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Fuck you.

I keep tasting your goddamned soaps - some of them repeatedly - because they smell so good. Every single one of them tastes like hell ಠ_ಠ

stfubaker31 karma

You know what the worst is? Getting mixtures in your mouth. Good luck trying to get that out. And the Citric Acid... My god. Terrible.

NarwhalAMA5 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA! I'm surprised this didn't get asked:

It's awesome that LUSH donates so much to other organisations, and tries to be ethical, but I learned recently that you use PET plastic as glitter in your products. This ends up in the oceans and can be super harmful to fish etc who consume it. Any thoughts?

stfubaker2 karma

I think it's pretty lame that they do do that.

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Try their lip scrubs. They're edible and delicious

stfubaker17 karma

I have the bubble gum and popcorn one... I feel I moreso eat them, then use them.

Hannahrles1 karma

My friend has the popcorn one. I was licking my lips all day and almost cried when it wore off.

stfubaker3 karma

They really do rule. Way too much. It sucks though, because it tastes TOO good. They're pretty much just making you eat it.

coffeeineverything9 karma

The Oatifix face mask actually tastes pretty good. I regret knowing this.

stfubaker2 karma

I used that one not even a week ago. felt like eating it out of the container... so good.

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What's your favorite product? I love me some Honey I Washed the Kids.

stfubaker8 karma

I love Honey I Washed The Kids. But for me, my favorite would have to be Dirty Springwash

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stfubaker5 karma

Also I forgot to mention another product. Ultrabalm. I have stretched ears and my lobes need to be taken care of. The ingredients in this are perfect for people with stretched lobes.

tunafack2 karma

I'll be buying some because of this comment. Does it do anything for the smell? I use bone plugs so I have a reduced smell to begin with but still haha.

stfubaker2 karma

oh I read that wrong. The smell of the product will probably overpower the ear cheese haha. Just clean your ears and you shouldnt have ear cheese.

stfubaker2 karma

the smell is just... It smells like... I dont know how to describe it. Just smells like oils. I suck at this. But its.

stfubaker1 karma

Give it a try!

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When you buy a product and there's a sticker that says "Made by stfubaker" with a picture, is that legit? Like, is that what you actually look like and is it your real name? Or just a ploy to make the company seem more human.

stfubaker19 karma

In the company there is probably about 12 sections. Only 2 sections don't do that. I, unfortunately, am in one of those sections. But yes, If you do buy a shampoo or body scrub or whatever and it has that picture, it actually was made by that person. No ploy. I hope to get into a section where they put my face on a product. Definitely would steal a role and just post it everywhere haha

gotogoatmeal6 karma

I worked for LUSH, and my manager said that the person on the sticker was a supervisor at the factory and that his sticker went on to produts that his team made. Not that every single worker had his own stickers and stuck his face onto every single product he made, that would be crazy inefficient.

stfubaker3 karma

That would make a bit more sense then like, 30 peoples stickers. I guess it makes sense. The only people who ever come over to our section are the managers and they're recognizable because of those.

mooglesama7 karma

Can Demon in the Dark come in a body wash form? Can Demon in the Dark just be made into every other bath products y'all have? I love Demon in the Dark.

Thanks for the AMA!

stfubaker5 karma

haha, I'm sure you're not the only one to suggest this. I know they like to make products that stretch in most departments, so I wouldn't be shocked if it was in the works. And no, that's not an inside source saying it's happening.

ho6666 karma

are you male or female? as all of my male friends get major headache just entering that place and suspect it may be part of some cunning plan?

stfubaker8 karma

I am male. 26, if wondering.

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I love Lush but can't justify the money! Do they have outlets, good ways to sign up for coupons, etc?

Also-- so when you make bath bombs, without giving away trade secrets, how do you do it? How much mixing do you personally do from scratch? What is the set-up like? Is it fully automated? Do you mix a lot yourself, or is it just pouring a few things together?

stfubaker5 karma

  1. Im not entirely sure if they do have outlet stores or not. You'd have to go into a local store and ask. Not sure how it works outside of the Warehouse.
  2. I can give you the jist of what goes on to my day to day. Show up, look on the board and find out what I'm making. Say it's Avobath. I got 2 big plastic bowls, then go to where the huge Containers are. We bring the containers over to the weighing section, weigh out a proportion, then weigh out citric acid. go to a table, make sure i have the molds (tops and bottoms). mix the batches, and then start pressing. taking top and bottom and pressing them together. Everything is made by hand, except when we make the huge containers of the base mix. We have compounders that take care of doing that. They get all the ingredients and put it in a giant mixing machine, and then mix it for X ammount of time. After that, they pour it in the big containers we have to take from. I'm not sure what the mixes are because only the compounders really know that.

hope that answered your question.

