...)

  • Finally, is James Callis actually the mother-fracking-shit?

SWitwer36 karma

I have watched and DO watch the UK version. I love it.

I'm not gonna get specific, but there are indeed things I like that they do better than us. ...And there are things I believe we do better than them. However, I am not competitive with them. I wanna see us both succeed.

James Callis IS the shit. He's a really brilliant, witty, cool guy, with fantastic hair, and is a crack shot with a handgun so long as he's aiming for your back.

Techno7718 karma


I've heard that you're a pretty big Star Wars fan, so I can imagine getting the Force Unleashed role and particularly Darth Maul in Clone Wars must have been exciting for you. I think it's fantastic when an actor does a role that they already have a passion and understanding for. It really comes through in your performances.

My question is, what is your favorite things about Star Wars? Any particular character? Any particular film? Is there anything in the Extended Universe that you particularly enjoy?

I really hope to see you in more Star Wars work in the future!

SWitwer52 karma

Huge Star Wars fan.

My favorite thing? Luke Skywalker. And Mark Hamill's performance.

He doesn't get the credit he deserves sometimes, but I wanna put this out there. WHEN in any single moment in any Star Wars movie do you look at Luke Skywalker and NOT understand EXACTLY what he's going through. And he changes. He grows up! He starts as a dork and becomes a man! It's a really well executed character.

So well executed, in fact, that we've been looking for a new Luke Skywalker icon ever since and we haven't quite gotten it right! I mean, hey.. Frodo... Cool. Bilbo.. great! They ain't no Luke.

indel17 karma

Just watched your episode of Tabletop. What games do you DM? Anyway. Been loving The Clone Wars and Being Human. Can't wait to see you this weekend at the Sci-Fi Expo!

SWitwer36 karma

D&D (or C&C as it were)... and lemme blow your mind here - Star Wars.

And yes, I'm on the cover of one of the Saga Edition books.

It just solidifies my authority at the table.

Nahaylem16 karma

Has anyone ever called you an older Edward Cullen? Would that comparison insult or Flatter you?

SWitwer22 karma



And I suppose that would depend? Does the person saying it think it's a good thing or a bad thing? I haven't seen twilight so I'm behind the times.

Soldier35916 karma

Hi Sam! I met you once last summer at Philly Comic Con. Not sure if you'd remember but I asked what you use in your hair and you told me Maneuver, I've been using it ever since thanks for telling me!!! Anyway questions:

  1. How did you get the roles on Clone Wars(Son, Maul)? You did an amazing job of Darth Maul IMO, I'm just curious how you got the parts(s)?

  2. Where is home for you?

  3. Finally, what is your favorite instrument to play and how did you start out, in music? That's all I can think of, maybe I'll see you in Philly again this summer? I hope so! Love your work, Aidan, Son, Maul etc.!

SWitwer18 karma

Ha! Hair! Awesome! 1. Got the role on Clone Wars because Dave Filoni played Force Unleashed and felt (I guess) that I did a decent job with my Star Wars acting... I think anyway... They just called me up and said, "We would like you to be on Clone Wars" and then later I learned about The Son and felt incredibly honored. It's not every day that someone asks you to play the Dark Side of the Force itself.
When we recorded the son, Dave said, "There might be something for you down the road"... then a year or two later he called and said, "I really need Darth Maul. Can you do that for me?" ... And with much self doubt, I summoned the courage to lie to him and I said, "Of course, man. Don't worry about it."

  1. I live in North Hollywood/Toluca Lake area of southern California. Raised in Chicago though.

  2. I play a little of everything, but I love bass. A subtle and complete influential instrument.

Aweidemeyer2114 karma

I have been following being human from the start and I love the story line of the show it's unique and you play an amazing vampire! I was so inlove with the character that you per tray I named my son after you :) as an actor I'm sure you get alot of attention and asked alot of questions mine would be if you could truly choose so would a vampire be your choice or would you want to be something different?!

SWitwer22 karma

I'm honored, sir.

If I had a choice, I would NOT and would NEVER and would HATE being a Vampire. On our show, being a vampire isn't cool. It's like being a drug addict/sex addict/serial killer all at once. Eesh!

But we don't have to wear makeup on the show...! They want me to be pale and the lights wash you out... so there's that!

SunSoakedBat13 karma

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell us any stories of funny things that happen on the set of Being Human? Maybe you bite yourself with your fangs or sometimes have mishaps during fighting sequences? Thanks!

SWitwer25 karma

During the fight with Marcus in season one, one of my fangs popped out and I somehow grabbed it with my tongue and popped it back in while fighting.

