Born and raised in Nevada and a third generation in the industry. I have spent my life learning from and working with some of the founders of the Casino business. My background covers both traditional and Indian casinos throughout the U.S. and some foreign countries. I am here to help people learn about this fascinating business.


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The_First_Drop30 karma

With the knowledge you have about the biz, do you gamble?

casinogm48 karma

Not very often. I have a hard time relaxing in other casinos because I'm always watching the employees and customers (force of habit!). Also, hanging out in a casino is what I do for a living. Doing it on my time off isn't much of a break...

iamaredditer24 karma

What is the most you have seen someone lose at your casino? Most on one hand one and lost?

casinogm55 karma

I have seen some pretty wild amounts change hands over the years. I watched a bacarat game in Vegas as at least million dollars was on the layout every time the cards were dealt. Many years ago when I was a dealer, I took $85,000 from a player in a matter of minutes. That was back when 85K would have bought a huge house! He acted as if he had just lost a nickel...the rich have a different idea of what a lot of money is.

Mackydude16 karma

Another guy did an AMA here, he was a dealer at a casino in Louisiana. How are Vegas casinos different from casinos in different parts of the country and in different countries? Is there a different "culture" about them?

casinogm19 karma

Most definitely! The local laws and cultures can greatly affect a casino's operation. Nevada offers free drinks for players, while other states make players pay for them. Also, if you look at Las Vegas, everyone is somewhat in tune with the industry and its quirks. Employees either know someone or at least have a good idea of the business before even starting work. In other places that don't have that kind of culture, employees have difficulty changing their habits to be able to properly work in the environment. They also have very little chance to walk down the street and watch numerous other operations to get an insight.

Mackydude12 karma

Is there generally competition between casinos? Or is it more like a "we're all in this together" mentality? Many people in this thread have asked about drama between gamblers and casinos, but what about drama between casinos?

casinogm14 karma

There is always competition, but most places don't want the other places to go out of business. We like to compete. It gives us a challenge. At times it can be troublesome, but most places are professional. That doesn't mean there aren't individuals that work for some of these places that just happen to be total jerks! LOL

Mackydude2 karma

Thanks for answering my questions it's been really informative! I wish you luck in your gambling endeavors, friend.

casinogm5 karma

Thanks for the questions and the good wishes! Good luck to you, too!

MrBlackbelt15 karma

Hey thanks for doing the AMA.

I'm 20 now and going to start dealing table games next week actually, was wondering if you had any advice for someone just getting into this type of job/career.

casinogm40 karma

Congratulations! Remember, as a dealer, you are in control of your game. Always follow your procedures and make sure your customers follow the rules. Just don't be an ass about it. Learn to say the words 'I'm sorry' when correcting players. Example: I'm sorry, sir, but you need to keep your hands out of my tray.. Be sure and say it with a smile. Let people see that you are a pleasant professional.

Treat all your players well. Even if they aren't tipping. Non tippers are still bringing business to your casino. That is keeping you employed so that you can have a chance to make tips from other people. Enjoy what you do and always strive to get better and better with your skills. Watch, listen and learn. Although I grew up in the business, my first jobs in a casino were washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms. You will have rough days and great days, but it really is a wonderful life. Good luck!

listos14 karma

Awesome AMA

What is your policy on counting cards? And is the Hollywood style of "its legal but we really don't like it" true?

Which game do you think is most favorable for the player to play?

casinogm24 karma

The ownership of the casino I now run is not comfortable with having counters at their games. Yes, most casinos don't like it, so that part of Hollywood style is correct. My personal opinion is that if people can count, let them. Counting does not guarantee winning. It just helps narrow the already small advantage the house has. The most favorable game is Craps. Players get true odds on the majority of wagers on that game. Besides, its just plain fun!!!

sledge0713 karma

Biggest difference in the way a typical casino runs and awards versus the indian casinos? I know there were an abundance of four things in Washington. Starbucks, Subway, Asians and Indian Casinos.

casinogm16 karma

They actually are pretty much the same. The strong difference between the two is the ownership. Traditional are owned by individuals or corporations. Indian casinos are owned by the Tribal Government. Don't make the common mistake of thinking that all Indian casinos are alike. Each tribe is a sovereign nation and sets its own regulations. Those regs are in line with those set in their Tribal/State Compacts, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act passed by Congress in 1988. The laws governing Indian Gaming are more strict and involved than those governing traditional casinos.

iamaredditer11 karma

What kind of money do you make being a GM of a casino?

casinogm14 karma

It depends on the size of the casino and its level of business. Some tiny casinos don't pay that much. Larger ones can pay a few hundred thousand plus stock options. It can be a very good way to support yourself and a family.