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Since someone already asked what your favorite product was, I'm going to ask what your least favorite one is?

stfubaker13 karma

I tried to find you a link to it, but it's a bath bomb that uses Tea Tree oil. It smells like wet basement. The first time someone was making it, I thought something came into our warehouse and died over the weekend. I believe it's called Fizzy-o-Therapy.

mrsquares3 karma

Craziest story?

stfubaker10 karma

Hmmm... Well... It's a factory. Not too much goes on in factories that are considered "crazy". Sorry for disappointing you... Well wait, the Christmas party was pretty crazy I guess. Like, 400 drunk people just trying to hook up with everyone.

PurpleSfinx4 karma

Was hooking up really easy because they all smelled fabulous?

stfubaker4 karma

It was funny trying to talk to girls and deciphering which scent that had, and then narrowing that down to which department they worked in.

yell0wmamba3 karma

How are the factory working conditions?

stfubaker3 karma

They're really good. We\re about 12 employee's in my section. 2 of them being health and safety. They are always making sure everything is super safe. Don't ever really have to do anything too dangerous, aside from climbing ladders up fairly high. But they put in safety rails all around it. So everything is usually pretty good safety wise.

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Are the expire dates on your masks pure bullshit or does the product really have to be used by that date?

Are the products really that more healthy or made in some special way or is it all marketing genius?

elephant_2 karma

Think of them like dairy - if they've been left on the counter for a while, toss 'em. If they're just a few days past expiration and been kept cold, you should be alright.

stfubaker3 karma

That's exactly how it should be looked after. If you read the labels of the face masks (I have a few aswell), they say to keep it refrigerated.

elephant_2 karma

I worked in a couple of the stores (Roseville, Sacramento Macy's, and Carmel), and we'd have people often asking if the expiry is really when it says it is. I'd push it and use 'em a couple days after the fact, but they really are more effective if you use them fresh.

stfubaker1 karma

Thanks for the input!

stfubaker1 karma

It's an expected date. All the masks use a lot of organic things, so they do go bad because of that factor. A lot of the products use organic stuff. A lot of the bombs I make have a lot of things that are good for your body. Sea Salts for your skin, some of them have tea tree oils, and a lot of other things.

milleribsen3 karma

what do you smell like RIGHT NOW?

stfubaker5 karma

I just got out of the shower. In the shower I used this. So that?

mudclub3 karma

I'd love to see what one of their factories looks like. Any chance you could post a shot of the interior?

Also: UK? CA? Other?

stfubaker8 karma

I actually don't have a picture of the interior and don't work til Monday, but I could always get one on Monday if you want to see that bad!

Also, Canada. There's 2 cities that house Lush Factories. Toronto, Ontario (near Humber South), and Vancouver, British Columbia (near Marine Skytrain Station). I work at the one in Vancouver.

mudclub8 karma

I could always get one on Monday if you want to see that bad!

I kinda do. I imagine something very much like Willy Wonka's factory. Don't disappoint!

What do you do there?

How are they as an employer?

stfubaker4 karma

haha, Willy Wonka. I'm sorry to let you down, but it's not as exciting as you think. 1. I work in the Bath Bomb Department. Made almost everything on this list. 2. As an employer they're pretty rad. Now different sections all have different managers, and all those managers are way different. Some sections are way more laid back, where some are more uptight.

stfubaker3 karma

also, theres not a lot on there because it was seasonal, but I made about 7 or 8 other products that were purely christmas themed

stfubaker3 karma


mudclub1 karma


So those blue barrel things up on the ledge - is that where the oompa loompas sleep?

How many bombs do you reckon you (personally) crank out in an average day?

