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Mark me down as one of the few who absolutely loves that movie but isn't a stoner.

It was quite fun.

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But it ends up being a Honda civic.

You could pump $120,000 into it and go crazy with the upgrades but why not just buy a Nissan gtr and pocket $10,000+ at that point?

Hell, one could argue that you'd have more luck playing games with the $200-$300 nvidia shield TV box and add on a $700 pc or just drop $1000 and build a microitx pc.

This NUC just doesn't make much sense.

The price is way too high and the gaming capabilities are almost laughable.

The engineering is admirable but the product doesn't seem to fit anywhere.

Exactly what niche are they catering to?

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As for me personally, I once turned in a pair of ray-bans and got to take that home.

...and the owner of those Ray-bans had to deal with it.

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No. It won't. Just watch.

Look at how fast people went from voting EA as the worst company in America (April 2013) to throwing money at them after they announced Mirror's Edge 2 and the new Battlefront.

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I wanted to make a joke :-)