Season 2, Kyle Schmid and I did a fight on a gravel roof 3 feet from a sheer drop off a 40 foot ledge. ...And we never got the crane shot to show you how much danger we were in.

All the risk, zero bragging rights!

backstept13 karma

Hey, Sam Witwer!

If all your characters were to have a fighting tournament who would win?

SWitwer25 karma

Hmm... The Son, probably.

Afterall, he IS the Dark Side of the Force.

RevenantCrow13 karma

Which would you rather, Force powers or immortality?

SWitwer45 karma

Welllll... The dark side of the force is a pathway to MANY abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Can I say both?

annaKpuerta12 karma

Your credits are all awesomely nerdy. Is it on purpose? and how do choose what roles you want to go for?

SWitwer26 karma

Funny. i've done non sci fi stuff, but the stuff that sticks and is successful so far is the sci fi.

Me? if it's good, i wanna do it.

Being Human... i picked up the script, read three pages, saw the word Vampire, decided, "No. Who needs another vampire these days" and turned down the audition.

Then a friend named Laura Terry lectured me on how lazy I was to NOT read the script and how I was making a mistake.

I picked up the script again, saw that it was not about Vampires but about Drug Addiction, fell in love with the character, and humbly asked to be reinstated for audition.

digitalyss12 karma

What's funner: Playing someone that's inherently evil (ala your Dexter performance), or someone that's technically evil, but is trying not to be (ala Aidan)?

SWitwer20 karma

Both are unique challenges... But Aidan gets to dress cooler.

The challenge is making them real people.. not just cardboard cutout villains.

RevenantCrow12 karma

Bit of a cliche question, but what would you say are your main hobbies?

If you could play any one major existing film character, who would it be?

SWitwer19 karma

I like to jog. I like to write music. I like to write scripts occasionally. I like to build computers. I like to do pushups. I like to play video games. I like to drive.

Existing character? I already said Indiana Jones. I think I'll go with Henry Jones Jr.

Oh, and James Bond. But I don't see the brits letting that happen in 10 years or so.

derek6612 karma

I'm a big fan of the force unleashed series, is there any word on whether or not there will be another one? Would you like to come back to that series?

SWitwer13 karma

See above... the whole thing about Talk to Lucasfilm.

But I do love that character and I would gladly play him again. ...And he's made a lot of money for the company so hey... Could happen. But I'd count on AFTER ep 7

MustangGuy12 karma

My wife and I just rewatched the first season of Dexter and I must say that you were enjoyable to watch on screen.

  1. What has been your favorite role so far?

  2. What is your dream role?

  3. How does one break into voice acting?

  4. Dude, you've got some decent musculature, what are your workouts like?


SWitwer16 karma

fav role... probably Aidan. It's never easy. It's demanded that I become a better, more versatile actor what with all the comedy, the flashback versions of the character, the weight of someone 260 years old.

Dream role? Indiana Jones.

How does one break into VO? I dunno, actually. I got into it by accident because of the Force Unleashed gig, which was an on camera gig.

But hey, be persistent. That applies to everything in this business.

IAMAlgamate12 karma

How much would you say Aidan Turner's take on the character influenced your work in this series? I was a fan of the BBC, but haven't checked the SyFy version - curious why I should. How do you feel you guys have elevated the premise over the original iteration?

Thanks for doing this, it's always nice to get perspective from those on their way up.

SWitwer26 karma

Aidan Turner's take on the character was something I was unfamiliar with when I was developing my character. I stayed away from watching the BBC until we finished season one. Then I watched ALL of it.

Differences...? Too many to name. For one Aidan is older than Mitchell by 100 years and you can feel that. Aidan also seems to have more guilt and sympathy than Mitchell which I felt was good for the Drug addiction metaphor... Mitchell is more impulsive which is also good for the metaphor.

Why should you check out ours? Well, here it is - The shows are very different. Their first season covers the same story ours covers, only they do it in 6 episodes, we do it in 13, so we go to a lot of places they didn't have time for. After that the shows entirely diverge.

Bottom line? There are things about the BBC version I like better than mine. There are also things about mine that I like better than the BBC series. They're two complimentary entities and can be watched back to back and enjoyed as two sides of the same coin.

We've had producers from their series on our set supporting us. It's all the same family.

I dare you to give it a shot.

brendybob11 karma

You were great on Battlestar Galactica. What was that like to work on?

SWitwer8 karma

BSG shaped and influenced the way I work.

The rule on that show was, "Give me one as written, then say whatever you want." ... A good deal of Crashdown's dialogue in season 1 was adlibbed.