Are the other departments (lotions, bar soaps, liquid soaps, etc) located in the same building/on the same site, or is this just bath bomb world?

stfubaker2 karma

On the other side of the big wall is Bubble bars. our building is moreso a lot of the IT, Web Design, Promotional stuff. The blue barrels are filled with the mixes, but we can say Oompa Loompa's. Average day really depends. I can get some bombs where I can pump out 16/17 crates on a good day, or some single press ones where I can do 25-30 crates. Each crate has 56 per. Really depends on the difficulty of the bomb. Avobath and Golden slumber being the easiest, are the ones I do 25/30 Crates (1400-1680ish)

dead_badger2 karma

I live near the Toronto one, it smells like tea tree oil allllll day.

stfubaker5 karma

that is god awful. sorry to here! I used to live in that neighborhood too coincidentally, at the longbranch loop. I miss Sloppy Joes. Best wings I've ever had!

dead_badger1 karma

Well I just moved, I guess I should have emphasized the past tense. Spent many a long night waiting at the long-branch go train

stfubaker3 karma

I hated that area. My dad had been jumped and beaten pretty badly going down Browns Line. Put him in the hospital twice because of it.

dead_badger1 karma

Shit, sorry to hear that. I don't know too much up brown's line, but anything between longbranch and mimico kind of scares the shit out of me. I live up in East York (donlands village) and it's nice as hell and not very expensive. Takes- get this- 12 minutes to drive to queen/bay. DVP is faster than CBC insists

EDIT: Not very expensive meaning 1200 for a new renovated 1BR. Expensive if single but me and GF can manage

stfubaker2 karma

Yeah that all makes sense. I hate Toronto now though. Just a miserable place to be.

dead_badger1 karma

Aw man sorry to hear that. What don't you like about it? I've only lived here a year, any experience would be nice to hear. I moved from Calgary, first thing I noticed is that Calgary may be the cleanest city on this planet, and Toronto looks like a landfill in winter.

EDIT: Bail on Lush! East york is sick, you're literally higher up than the rest of the city and all the smog sinks into the don valley!

stfubaker1 karma

I live in Vancouver, not around Etobicoke. What mainly did it for me it just the people. There is so many shitty people in that city it's unbelievable. But yes, Toronto is also a garbage cespool. Wait til you get one of their garbage strikes during a heat wave. You'll sure regret that choice.

KateEW1 karma

Also, do the factories give tours if you were in the area?

stfubaker4 karma

If they do, I'm unaware of it. Your best bet is to look on their website and find a contact and email saying you're interested. Lush is very community friendly, so I wouldn't be shocked if they hosted tours every so often.

Yukahana2 karma


stfubaker2 karma

Suggest it to them! Send an email or even post on their facebook wall or tweet them!

efashah2 karma


stfubaker3 karma

I'll meet you down the street. Deal?

efashah1 karma


stfubaker2 karma

that sucks. what are some of your favorites?

efashah1 karma


stfubaker1 karma

I love making GW. Smells so good. Definitely a holiday best seller

[deleted]1 karma


stfubaker1 karma

sometimes when we get bored at work we made hybrids. changed the inserts (blue box, with the 3 colored inserts), added extra layers. The top white bow is what makes it bubbley, so I decided to make a whole Golden Wonder out of just Bubble bar. Havent used it yet, but it's gonna be bubbley as fuck

stfubaker1 karma

It's not going anywhere, I cant gaurentee you that!

WorksInDUMBO2 karma

LOVE Lush. I use the trichomania shampoo-- I can't recommend it enough for people with dry/curly hair. Thanks for the AMA

stfubaker1 karma

no problem!

jigjiggles2 karma

How accurate are the little made-by portrait stickers? Who draws them?

stfubaker5 karma

If you see the person, and see the sticker, almost spot on. It's pretty funny seeing animations of people, then actually meeting them and already knowing their name based solely on that little picture.

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stfubaker15 karma

  1. I don't really get tired of the smell. I work usually on one product a day, and at the most, 6 or 7 are being made in the room I work in. When you're working with just once, you usually don't smell any of the other ones unless you go to the station of the other workers.
  2. I mentioned up above that there was one that used tea tree oil... That one smelt like old wet basement. it sucks.
  3. In the stores, I do get a 50% discount. Also, we have boxes of "damages" right at the door as we leave. Essentially, if the packer (quality control) thinks it's broken, or a small crack, corner falling off, or anything that looks bad aesthetically, it goes in the box to be thrown out. Us employees have dibs on them before they hit the garbage. Sometimes we throw out like 175-300 bombs, just because they dont look good. Don't worry though, we compost them.

katbutt3 karma

Great answers...thanks!

stfubaker9 karma

Get friends in Lush! I honestly have 30-40 bath bombs in my room right now and I just give them to my friends. I also place bath bombs around my house and they make it smell nice. Easier then buying new air fresheners all the time.

lolablossom1492 karma

Can we be friends in that case?? My lush addiction is breaking my bank account D: all I want is some EB!

stfubaker5 karma

All my lady friends started talking to me again after they found out I got 50% off in stores, haha.