TheNomadStoryTeller11 karma

Ever been robbed?

casinogm21 karma

Yes. Nothing major, though. People have grabbed money from employees or off the table games and run out the door. Had one small casino burglarized once. No armed robberies.

rafyy10 karma

Can you explain how a casino calculates ADT (Average Daily Theoretical...or 'theo') when determining comps? use the example of a player playing blackjack at $100/hand for 4 hours.


casinogm12 karma

Part of that formula must include the house edge on the particular game. It also must include the number of players on the game. The number of games can determine the number of hands that will be played in that hour. A full game will average about 60 hands per hour; a single player can be around 200. So at $100 per hand X 200 hands, there would be $20,000 in action. Multiply that by .65 and theoretically we could see $13000 coming our way.

Now we must also include how much money the customer bought in with. If he started with $100 dollars and kept winning, he could theoretically win the other $7000. Now we have not really won the $13000. We base our comps on that basic formula above and assume that out of that type of play we will have a certain profit margin. Comps are based on a percentage of that win and also taking into account how much buy-in came from that particular customer. Casinos always have to remember not to give too much away in comps, because they have to remain profitable to pay the salaries and other expenses, along with maintaining a strong bankroll to pay all the winners.

rafyy3 karma

Comps are based on a percentage of that win

is that "percentage" top secret? does it vary from casino to casino?

i know you can walk up to a pitboss after you finish playing and ask what they rated you at (ie; avg bet of $100 for 4 hours), can the pitboss (or host) also tell me what percentage of that im entitled to in comps?

reason im asking: if i knew that number, i can then tell if im getting undercomped or overcomped?


casinogm5 karma

Each casino sets its own comp parameters. To give you an idea, if you play your hundred a hand for four hours in a smaller casino with a few tables, you would probably be considered one of their top players. Do the same in a mega resort on the Vegas Strip and you would be treated ok, but you would not be considered a high-roller. Your comp level would be different between the two. The quality of the comp amenities would be much different, too. The small place would comp you to their coffee shop for a decent meal. The restaurant at the resort would probably be of a higher quality. Your comp level can also depend on wether or not you are a pain in the butt! The nicer people get the nicest treatment (except when it comes to the 'whales').

JustGreg9 karma

Do they pump pheromones and or other chemicals in the casino air?

casinogm24 karma

There have been many experiments with this. Some of the larger place have put different systems in, but they aren't meant to 'brainwash' players. The idea is to make the place more comfortable so that players stay longer. We actually pump a hypo-allergenic aroma into the casino to give a very faint, but pleasant atmosphere to the room. Kind of like an air freshened in your home.

ShadyLogic37 karma

Like tossing a breath mint into the Marlboro factory.

fishsauce_1235 karma

Agree - my local casino would have to work much harder than that to hide the smell of smoke and the depressing elderly.

casinogm2 karma

Maybe they should put in dialysis machines... :-)

Ok. Sick humor is a side effect of working in casinos for long periods of time...

willbreeze9 karma

Anyone tried to use their possessions as chips? E.G try and bet their car?

casinogm11 karma

They try, but its not allowed. You can usually find that kind of patron at the bar or in the restroom trying to sell their possessions to other customers so they can get back in action. Casinos don't permit this ( no soliciting) and will tell those people to either stop or leave. Pawn shops do pretty good business....

jinntakk7 karma

Do people really get beaten up in the back for counting cards?

casinogm6 karma

No. Any place or person who does that would lose their gaming license and never be allowed to work in the industry again. It's just not worth it. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen. There are idiots in every industry. They are soon weeded out.

t-cide7 karma

Whats the situation on drugs and gangs within casinos?

casinogm7 karma

Neither should be condoned. Good casinos keep a strong eye out for this type of activity and have a very close relationship with law enforcement. Those that try that kind of stuff at a casino are really STUPID!! Cameras people!!! You can't imagine how many people have been arrested and convicted because of video evidence...

xDiGiiTaLx6 karma

Have you ever caught someone counting cards?

casinogm14 karma

Many times. However, just remember that counting cards is not illegal is most jurisdictions. It is up to the casino as to wether or not they will permit it.

benjelias6 karma

What is your policy regarding card-counters? Do you let is slide if they're pretty much under the radar, and then step in if they start pulling big bucks?