What does this do to an actor? Well, it gives them more creative ownership and brings an edge of unpredictability to the performances. I've carried that on since... There's always an element of improv to what i do on sets ever since then.

So long as you have a respect for the dramatic intend of the scene, and a director who will pull you back when you've gone too far, and a little good taste and judgement, you're in good shape

RevenantCrow11 karma

Do you find voice acting easier or more difficult than live acting?

SWitwer20 karma

They're both different animals, and they're both difficult. ... Well, lemme rephrase. They're difficult if you wanna be EXCELLENT. if you just wanna say lines, then Chris Rock is right. Just show up. Say lines. Easy.

But if you wanna bring layers to what you're doing... If you wanna create a 3 dimensional character... If you wanna mine for meaning that maybe wasn't even there when the writer conceived of the script, then you have to work hard.

Mariagabriella11 karma

You are such a talented actor! When will you be signing autographs? I would be so honored to shake your hand and maybe take a picture with you! I'd be the luckiest person ever to have an oppotunity to have met you.

SWitwer13 karma

I do a bunch of conventions. Got one coming up in Dallas in a few days.. then in Burbank some time after that.

I would guess just google "Sam Witwer" and "convention" or "comicon"... I think...!

Diptura10 karma

What type of music is your band? How did you get started in acting? Any regrets in life?

SWitwer18 karma

Music- See above.

Got started in acting because my parents forced me to audition for the Juilliard School of Drama. Yeah. True story. And those suckers even accepted me. Weird. Very weird.

Regrets... I wanna finish album 2 of the Crashtones.

JJT24710 karma

As a big SW fan, thanks for doing such a great Maul for TCW.

1)How was it working with the cast and crew of TCW like Dave Filoni and other voice actors?

2)Are you excited for episode 7?

SWitwer14 karma

1) Cast and Crew are incredible and motivated and talented. That's why I visit the occasional recording session, and go to the ranch whenever I can. I just like those people.

2) HELL yes.

linedashline9 karma

What so far has been the most perfect moment in your life?

SWitwer11 karma

Well, i think that everyone strives for things, right? Doesn't mean we can't be happy WHILE we strive, but we strive.

There was a month in season 1 of Being Human where I'd achieved everything I'd wanted to achieve up til that point. A moment of, "ok. everything is how you wanted it."

Then later it's back to striving... :)

DoctorBat9 karma

Every time I see The Mist, I feel like throwing the TV when you get stabbed. Really, really good film.

SWitwer25 karma

I get stabbed a lot in stuff.

I guess I have a face that's easy to stab.

RockalApple9 karma

Hi Sam!

What has been your favorite project to work on? Are there any dream roles that you haven't gotten a chance to play yet that you would like to in the future?

I'm also a big fan of all the cast's live-tweets while Being Human airs. Do you like being able to have that sort of more intimate fan interaction that you might not be able to have with a bigger network show?

Thanks for doing this!

SWitwer13 karma

First question I think I've covered...

Live Tweets... It's really damned important to connect with the fans. You guys, after all, are who we do this for. The truth is we all are extremely invested in whether you guys are having a good time or not.

Husker19899 karma

Hi Sam, big fan of all your work from BSG to The Force Unleashed. My questions are about The Clone Wars and Maul:

  • What were your thoughts when The Clone Wars decided to bring Maul back to the Star Wars universe?
  • Where did you draw your inspiration from when voicing the character (he didn't speak much in SW: Episode I)?

P.S. You are a f**king incredible actor. Keep up the good work!

SWitwer11 karma

My thoughts were, "This is an awesome story. I hope I can do it justice cuz otherwise the fans will hate me forever."

Inspiration. Well, I started with the pattern laid out by Peter Seraphinowicz... That was the start point. Dave Filoni said he wanted Maul to start out like Gollum. I looked at the script and saw some Apocalypse Now similarities... Some real Heart of Darkness stuff.. So I asked, what if he's Gollum meets Colonel Kurtz. Filoni agreed.

Then we went on to build the character in the way that most made sense. That he wasn't just a hitman. That Sidious would have chosen a brilliant kid to train as his apprentice... and he would have picked up on a lot of his master's training.

So it's been fun to make him diplomatic at times, strategic and tactical, and to give him a messed up sense of humor.

And thankfully, George Lucas agrees with me. These stories all come directly from him, and the notes I go on are from him too. It's nice to have his support when building a Darth.

lovevampires9 karma

me and my husband love your show being human. want is next for aidan? is seems like he has been but in enough hell already

SWitwer27 karma

What's next for Aidan?

More hell.. then a little fun... then some hope... then HELL... Then a lot more HELL.

