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pineapplemushroomman2112 karma

adama, when did you first realize you were attractive enough to be a celebrity but ugly enough to still be funny?

WorkaholicsAdam2956 karma

It's a lot of work to maintain the perfect amount of comedy neck fat.

ryou5161802 karma

Where did the 'tight butthole' phrase originate?

WorkaholicsAnders2691 karma

We were talking about how arbitrary it is that people say TITS instead of COOL. So we were thinking, why don't people just say TIGHT BUTTHOLE. Then we put it in the show. And geographically, this happened in Los Angeles.

Expressive_Pineapple1707 karma

In the poolside fight scene did you actually have boners? Or is there some sort of boner simulating device that you used?

WorkaholicsAnders2580 karma

of course they were real.

goingTofu1650 karma

How much of the show is improv?

edit: Also, what are some of the best improv moments that made it to the final cut?

WorkaholicsAdam2067 karma

We improv a ton on the show but we also write a tight script and then once we get it how we've written it we get strange and and do some bizarre shit. Thats when we find the really weird little moments that make our show a lil different.

AnalBumCovers1599 karma

Favorite team on Legends of the Hidden Temple?

WorkaholicsAdam2214 karma

blue barracudas

WorkaholicsBlake2031 karma

team Olmec

classicduster1541 karma

If you guys and the 'It's Always Sunny' crew went toe-to-toe who walks away the winner.

WorkaholicsAdam2823 karma

We're younger but those guys are ripped and im pretty sure a few of them have dad strength.

boyled1465 karma

Who is most like their character in real life?

WorkaholicsBlake2804 karma


AkronsFinest1424 karma

How much pussy has this show gotten you?

WorkaholicsAdam2582 karma

less than you'd think.

Emily_in_Chains757 karma

How about from pitch perfect?

WorkaholicsAdam2321 karma

If I we're 15years old I'd be KILLING it after that movie.

WorkaholicsBlake2123 karma

just 2

bhb1921396 karma

What is the recipe for Eggs Tyrone?

WorkaholicsBlake1913 karma

Thats the homie Lavell Crawfords secret recipe but if I had to guess I bet there's a lotta Lawrys.

highwoodelf1388 karma

So do you guys ever smoke real pot instead of prop stuff? And just off topic , Ders Im also a dry guy so dont Let the boys single you out !

WorkaholicsAdam2500 karma

I smoke real ass weeeeeed maaaan. Just not while we're shooting. I'm a stupid stoner. I literally cant even string sentences together while I'm stoned. I just like to giggle and watch movies.

liesaremuchmorefun1325 karma

Who chooses the songs for the show's soundtrack? They're all majorly righteous.

WorkaholicsAnders1867 karma

We do. Shot out to our music dept for finding a lot of those songs though.

cheathamyo1312 karma

Brazzers or BangBros?

WorkaholicsAdam2161 karma


WorkaholicsBlake1920 karma

please dont make us answer this one.

WorkaholicsAnders1914 karma

trick question.

mrrandom20101310 karma


WorkaholicsAdam2532 karma

Soul glow

thatssohispasian1266 karma


WorkaholicsAnders2666 karma

No, it's not accurate. Blake and Kyle grew up together in the Bay Area and met Adam in Orange County at Orange Coast in an Improv class. Then I met Adam in LA at Second City LA. Then we all fucked each other's brains out and invented the show.

PsychedelicAmpersand1163 karma

What was it like being on Arrested Development? How awesome is the new season going to be? How much of that awesomeness is directly related to your presence?

EDIT: Also, favorite guest star to work with on Workaholics? Any chance any of those characters could return?

WorkaholicsAnders1844 karma

Being on Arrested was unreal. Was waiting for Beiber to pop out and punk us. Can't wait to see it. Mitch Hurwitz is a human genius. Jason Bateman is effortlessly hilarious.

DreaM181145 karma

When the show is over will you guys still write together?

