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Does sliding some cash along with the credit card at check in, really help get an upgraded room?

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Sometimes. Our hotel policy is you can not accept bribes for an upgrade, some hotels may be different. If I catch someone accepting bribes, it is an immediate note to file. HOWEVER, if someone is bribing for an upgrade, and I will be upgrading people later that night as a result of availability, I would much rather someone get a pay-out than give it to some ungrateful cock who will bitch later on.

Additionally, if someone slips me a $20, I may not be able to get them a suite, but I can get them into a nicer deluxe room, or I will try and find a room with a great view.


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That sounds like a double standard. You'll write people up for accepting bribes, but you'd take them and encourage the practice?

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If we have it available to sell, and I will not be upgrading them at no charge, it's a write up. If we're going to be getting rid of them at the end of the day, I would rather someone get the cash. This usually only happens at night.

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When I worked in hotels we'd occasionally get to keep random stuff people had left behind and not claimed. My questions are: what's the most random item of lost property you've come across, was it claimed, and who by?

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That is a better question to be directed to housekeeping, however, I did hear one GRA (Guest Room Attendant), found an expensive diamond ring. I'm not sure of the value, but I heard it was above 7k.

As for me personally, I once turned in a pair of ray-bans and got to take that home.

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As for me personally, I once turned in a pair of ray-bans and got to take that home.

...and the owner of those Ray-bans had to deal with it.

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He had the opportunity to claim them. In fact, he had 60 days.

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that seems crazy. I would expect the hotel to call the last few people that were in the room - did they?

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The item was left in the lobby and I turned it in.

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Ive worked at a small hotel in the Boston area for about two years now. All shifts, front desk, and housekeeping. Everyone tells me to get a job at a "nice" hotel and start making "big bucks". I want to know if there really is a different in clientele. In vegas are you getting huge tips and great benefits? Able to make a comfortable living working there? Also, what's your go-to crazy story when people ask? I know we've all got them. There's quite a few guests I know I'll never forget.

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The pay in Vegas is low compared to other cities, mostly because of UNLV down the road. However, the experience is unmatched, and the cost of living is dirt cheap. The tipped positions (dealers, doormen, bell men) are where the real money is at.

My health insurance package is bar-none. I pay $40 a month, with a $7 co-pay.

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You say "the experience is unmatched". What kinds of things do you get to see on your day to day that aren't the norm anywhere else. I've never been to Vegas btw and work here for the most part is extremely boring. I'm at work right now, only checked two people out all morning. I'm guessing you have too many crazy stories to pick just one btw haha.

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I have over 4000+ rooms in my hotel, plus events, conventions etc.. I'll have check-in days where we have 2500 rooms in, 2000 out. (busy days!) If you successfully manage a hotel with that kind of volume, a smaller 200-300 unit hotel is nothing.

As far as crazy stories, I won't go into too much details, but I had a guest attempt to jump out of a window (double paned glass by the way), by throwing a heavy granite table out. He was hopped up on coke and PCP.

AdaptAsap3 karma

Haha nice one! I've had a fighting married couple smash out the window above our main entrance, luckily there wasn't anyone walking by atm. And WOW that is a massive departure list in the morning! I bet the days usually go by quick! How many FDSRs work the desk at a time? How long have you worked in the business? Thanks btw, really cool seeing this AMA.

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We have anywhere from 2 (graveyard) to 20 agents. We have 2-4 managers, and one Assistant Hotel Manager. an AHM reports to a HM, who reports to a director.

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Which celebrities have you met? Who was nice, and who was a dick?

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The list can go on for days. My favorite is Ken Jeong (from the Hangover). Funniest guy I've ever met, tipped every employee he made contact with. P Diddy is the biggest dick.

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Can you elaborate on the P Diddy part?

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He's the typical celebrity that feels he's on top of the world. Doesn't tip any of the bellman, servers. etc..

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He doesn't have an accent.

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I'm planning a bachelor party soon. What is the best/most cost effective vector to get about 15-20 people lodging in your hotel? Thanks for the AMA

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Look into a lower end hotel that won't mind partying. Have some people chip in for a huge suite, (maybe $400 a night) to be used as a sleeping room, as well as a party room. Check with leisure sales or VIP services and see what they may able to do.

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Book at package deal. I've been to Vegas quite a few times and the most I've paid was roughly $600 a person for 4 nights. That was at vdara. A very nice hotel. I've gotten great deals with tropicana. $450 each for 4 nights. All packages include flight. (Flight is usually $4-$500 from the east coast). Also got a free upgrade to a suite at the trop. All I did was jokingly ask. A smile and a good attitude will get you far with comps.

