We are 20 years old and we have done 15 commercials. We are currently working on a half hour comedy called "Brothers".

Check out our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/virzibrothers and our subreddit r/VirziBrothers and for more information about the show!

Here's our proof: http://imgur.com/JBS2e :Alex, Sean, Mitchell

http://imgur.com/R2rau Here is us graduating a couple years ago: Alex, Mitchell, Sean

(Edit): We will be answering any questions throughout the week!

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xXWhoCaresXx47 karma

Not a question but, OPs are very attractive! Good luck to all of you in fulfilling your endeavors!

VirziBrothers44 karma

How you doin?

xXWhoCaresXx46 karma

Well since there are three of you, I am TRImendous

NSskier9019 karma

am I the only one sensing a foursome coming about?

VirziBrothers61 karma

That's reserved only for Kate Upton.

jcdang23 karma

Why does Alex's name always go first? Why can't it be Sean, Mitchell and Alex for once?

VirziBrothers49 karma

I was pulled out of my mom first. -Alex

DownvoteMe_IDGAF19 karma

Who has the longest dick?

VirziBrothers78 karma

They are all equally small

Kelticthunder12 karma

But are they identical?

VirziBrothers65 karma

I don't look at my brothers' dick you sick bastard.

Kelticthunder11 karma

I always thought guys knew that kind of shit...

VirziBrothers6 karma

No that's weird

Dinkleberg-_-18 karma

Lol you guys are hilarious. Are your personalities in real life pretty similar?

VirziBrothers25 karma

Yeah we like to fuck around and play pranks on each other.

JarheadBond18 karma

I am a twin as well. What is the best thing about being a triplet to you?

VirziBrothers108 karma

More organs to take if I get hurt. -Mitchell

mortiphago9 karma

You must be the pragmatic one of the lot.

VirziBrothers7 karma

You'd be correct in saying that. -Mitchell

Azronsuspect15 karma

I totally went to middle school with you all! I don't think we ever really knew each other, but I got really excited seeing this. hahaha

VirziBrothers21 karma

F or M?

Azronsuspect7 karma

Are we talking initials of the middle schools?

VirziBrothers18 karma

Female or male...

NotASouthernBelle15 karma

How do you know your parents didn't accidentally mix you up? What if your mom put Sean in Alex's Crib, so that Sean is actually the first born?

VirziBrothers32 karma

Sean has a little bald spot on his head from a hernia as an infant, so we are pretty confident he is who we think he is. However, Alex and Mitchell could be living out each others' lives. I guess we will never know for sure.

aoxo6 karma

I imagined your parents as street hustlers using you lot for a trick similar to the cup and ball trick and suddenly realising they didn't think things through...

On that note is Sean the evil twi... er, triplet?

VirziBrothers7 karma

If only we had gangster parents running the streets. I think this AMA would be more exciting if we had some street cred. This has never crossed my mind. Does he look evil from the picture?

aoxo6 karma

Since Alex is the only one smiling I can only conclude he's trying TOO hard to appear non-evil therefore he is really Sean and Alex is actually the one in the middle... but the one with the bald spot is evil... so... Alex is the evil one... but since Alex and Mitchell are living each others lives Mitchell is the evil one.

Uhh, hmm... you're all evil!

Edit: Accidently an L.

VirziBrothers3 karma

We are going to have to seriously re-evaluate everything we thought we knew about each other.

victorievida14 karma

You all are quite attractive! Since you're identical, have girls every tried to get with one of you, failed, and tried one of the other two?

VirziBrothers37 karma

It actually happens a lot. One girl started messaging Mitch on Facebook and he shot her down. She later messaged Sean and he approved. They met up and coitus ensued.

victorievida17 karma

No hard feelings about being the "second or third choice"?

VirziBrothers27 karma

Well when you put it that way...

shaynegifford12 karma

I'm a triplet too!