WorkaholicsAdam2368 karma

Thats the plan. We wrote a movie together and hope to shoot it this year.

Entnonymous1109 karma

Would you continue to pay $250/hr to hang out with Lori Beth Denberg?

WorkaholicsAnders1472 karma


SpaceMantis1059 karma

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

WorkaholicsBlake2329 karma

Slowbro for obvious reasons

hippotitz1055 karma

What is something that you wanted to put in the show and Comedy Central canned it for being too offensive? Does that happen often or do you guys have pretty free reign?

WorkaholicsAnders1757 karma

they give us free reign. it's cool. they're cool.

FRS2321049 karma

If you could give a BJ to any man, who would it be?

WorkaholicsAnders2430 karma


WorkaholicsBlake2142 karma

I would love to suck Kevin Costners dick for obvious reasons.

WorkaholicsAdam2248 karma

Costner def has a clean one but im going with Paul Walker.

manduhrinorange1042 karma

are there any celebs you've encountered that you were surprised were fans of the show?

WorkaholicsAdam2148 karma

The Black keys are fans and have invited us out to shows and to kick it with them. That was pretty cool.

pinata_penis_pump983 karma


WorkaholicsBlake2459 karma

Step dad dicks are the biggest.

kais33966 karma

How can a young professional like myself break into the telemarketing game?

WorkaholicsAnders2493 karma

fuck up at everything in life.

RAT_RAPER950 karma

Why aren't the new seasons on netflix.

WorkaholicsAdam1974 karma

Viacom be beefing with Netflix. Hopefully the squash it and give you guys the goods.

MosDefStoned915 karma

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

WorkaholicsAdam1606 karma

He is a conductor for the railroad and his name is Dennis. Great dude.

Quacktastic69879 karma

Be honest. Who's got the biggest dick?

Edit: I'll accept flaccid size if you guys don't want to hold your boners together right now.

WorkaholicsAdam1961 karma

We'll none of us are dads yet so pretty normal/medium huged sized. Just speaking for myself.

MonkeysWithFaces876 karma

How did it evolve that the three of you are the stars and Kyle just does appearances? Does he harbor any resentment about it?

WorkaholicsBlake1706 karma

He's our director, thats what he likes to do, at least thats what he tells us.

Djezus854 karma

What's the weirdest thing ever to happen at a party you guys went to?

WorkaholicsAnders1904 karma

we didn't drink. (buh dum,chish)

edwardhasnewgoggles799 karma

Hey guys! Kudos on having the best comedy show out there!

How did you guys come across working with Jillian Bell? Her delivery is so awesome on the show. Do you write her lines or does she do her own thing sometimes?

BTW, if you get tired today RICE.

WorkaholicsAnders997 karma

we met her in a live comedy show in LA in 2006 (maybe) where she was in another sketch group. she's the best.

Abraxas19780 karma

do you guys like Tim and Eric?

WorkaholicsBlake1685 karma


WorkaholicsAnders1339 karma

yes. tim was on the show.

ChanceMac755 karma

Will i ever get to see the Wizards again?

WorkaholicsAdam2188 karma

We want to do it as a cartoon. Would you guys watch that?

Nobody-Home723 karma

If the show didn't take off what would you guys be doing now?

WorkaholicsAdam1935 karma

Trying to get a show still or working on a movie or a weed dealer.

WorkaholicsBlake1655 karma

delivering pizza and making Mail Order Comedy videos on the weekends with Adam Kyle and Ders.

WorkaholicsAnders1589 karma

i'd probably still be at Real Time with Bill Maher (where i worked when the show was picked up), but hopefully not still as an assistant and as a writer.

gigglestick90718 karma

Do you guys have Xbox? And more importantly, what are your gamertags?

WorkaholicsAdam1816 karma


lilokes686 karma

Why did they leave out Karl in the AMA? Karl is a badass directer and the guy from that T-Shirt.

