Adam DeVine

is a comedian, actor, and one of the stars and creators of the Comedy Central show Workaholics.

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WorkaholicsAdam2956 karma

It's a lot of work to maintain the perfect amount of comedy neck fat.

WorkaholicsAdam2823 karma

We're younger but those guys are ripped and im pretty sure a few of them have dad strength.

WorkaholicsAdam2582 karma

less than you'd think.

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WorkaholicsAdam2532 karma

Soul glow

WorkaholicsAdam2500 karma

I smoke real ass weeeeeed maaaan. Just not while we're shooting. I'm a stupid stoner. I literally cant even string sentences together while I'm stoned. I just like to giggle and watch movies.

WorkaholicsAdam2462 karma

I thought 14 year old girls just thought I was the sexist dude with an amazing voice for awhile

WorkaholicsAdam2368 karma

Thats the plan. We wrote a movie together and hope to shoot it this year.

WorkaholicsAdam2321 karma

If I we're 15years old I'd be KILLING it after that movie.

WorkaholicsAdam2248 karma

Costner def has a clean one but im going with Paul Walker.