The guy easily has it the worst outta the 4 room mates.

I don't care what Sam Huntington says. ... he's a liar!

belvetine8 karma

Hi Sam - Here is a quick 10-question gauntlet for you :)

What are your top picks in regard to the following:

  1. Book or short story?
  2. Video Game?
  3. Band/album?
  4. Movie?
  5. TV Show (current or past)?
  6. Place to travel?
  7. Food?
  8. Animal?
  9. Sport?
  10. Career-related project you have been a part of?


SWitwer11 karma

This is just first thing that comes to mind.

  1. Amber Series - Zelazny
  2. Thief
  3. Faith No More
  4. Moon
  5. game of thrones.
  6. San Francisco
  7. Cicilian Style Pizza from Taste Chicago in Burbank
  8. Samoyed... Beautiful doggie.
  9. Tennis
  10. All of it.

Emryspendragon8 karma

Love being Human and love Aidan in it. I have a slight thing yes for vampires. :) How is the version of being human we have here in the US different from the BBC version?

SWitwer12 karma

The most pronounced difference is that the characters are different people. They were never intended to be the same people.

But Mitchel and Aidan both have some weird thing about their hair. What's up with Vampires and hairstyles?

I urge you to watch the BBC version.

PB_and_Bacon8 karma

I enjoyed your work in Smallville, am loving your portrayal of Aidan in Being Human, but was disappointed your character's background in The Walking Dead wasn't expanded on as planned.

With your involvement in the Star Wars games and animated series and your love for the franchise, do you see yourself having any kind of role in the new trilogy? What roles have you passed on that you which you hadn't?

SWitwer21 karma

I would do Star Wars for free. Talk to JJ. I'll mow his lawn.

I've never passed on a role that I wish I hadn't. I have had to miss out on roles offered to me because of availability. Some of those roles were leads on big shows. not classy to say which.

thelionwalker128 karma

Who is your favorite superhero and why PS what are your favorite storylines?

SWitwer19 karma

Batman. I remember being blown away by Dark Knight Returns and the Killing Joke when I was like 12 or something. Oh, Arkham Asylum too!

myuglyapple8 karma

Hi Sam! How much fun was it doing your cameo on the pilot of "The Walking Dead"? I wish we could've seen the backstory as Frank had planned, but anyway are you working with Frank Darabont on anything else in the future? I hear he's writing the new Godzilla movie, would you be up for a role in that if offered?

SWitwer14 karma

Frank and I have been trying to work together since the Mist. Availability has been a real issue. We are close friends and hang out often enough, and we'd really like to make it happen. We will one day.

Gozilla? I wanna play Mothra.

Oraukk8 karma

How did you feel about the decision to play Darth Maul after he was controversially resurrected? I must say I was not happy he was coming back but you've really him new life, and this past story arc was incredible. So I have to say excellent job!

You're a pleasure to watch. I also saw an interview about the scene you were supposed to get in the Walking Dead. That would have been incredible. Any idea if something like that will happen or with Darabont gone is it unlikely?

And lastly, any plans for a third Force Unleashed game?

SWitwer14 karma

I was intimidated by the challenge as far as bring maul back, but i believed in the story, I believed in Dave Filoni, and we worked hard to arc out the character. The episode we just aired, "Lawless"... We planned for that all the way back to Spider Maul... so if you watch all the Maul eps together, you will see a satisfying character evolution.. or so i hope, anyways.

Walking Dead. I'd say no chance. Darabont's not there, and I'm certain AMC has black balled me since I publicly expressed my sadness and opinion of what happened. ... So zero. In fact, very little chance I'll ever be invited to be on an AMC show. But that's ok. I knew that would happen and Frank's my friend.

As for Force Unleashed, let Lucasfilm know! However, be understanding because they have to get geared for Ep 7. That's the priority. I think you could see it.. but maybe not right away.

Nursedave19708 karma

What Up Sam, I am a Big BeingHuman Fan. Your are an awesome actor and love Aiden, one of the best vampires on TV. Just wanted to say ,Love ths show,and Aiden kicks ASS . Will be watching tonight!!!!

SWitwer11 karma

Tonight's a very good episode. i hope you enjoy!

bitbee8 karma

What can you tell us of Darth Maul's fate without making Dave mad? Or can you just PM me what happens? :D

SWitwer27 karma

What can I tell you about his fate? Funny, Dave and I just talked about that today.

hmm... boy... that was a good conversation.

I mean, I enjoyed it. I was very happy with what he said.


...I'm sorry, what was the question? You're breaking up.

bazutti8 karma

Being Human is a great show and I look forward to watching it each week!