FannyPacksAreUseful9 karma

most times they will try to engage the player in conversation to try and get him to lose the count, then they will do things like start cutting deeper and deeper into the deck (say cutting off 4-5) decks at a time to make the count almost useless, if that doesn't work they can say "ok no more blackjack, play any other game but not blackjack" or tell them they can still play but it has to be from an auto shuffle game where it's impossible to count

casinogm7 karma

FannyPack's comments are true for some casinos, but not all. There are many different ways to deter counters (which are all fair and legal).

Dudewithaviators576 karma

Have you seen the "Ocean's" trilogy? do you think that under the right circumstances, someone could pull off a robbery like that?

casinogm16 karma

No. Fantasy all the way. All movies, tv shows and books that use this as a theme are playing on the idea that casinos are crooked and deserve to be robbed. Nothing can be further from the truth. They are business that are highly regulated and employ thousands of people. The money casinos spend in local economies for products and services employs thousands of others. The fantasy is to 'get the money', to make 'the big score'. You have a better chance of winning the lottery. And there is no jail time for that!

magnetoelectric6 karma

3rd Generation in the biz? Regale us with the kind of tale that ends with "And then DeNiro smashed his hand with a ball-peen hammer."

casinogm12 karma

Well, DeNiro never worked in the business...LOL. I know of a Security Guard and a boss beating a guy with a slot machine handle in a back room. They were both arrested. More of that happened back in the first part of the last century. Some continued on into the 70s and 80s, but those types of people were not very good at running casinos.

HoneyBadger933 karma

the 1960s was when the mob started getting out of the casino business, am I right? I know it was different after the 1970s

casinogm5 karma

Nevada issued the famous 'Black Book' in 1959. That began the removal of the blatant organized crime involvement. They continued to have their fingers in it for some time, but it became harder and harder.

LurkMonster5 karma

Neat IAMA! A few quick questions

(1) With all the video surveillance in casinos do they have a security team which is mostly doing more IT work than "floor" work? (2) How long do you keep surveillance footage backed up, and what medium do you use? Considering the number of 24/7 cameras I was curious.

casinogm6 karma

Some of this I can't reveal for security reasons, but I can give general answers. Surveillance personnel are usually under a separate department from Security. Security are the people who walk the floor; Surveillance are the people who watch on monitors or from 2-way mirrors (somewhat rare these days).

Footage is maintained various lengths of time depending on the level of sensitivity. Each place is different (by choice and regulation). Most modern casinos have gone digital. The quality is better and it takes up much less storage space than video tapes and DVDs. Digital can be kept indefinitely if the right equipment is employed.

Anytime there is a complaint, crime, injury, etc. that requires an investigation, the record is maintained close to forever.

whatthefuxx5 karma

What kind of perks do high rollers get (should they get any at your casinos) that may seem outrageous to the normal person

casinogm16 karma

Again, each casino is different. It may also depend on the regulations in a particular State or other jurisdiction. Flights, rooms, food, liquor are the standards. However, the really big ones can go on shopping sprees in some pretty expensive stores (watches, furs, etc.).

Of course there have been casinos that have offered women (or men), drugs, or other things that may or may not be against the law. Those places usually find themselves in huge trouble, eventually.

dd99935 karma

What's the most someone has won at one of your casinos?

casinogm15 karma

Not counting Megabucks or any of the other wide-area progressive machines...$750,000 on blackjack. I have seen others win more at other casinos where I was either consulting or visiting associates.

Crazycooke4 karma

Whos was the biggest dick of a celeb?...and who was the nicest? truthful :D

casinogm9 karma

You know, its hard to say anyone has really been a dick. Some are more demanding than others, but, when you think about it, they are kind of special. We all want to be entertained by them and expect them to always be at the top of their game. That's a lot of pressure. I find most of them to be just really nice people who have to be 'on' in the public eye. Off stage, they are pretty normal. I think the nicest show business person I ever hung out with was Sam Thompson, Elvis Presley's bodyguard and brother to Linda Thompson.