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What this guy said. Look for packages online/call center.

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Is your hotel pager friendly?

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Go die.

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Yes, I'm looking for a guest. His name is Heroin. Do you know where I can find him?

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All of us hate that movie... Plus the Hangover. The real Caesars' doesn't live here...

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I'm guessing you occasionally have to deal with extremely rude people. If you had to give an 'Asshat customer of the year' award to one of your patrons who would spring to mind?

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I had one guest who tried charging a $200 bottle of Cognac to his room. I get a call from Room Service to open up charges. I noticed his MOP (method of payment) was declined, had charged incidentals to his room and he still owed 1 nt room + tax. I called the guest in the room explaining the situation, and that he would need to provide a new MOP. The guest responded with a big "FUCK YOU." after about a 3 minute conversation of me being nice, explaining the situation, the guest responded with another "FUCK YOU, IF YOU WANT THE FUCKING MONEY, COME TO MY FUCKING ROOM!"

OK, I will!

I notified my Assistant Hotel Manager, the both of us went to the room with security (2 supervisors who, plus another 4 officers.) The guest acted the same in person as he did over the phone, explaining that it's out problem we didn't monitor his bill. He ended the conversation with a "Fuck you! The only fucking reason you're here is because I'm black!" At that point we were both done with him. Guest was removed from the property.

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Wow that's pretty fricking rude. Thanks for answering again.

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Some people are just rude people.

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not that i condone rude behavior or anything, but because this man was such a dick and got thrown out AND his MOP was declined, did he essentially the the night free of charge?

loldanny9133 karma

He had the option of paying for last night, plus this night or security will place him under arrest while waiting for Metro. He paid in cash.

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Do prostitutes just roam around your hotel? My one trip to Vegas I was shocked they were fairly prevalent at my hotel 'HardRock' and at first I was nieve enough to talk to a cute 20yo for about a half hour before realizing I'd been acting like a noob and basically got super awkward and ran off.

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Prostitutes do. We have Metro (police) and their vice unit conduct stings. There's really nothing you can do. Spit in Vegas and you'll probably hit a hooker.

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What was the highest tip you ever got and why?

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$200. Oil rich Saudi. Overall, good service.

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How likely is it to get a room upgrade and what do I have to say to get one?

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Comp upgrades are usually rare. If you want to get a comp upgrade, the best chance is checking in late at night when a hotel is sold out. All hotels overbook.

I've comped people's suites if they are 1 or 2 nights from the most basic, to our corner suites because we were overbooked on the standard suites.

I had a two night reservation coming in, at a rate of $125/nt in our smallest room. As a result of availability, I upgraded them to a $1000/nt suite. This is not a guaranteed way to get an upgrade, and you do run the risk of being on the 1st floor, facing a the pissing hobo, but at the same time, you can also be on the 28th floor in a penthouse suite.

Additionally, ask for an upgrade. The worst case scenario, you don't get one. If you are willing to pay, we are willing to help. When I was just front desk, I had an agent who was pulling in $70-75k a year as a result of upsells.

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What are the worst type of customers?

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Cheap, always ask for free stuff, never willing to pay, continue to press the issues, and will argue and fish for compensation.

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Dot, or feather?

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What is the weirdest request you got from a costumer?

loldanny91313 karma

Hookers or drugs.

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What's the most destroyed you've found a room when the residents had left?

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I had one guest who was assigned a non-smoking room, called down for an ash tray and we would not send one up. When housekeeping found the room, the guest used all of his furniture as an ash tray. There was cigarette burns on the couches, nightstands, bed, chairs, carpets. The only place I couldn't find a cigarette burn was the granite in the kitchen, and mirror on the wall....

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I also work for a large hotel chain in Vegas (and at the front desk). And the worst one I had was a couple months ago. Some guy spread fecal matter all over everything in the room... Literally, everything. I think it was about $4000 - $6000 in damages we charged his credit card.

loldanny9137 karma

That's just nasty...

headfullofuselessnes2 karma

How can they get away with destruction to property?

loldanny91312 karma

If it's minor wear and tear, or something that was an accident, we will usually wave the damage fee. If you destroy property, you make me work harder, and the people around me have to do more work. I will charge you.

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So you charged his defiant ass, right?

loldanny9132 karma

Of course. A couple thousand.

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Whats the most hotel property you have had stolen out of a room?

loldanny9138 karma

I have never stolen property from a room.