I_AMA_LLAMA1 karma

Yes, definitely! I used to work in lush and had so many frikken products. They went bad and I had to throw them out koz I was allergic. But seriously, I had so much lush junk!

stfubaker2 karma

I still have a ton of junk! and growing.

moomookitty2 karma


stfubaker1 karma

usually don't have a lot of damages for those ones. They usually put 2 certain people on those, and they're pro. Making like 1800-2000 pieces and not getting a single damage.

KateEW1 karma

You can get free bath bombs and other stuff just because they look bad? Sweet! I'd consider working there too if they ever open a factory closer to me.

Do you know what the employee discount is in the retail stores? I'm assuming it's also 50% like yours, right?

stfubaker1 karma

I'm assuming so.

flutterkitty2 karma

I'm crazy for LUSH. A few questions:

Do you have a favorite product that you like to make?

When you leave work, does the smell of the factory stick on your skin? If so, has anyone commented on it before?

How did you end up with a job there? What was the hiring process like?

stfubaker4 karma

  1. Favorite I like to make? Hmm, well I work in the Bath Bomb department, so all my answers are going to be bath bomb related. I really like Sex Bomb. Smells amazing, and super easy to make.
  2. Yeah, you usually smell like whatever product you were making that day. I use a lot of mixtures that are powders. So sometimes when I mix the product to make it, it sticks to me and I smell good. Also, I've dated someone while working there and everytime I met up with her, she smelt me and would get stoked. Ive never had a bad compliment on my scent.
  3. My friend knew I was looking for a job, and her friend just got hired at Lush. She got wind that Lush wanted more people. So she gave me his number, he told me to details, who to email, and what to say. Emailed a person. About 4 or 5 days later, I got a call. Got interviewed. Then a few days went by, heard nothing. Followed up, got relayed to different person. Went in for an "interview" in the bath bombs, then they took me on a tour of the department, I made a few bombs (to see my technique), then they asked me to start the next available day I could.

TheFlyingTurtles2 karma

What's your favorite part of your job?

stfubaker7 karma

Always smelling good. And the pay, obviously. Everyone likes getting paid. OH, and I used to work retail for like 5 years. So working 7-3:30, Monday-Friday. Having the weekends and nights off... Amazing.

robinbirdie2 karma

Thank you for answering pretty much all of these questions. Much appreciated.

stfubaker3 karma

No problem. I'm somewhat hungover watching Horrible Bosses. This is entertaining me.

Campin2 karma


stfubaker1 karma

Yeah, I loved that one too. I think they discontinued it though, which is unfortunate. But yeah, everyone in the company are super laid back, hippy-esque people. I've never met a shitty person there either. Such a nice company.

SpaceFace50003 karma

too drunk (to fuck) is what it was called. emotibombs sucked ass

stfubaker1 karma

yeah, thats the name!

totaldominasian2 karma

What exactly is Lush... and what products would you recommend a young male?

stfubaker2 karma

This is Lush. It's a Cosmetics company, with hundreds of stores. We have products ranging from stuff to use in baths, stuff for showers, stuff for body sprays and hundreds of other products. If you're a young male, we stuff like shaving creams, hair gels, toothy tabs. Or if you want, we even have a "men" section

hibryd2 karma

First off, I wanted to thank you just because Lush is why I got into making soap as a hobby. Before Lush I didn't even know that good soap was so much better than the cheap bars I'd been buying in bulk. I splurged on a few bars, loved them, but realized it was just too damn expensive to keep buying stuff there, so I learned how to make good soap myself.

So, question 1, what was behind the reformulation from palm oil to canola oil? (Side note, I find it hilarious that Lush would rather put "rapeseed oil" on the labels than let customers know the main ingredient is canola oil.) The press releases claimed it had to do with the environmental cost of palm, but there's responsible palm out there, so I suspected that it was really just a cost-saving maneuver. Any insight?

Question 2, what's the cure time on the soap bars?

stfubaker1 karma

  1. I really have no idea about that. You'd have to ask someone in the buying department.
  2. I'm not sure for the soap bars, but for my department (bath bombs), we have some products (phoenix rising, golden wonder, father Christmas) that get unmolded by the end of the day (2/2:30). And sometimes we put products in a dry room (with a huge heater), and they sit overnight and the packers deal with them the next day. Nothing more then 16 or 17 hours though.

theygotthemustardout2 karma

First, I want to say thank you because, seriously, you guys who work in the factory are awesome. I work retail at a shop down here in California.