VirziBrothers24 karma

That's threemendous!

shaynegifford7 karma

My brother, sister, and me look absolutely nothing a like though. People don't even think we are related. Is there a lot of competition between you guys?

VirziBrothers31 karma

It's a non-stop dick measuring contest.

NSskier9039 karma

I thought you dont look at each others dicks

VirziBrothers40 karma

Aww you caught us.

Lostah9 karma

Have you ever traded places and preformed shenanigans?

VirziBrothers31 karma

Mitch pretended Sean was gay one time but otherwise no

Lostah9 karma

I mean more of like switching places with each other

VirziBrothers8 karma

Sadly no.

slambob9 karma

My little sisters are 19 year old triplet girls. You guys should bang hang

VirziBrothers5 karma

You're a great brother and wingman. PM us whenever.

wonderland018 karma

Did you guys decide you each needed a different hair/facial hair look, or does it just suit each of your personalities?

VirziBrothers43 karma

Hair matches personality. Mitch has facial hair because he is a dirty bum.

HDpants19 karma


VirziBrothers24 karma

Yes and he is looking for a home with a female.

OlivesYou10 karma

I'm a female with a home! Sort of...
Would he be okay with sharing a twin bunk with me in my dorm? It's apartment style! :D

VirziBrothers3 karma

I am intrigued with this offer. It depends where your dorm is located. You can PM me and we can figure out these details. Hopefully you don't mind the tickle of a half-filled in goatee. -Mitchell

OlivesYou1 karma

How do you feel about Louisville, Kentucky?
We got lots of friend chicken and Papa John's pizza!!


edit: gah-meant fried chicken!! haha. but friend chicken is just as good, I assure you.

VirziBrothers8 karma

That's a long way from California, but finding true love with a southern belle could be worth throwing it all away for. How many kids would you like to have? Also, that friend chicken sounds really welcoming. -Mitchell

OlivesYou2 karma

Well I am originally from from California if that helps as well If you're from NorCal we could get along even better :]

And I'd like to wait a few years, but how does 7 or 8 kids sound?...

VirziBrothers2 karma

I am from SoCal, but fret not I'm sure we will still hit it off. And that sounds fantastic if all I gotta do is pop my seed in ya. -Mitchell

SoDarkTheConOfMan8 karma

Right, so one can take my pussy, one can take my asshole, one can take my mouth. Are you guys game?

VirziBrothers13 karma

Are you Kate Upton?

fluttershysaysyay8 karma

Do you guys have any weird connection as to know what you guys are thinking about with each other?

Do you guys have a lot of the same interests?

VirziBrothers35 karma

No not really We have a lot of the same interests such as sports, women and masturbation

Socal24hrs3 karma

and World of Warcraft, you all play World of Warcraft

VirziBrothers10 karma

We have all stopped fortunately.

MononcBob2 karma

Do you masturbate in group? I once had a friend who had a twin and he told me they were doing that. I never knew if he was serious or not though.

VirziBrothers4 karma

You mean triangle jerking? No we dont

VirziBrothers2 karma

There are no group circle jerks.

sarah2528 karma

Ever date the same girls?

VirziBrothers31 karma

Nope but we have hooked up with some of the same girls lol - Sean

jcdang10 karma

  • Who gets left out when you guys meet hot twins?
  • What did the Wrigley execs say when they turned down your triplemint idea?

VirziBrothers26 karma

It's survival of the fittest; all rules go out the window. (But typically Sean). The control groups said the taste was too overwhelming, so Wrigley had to decline. -Mitchell

jrrhea7 karma

From your FB page, your TV character's descriptions pasted below. Question is, do these characters you've dreamed up at all match the personalities of the corresponding brother that will be playing them?

Alex: The genuine good guy. He is naive and overbearing of his brothers and their image. He tries to help everyone he can and is truly straight edged. He is in love with his sweetheart, Megan, but doesn't appreciate the sexual frustration she causes. Between his brothers and his girlfriend, Alex clings to his sanity by being outstandingly nice.