MandMcounter2 karma

I've met him many times! In the 90's, he became a judge in Shelby Co, TN! At the time, during the summer, I would intern in the clerk's office. I got to meet lots of the judges (and when I said 'many times,' it was just in passing). You're right. He was really nice. My father, who was a sheriff's deputy for many years, thought he was a great guy too!

He's not a celebrity, though, is he? He's distinctive because of his height and at the time he was quite young to be a judge, and I remember asking someone in the clerk's office what the story was with him. Then she told me that he was the sister of Linda, the Hee Haw girl, who had been Elvis's girlfriend and was now a songwriter or something.

casinogm2 karma

Well, he is sort of a celebrity who makes many guest appearances at different Elvis events. Usually as a guest speaker. Celeb? That is in the eye of the beholder, but he is a star in my book.

HoneyBadger932 karma

Do any of the celebs ever bring in big entourages? If the celeb is playing what do the entourage members do? Linger around the tables, drink, or just cause trouble?

casinogm0 karma

Depends on the celeb and the entourage.

sirwolf4 karma

I understand that casinos don't really like the poker rooms. They don't make a lot of money, and take up a lot of space that could be used more profitably.

Is this true?

If so, why do most casinos have rooms?

casinogm8 karma

The profit margin can be quite a struggle with poker. While the house isn't involved in paying winners (that comes from the 'pot') there are costs involved that quickly escalate. Wages, benefits, equipment, cards, etc.. Then you have customers that expect some type of comp or 'freebie'. Remember, the house only takes a small rake off of each pot with a small maximum rake. There can be a ten thousand dollar pot, but the house may only make five bucks out of it. If there are ten players on the game, then each one has only given $.50 to the house. Give that player a free beer and the house will be in the hole about $.25.

Many casinos have them because they only look at how many people they have in their casino instead of the actual money they are or are not making. They HOPE more people will equal lots of money. However, if you have a hundred people who each cost you money to keep them there, then they aren't customers. They are a drain on the profitability. Each house has to determine actual return on investment to see if any game is worth having at their property.

onepurch3 karma

What type of background would someone need to enter into the business at a higher level? (feels like there can be some very good money in this but all of the dealers I come across seem to range from alcoholic / gambling addict to way too crazy so I can't imagine that's where the top people come from)

casinogm6 karma

This is not the type of job that can truly be learned anywhere but inside the casino. The best way is to start at a lower position and spend time working in as many departments as possible. Learning as much as possible along the way. Understanding the psychology of the players, customers and employees is very important. By the way, you're hanging out in the wrong casinos if the dealers are as you described. While there are all types of people who are in the business, most are just regular people working in a very strange environment.

allittakes2223 karma

Will casinos provide drugs and prostitutes to VIP clients? Do the casinos do this themselves? More likely, do they put them in touch with a third party who doesn't officially work for the casino? How much do these contractors make?

casinogm4 karma

This has been known to happen. Not really good business; even using a third party. A Vegas casino was just recently nailed with a $1,000,000 fine because their night club was doing that. The night club was owned and operated by someone else and the employees were not the casino's. Didn't matter. The casino was responsible because it happened on their property.

It does happen and there can be big money involved. It's really a gamble to go down that path. Not worth it.

fatboy4life5673 karma

Is the "house" guaranteed to win?

casinogm13 karma

All casino games have a mathematical probability that leans towards the house winning. Casinos don't have to 'rig' games or 'tighten' machines. There isn't a guarantee, but the odds ARE in the house's favor. Believe it or not, many games have a very minor edge on the player. However, it is that tiny amount multiplied by thousands of people that makes money for a casino.

Mackydude6 karma

In the short-run outcomes are very random. However in the long-run outcomes will almost always be the expected outcome. That's why gambling is so addicting. If someone comes and plays a few games in Vegas and wins a couple thousand dollars, they'll think that this happens every time and they'll come back for more. But casinos see people like this every day. For each guy who wins $1000 there are five who lose $1000. Casinos don't care about the short-term, their eyes are only on the long-term. And eventually, the house will always win.

casinogm4 karma

Except for those houses that aren't run very well. There are quite a few of those. Just look how many have filed bankruptcy or closed....almost always poor ownership/management.

TYPatron2 karma

There is a Casino coming out in my local area called "Margaritaville" and they will be hiring for hundreds of positions. As a full time student going to college how can I better my chances of being hired?

casinogm2 karma

I'm not going to assume that you have ever applied for a job before. That way I won't overlook the little details.