I know you said that you work with Bath Bombs. Have you ever timed yourself making Golden Wonder? And if so, how long did it take? I hear that one takes forever.

stfubaker3 karma

When I first started with Lush, I was in good shape, but the more you do it, the more you joints and shoulder and wrists hurt. You don't think about it, but it affects your productivity. Back when I first started, I could do a tray of Golden Wonder (24 per tray) in under 6ish minutes. My supervisor could do a tray in about 4. He's insane. But Golden Wonder is my favorite to make. It smells amazing.

stardustxsiren2 karma

I'm trying desperately to get noticed and hired for the retail store coming soon to my area. I've made my personality pop in all my communications. Any other tips on how to get noticed?

stfubaker2 karma

sometimes they just really aren't looking. Your best to get into ANYTHING retail is the Christmas season. They're always dying to get people in there. I think your best bet is persistence. Keep trying. Don't seem desperate though. Good luck!

stardustxsiren2 karma

This store isn't built into the mall yet, so it's a bit different than just already being staffed and not hiring. Thanks, though. Hoping they'll give me a chance when they open.

stfubaker2 karma

Keep up on your product knowledge. Go through the website, try to learn all the products and what works well with what. The more you can upsell, the more they want you.

yingmail1 karma

How did you land the job?

stfubaker2 karma

if you look up, I made a long comment about it. TL;DR referred by a friend.

Lewbatu1 karma

I once went to the store just to sniff some soap. Some woodchip went right up my nose and it hurt like hell. For christmas one of the presents I got my girlfriend was a santa-head shaped bathbomb, she hated it and still ribs me about it.

stfubaker1 karma

Thats weird about the woodchip. I'm assuming its post production, because theres really nothing wood in our shop.

You're refering to father christmas, which was my least favorite one to make. Fucking hated it.

marymayhem1 karma

I love the smell of dirt, and the company I'd buy essential oils from only sells it as an LE very rarely. Can you recommend any of your products that might fit? I'm not talking patchouli, I'm talking fresh turned/rained on dirt. (yes, I know I'm weird)

stfubaker2 karma

MAYBE try Honey bee?

pinkiesmiles1 karma

Wait so are you one of the people who's face is on the sticker of my dry shampoo or fresh face mask? Do you actually have a sticker made to your likeness? EDIT this was answered, sorry!

stfubaker1 karma

I friggen wish. I hope to be one day!

pinkiesmiles2 karma

Dream big friend, dream big.

stfubaker4 karma

I'd have to take the most embarrassing picture just so people would see me in public and tell me to make a stupid ass face. It'd be amazing.

ProffieThrowaway1 karma

So, do folks smoke a lot of weed in the factory, or is that smell added in the store? (So to speak.)

There are two Lushes near my mom's house and I always pick stuff up when I visit. At one, the stuff smells fine. At the other, it's all a little weedy. However, I've also noted that some of my products smell that way when I buy 'em online too, so maybe it's a distributor issue....

stfubaker3 karma

I can't really speak for the stores, but as for the factories, a few people do smoke weed. Not usually before work. But if you meant moreso the smell of the products with possible Hemp Oils or something. They could very well use some of that stuff, but if they do, I'm unaware of it.

imjinnie1 karma

did you work on the shower bombs too? I miss those :(

stfubaker2 karma

I never did, unfortunately.

imjinnie2 karma

thanks for the answer!

stfubaker2 karma

Also, I heard a rumor that we're getting ready to move factory locations, and they're opening 3 more departments. So, who knows?

stfubaker1 karma

Thanks for the question!

mamayama1 karma

Any tips for replicating the bath bombs at home?

stfubaker1 karma

hmmm. Im pretty sure they don't let people know the mixtures for that reason haha.

Citymike1 karma

My favourite part of the day is commuting past the factory. Thanks for that

stfubaker1 karma

Where abouts do you go by? There's 3 Factories in Vancouver. Or are you referring to a Toronto one?

Citymike1 karma

Marine dr

stfubaker1 karma

Oh rad! Yeah, We have 3 locations. Ontario and 69th, Marine and Manitoba, and Heather and Marine.

snigglebyte1 karma

I've seen a Youtube video where shop staff get to take tours of the factories which must be pretty cool! I am travelling to London in May and intend on hitting up the Covent Garden store, but just wondering if tourists can do tours of the factories too or is it strictly limited to staff?