Jack: A sarcastic asshole who does not care what anyone else thinks and possesses little to no filter. He is shameless when it comes to women and will push the boundaries in any conversation or social outing.

Sean: A mildly, depressed follower who has always taken a backseat to his brothers and never seems to have anything go his way. He attempts to grasp attention by trying too hard to impress others, whether it be with forced, awkward jokes or keeping with current trends, regardless of how foolish he looks.

VirziBrothers20 karma

Yes, they are a little bit exaggerated though and Alex could never get a girlfriend.

ChristopherJDorsch7 karma

I too have a twin. Who's the stronger one that beats up the weaker ones?

VirziBrothers38 karma

"Alex" -Alex "Sean" -Sean "Mitchell" -Mitchell

mortiphago4 karma

fuck the show, just make a cage fight out of you three and make it pay per view.

VirziBrothers4 karma

We're calling Dana White right now

VirziBrothers1 karma

Hmm, if we get more support behind this idea we could make this work.

ckypop6 karma

Why do you not look like identical triplets?

VirziBrothers12 karma

It's gotta be the hair Cotton!

shaynegifford4 karma

Great fucking movie.

VirziBrothers2 karma


webjunk226 karma


VirziBrothers4 karma

Thanks homes. -Mitchell

brotherofbadula5 karma

So which one of you has the minority report?

VirziBrothers7 karma

I think Sean could pass as Agatha, he looks like an Agatha. But Alex is too nice, he's gotta be hiding something. -Mitchell

brotherofbadula2 karma

That's awesome.

VirziBrothers2 karma

Sean told me that's what you would say....

IBiteYou5 karma

Isn't this, technically an AUA?

VirziBrothers9 karma

Sean had mentioned that but we wanted to stay true to the subreddit

fingerprince5 karma

Why is one of the characters randomly called Jack?

VirziBrothers9 karma

Mitchell wanted to changed to Jack because we had too many M names. And Jack rhymes with more words.

therealkateupton4 karma

Would you guys like to come over?

VirziBrothers3 karma

Be moist and ready by 8. PM me your address

Socal24hrs3 karma

Do you remember when you were 8 and one of you kept bragging to me at Easter how your house was bigger than mine? - love, your cousin

VirziBrothers5 karma

I don't remember but based on your comment history, this has got to be my favorite giraffe-like cousin.

Socal24hrs3 karma

considering how tall you are, everyone must look like a giraffe

VirziBrothers3 karma

Mom, you're embarrassing me on the internet.

mebbitt3 karma

Please tell me you went to Sweet Valley High School. I'm pretty sure Elizabeth and Jessica would have dated the crap out of two of you, and made for an interesting book.

VirziBrothers1 karma

Not Sweet Valley, although the initials of the high school we went to were SVHS. Sounds like Elizabeth and Jessica missed out.

boredwaitingforlife3 karma

Alex doesn't look like the other two. Is he a fraternal while the other two (Mitchell and Sean) are identical?

VirziBrothers9 karma

Nah it's because my hair is long right now and my face looks weird because I actually smiled. -Alex

Itstheadhd3 karma

Tits or ass?

VirziBrothers5 karma

Alex=Tits Sean=Ass Mitchell=Tits

Kmanflyaway3 karma

Have you all ever switched lives for a day?

VirziBrothers11 karma

Our lives are relatively similar, except that I am currently away at school. Plus if I switched lives with Sean I know nothing exciting would happen. -Mitchell

Bradacook2 karma

Are you guys thinking about getting the same job/working together? What are your future life plans?

VirziBrothers1 karma

We all work at a golf course together and go to school. Ideally, we would be staring and writing our own show.

Rival_Blue2 karma

Hey, I'm writing a TV show, too!

Only ,I don't have brothers, let alone identical brothers...

VirziBrothers2 karma

Good luck! What's it about?

Rival_Blue3 karma

Yeah, its about rednecks.

An good luck to you guys as well!