  1. Go in sober. It sounds funny, but I have had many people show up asking for a job when they were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Bad first example.

  2. Go in wearing clothes that fit. Nothing is more ridiculous looking than a person trying to tell us how professional and great they are, yet they are wearing clothes two or three sizes two small or two big for them. If you can't afford to change out the clothes in your closet, go to a local thrift or second hand store and pick up something decent that fits.

  3. Don't show up looking as if you slept in your clothes in the back seat of a 65 Volkswagen. Wrinkled and messy is not a 'cool' look. Iron your clothes!

  4. You may have an individual 'look', but remember that you are asking to represent the owners. Is your 'look' agreeable with them? Maybe that 3 foot high purple Mowhawk is not what they are looking for.

  5. Go in ready to show that you can follow instructions. Its amazing how many people don't follow the instructions on the application. If it says 'print in ink' don't write in cursive. If it says list your work history with the most recent first, don't start with your very first job. If it tells you to explain all periods of unemployment, don't forget to list the month you were out looking for a job.

  6. Don't try to tell them that you know everything about casinos unless you really have worked in casinos for years. Watching 'Casino' over 10 times does not qualify. The things you've heard or seen over the years as a customer are not enough insight to know what you will need to do.

  7. Let them know that you are available to work at their convenience. If you have classes, let them know you will be available as much as possible.

  8. Let them know that you are ready to learn and this is a career path that you are really interested in.

The rest is just up to you. Your personality, communication skills and rational thinking will help determine if you are a viable candidate.

KevKev24842 karma

Do you catch people cheating a lot?

casinogm3 karma

I catch them trying to cheat. That doesn't mean that people don't cheat in casinos. They just don't get a chance to in a well run place.

Maxwyfe2 karma

I plan to visit a casino next week. Any tips to help a lady get really good bar service or a sweet comp?

casinogm2 karma

Be pleasant, don't get drunk, tip you bartenders, cocktail servers, dealers or any other employee who gives you good service. Comps generally come from the level of your play. Some jurisdictions give free drinks to players. Any time you get a comp drink or meal, don't forget to tip the server! P.S. if you are a good looking lady, some bosses will comp you just so you stay around. It's good for business (it encourages male customers to come in and spend more buying drinks for you!). Have fun!

yyx92 karma

How accurate was the movie Casino?

casinogm3 karma

It is a fictional account of some true events. Much of the technical stuff is pretty close, but not always accurate. They mention Al Capone as being in the Black Book. That came out in 1959. Capone died of syphilis in 1947. I'd say they were a little off on that one!

iamaredditer2 karma

Have you had many celebs in your casino? If so who?

casinogm10 karma

Tons. Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, David Hasselhof, Freddy Fender, Jr. Wayne Newton, Greg Adams, George Forman, Judy Tanuta, Cher....the list goes on and more to come. Rock, Country, Comedy, Jazz, etc., etc....

iamaredditer7 karma

How fucking kool was Johnny? Did the Hoff get drunk and crawl around the floor wanting a cheeseburger?

casinogm7 karma

Johnny was the best. He and June were so much fun to be around. No, the Hoff wasn't drunk. :-)

FuckeredUp1 karma

card on right looks like coast casinos

casinogm1 karma

Not giving any clues at this time...but no....

OHeyImBalls1 karma

If I count cards, will you guys kick me out without making money?

casinogm2 karma

It's not the idea of you winning or losing. It's a question of if we want a counter at the game. Bosses that 'sweat' the money (panic because someone is winning) are not good bosses. What I am concerned with is whether or not the game is being played and dealt within the rules. Period. If you buy in for $20 and walk with $1000, great! Just so long as it was honestly won. I like people to win. It's part of the fun of my job. There is nothing like experiencing the joy of a winning customer! Besides, we have to send out winners to get players. If everyone lost, no one would come in our casino.

MonkeyCore1 karma

I love me some craps but here in California the casinos can't use dice, because of some crappy law here. I have a feeling that Nevada has something to do with it. Your thoughts.

casinogm2 karma

Nevada has very little or nothing to do with it. Look no further than the conservative citizens and government officials in your State. By conservative, I mean people who are afraid of something they either don't understand or are silly enough to actually believe the fictional lore about casinos and craps.