If you didn't work for Lush, do you think you would like their products?

stfubaker1 karma

If you're heading to the London area, your best bet would be to contact that location and request a tour. I'm not entirely sure if they do it to the public, but like I said in a previous post, they're really big on community involvement, and I'm sure they'd be open to the idea!

Pwinbutt1 karma

I love the violet soap that was discontinued. Is there anyway to special order the things we loved that they don't make any more?

stfubaker1 karma

You probably wouldnt be able to get it anymore, unless it's from someone who has an item personally. If it's not made anymore, chances are we don't have any batches of the product in it's raw for to make it.

lovelyg1 karma

I love your conditioner but your shampoo makes my hair so dry! What is your favorite LUSH product?

stfubaker1 karma

I mentioned it above. Currently loving their Ultrabalm. Work wonders for stretching your ear lobes.

ramen__noodles1 karma

do you know if lush will stock herbalism in a size smaller than 8.8oz online? i need more, but i hate going into the store because the workers are so pushy when all i want to do is get my one product and go, so i normally order online but 8.8 is way too big for me.

stfubaker1 karma

I personally have no idea. Your best bet is too contact someone who works in that specific department. Sorry.

Thrawy543211 karma

What are your co-workers like?

stfubaker2 karma

My department is very Filipino heavy. Some of them don't really speak too much to me. Language barriers. But the people I do talk to are pretty awesome. One of my co-workers and I usually just talk about Skyrim and sweet foreign movies all shift.

tokengingerkid1 karma

Former Lush employee here. My only question...are you friends with either Nik, Chainsaw or Corey? And what happened to Chainsaw? She made the best grass that I ever had the pleasure of washing up with.

stfubaker2 karma

Nik is always jumping around the sections. Today he worked with us for a bit, he's working out the mixtures of the new Spring Line to make sur eit's all good to go when we start pressing. Chainsaw, she works behind a desk now. Chainsaw is the one who initially interviewed me. Shes fucking rad. And not entirely sure who Corey is. Where did you work?

tokengingerkid1 karma

Maybe Corey is from the Toronto factory? Hmm.

Anyway, I think it's fucking rad that you were interviewed by Chainsaw. :) I was a Keyholder at a store in Metro Detroit.

stfubaker1 karma

Corey could possibly be from there. Nik also worked at the Toronto location. Not sure how Chainsaw got thrown into the mix haha.

BakewellUK1 karma

So are you working at one of the factories in Poole? A couple of people in my family work at the packing factory, have done for a few years now.

stfubaker1 karma

Nope! If you look at a previous question, I said I lived in Vancouver, BC.

_hyperthetical_1 karma

Say you are offered a Brain Pill. If you swallow this pill, you will become 10 percent more intelligent than you currently are; you will be more adept at reading comprehension, logic, and critical thinking. However, to all other people you know (and to all future people you meet), you will seem 20 percent less intelligent. In other words, you will immediately become smarter, but the rest of the world will perceive you as dumber (and there is now way you can ever alter the universality of this perception).

Do you take this pill?

stfubaker1 karma

Yeah Sure.

bbysnorlax1 karma

I just want to say, thank you, for taking part in the creation of my favorite products evvveeerrrrrrrr.


stfubaker2 karma

if you live in the west coast and buy bath bombs, I possibly made it!

bbysnorlax1 karma

WOAH! So cool.

But that doesn't mean you get a neat sticker with a vectored image of yourself then, huh? :(

I wish bath bombs were wrapped/packaged. They can get messy at timse.

stfubaker1 karma

When you buy any bath bombs, they give you a mini bag, and encourage you to bring them back for your next purchase.

homovore1 karma

I love love love love the Flying Fox body wash. Keep up the delicious smelling work!!

stfubaker1 karma

It is pretty magical, isn't it?

homovore2 karma

God yes. And the Lust soap. I wish there were a moisturizer with the same ingredients.

stfubaker1 karma

email them and suggest it. Who knows what could happen of it?

garnet_rose1 karma

How on earth do you breathe? I know when I'm nearing a Lush store cause I can smell it long before I see it, and it smells overwhelmingly gross.

stfubaker1 karma

I honestly dont really smell it even more. I only ever smell the one I'm working on.

mollymoosesays1 karma


stfubaker1 karma

Your best bet is to talk with your manager. Tell her your more interested in behind the scenes. They email out job postings when they come up. That could always be your in!