WorkaholicsAdam1527 karma

He's dead to us... but mostly because he's directing an episode of "happy endings"

HexaShay670 karma

What kind of music do you all agree on and is there a specific band or artist?

WorkaholicsBlake1814 karma

R. Kelly

Doomsun670 karma

No question, and this will get buried, but Blake times have sure changed since you used to deliver me sandwiches from Socko's in Westwood.

WorkaholicsBlake833 karma

the sure have... RIP Socko's :(

JerrHanes659 karma

Was "Workaholics" your only idea for a show or did you have other amazing ideas that obviously didn't make it?

WorkaholicsBlake1678 karma

The Wizards as a cartoon

demerdar650 karma

Your show is fucking hilarious. Keep up the great work.

Do you guys ever smoke/drink on set or during shooting? Some scenes Adam looks insanely stoned.

WorkaholicsAdam1702 karma

No. I'm just one of those guys that has stoned face all the time.

theseven7777777632 karma

You guys should hit up SNL and do an episode together. It'd be awesome seeing you guys live

WorkaholicsBlake1430 karma

thatd be real cool but I'm pretty sure SNL would have to hit us up :(

goingTofu584 karma

When you were doing Mail Order Comedy, was it in the hopes that it would be seen by someone and you'd get picked up for a show? Or was is just for fun and you all had "realistic" plans for your future?

WorkaholicsAdam1203 karma

None of us had any " Realistic" plans. This is what we wanted to do and we took our lil comedy videos serious as fug. We worked hard on them and churned out a lot of content in a relatively short period of time. I think thats why comedy central trusted us with a show.

WorkaholicsAnders1029 karma

We've always wanted world domination. So we're moving up that ladder. None of us had " realistic plans" fo rthe future, which might be why we made it thru to the other side.

pigsnspace543 karma

Are you characters inspired by real people? If so, whom?

WorkaholicsAdam1778 karma

Its just dumber versions of ourselves.

imsweetinreality532 karma

Love the mid 80's to mid 90's pop culture references. Are there any more obscure blasts from the past this season???! the tightest buttholes btw!

WorkaholicsAdam1511 karma

Yes....Its all we know. Tv was the dopest babysitter.

bleigh12515 karma

where do we send our naked pictures...

WorkaholicsBlake1174 karma

right here

markwolf82398 karma

Hey Adam and Blake, it was great meeting you both last month on set for our walk-on role (charity winners)! You guys were totally awesome to us; we will remember that experience forever. To bad Ders and Kyle weren't there, maybe next time! :)

Any plans to do a Canada episode, or a road trip episode of any sort? We love being made fun of and there are some classic episodes out there from other shows, lol! Take care!

WorkaholicsBlake876 karma

we gotta crash on your couch

TheCaptain88375 karma

Which episode was the most fun to shoot?

Favorite albums of 2012?

WorkaholicsAnders1405 karma

Shooting the flashback ep was a good time. Watching Adam fuck a chick off a high dive is something I've ALWAYS needed to see.

hce692372 karma

Who's your dream comedian/actor to work with? Or show/cast?

WorkaholicsBlake957 karma

Kurt Russell

Satan_Loves_U338 karma

A question for Adam: According to your Wikipedia page, you actually did major in human sexuality before dropping out. How much pussy did you get in that class?

WorkaholicsAdam1216 karma

Thats a wiki lie. I studied beer bongs, screenwriting, and improv in community college.

idkathy311 karma

Who's your favorite Power Ranger?

WorkaholicsBlake1112 karma


Joeaconda291 karma

the real question is, what really happened to The Rancho Chupacabraj?

WorkaholicsBlake869 karma

if you look very closely in the last scene when we bust through the fence on the hovercraft you can see it kickin it in the corner

bubcuts289 karma

What was the most fun episode to make and why?

WorkaholicsBlake786 karma

I liked Man Up cause we got to rip around the canyons in that badass car.

oe1hunnid262 karma

Can you guys please get Riff Raff in an episode? That shit would write itself.