VirziBrothers12 karma

I assume it's a comedy, or is it the first redneck Drama?

boredwaitingforlife2 karma

Do a quick round of rock/paper/scissors, who pulls out what?

VirziBrothers8 karma

Just played ten rounds and we all tied every time.

boredwaitingforlife5 karma

3 people, 10 rounds, tied for all? I call BS. Continue until the tie is broken!

VirziBrothers13 karma

Round 367 all still tied...

boredwaitingforlife3 karma

Suspicious. Very suspicious.

Brute1082 karma

They all played "Rock" each time.

VirziBrothers3 karma

We have played through the night. After 4829 rounds, we are still at a tie. Sean has passed out of exhaustion if that helps decide a winner.

BrittanyXO2 karma

which of you are single? haha..no, but really....

VirziBrothers2 karma

All of us are single ;)

BrittanyXO1 karma

mmm pretty sure I have a newfound addition to my bucket list.

VirziBrothers2 karma

PM and let's see if we can cross it off ;)


My god, if you guys played in the same sports team like lacrosse... it would be incredible. All 3 attackmen having such good chemistry and have played with each other for so many years.

Sorry, off topic. But do you guys play the same sport? You all look built.

VirziBrothers1 karma

We all used to play football but Mitch was RB and Sean was LB. Alex tore his ACL. We have really good chemistry in basketball, but we are built for wrestling, gymnastics and jockeying.

JennyFrances2 karma

I have a fraternal twin and I know how annoying that is, people don't really think their questions through before asking. Can you read his mind? So how old is he then? When's his birthday? Are you guys identical? I always answer that one with he has a penis. Props to you fellas.

archangel9243 karma

I'm a triplet with an identical twin brother and a fraternal twin sister.... and I couldn't agree more. EVERY time someone finds out it's the same questions: Can you reach each others' minds? Are you ever in each others' dreams? If one of you is in pain, do the others feel it? Do you ever switch on dates or in classes? Or my old favorite "Which one is the evil one?" HYUCK HYUCK, HILARIOUS!

VirziBrothers2 karma

It's one thing we'd like to address during the show, so that hopefully multiples will never have to suffer under the tyranny of stupid questions again.

VirziBrothers2 karma

After a while we got sick of it and we would start messing with people; it could get very creative at times.

[deleted]1 karma


VirziBrothers2 karma

Usually not hit on as much as it is people coming up and telling us "OMG you guys are triplets!" But the few times we do get hit on the women are either too old or too young.

everythingisopposite1 karma

Would you rather fight 3 triplet sized giraffes or one giraffed sized triplet?

VirziBrothers2 karma

Fight the triplet sized giraffes. Half their body would be neck. Kill the head and neck, the body will fall.

Saturnynian1 karma

Did your parents mix you guys up a lot growing up? Is there a trick to telling you apart that your friends all have?

VirziBrothers2 karma

We had clothes with our names on them growing up but they still messed up. Usually the hair and Alex has a scar.

imnotcharlotte1 karma

Was it annoying growing up with each other or where you all quite close?

VirziBrothers2 karma

It was both. On one hand we always had even teams in smash brothers, because we have an older brother, but then we had to share bathrooms and we had to share a car.

BeyondAddiction1 karma

Are you natural triplets? What I mean is that I know the usage of IVF and fertility drugs can increase the likelihood of multiple births. According to the Wikipedia article about multiple human births, triplets occur: 1/892 = 1/7921 (about 0.013%) of singleton births. The percentage is significantly higher with the introduction of fertility drugs. Although judging from your ages IVF wasn't as popular when you were young so did your parents have you naturally or are you three the product of science?


VirziBrothers2 karma

We are natural. Not exactly sure what the odds are of it, but we are certain that we are not petri dish triplets.

w-o-r-k-l-o-g-i-n1 karma

i know this might cause "discord" between you 3, but...have any of you ever slept with another ones girlfriend, letting her think that you were her boyfriend? (also applies with other stuff like making out and everything else)

VirziBrothers3 karma

Nothing like this has occurred during the relationships as far as we know. But once the girl is in tears after a harsh break-up, we make the perfect rebound to ease her into being alone.

neofizz1 karma

What's your pilot about? Will you three be in it?