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stfubaker1 karma

In my department, there are only 2 born and raised Canadians. The rest are all over the world. I wouldn't be shocked if there were a lot of sections that did have Americans in them. I personally haven't met any.

littlewitch341 karma

This is probably an inappropriate question akin to asking what someone gets paid, but what kinds of benefits do you get? Do you get free product, etc?

stfubaker1 karma

I mentioned all those through out the comments.

littlewitch341 karma

Ok, maybe I misread some of your comments, then. I'll go back and reread them.

stfubaker1 karma

I didnt go into full detail about my wage though. I'm not gonna say my actual wage, but lets just say it's 10$ an hour. Then for each product it's different. For example, Thursday I did Sex Bomb. They have levels/teirs for each bomb. This one was 115 an hour quota per person. So if 2 people do it, thats 230 an hour. If you meet that quota, you get an extra 2$ an hour added onto your pay. Then I think it's like 130 an hour, is 3$, 145 is 4$. So you can do a day and make your base pay for 8 hours, then if you meet one of the quota's, you make anywhere from 2-8 an hour extra. only 2 or 3 people in our department can do 8$ an hour extra. But it's rare when they do.

littlewitch341 karma

Ok, see, there were things to share that weren't previously said!

I find it interesting, the levels/tiers for each bomb.

stfubaker1 karma

Yeah. Last week I made 4$ bonus on Sex Bomb, today I made 2$ bonus on Honey Bee. It all depends who you get paired up with.

BMEJoshua1 karma

My girlfriend loves your stuff, perfect present :) Just wanted to say thank you, but god damn your soaps are expensive

stfubaker1 karma

Yeah, they can get a bit pricey, thats for sure.

ho_ho_ho1011 karma

is lush big because of TUMBLR or was it big even before then??

their social media presence seems to be off the charts though

stfubaker1 karma

Lush was pretty big even before Tumblr. Think of how big we are now, and then realize that their marketing campaign is close to non-existent. The company strives on word of mouth. And so far its been working.

ohgodthezombies1 karma

I can't step into the store without suffocating. Why don't they keep the soaps behind a case and leave samples out?!

stfubaker1 karma

People like being hands on. I found when I shopped for items that are behind glass, I'm very turned off of buying the product. Having to get the sales associate over and request to even just see it. When I sold watches, I hated window shoppers. Had to take out each individual one, and explain it to them. Then they'd shrug and walk away. Obviously it's a bit different with bath bombs and watches, but you get the idea.

PurpleSfinx1 karma

Fuck you guys for putting glitter shit in touchable items around the shop. I went home from midnight Christmas shopping looking like a pixie.

stfubaker1 karma

We have one called Space Girl that is covered in glitter. Whenever someone makes it in the shop, everyone in a 10 feet radius is just covered in it. Terrible. But it sucks, because it smells so god damn amazing. Like... Grapes... But if Grapes wanted to smell 10x better then normal grapes. Super Grapes I guess you could say.

vulcan13581 karma

Thanks for making my girlfriend smell good

stfubaker2 karma

No worries man!

m_stewart_baxter1 karma

I really love LUSH, especially because they label everything that's vegan. Do you feel that their labor practices are pretty good? IE, they're upfront about everything, pay living wages, don't lie about ingredients?

stfubaker5 karma

Yeah. Everything about this is pretty honest and true to what they say. Their labor practices are pretty good. Sometimes you have to remind them (well for my section), but its not bad at all.

thebakergirl0 karma

I love you guys' products so much! Haven't tried a Bath Bomb yet (no bath tub plugs) but let me ask you a question: Is there an Ice Blue Bath Bomb? At least, I think that's what it's called; it's the dark blue pepperminty one with the salt chunks in it if that's any help; by far my absolute favorite, though Lust is a close second for my aunt. Mostly because it's so fucking pink. :D

There's a Lush store in my Macy's, and I love just walking by and smelling everything. It's wonderful!

stfubaker3 karma

Would it happen to be Big Blue. Its a blue one, with sea weed, and salts on top. Great for your feet and elbows (tough skin)

thebakergirl2 karma

YES! I think so. Oh my gosh it IS in a bath bomb. <3 Next to get bath tub stoppers and then I shall be in happy pepperminty heaven.

stfubaker2 karma

Enjoy! By the way, Funny to see your username "Thebakergirl" seeing as how my last name is Baker.

