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is an American actor and musician. He has appeared in individual episodes of numerous television shows as well as minor recurring characters in shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Dexter.

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Haha! I suppose that would be JJ Abrams...but make sure you leave him alive. We need him.
Oh, and I appreciate the vote of confidence.

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First year it was this minty, toothpasty type stuff. I drank bags of that crap!

Second year, they were so excited. "We've made a break thru! Try this! It's fruit juice with food coloring!"

"What do you think Sam?"


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My name is Sam Witwer (I've tweeted for verification here @SamWitwer) and I am an actor, musician and singer. I play Aidan, a vampire, on “Being Human” which airs on Syfy. I am also the voice of Darth Maul on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and portray StarKiller in the “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” video games. I’ve been on “Battlestar Galactica,” “Smallville” and “Dexter” and starred in Frank Darabont’s “The Mist.” My band is called The Crashtones. This is my first AMA and I’m really looking forward to answering your questions on February 4th at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET.

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Big time.

All my buddies I grew up with, we all play once a year for like a week straight. We rent a house and just go nuts. I'm generally GM.

I love that you called him William Wheaton.

Funny story about that guy. I met him when I was like 9 and a HUGE TNG fan. He was so cool to me and my little brother and it was one of the defining moments that made me think about being an actor.

He's a cool cat.

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Dream come true, man.

It was all about research. Haden Blackman says, "hey, this story takes place close to the original Star Wars."

So I think, "Ok. Time to figure that out. That was a different time in film making, the 70s. Bigger frames. Not a lot of closeups in that movie. BIG personalities that fill those big frames."

Then you go a little deeper and watch what Lucas watched. 1940s movies. The Killing. Casablanca. Double Indemnity. You learn WHY George Lucas always said to his actors "Faster, More Intense"... because that's the pace of those 1940s movies.

Then you watch Buster Crabbe in those original Flash Gordon serials and realize, ok... this is all about fun and charm. it's an expensive B movie but with this mythological underpinning.

...I could go on, but what it comes down to is this. Star Wars acting. Speak fast. Speak loud. When you speak about the force, neutralize your american dialect a bit and use your theater training to make the force feel timeless and bigger than life.

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Huge Star Wars fan.

My favorite thing? Luke Skywalker. And Mark Hamill's performance.

He doesn't get the credit he deserves sometimes, but I wanna put this out there. WHEN in any single moment in any Star Wars movie do you look at Luke Skywalker and NOT understand EXACTLY what he's going through. And he changes. He grows up! He starts as a dork and becomes a man! It's a really well executed character.

So well executed, in fact, that we've been looking for a new Luke Skywalker icon ever since and we haven't quite gotten it right! I mean, hey.. Frodo... Cool. Bilbo.. great! They ain't no Luke.

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Wow! That's a really great question. Although I certainly don't know for sure, my instinct is he might have been part of Gaeta's mutiny. I found it to be a super reasonable reaction to all that Cylon collaboration that had been happening. I mean, Cylons were responsible for the deaths of billions. Literally billions. So yeah... I just find that Battlestar Galactica does good vs good better than anyone.

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I never blinked once. Ask Frank Darabont.

It was like this... ............................................................ .......................

::3 minutes later:: CUT!

::Gasp for air. Blink your eyes out::

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Welllll... The dark side of the force is a pathway to MANY abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Can I say both?

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Well...! One never knows! I will say that there is a great affection and love between the characters. I will also say that Meaghan Rath and I have some really great, sometimes very funny scenes together this year. The rest? You're gonna have to wait and see. But certainly don't expect the same TYPE of relationship as Mitchell and Annie. If a romance develops, it will indeed be different.