VirziBrothers1 karma

Our pilot will have all three of us in it (ideally.) If you want more info on the pilot you can to either of the above links. The logline is " A selfish recluse reluctantly shelters his under-achieving triplet brothers."

meowmix91 karma

any of you single?

VirziBrothers4 karma

All of us are single. ;)

[deleted]1 karma


VirziBrothers2 karma

Today after we lost in basketball

la_pluie1 karma

Do you all go to the same college? (Reason why I'm asking this.. I knew identical twins who went to the same college UCDavis and they received a scholarship for it).

VirziBrothers3 karma

Alex and Sean go to the same college and Mitch is like two hours away. That's a load of shit we are going to demand a full ride.

thegoudster1 karma

Are you aware that there was a short-lived show called "Brothers" on Fox in 2009?

VirziBrothers3 karma

We were unaware of that. Perhaps a title change to Virzi Brothers or Fourplay.

Maenad871 karma

What was the best prank you have done,which based on the fact you're triplets?

VirziBrothers1 karma

There is really nothing of note. When we go to parties together and meet girls we will typically just mess around with them telling them they are guessing the wrong names. Do you have ideas for pranks we could try ?

VirziBrothers1 karma

Sorry mitch was responding on the computer and im my shitty phone. The best one that comes to mind is mitch was upset that alex was using his soap bar so mitchell shaved his pubes and put them in alexs shampoo for about a month. I thought i was growing a beard. -Alex

beggingoceanplease1 karma

Did your parents dress you so you all matched when you were little? I hate when parents do that to twins/triplets.

VirziBrothers1 karma

For the most part no. Alex liked blue, Sean liked red, and Mitchell liked green, so they dressed us in those colors typically. And we hated when our parents did it to us too.

MononcBob1 karma

Do you share all your accounts on website like this? Or you just made a reddit account for this AMA?

VirziBrothers1 karma

For the most part we share the account but sean has one of his own.

VirziBrothers1 karma

We made this account for the AMA and for smaller subreddits that interest us like r/screenwriting.

davidrab1 karma

what commercials have you all been in?

VirziBrothers1 karma

We have done sparkletts water, neosporin, walmart, colgate, lowes, home depot, and dove soap just to name a few as well as the season finale of E.R called "Lockdown"

IanSMacKenzie1 karma

do you guys like /r/trees?

VirziBrothers2 karma

However we are big fans of /r/gonewild .

BootStiefel1 karma

Have you had a chance to check out the Sklar brothers? I think they're hysterical. Best of luck with the show!



VirziBrothers1 karma

We lost the minimal amount of respect for them we had when we saw them on the commercial for "Partners".

MaximBardin1 karma

You look all different to me (on the proof photo)

VirziBrothers1 karma

Hair and Alex and Mitchell are wearing shoes so Sean looks short.

MajorWahoobies1 karma

There were a "Virzi Brothers" who produced a gizmo called "the virzi tone producer", famously sold in Gibson mandolins/guitars etc around 1922-1925. Any relation? :)


VirziBrothers1 karma

We have seen that before, but I don't think we are related. My Virzi Family grew olives, I guess that's kind of close to mandolins...

NotTheEverydayMe1 karma

VirziBrothers2 karma

If hockey or lacrosse was available at our schools I'm sure we could have been very talented for short average-speed white males.

charism1 karma

How tall are you guys?

VirziBrothers2 karma

We stand at a towering 5 feet 5 inches.

Jetouellet1 karma

Will you be waging war against the Sklar Brothers?

VirziBrothers2 karma

Of course. We got the 3v2 advantage we will beat their ass. GG

[deleted]1 karma


VirziBrothers2 karma

Sean's the most sensitive. He is a giant pussy.