I have found that craps is usually frowned upon in various areas because the people who have to regulate the game don't know the game....too bad.

mouait1 karma

How hard is it too catch someone cheating or counting cards?

casinogm2 karma

To me? Very easy. To the average pit boss? I have found over the years that more and more of them have become nothing more that someone doing their best to look good in a suit! It is amazing how many of them act like they know what they are doing, but quite often it's just BS. I do my best to teach everyone in the business as much as possible about the particular job they are doing. There is nothing worse for a person than working in fear of someone finding out just how little they know about their job.

If you are a customer, don't take the chance of doing something improper because you think the boss doesn't know what he is doing. He may not and it could be an act. Even if he doesn't, someone else in the casino probably does.

junkinthetrunk20131 karma

So what is the deal with Victoryland in Alabama and the owner being so defiant against the state police and governor?

casinogm2 karma

I am not privy to all the details, but it boils down to a difference of opinion of what is legal and what isn't. More importantly, however is the issue at the foundation of all controversies surrounding legalized gaming. Some groups think gambling is 'immoral'. This is a religious term. It is a question of who decides just what religious tenants will be supported in society. In the U.S., the idea of separation of church and state is there to prevent any one religion from being the governing force behind our laws. However, political reality forces elected officials to bend with the prevailing wind (or religious group) to remain in office. Public outcries from these groups encourage elected officials to act in manners that don't fit within the ideals laid out in the Constitution. They end up rationalizing their behavior because its "what the people want" or "the polls show that this is the correct course of action".

Victoryland was put in the position of having to stand up against the prevailing wind and state that there beliefs Re just as important, valuable and worthy as those from other groups.

P.S. don't blame the police. They are there to enforce the orders of the elected officials through the laws that were passed. They are often caught in the middle of enforcing a State or local law even though it may be in conflict with the Constitution. They want to keep there jobs, too! These are involved debates that quite often need to go all the way to the Supreme Court. Even then, their decision does not necessarily end the conflict. Look at Roe v. Wade. That one is still raging after 40 years. The casino issue will never truly be settled.

mcma01831 karma

Is it still true that courts of equity refuse to enforce any claims against gambling debt? I read a case a while ago about a minor, 19 year old kid, who won $1 million and sued the casino when they refused to pay him because of him not being 21; using the doctrine 'unclean hands' the court ruled that they had to "leave the parties where they found them." Is it Casino policy to allow minors to gamble (and lose money) and not pay them when they win?

casinogm2 karma

More and more jurisdictions are looking at honoring bad debt claims from casinos towards customers. As casinos have expanded throughout the U.S., they have become viable parts of the local communities. Courts tend to support a legitimate business.

Casinos and minors. That is one of the toughest ones. The basic answer is NO. We don't want minors or their money. Period. The problem is, many of these minors KNOW they are breaking the rules and are purposely sneaking in and hoping not to get caught. Worse, PARENTS bring their teen age kids in to play because they think that makes them cool. Any parent or adult who does that will be arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The other legal problem we have is when we catch a minor playing and he has money in a machine or chips on a table. By regulation,we can be held liable if we knowingly PAY money to a minor. So cashing out his money and giving it to him can vibe considered a violation and we could be fined or lose our license. We also cannot allow a minor to push the buttons on the machine himself or go to the cage to cash in chips. If we have KNOWLEDGE of a minor gambling ( or even on the casino floor), we are REQUIRED to remove him immediately.

That case with the million dollars sickened me. The idiot parents condoned their kid playing and the took the casino to court and tried to portray the casino as the bad guys trying to welch on the payout. The fact is, the kid should not have been playing and the parents knew it. They should have been tossed in jail. Remember, we don't care about someone winning. We just want it to be done within the rules. We are required to run honest games and to follow all the rules all the time. I only expect the patrons to do the same.

questionmarked1 karma

How real and how often does beginner's luck happen to beginners? Do casinos "rig" newbies to win? For them to get addicted to the game, and eventually bring in more business?

casinogm2 karma

No licensed casino 'rigs' anything. That's just in the movies. Beginner's luck is just a legend. If someone is new and they happen to win, everyone calls it beginner's luck. However, if they loose, no one refers to it as beginner's bad luck. They usually say "too bad. Maybe next time."

Listen everyone, the fun and excitement from a casino comes from knowing that the odds are against you and then suddenly winning. That's the adrenalin rush. Many people make too much of the idea of "beating the house". If you go out to dinner and a show in the city, you are easily going to SPEND $100 dollars. At the end of the night, you have the memory of the nice dinner and the entertainment from the show. Yet your $100 is GONE. You have nothing to show for it, but you're happy with going out and having a good time.