WorkaholicsAnders297 karma


deeresaurus220 karma

Who are your comedic idols?

WorkaholicsBlake758 karma

Tim Allen

Erimaj213 karma

Dear Adam,

I saw you when you came to Baton Rouge to film. It's was pretty cool cause you're on tv and like I'm not the only who knows you which makes you a little famous and I respect that shit man. You filmed inside my drug dealers house too. Will you fuck my girlfriend?

WorkaholicsAdam420 karma

100% yes

ross-the-sauce-boss208 karma

Who does the beatboxing before and after the commercial break?

WorkaholicsAdam564 karma

The skinny boys. They were a rap crew from the 80's.

WorkaholicsBlake434 karma

The Skinny Boys

yanksnjets27179 karma

Just wanted to say anders, I've gotten a lot of good music since I followed you. Got any other suggestions?

WorkaholicsAnders701 karma


FosterChild69165 karma

Yo Adam I went to see Pitch Perfect, and my girlfriend kept saying that the lead singer of the TrebleMakers looked a lot like Channing Tatum. Where does being told you look like Channing Tatum rank on your lifetime accomplishments?

WorkaholicsAdam824 karma

3rd right after "you look like the terminator" and "you gotta fat dick"

unicorn_errything156 karma


WorkaholicsBlake338 karma

OOoooo you got a crush on Naaaate

WorkaholicsAdam319 karma

We'll come in and bear hug the shit outta you someday.

F_Gooner152 karma

Anders I just wanted to say that the swim team at Wisconsin exclusively talks about you. At every party. All the time. Some even throwout the occasional "oh yeah we hung out"

WorkaholicsAnders344 karma

W on my cap til i die. Say wassup to the towel dude at the SERF for me.

gabe05131 karma

How many props did you have to add to make the house look trashy (or trashy-er)?

WorkaholicsBlake531 karma

not that many, place stinks like shit

MikeHawk91106 karma

Has there ever been any sexual tension between yall three?

WorkaholicsBlake471 karma

its the secret to our success Yoou REDDIT here first

luna-luna100 karma

Will the three of you be attending SXSW this year?

WorkaholicsBlake223 karma


nnicolet85 karma


WorkaholicsAdam545 karma

I shit my pants before going on stage to do stand up once. I dug it out of my pants and threw it in a potted plant.

TheButtiestMan61 karma

I've seen some clips of Adam's stand-up but never been able to locate a place to watch or purchase a full set for any of you. Is there a place/site I could watch such material?

You guys are fucking hysterical.

WorkaholicsAdam205 karma

I might be doing a stand up show for comedy central. If it all works out you can check me out there.

frogma55 karma

Not to blow my own horn and spit my own mucous here, but I think Adam's the best "facial" actor that I've ever seen -- better even than Jim Carrey.

I don't have any questions because I don't need to ask any, but I want you guys to know that you're supremely talented actors, especially compared to other comedies. Looking at some of your early stuff, it's clear that you guys have a good vibe together -- but when you get more people behind it like on Workaholics, it all comes together perfectly. Keep doing what you're doing, and here's hoping that that style of humor becomes the norm.

WorkaholicsAdam75 karma

Thank you

engli10149 karma

Adam, I'm from Omaha, Nebraska, my cousins went to Millard South like you did. But I learned something about you and me on Thanksgiving that astonished me. Want to know what it was?

WorkaholicsAdam91 karma

sure...that I use to be a women? TELL NO ONE!

j_queen36 karma

what's your favorite N64 game?

WorkaholicsBlake182 karma

Wcw vs nWo revenge

No-one-ever29 karma

Blake, what conditioner do you use?

WorkaholicsBlake120 karma

herbal essence

ThizzIsWhatItIs27 karma

Yo Blake I saw you're from the Bay....any love for Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina?

WorkaholicsBlake66 karma

yessir much love.