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That's a pretty amazing story. Thanks.

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Oh god, so many more questions.

  • What mental (and physical) preparation did you undergo prior to making sweet love to a boiled ham?

  • Was Greg Sestero as dreamy in person as he is on film?

  • Is Mike Holmes as downright awesome in person as he in on film?

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No way. NO WAY! You crazy dreamboat! Why do you keep coming to Oakland and not staying for the screenings? I've patiently sat through 22 consecutive monthly screenings. Without you.

1: How the hell is Todd Barron the only cast/crewmember of the room to have an obvious ongoing career in the field? ಠ_ಠ

2: The denim. Your idea, Safowa's doing, or was it all Tommy?

3: Is Dan Janjigian as much of a badass off the set as he is on camera?

4: I'm convinced that Mike is a modern day Jerry Lewis - witness the chocolate scene with Michelle and his mugging after you clobbered him in the alley 'me underwears' scene. I guess this one isn't actually a question...

5: Rumor has it you haven't aged a day since filming wrapped. Can we have a current photo? Does the beard live on?

Oh god, too much pressure. I'll come back with more useful questions.

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Hi, Pete! Thank you for doing the AMA, and thank you and your whole crew for all of the amazing films over the years.

1: How much clout, directly or indirectly, does Disney (as a driving force distinct from Pixar from a financial and merchandising standpoint), have over the selection process of Pixar's feature films, and what sort of pressure do they exert during the creation of said films with an eye toward post-release merchandising?

2: Since the Disney/Pixar merger, I've found a big uptick in the appeal of Disney's animated films - Bolt, Tangled, and Wreck It Ralph, in particular. How much control (guidance?) has Pixar exerted over Disney in those ventures?

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has Tommy ever told you where he's from?

This is the most important question