My mother was rushed to the OR in order to save me. I was resuscitated shorty after. My right foot was a club foot and backwards I also had amniotic bands on both ankles. I have had countless plastic surgery to correct the foot and many other surgeries for my ankles. I am open to any and all questions so ask me anything!

EDIT 1: I was clinically dead not dead dead.

EDIT 2: I am going to count leaving the birthing canal as being born. So yes I was born even though clinically dead.

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Born with foot backwards?! You must have been kicking yourself.

Overwatcher71 karma

Maybe I was kicking the umbilical cord around my neck haha.

reptarsbones29 karma

How is your foot now? What effect does it have on your gait?

Overwatcher92 karma

People often accuse me of trying to walk with swag but in reality I have a slight limp and my foot is turned a bit outwards.

reptarsbones77 karma

I'm a little bowlegged and people say I walk like I don't give a fuck. Luckily I don't.

Overwatcher48 karma

People have said the same for me haha.

Overwatcher15 karma

This here made my day.

TotallyNotThatOneGuy4 karma

I broke a few bones after falling down the hill in my back yard, and it pisses me off to no end when people tell me to stop limping.

thegoldenmandenis6 karma

What kind of arsehole tells someone to stop limping? It's generally understood that people don't limp for a laugh, they do it because they have an injury or disability. Do these same people go up to people wearing glasses and ask them to take them off, or tell people in wheelchairs to start walking?

Overwatcher2 karma

Now now it's not as bad you think my friend! They don't tell me to stop just merely say "man you got some swag in your walk!" It's an easy misconception because the limp is so faint.

Overwatcher2 karma

Was it a bunny hill type deal or?

TotallyNotThatOneGuy3 karma

My backyard it about a 70 degree angle, and I fell a good 30 feet into rocks/trees/fence/ect.

Overwatcher4 karma

How did you manage that?

Overwatcher20 karma

I'm sorry I'm new to reddit. How to I put up a picture via IPhone?

TheShroomHermit17 karma

Would a backwards foot be an advantage in QWOP?

Overwatcher7 karma

Amazingly enough. Yes, yes it does help.

nowonmai15 karma

This is something I have an interest in, as my little boy was born with congential talipes. His case wasn't as severe as yours, though. He is now 6 months old, and has been in a cast since he was 1 week to slowly correct the foot position. He will be in a brace to ensure the correction doesn't undo itself until he is 4, but only at night. I often worry about how this may affect him psychologically, but it seems to have done your confidence and sense of humour no harm... maybe even enhanced them :)

Thanks for the insight... I feel better about his treatment now.

Overwatcher7 karma

As long as you have a good doctor and/or plastic surgeon (depending on whether he needs surgery) and show your child as much love and support as you can he will make it through :). And I was in braces and had surgery till I was 7.

Avocadoeh13 karma

Do you have any other complications, specifically any neurological ones?

Overwatcher23 karma

I can barely point my toes and have limited feeling on certain parts of my foot.

I don't really know what you mean by neurological but if you don't mind explaining I'll be happy to answer.

Avocadoeh8 karma

In terms of mental disorders or mental capabilities?

Overwatcher15 karma

Now are you talking about me being dead at birth or my foot?

Avocadoeh12 karma

Dead at birth. Sorry, should have clarified.

Overwatcher18 karma

It's all good! No I don't have any complications, well at least that I know of. I was only out for like 20 seconds or something like that.

Lil_Esler7 karma

How is it possible you were dead at birth, but you're alive?

Overwatcher15 karma

I was supposed to be a natural birth but the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck so I was what they call a "blue baby". The doctors were able to resuscitate me shortly after they got me out of the womb.

Lil_Esler3 karma

Okay, that's legit because the title kind of made me skeptical.

Overwatcher5 karma

Sorry for the confusion!

ateoclockminusthel11 karma

I would like to see a picture of your feet.

Overwatcher28 karma

I'm sorry I'm new to reddit. How do I post a picture from my iPhone.

Overwatcher19 karma

I figured it out don't worry haha

VaselineAndSlugs13 karma

Don't worry everyone Overwatcher has it under control.

Overwatcher13 karma

I got that shit on lock.

EllieJellyNelly7 karma

You're foot looks great for orignially being backwards. A friend of mine was born with both feet like that and unfortunately has many problems, including practically no muscle on one ankle/lower calf. Has it ever restricted you from running and stuff?

Overwatcher6 karma

I have very little muscle on my right calf and I get tired way more easily when I run. My running is unaffected it's more of a swag run.

bobby_pendragon5 karma

Are you left handed? I read a study that said people who have complicated births are more likely to be lefties. If so, high left five cause we've got something in common!

Overwatcher15 karma

No. No I am not. Sorry.

irsean4 karma

Is it difficult buying shoes? How do you make the right foot fit properly?

Overwatcher12 karma

I FUCKING HATE BUYING SHOES. it's like buying one shoe for a watermelon and the other for a lemon. Sometimes I'll ask for both sizes put the correct shoe from each foot in one box and roll outta the store.

Froghurt3 karma

Your right foot is still moderately deformed, isn't it incredibly annoying to go shoeshopping?

pemble1 karma

i really want to know the answer to this question

Overwatcher2 karma

If you look up I answered this is a previous reply. Hope that helps.

fleurettes_mom3 karma

My son was 'clinically dead' for 40 minutes at birth. 20 minutes in utero and 20 being resuscitated. I am thankful he is here. I am darn glad to have him.