Chuckwp7 karma

Sorry I should re-phrase. What is the most a guest has stolen from the room in one stay(even if it was over a few days).

loldanny9137 karma

Hmm... I've seen shower curtains go missing, linens, towels, glasses. There's is nothing small of extreme value.

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What's the largest amount of (illegal) drugs that has been seen by hotel staff in a single location?

loldanny91312 karma

I'm not sure of the largest amount because by the time I was there everything was cleared out.. However, I got a call from security stating they needed someone from hotel operations to the room to do damage assessments. When I got there, half the room was flipped apart. The individual in the room was a known drug dealer and the FBI tracked him down to our hotel.

walrus03 karma

It seems like trashing your hotel room is an unwise method of avoiding encounters with the cops if you're a drug dealer... Obviously not one of the more long-term successful ones.

loldanny9136 karma

^ the FBI conducted a search on the room. Nothing was severely damaged, but everything was flipped and thrown around.

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Do those of you who work in Vegas still enjoy all the attractions? I can imagine they might get old after a while...or is it constantly changing enough to keep you entertained?

loldanny91311 karma

It really depends on person to person. I take advantage of the fact that I live in the greatest party city in the world. The Cirque shows are amazing. Yes, I'm burnt out of the Bellagio water show because I've seen it 10943510 times. I only go out to clubs if I get a comped table.

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Hi does it make sense to look at the brands when in the hotel and buy the same bathroom/bedroom appliance/equipment to my home because yours is heavy duty? or do hotels select theirs based on design and price and just keep swapping out the faulty ones?

loldanny9133 karma

We take both quality and quantity into account. It's cheaper to have one item last 10 years, than to replace one item every year. The upfront cost is more expensive, but it comes off your taxes anyway.

TheDragHit4 karma

Where can I smoke weed, since your room windows don't open. Is my best bet making a cardboard tube/dryer sheet rig?

loldanny91311 karma

What we don't see, doesn't affect us.

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Best breakfast item?

loldanny91315 karma


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loldanny9134 karma

Personal favorite, money not being the issue? I would say Cosmopolitan, MGM or Aria.

superbear1 karma


loldanny9132 karma

Honestly, the Cosmo is so new and beautiful. They took everything that's great about all the other hotels, mixed it into an amazing property, and then added Marquee. Their parking structure sucks though...

yukerboy3 karma

What are the top five things you would suggest a person who has never been to Vegas do?

loldanny91311 karma

1) Go to a Cirque show! (Ka or O are two amazing options) 2) Nightlife (Surrender, Marquee, 1OAK are my personal favorites) 3) Dining 4) Gamblng

Honestly, there is so much to do out here. You can shoot a machine gun, take a helicopter tour to the grand canyon/hoover dam. Talk to your concierge, or let me know what your tastes are and I may be able to help you better.

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loldanny9135 karma

To my knowledge, no.

comoxian2 karma

I seem to have amazing luck getting comp upgrades when I travel by bouncing around hotel to hotel for one night each (where reasonable). This is usually where I can stay within my hotel chain brands.

Why is that one-night stays seem to get me upgrades? Even happened once in Vegas - I got an absolutely amazing suite with overlooking strip & Bellagio fountain.

loldanny9133 karma

Hotels overbook. The one night is so they're not stuck with a 7 night reservation in a suite.

cjsr4c2 karma

My friends are planning a trip to Vegas in late March. Any tips, advice, or fun places to know about?

loldanny9134 karma

Please see above comments. Cirque shows are amazing, and nightlife is at the top in this city. Don't come here without money to spend.

OhShakeThatBear2 karma

Do you limit the number of guests per room, or can I book a decent room, and bring a dozen friends with me no questions asked?

loldanny9134 karma

4 to a room, but if we don't know we cant do anything.

OhShakeThatBear1 karma

Good policy. So have friends take the elevator in groups of 4. Any special reddit discount? Like you just let us know a night you're working and we check in with reddit t-shirts and give you the wink, and you give us room keys to a presidential suite?

Kidding of course, but I won't tell anybody ;)

loldanny9135 karma

I don't care how many people you're bring into the room... I do care if A) It becomes a fire hazard and B) If you start making too much noise and the other guests complain. We've all been 18 once, and we've all gone on road trips with 8 to a room, the fact is, It's my job to ensure safety. If I don't know about it, it's not neglect on my part. Don't Ask Don't Tell!

Biggierob2 karma

As a guy, any suggestions to get into the clubs without standing in line for 9 hours? Thanks for doing this btw. Love Vegas.

loldanny9134 karma

Get some guys and buy a bottle. It will be about $500, but you're not paying admission, and you're not waiting in line. Plus you have liquor, and a place to bring girls.