1) If you could choose any role in a movie that's been made to portray, which one do you think you would have been the best fit for? 2) On any given Saturday night, what are you doing? 3) I saw you on TableTop. What's your favorite games to GM?

SWitwer11 karma

1) I wanna do character pieces. I'm a character actor. I've never been rewarded for just playing myself.
2) Hanging with friends watching a movie. 3)C&C and Star Wars

thatoneguy8897 karma

Have you ever gone overboard in the recording studio? I saw a behind the scenes featurette where you were recording some of your first lines as Darth Maul with Clancy Brown and he looked at you like you were crazy.

SWitwer8 karma

i ALWAYS go overboard in the recording studio.

And they video tape that stuff and hand it to the animators.. gives em a good jumping off point for their brilliant work.

...And BOY do they make me look good.

KingAtomos7 karma

Hello Sam! I'm a big fan of your work on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I finally got caught up with Being Human and have become quite a huge fan for the show! My question for you is what has been the most fun role you've done so far, and What is it like to do both Live action and Voice acting?

SWitwer9 karma

See above.

I'll speak about the Star Wars stuff.. I cannot express what it's like to be able to contribute to a mythology that you've loved since childhood. ...And also to test out your acting theories on that mythology.

The guy who played Proxy is David Collins, one of my best friends.

TFU was like showing up to work every day with your friends and getting to make your own Star Wars. It was an extremely happy time.

Lohlein7 karma

I must say I do enjoy your work. Thanks for playing the Aiden so well in Being Human. Speaking of which, I know that you have stated that you haven't watched the original series so that you don't influence your portrayal of the lead vampire on the show. However since Mitchell has passed on in the original and has been gone for a season, will you start watching the new season? Also is there any chance that the actors of the original series will be appearing on SyFy's version of it? Lastly, how do you deal with the internal struggle of being both a Sith Lord, & a Jedi Knight? Okay, I lied one last question. Which character do you enjoy voice acting for more, StarKiller or Darth Maul?

SWitwer12 karma

I didn't watch the BBC when I was shooting the first season of Being Human. I did this because I wanted to make sure Aidan was my own. Once first season wrapped, I watched 3 seasons in a row of the BBC... so worry not. Watching season 4 now. I even bought my cast the box sets.

As for crossover, ask Toby Whithouse.

Internal struggle is always mitigated by payment ;)

Starkiller or Maul? That's tough. I love them both... cannot choose. I will say, it's nice to be a defining Darth on a show that is defining Star Wars for a new generation of fans.

Zombiekill207 karma

My best friend and I are addicted to Being Human. It's one of the best shows on tv.

SWitwer9 karma

Your friend and you are awesome and I will tell you that we are the most proud of this season as any work we've ever done.

Zaphod3427 karma


SWitwer27 karma

I know.

::lowered into carbonite::

a_perfect_tool7 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA Sam!

How would you describe The Crashtones to someone who has never heard them before?

And also, have any advice for someone who wants a make a living in the entertainment business?

SWitwer14 karma

James Brown+Mike Patton+Peter Gabriel+Incubus+Red Hot Chilli Peppers= Crashtones.

Advice? Study up, know your stuff, train, and then launch and don't give up!

ho-phelia7 karma


SWitwer13 karma

I couldn't begin to guess...

But I will try to gather blackmail material on JJ Abrams and then I'll have more info for you.

firestepher6 karma

Hi Sam, I've noticed that a lot of the shows/films you appear in are SciFi/Horror based. Do you seek out those roles purposefully because you enjoy SciFi/Horror??

BTW I saw TableTop this past week. Awesome you like RPGs and are a DM. How's the "MULLET"?

SWitwer11 karma

Mullet's fine.

As for seeking out roles, not so much. If a script shows up and it's good, I'm interested. If the ideas are good, I'm interested.

It's just that the stuff I've done that's been most successful so far has been the genre stuff... and hey, I'm a FAN, so that works!

EVERYONE! THANKS so much for all the thoughtful questions... This AMA was a lot bigger than anticipated so thanks for your patience as well. I do hope you enjoy our new Episode tonight, 9/8C on Syfy. ... Oh, and Clone Wars.. the stuff coming is AWESOME.

Thanks for all your kind and loyal support. Love you guys. Sam

seanzyf6 karma

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, and your choice is between dill pickles or radishes. What would you eat?

SWitwer23 karma

Dill Pickles. Pickles are like green bananas that tastle different.

They can also be a deadly weapon when thrown with accuracy.

Agiliste6 karma

Happy Monday, Sam :) Thanks for popping on Reddit for this AMA!

