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No, I'm just flattered.

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School has always been pretty difficult for me, because I have really awful vision. Even when I was stuck in the front row, I could barely make out what was being written on the board. Schoolwork took longer for me to complete, and sometimes I needed to have tests or homework specially enlarged for me. Math has always been the biggest challenge, since it's mostly visual. I'm still struggling a bit through college, but I've picked up on things that make learning easier for me, and I really appreciate that most schools have disability programs that do their best to be as accomidating as possible.

Socially, I think it's played a huge role on my self-worth. Throughout my life, I wasn't very confident and always doubted myself and my own abilities. I got bullied at times as a child, but not as often as I would've thought. Through my personal experiences and observing society, I began to set boundaries and ideas in my mind of what I could or couldn't do. Fell into a huge depression not long after college began. I'm learning to handle and cope with all the internal thoughts better and better each day though. :)

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One time, I let someone believe that my shit was white.

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Sweet. 8)

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Best thing, hands down, not having to stand in line at most theme parks. Also a lot of accomidations and financial aid that they offer for people, especially students, with disabilities.

Worst, the vision. I'm legally blind.