Citymike2 karma

Absolutely this. Expanding: plan in advance. BEFORE your trip. a great site is http://www.jackcolton.com/ I use it every time I go to vegas. Email the club host. Tell them how many in your group: how many guys, how many girls, and what night you wanna go. s/he will email you the menu and break down all the costs. This gives you ample time to talk to your bros and get money well in advance so there is no issues in the club. Keep in mind the menu wont include tip or tax so budget for that. Plan to tip at least 20% for stellar service.

When the day comes text your host and s/he will meet you outside the night club, they'll bring you over the rope passed everyone, do the usual pat down and walk you to your table (usually with your own waitress and your own bouncer to watch your girls' purses while you party)

And if you think the price is over the top think about it this way

-how much is your time worth (times how many people you have in your group

  • how much does a single drink cost? you usually get a 40oz bottle

  • how much would cover cost for everyone?

Typically its a two bottle minimum on weekends but if you wanna go have a great time with a couple buddies a lot of clubs will hook you up with a single bottle.

loldanny9132 karma

Citymike pretty much just nailed it. A bottle is worth it when you have a big group.

cuteman2 karma

Best way to get a free upgrade? Slip you 100-200? Is that a gamble? Always works? Works best on a younger or male employee?

loldanny9132 karma

It really depends on hotel to hotel. If someone gives me $100, I will to work something out. I may not be able to get a suite ($100 isn't worth my job), but I will try to get a high floor, good view etc..

chicago922 karma

what benefits do you get from working in a hotel?

loldanny9132 karma

hour paid lunch, health benefits, 401k, discounted room rates. I also get departmental benefits (i.e. only our department, not corporate) such as food and beverage comps, free nights etc..

cuteinexecute2 karma

I came here to see if you were one of my co-workers. You're not. Haha!

loldanny9132 karma

I don't think my co-workers know what Reddit is...

iChroma2 karma

Thanks for taking time to be on here and take questions! I've been doing front desk work for about 4 years in a small town, and I really want to make the jump to somewhere much larger, Las Vegas in particular. Any advice on how to proceed and maybe get some work at a larger hotel on the Strip?

loldanny9134 karma

The best way to say it is apply, apply, apply. I did not have any connections with getting into my hotel.

Edit: I may be transferring properties soon. Let me know if you're thinking about making the move, and I'll at least get you an interview.

kleinershit2 karma

Do you have bedbugs?

loldanny9132 karma

Every hotel has bed bugs... PERIOD. I will say though, we take all the steps to eradicate.

bchaney31 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've ever saw on surveillance?

loldanny9135 karma

Fights, sex, sketchy people.

loldanny9131 karma

Fights, sex, sketchy people.

SirPinz1 karma

Can you name some famous people that have stayed at the hotel?

loldanny9132 karma

Without naming names, I've had entire football teams come over, many famous hip hop artists and actors. I've already stated Ken Jeong and P Diddy. I've met Samuel L. Jackson, F. Mayweather, Rascall Flatts, Ceelo Green. I could probably list over 20+ celebs I've met. I don't really get starstruck.

aaronx9871 karma

Is it worth it to work there? And is Vegas losing its draw progressively since you work there. Because some vacation spots don't feel like it after you live and work there.

loldanny9133 karma

I enjoy my job. The pay isn't the best, but the cost of living is cheap, and I have great benefits.

I lived in other US states, and I enjoy Vegas the most. I have the opportunity to do something no matter the time of day, and it's just like any other city when you leave the strip. plus I'm pro-second amendment,and Nevada won't rip my head off for doing so.

AnishSR1 karma

What is the worst customer you had to serve?

loldanny9131 karma

Please see above about my eviction.

I deal with stupid people all the time though.

Smasher12341 karma

Fellow Vegaser here! :D (More like North las Vegas, but same thing.) My mom also works for one of the hotels here (Harrahs) as a housekeeper. She has been insisting that I should apply for Utility in the hotel -- I think that's what she said -- saying that it would be a much better job than the one I have now (only paid about 7.35). What I'd like to ask if she's right in saying that I should really try my best to apply there?

And if she is right, how would I go about doing the best I can to land a beginning position there? (From your experience in your hotel of course, since you probably work in a different hotel.)

Do you see yourself staying in the hotel business much longer, or is this just a stepping stone to something bigger you have planned for yourself?

Do you have any misconceptions that you would like to clear up about your job?