Is is difficult to manage all the scheduling for your different roles/appearances?

How has your rising star on TV affected your music/band? Is it easier to get gigs? Harder?

TY :)

SWitwer13 karma

Oh boy. Scheduling. I've missed out on some great roles because of it. And I don't mean auditions, I mean great roles that have been tossed my way.

But it's a GOOD problem to have. Means you're busy.

Work has affected the band adversely. I have a half finished album crying out for my attention. But I haven not had the time to bear down and finish it.

As for gigs, somewhat easier. But things can always change in this business. We'll see how things are going once I'm released from my obligations on Being Human... whenever that will be ...Let's cross our fingers!

JafffaCake6 karma

When you first got hired for being human how worried/cautious were you about doing a "remake" of a still running series? Also whose idea was it to name you the same name as the actor who played the vampire on the British series?

Thanks for all the work you do, I enjoy all the work you do.

SWitwer9 karma

We were worried enough to stay away from watch the BBC series while we did season 1.

As for the names... They weren't aware of Aidan Turner's name... then when they found out, they were like, "Oh, well, I guess it was meant to be..."

Another funny story... There's a character coming up in some episodes... Her name was "Kat Mitchell"....

I asked our show runner..."Ok.. so... you're aware, right? Kat Mitchell?"

Anna "What do you mean?"

Anna stays away from watching the BBC because she HAS to. She has to write this stuff and make it original much how we stayed away from watching in our first season. And yes... once she realized, she changed Kat's name ;)

ZechariahDH6 karma

Update on The Crashtones will you just release something? Or just make a video of you playing "Alone" or "Black Dress" acoustic please?

SWitwer8 karma

I'll see what I can do!

Blink182ismeh6 karma

What was it like being a Star Wars character!? Any talk of completing the Force Unleashed trilogy?

SWitwer10 karma


And there's been talk, sure.. but we must let Disney/Lucasfilm do what they must!

odywho6 karma

Did you start laughing as soon as Wil Wheaton touched the dice on Tabletop or did you respectfully wait until he rolled horribly to start laughing?

SWitwer12 karma

i felt nothing but sympathy and pity for that poor bastard.

He was a worthless defender of our group.. but then, so was my character.

brooklynaire6 karma

Hi Sam! Was there a particular role that you auditioned for that you really, REALLY wanted but didn't get? If so, what was it?

SWitwer6 karma

Um... Wow. Can't really think of one.

Uhhh..... OH! ... Bones. I auditioned for Bones. I was too young for it, but I'm told my audition was good enough to make it in front of JJ.

I daresay I did a good cross between my own speech and DeForest Kelly's.

Beleth0276 karma

How awesome was it to play Dragon Age on TableTop?

How did you get invited to play on the show?

Whats something you do that you consider to be a bad habit?

You do great work, keep it up!

SWitwer6 karma

Dragon Age is a really good system. Try it out.

Wil Wheaton asked me to come on and play. Weird to get to know that guy a little bit. I was such a huge fan when i was a kid.

Bad habit. i can be messy. Not dirty... that's a different thing.

KilroyLeges5 karma

Sam, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan of Being Human. I have to admit that I've lost track of the Clone Wars lately. I miss BSG but all good things have to end :) I've noticed that Being Human does a great job of having its own twists on all things supernatural, however, I've noticed that it seems to pull from various sources. For example, a lot of the structure of the society among the Vampires seems similar to the White Wolf world. I was wondering if you did much reading of sci fi / fantasy stuff before taking the role or did much gaming and had any favorite sources or influences that help you approach the role.

SWitwer11 karma

Funny. I know OF the White Wolf world, but don't know it.

What I look at it as... Well.. I play a drug addict. Plain and simple.

This year there are undertones of Aidan being a soldier who's been in a terrible war who is now trying to acclimate to civilian life.

But mostly, ya know, it's the hair and the cool leather jacket. He's Fonzie.

...If Fonzie were a drug addict/serial murderer.

PodkayneOfMars5 karma

Sam, you are amazing in anything you do. When you saw the final cut of The Mist, did you cheer at the fate of Marcia Gay Harden's character? The theater I was in straight-up applauded. I know your job is to pretend to be one thing when the reality is otherwise, but is it hard to interact with other actors whose characters are simply so repulsive or evil?

Oh, and I posted a pic of you in r/ladyboners a week or two ago. Swoon!

SWitwer8 karma

It was just an honor to work with her. I respect her greatly as an actress. And I was just happy that I had the responsibility of taking what was a fun monster movie and changing the tone of it to where it became less fun and more a serious commentary... a thematic turn.. trojan horse stuff.

