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Hey Mortician. I've worked with the dead for a few years in my life. One time I picked up a woman who OD'd and I believe had been ruled dead for over a day. When I put her in the body bag, I started talking to the coroner. While my attention was distracted, the bag started rubbing against my leg. I could feel the blood flush out of me like a tidal wave and literally turned bone white. I was told this was caused by the gases escaping the body. Do you see this phenomenon often or at all?

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You are incredible. I don't know if you are aware how much of a positive, meaningful impact this story has on everyone who has heard it. You're what's right in the world, what's good in life, what makes it all worth while. Continue on, noble & kind sir.

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I thought you were a dude and I then pictured you walking home from school in the 6th grade and walking right into a bar and not being carded. I do not wish to make light of your situation but I had to tell you that thought.

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I gotta come over and see you in action. You're helping people and for some immature reason I find it hilarious, especially the police light on the helmet.

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I live in a section that had 3 houses burn down between late 2008 and 2009. One guy was trying to sell his house for about 3 years at that time and magically it burned down. I heard there's several red flags when this happens. If the house is being remodeled, if it is up for sale, or if the tenant has insurance and a history of not paying their mortgage on time. How did you get into your line of work? Is there a commission so to speak, as in do you make more money the more people you get convicted? Here's my number one question; for the people who were convicted of fraud, was their lifestyle and initial settlement better than the sentence they were given. Meaning that yea they did get caught but was their life pretty sweet until then? Also, is insurance fraud a felony?