Thanks for doing this AMA also! It's a great pleasure to see another Vegas dude/dudette here. :)

loldanny9131 karma

Hotels have amazing benefits, plus it will pay larger than what you have now.

-It really depends on what you plan on doing. Do you want to stay in the hotel industry, or do you just want to crank out a job, make money and leave? If you want to move on, working in utility may not be the best option. If you just want to make money, do it.

-I am finishing up my B.S. in Hotel Management. I love the industry

Syracuseorange1 karma

Is it busy year round? Or only during certain seasons.

loldanny9131 karma

It's slow in the Fall. January and on is convention travel, followed by Spring Break and then into summer.

sledge071 karma

What kind of discounts do you get for events and such going on?

loldanny9131 karma

All depends on availability.

sledge071 karma

As an employee, do you get to reserve earlier since you'll know most of the time before anybody else?

loldanny9131 karma

Not really. We have to go for it just like everyone else does.

sledge071 karma

I guess in a sense, that makes sense. I guess if you don't mind answering, what kind of salary do you look at yearly?

loldanny9131 karma

To speak in a general span:

Starting wages for Front Desk is low to mid 30s before any tips or upsells are taken into account.

Management starts at high 30s, and on.

sledge071 karma

That's not too bad. I saw earlier where you mentioned that Vegas has a low cost of living. It's very funny that so many people think just because it's the gambling/casino central of America that it must cost millions a year to live there. I have a friend who lives five minutes north of town in a three bedroom house with four acres of land and only paid like.. 115,000 dollars for it? At least it can be said that it's a fairly decent paying job!

loldanny9131 karma

The COL in Vegas is dirt cheap... What I make here is enough to pay for a car, tuition, and housing.. Plus I still have some at the end of the day.. Granted, I'm doing more than mid-high 30s..

kleinershit1 karma

Gross. Do you ever carry any home with you?

loldanny9131 karma

Negative. I'm not in the rooms as much.

PoolGuy9131 karma

Thanks for this! How well can the tipped employees do? How difficult is it to get a position(Bell, Waiter, Vallet) on the strip? I believe the bar-tending gigs are near impossible for an outsider. I've heard they can make six figures. Is this true to the best of your knowledge?

I may have an in through a family member hook-up and am thinking about relocating to Vegas, even if it is just a short-term thing. I probably would try to get a Waiter gig at one of the fine restaurants. I have the resume and maybe the hook-up like I said, and I have the look if there is such a thing.

tl;dr - Is "juice" a real thing? And any and all thoughts on the tipped employees/money in general. Thanks again, I rarely have an opportunity to ask anyone about this.

loldanny9132 karma

-Tipped employees make a lot. It's all about the quantity of people, and when you have hotels going from 2000-5000 rooms, you get the quality

Most tipped positions are unions. To make 60k+ a year, expect to be on the on call list for a while. A day one employee, who works as a doorman can make over 100k a year, while a just hired bell man will maybe break 30k.

HalfMoonSky1 karma

I work a job here in Las Vegas, and simply put how do I get into the hotel and casino business? They say it's a lot of who you know? I work in medical transportation and have been trying to get a better paying job, I'm just at a loss for how people do it! Any advice? My job is basically customer service, but in a different way. Just kinda stuck at my $9.00 per hour, physically demanding job.

loldanny9131 karma

The best advice is apply. I knew no one coming into my job, but I had good experience, and I'm finishing up my bachelors. I applied for over 100+ jobs before I got this one.

HalfMoonSky1 karma

The problem I've been running into is no matter where I apply, how often I call em, who I know I still don't get an.interview. :-\ I bust my rear and hardly miss work but no experience in money exchange has been my downfall. Oh well I s'pose. Thanks for answering, friend.

loldanny9131 karma

Send me your resume. That may be the problem. Attend job fairs, and try to tweek some words around to better your resume.

acumen1011 karma

Hey, housekeeping question for you:

I hear that the bed and the sheets/comforters are barely washed. How often do they get cleaned? Do they change out the mattresses after x amount of years? What does/doesn't get cleaned in the rooms?

Also, thanks for starting the AMA!

loldanny9137 karma

Sheets are changed after every guest. The comforters are not, however, the comforter covers are.

Mattress, I'm not sure about.

All the linens get cleaned, the bathroom is cleaned with enough chemicals to kill a third world country.

zayats0 karma

I used to live in Vegas. Is almost everyone who lives there still a drug addict?

loldanny9131 karma


altarr-1 karma

If you are going to say in world....why dont you just come out and say MGM

loldanny9133 karma

Because of the top 10 largest hotels in the world, 7 of them are in Vegas.