Take that same $100 to a casino. You play for awhile, maybe have a few cocktails, possibly something to eat, listen to music or dance in the club, and maybe meet some new and interesting people. During that time, you are entertained by the action around you and the excitement of each pull of the slot handle, roll of the dice or turn of the cards. You may even enjoy the rush of winning a jackpot or a big hand.

At the end of the night, you leave with the memories of everything you experienced and the entertainment you enjoyed. The difference between this and the dinner and show scenario is that you may have walked out with some of that $100 in your pocket. He'll, you may walk out with MORE than you $100!! And even if you didn't, you still SPENT $100.

It is all about choice. What do you want to SPEND your entertainment dollar doing?

JenbGood11 karma

Does the timeless/clock-less environment get to you? I would think that the lack of changing environment might be hard day in and day out. No sunlight, no fresh air, no clock, no stars...

casinogm2 karma

We who work in the casino are very aware of the clock. We have them all over. There are many aspects of the operation that are governed by the clock. Many procedures are required to be done at a specific time. Failure to do so could lead to heavy fines. People's work schedules are predicated on time; so are their break times. Show times, meal times in the restaurants, bus arrival and departure times....all like clockwork.

I make it a regular habit to walk outside. Remember, the General Manager is responsible for the ENTIRE casino. That includes the outside of the building, parking lots, marquee signs and landscaping.

As to it being hard...nothing is hard if you love your work. I LOVE my work!!! I wouldn't have stayed in it as long as I have if I hadn't. :)

graingert1 karma

Does your casino accept Bitcoin?

casinogm3 karma


king_walnut1 karma

Do you ask people to leave the casino if they are winning too much money?

What kind of elaborate methods do people use to try and cheat casinos?

How would I go about opening my own casino?

casinogm5 karma

First question; no. Some do, but they are the ones with no stomach for the business. Now we will ask someone to leave if we believe strongly that they are counting, cheating or doing anything other than honestly playing the game.

Methods of cheating would fill a book. Everything from marking cards, to using electronic devices against slot machines, to getting employees to conspire with them. You would be amazed at how many people think they have developed a new way to cheat, only to be caught immediately because its been around for decades!

Opening a casino takes more than a book; it would take volumes. First, you better know what you are doing. There have been a ton of successful business people who have thought "gee, I think I'll buy a casino" ; and a year later they are out of business and walking away from their closed casino talking to themselves! You also need huge balls ( or volumes, depending on gender). If you are not prepared for paying out huge jackpots, or watching a player buy in for a hundred and leave with 30 thousand, turn around and run away from this idea.

If you know what you're doing and have the guts, get a large bankroll, find a nice location in a good jurisdiction, hire the best people you can and get ready for the ride of your life! Just ask my friend Don Laughlin (Laughlin, Nevada). He started with a little hole in the wall, 7 room motel with a bar, a few slots and a couple of blackjack games. That was in the 60s. Check out his website and see what his operation looks like today. It's much harder to do that today, but it is still possible. Good luck!

HoneyBadger931 karma

Has prostitution been much of a problem in any of the casinos you've been in/worked at?

casinogm2 karma

It's not really a problem. It can be found anywhere people are gathering for entertainment. Disposable income. The 'no soliciting' rule applies to them, too. We just ask them to stop or leave.

LustrousWS60 karma


casinogm7 karma

Trying to upload it now.

FakePlasticShrimp-1 karma

If i play blackjack and stand at 17, what are my odds of winning?

(Assuming hit at 16 - 17+ stand)

casinogm4 karma

That is a very loose question. How many decks? What's the dealer's up card? What's the count? Are you the only player? Against any dealer's up card you will be at less than a 1 point disadvantage ( anywhere from -.38 to about -.7).

TheNomadStoryTeller-1 karma

If you were going to rob a casino for millions how would you pull it off?

casinogm9 karma

Trying to rob a casino is the dumbest way to make money! The security and camera set up is extensive and makes it very easy to catch people. The best way to get millions from a casino is to own one.

TheNomadStoryTeller-5 karma

I said if

casinogm11 karma

I don't think that would be wise to post here...too many people could get hurt or killed.

BrewerPhil-2 karma

What's the average daily coin in for your casino?

casinogm2 karma

Sorry....confidential I nformation