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Charlie Day green man is my hero

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You know what the worst is? Getting mixtures in your mouth. Good luck trying to get that out. And the Citric Acid... My god. Terrible.

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In the company there is probably about 12 sections. Only 2 sections don't do that. I, unfortunately, am in one of those sections. But yes, If you do buy a shampoo or body scrub or whatever and it has that picture, it actually was made by that person. No ploy. I hope to get into a section where they put my face on a product. Definitely would steal a role and just post it everywhere haha

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I have the bubble gum and popcorn one... I feel I moreso eat them, then use them.

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  1. I don't really get tired of the smell. I work usually on one product a day, and at the most, 6 or 7 are being made in the room I work in. When you're working with just once, you usually don't smell any of the other ones unless you go to the station of the other workers.
  2. I mentioned up above that there was one that used tea tree oil... That one smelt like old wet basement. it sucks.
  3. In the stores, I do get a 50% discount. Also, we have boxes of "damages" right at the door as we leave. Essentially, if the packer (quality control) thinks it's broken, or a small crack, corner falling off, or anything that looks bad aesthetically, it goes in the box to be thrown out. Us employees have dibs on them before they hit the garbage. Sometimes we throw out like 175-300 bombs, just because they dont look good. Don't worry though, we compost them.