As for repulsive and evil, I've played my share. Often times those characters are played by the more decent and wonderful people you could ever meet.

acertainsaint5 karma

What is your favorite part about playing a vampire on Being Human?

SWitwer8 karma

How difficult it all is.

And the leather jacket.

Ya know, some people suggested we lose the jacket or change it.

I said,

  1. Where's he gonna get the money to have a new wardrobe? He's ain't rich.

  2. While we're at it, why don't we change Indiana Jone's hat.. ya know.. cuz it's been done.

  3. No! The jacket stays.

almighty_smiley5 karma

Of all the characters you've played across all mediums, what has been your absolute favorite? Why?

SWitwer6 karma

Aidan has easily been the most challenging with the biggest range. ...and I didn't know how the hell to do half the stuff I'm expected to do when I arrived on set.

How do you play it absolutely straight and for drama while still allowing it to be funny? Could I lean into the joke and push it? Yes... but that would have made it campy. Play it totally straight AND funny? ...Fun to learn that.

And all the flashbacks. I have to invent a new character each time... and with NO time. That's challenging. New talk, new walk, new everything.

AbsurdSax5 karma

Could you explain your experience working on the set of Dexter?

SWitwer6 karma

I wanted that gig. I wanted it bad. Up until then I'd only been allowed to play thugs and bullish characters. Dexter hadn't aired yet. All I knew is that wanted a squirrelly computer nerd.

I put on loose clothes, changed my posture quite a bit, and bought glasses. I was the largest guy auditioning for the roll so I tried to diminish my size quite a bit.

Fast forward to I'm on the set, I eventually get the next few scripts, and I find out my character becomes Kevin Spacey from Seven... I was thrilled.

joshwal5 karma

Hi Sam, big fan of Being Human, especially season 3.

Is it hard to be on multiple shows at once? Have you ever had to choose which show got more of your time?

SWitwer9 karma

You just do your best with scheduling. Sometimes that involves asking the producers for favors.

Or blackmail.

or just plain old fashioned threats.

AMA_requester5 karma

If you had the opportunity to partake in Smallville's final season, would you have? What was your experience like on the show?

SWitwer8 karma

Really nice people. Tom Welling is like 7 foot 4!

OpTHOMASprime4 karma

three questions would you rather spit fire or be able to breathe under water? describe your perfect date? and can i have an autograph?

SWitwer17 karma

breath under water. I've dreamed about that actually. ...And then you don't have to drown.

Perfect Date.. Um.. Steak and video games? ...And wine? On a beach at sunset? On top of an abandoned temple full of hidden treasure? While playing my guitar and singing to her? Maybe?

Yes, of course.

Mr_Wilcox4 karma

Have you been contacted concerning a last The Force Unleashed game?

SWitwer8 karma

Not as of yet, sir! Always in motion is the future

dboy9994 karma

the Mist was awesome, being human is a cool ass show and the force unleashed is one of my favorite games.

but youre favorite role youve done was the tank zombie in the walking dead. i swear for months it was "wasnt that the one guy from the force unleashed?!" And finally i read online that it was

no question, just keep doin awesome stuff please!

SWitwer5 karma

I will continue to do stuff that i hope you will judge as awesome.

sandsss4 karma

Rumor has it you're quite the gamer. What are your favorite games and what are you playing right now?

SWitwer5 karma

I love the Thief series...

I heard a rumor they were doing Thief 4... I sure hope that ends up being true.

The Bethesda games are amazing...

Oh, and the old Fallout 1 and 2

completemale3 karma

Sam: If i was in front of you i would take a bow man! I dont watch alot of TV but you and your characters are riviting. They nailed it right on the stake. The cast of Being Human....... awesome team, but ultimately i could watch an entire show just of your character and history! Then I find out your Darth Maul....(Holy Shit)! Right on! Now your talking Walking Dead? How does one manage to fit all this in? I cant imagine that it doesnt complicate remembering lines and what role your in at the moment. Can you recall an out-take when this happened?

SWitwer3 karma

I wish they would release our bloopers.

Actually, they do on Syfy's app.. the Sync section. if you watch the show live, you can use the Sync function to bring up all this cool data and show info... and deleted scenes and out takes.

There was a really great flashback scene between Henry and I in the last ep that was cut. It was the most "Bishop" I'd ever been.

I myself suggested they cut it, but I do LIKE the scene. I like being Bishop.

Herff3 karma

Three questions for you.

  1. You guys seem to have a lot of fun on Being Human. What is the general atmosphere like on the set? Does everyone get along pretty well behind the scenes? Who do you enjoy working with the most?