MixMasterJill0 karma

so can you get me a batch of snow fairy body wash? that stuff smells like perfection and I want more

stfubaker3 karma

It is a pretty amazing smell. We had a rad Staff Sale where everyone who worked there went to Head Office and they had a thing where you bring any sized container and could fill it with a body wash for 5$. Some people had gallon buckets. It was awesome.

MixMasterJill1 karma

well I need to get a job at the lush factory then. I'd fill my bathtub with that stuff

stfubaker1 karma

you gotta think big picture... Swimming pools

bswellswork0 karma

Dafuq is the lush factories?

stfubaker2 karma

Go here. This is Lush. The Factories are the places where the actual products are made.

vinegaroons0 karma

What's with you're shipping process? Everything comes from Canada? I'm just making this short and sweet, ordered around the 27th of December. It's the 12th today. Address is located in Michigan and the package is currently in Ohio. No joke, went from Canada -> Washington -> Oregon -> Illinois -> Indiana -> Ohio. This could be the parcel service is fault, but doesn't Lush take responsibility for something as ricockulous as this?? The stuff is chronic though so it's worth the wait. "Honey I washed the kids" 4 Life. ;)

stfubaker2 karma

Weird. I never heard of a company doing that. And it's odd, because Ohio is closer to the Toronto location. I thought they'd have their own shipping department instead of coming from the west coast.

Mommy_geek3 karma

Their return shipping to the US is insane as well. I received a really nice gift set for Christmas, but it was a shower set, and I wanted the one that has tons of bath bombs, so I called them, and they said, "No problem, send it back to us in Canada, and we'll send you the set you want." So, I got the address, went to UPS, and they say, ok, sure, it'll be $69.56 to ship this tiny little package to Canada. And I was taken aback! It had something to do with international shipping. So, I obviously didn't ship my gift, which was only worth about $75 back to them, I called and complained, told them about the insane pricing and asked if I could just ship it to the store in Chicago or something, they said that it had to go back to corporate, but they would send me a shipping label, and all was good. However, it still seems crazy to me that they wouldn't let it just go somewhere in the states. I'm sure they get a deal on international shipping rates, but damn! It makes it hard to return things to them. I still absolutely love their products though! :-)

stfubaker1 karma

Did everything end up working out in the end?

Mommy_geek2 karma

It did! And I truly am a BIG fan of LUSH. I spent $250.00 during December to buy presents for friends and family. I love their products, their message, and their "vibe". The people in customer service and in their stores are always really friendly and helpful. I think, overall, it's the best large scale bath company I've ever found. P.S. I love that the packing peanuts they use are colorful and smell amazing!

stfubaker2 karma

I love their packing peanuts. The shipping section is actually a block from my work and their looking for a machine operator for their gift wrapping machine. my coworker told me to apply.

Mommy_geek1 karma

Oh well then good luck! You should go for it, if the pay is better. :-) And, if you worked there, you could get tons of those packing peanuts and put them in cool jars as air-fresheners. Lol, seriously, every time I order from them I think, "If I just had about 2lbs of these things I could make some really cool decorations that smell awesome."

stfubaker1 karma

Pay is more, but hours are less. So I dont know if it'd be worth it in the long run.

starstrukk0 karma

bring back narcotick!

stfubaker3 karma

You should go onto their facebook. Their very interactive with the customers, and I'm sure if you say it and enough people make a reaction out of it, they'll comment on it.

ChompyDuchamp-1 karma

Is there someone you could talk to about renaming "Happy Hippy"? Holy crap, do I love that stuff, but it is THE MOST EMBARRASSING PRODUCT TO HAVE IN YOUR BATHROOM. Plus, Hippies smell awful! Seriously, has anyone there ever smelled one? Ugh. They certainly don't smell like grapefruit, more like patchouli and bong water.

I might suggest something like "Pampelmoose" and turning that picture of a hippy into a moose.

stfubaker1 karma

hahaha, try emailing the HR or something. make a petition. I'm not entirely sure how people go about changing product names. Usually the person who comes up with the idea for the product, has input on the name. So maybe some hippy made it, and was stoked. Happy Hippy could have been born.

superspas-2 karma

I used to like using your products for easy and great gifts for family, until I found out Lush actively supports anti-hunting and shooting organisations who act little better than terrorist in the UK.. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/oct/03/lush-supports-hunt-saboteurs

Do many of the employees know of or support this movement?

stfubaker0 karma

I honestly had no clue about this. Pretty crazy if you ask me.