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I am suddenly reminded of the NSA class about cyber magicians and influencing public opinion by hijacking social media. I have difficulty believing Ukraine would willingly ask for USA intervention, knowing what they are capable of. I refuse to let my country become a proxy for the next cold war.

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Since the government shut down direct consular filing at embassies around the world, and now getting a family member immigrant visa has to go through the US offices. Have they hired more people at USCIS to handle this load, or is it just a total shit show now?

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Russia would have no reason to intervene if there was a strong leadership in Ukraine, right now the rest of the world can't tell if there is a legitimate leadership or if radical groups have taken control. Russia would not risk military intervention if there was a strong and united government in Ukraine. The USA has no business butting in, and asking for help only shows how weak and dependent the new leadership is.

Put someone in power who deserves to be in power, not some 40-something year old who sounds as if he is scared to be there. You took Yanukovych down, good, find someone worthy to replace him. Someone that will deal with both Russia and the West without compromising the nation and the pride of the people.

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I used to live in Vegas. Is almost everyone who lives there still a drug addict?