  2. Along the lines of question 1, do you guys ever improvise scenes or is the show pretty heavily scripted?

  3. What future projects are you most excited about?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

SWitwer6 karma

  1. All 3 of them. LOVE them.

  2. We are given some free reign, but the thing is, the scripts are good... So we add stuff when we really feel strongly that we can make it better... otherwise, we got solid material.

  3. I cannot say! Secrets!

belvetine3 karma

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

SWitwer7 karma

Flying dude!

koax1173 karma

I'm a huge fan of your work Sam. You play some really believable characters (Starkiller and Aidan for example). Something that cannot be said for some other actors all the time. What do you do to get into the mindset of your role? When playing Aidan what do you do to get into his head?

Also, is there any possibility for a third Force Unleashed game? Or you trying to make it into episode 7 for star wars? I'm always excited to see you in stuff, keep up the awesome work man!

SWitwer6 karma

You have to create a real world for these characters.. and you have to recreate that world depending on where they are and (most importantly) WHO they're talking to.

Talk to Lucasfilm and see above my friend.

The force will be with you, always.

patchesmalone103 karma

Your Darth Maul on The Clone Wars is awesome. I was just wondering how the sale of Star Wars to Disney has effected your work with Star Wars? Are you going to have to tone down the darkness of the show?

SWitwer5 karma

Always in motion is the future.

It's all too early to tell, and the Clone Wars folk... We recorded the Maul stuff a year ago, so they're already working on stuff way ahead.

Any adjustments would take a while to see on tv.

Brooklyn7273 karma


SWitwer2 karma

1) you have to meditate on some pretty awful stuff. He's a lonely guy, in the middle of unimaginable crisis. The key thing with Aidan's character... he never tells anyone the truth.

"Aidan, how are you?"

"I'm fine," he says.

The fun for the audience is seeing the cracks in the facade and discovering his true subtext.. which is coming in a big way. Season 3 is pretty exciting.

  1. The Mist, because I was working with a legendary film maker. Being Human because of the varied responsibilities I have as an actor... comedy/drama/period pieces... Star Wars.. because that's a lot of fans I don't wanna piss off.

JayPunk273 karma

Hi Sam, big fan here. I loved you in 'Smallville' and the 'Force Unleashed' series. I just wanted to stop by and say hey, as far as a question, I'd like to know which of your characters you like playing the most, and how you get into that role. Also, who do you think would win in a lightsaber duel, Darth Maul or StarKiller? My money is on StarKiller. Thanks, man!

SWitwer7 karma

Oo... Maul or Starkiller.

Funny enough, in Force Unleashed, Proxy "becomes" Maul and they fight it out. Never would I have guessed that I would play both characters.

But hey! Let's go with Starkiller because I have a tremendous ego.

detectiveriggsboson2 karma

I'm a huge Smallville fan, and when they announced that for season 8, they were going with the villain Doomsday, I thought it was terrible. Then they cast you, and, having seen you in Dexter, was very impressed with the "get" the show got. You showed up in season 8 and just nailed every episode you were in.

Sorry that I don't have a question. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your performance in Smallville.

SWitwer5 karma

you're awesome!

hkhanes2 karma

Did you have to gain/lose any weight to play the part of super ripped vampire?

SWitwer3 karma

This year I lost a lot of weight, grew out my hair and grew a beard.

... Yeah. I try to keep Aidan on the skinny side. He's a junky after all...!

AmyzonWarrior2 karma

I was so excited to see you were doing this AMA! 1. Ghost or warewolf? 2. What are you hoping to see in episodes 7 and beyond with Star Wars?

SWitwer3 karma

Garewolf... a ghost werewolf... that flies a helicopter like on Airwolf.

Ep 7? I want personality, humor, and lighstabers! Oh, and i'd like to see jedi master Luke Skywalker.

Kolbitos2 karma

I totally know who you are! I dig all the stuff you do man. Especially your recent work as Maul. Its stellar. I have to say, that shot where Maul grabs Pre Visla's black sword and holds it in front of his face at the end of their duel is amazing. I paused it and watched it over a few times. Your voice just lends so well towards his character.

Which has been your favorite script to act out of everything you've done?

SWitwer3 karma

I thought the Mist was a pretty damned fine script.

...Funny enough, it was NEAR perfect when we shot it.

Frank had this whole opening where we SEE the experiment that creates the Mist. Andre Bauer and myself approached Frank and suggested, "Hey dude.. Maybe you don't need it. Isn't the fun of it NOT knowing what the Mist is?"

He cut it.

Then it was a perfect script.