Overwatcher3 karma

I am also glad he is here.

theAliasOfAlias2 karma

Do you ever feel like "I shouldn't be here"!

Overwatcher15 karma

No. I run this shit.

myluckystars2 karma

Do they know what caused it, is it genetic or just "one of those things?"

Overwatcher1 karma

I think it's just one of those things. Cause no one else in my family has it but it could very well be a recessive gene.

rilie2 karma

Did you play any sports, or want to play any sports when you wee younger? Also, how long did it take for your foot to point the right way and look normal? Is there surgeries to make it look more like the other one?

Overwatcher2 karma

I wanted to play sports so bad as a child especially hockey which I still have troubles with today. It took a lot of surgery I'll post pictures of my scars. But for now my foot is in the best possible shape I don't plan on having anymore surgeries.

MichaelDiBiasi2 karma

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Overwatcher12 karma

A gym teacher or a physiotherapist. Not quite sure yet.

Dalelol2 karma

Your foot looks surprisingly healthy, except for it being noticibly shorter than the other it actually looks pretty damn good.

How did this affect your childhood? Except from the obvious swag-walk I imagine you had some complications when it came to sports?

Are you "ashamed" of your foot, in that you don't usually go to the beach with your friends, and if you do, do you wear a sock while swimming etc?

Overwatcher3 karma

Well I was unable to play any sort of sport till about 7 and to this day I have troubles playing hockey (CanadiEnt). But I stared playing lacrosse at 8 and am now a AAA division 1 lacrosse play who was drafted this year.

If I was ashamed of my foot I probably wouldn't be doing this AMA. At beaches no I don't give any fucks you would be surprised at how many girls I have gotten with this.

ImAwesomeThanks2 karma

My sister was suffocated the same way you were, by the umbilical cord. She didn't make it tho. It happened the day before my mom was set for labor and when it happened inside her, she could feel something was wrong, but the doctors shrug it off as nothing, resulting in my sister dieing inside the womb of my mother.

I'm glad for your family that you made it.

Overwatcher2 karma

I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences.

TheTallestGnome2 karma

if you could create a breakfast cereal what would it be?

Overwatcher3 karma

Some kind of cereal with pot in it. Maybe shaped like little pot leaves.

TheTallestGnome2 karma

would the over all flavour just be pot?

Overwatcher1 karma

No pot tastes bad. Maybe a honey citrus flavor.

jessiemichele2 karma

What happened for you to be born dead?

Overwatcher13 karma

I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck cutting off my oxygen supply thus killing me. I was saved clearly.

Nicoon10 karma

I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck cutting off my oxygen supply thus killing me. I was saved clearly.

I hope you understand that you weren't actually dead. Clinical death is distinct from actual death, and from the latter there's no returning from.

Clinical death is merely a term used to describe the lack of breathing and blood circulation.

Overwatcher1 karma

I was confused before but now I understand. Thank you for the clarification.

longflowingdreads2 karma

Just trying to help but don't google amniotic bands... ugh.

Overwatcher1 karma

Do you know what it is now or need me to clarify?

longflowingdreads1 karma

Well I would have preferred just a sentence clarifying it but I am afraid the damage is done and I know what it is.

Overwatcher1 karma

I am sorry we didn't reach you sooner.

Overwatcher0 karma

the_lemon_outlaw2 karma

Not necessarily a question to you, but I think you could answer it as well: How did your parents experience your birth? Did they know of your foot before labor?
I can only imagine being scared shitless if I'd ever become a father of a baby with a backwards foot - not to mention the born dead part.

Overwatcher2 karma

I have never really asked them actually. But I don't think they knew about my foot before. I can only imagine how scared my father was when they had to rush my mother to the OR to cut me out.

10000gildedcranes2 karma

You said in another comment that you can't really extend your toes. Does this mean you can't physically, or that your lack of nervous sensation to your feet prevents you from being able to operate your foot like normal? Has your foot taken some wear and tear from limited use?

Overwatcher3 karma

I just don't have the joint flexion to point them my ligaments won't let me do it. And yes there is a bit of wear and tear. I have a large amount of scar tissue on the bottom if my foot and my right calf is about 1/3 the size of my left. I get tired a lot more easily when I am running because of this.

johnsmith000001 karma

How does your foot look at your age now?

Overwatcher3 karma

There is now a link for you to look at :)

randomcheesecake5551 karma

At first glance I thought this was circlejerk.

Overwatcher1 karma

Me too....

nickisamonkey1 karma

can you ride a bike?

Overwatcher1 karma

Yes. I almost got sponsored for park BMX.

JezusReturns1 karma

Is this a cool story you tell with your friends around?

Overwatcher2 karma

It's fun to tell people who I have known for a long time but they don't know about it. It's also super fun to catch randoms in public staring at my calves trying to figure out what's wrong. It's also a decent ice breaker.

almostghostless1 karma


Overwatcher2 karma

Not trying to make a pun but you really do need to take things in stride. Plus people make fun of me for my name more than anything else.

polluxuk0 karma

Proof please?

Overwatcher5 karma

There is now a link for you to look at :)

Hellisothersheeple0 karma

Title should have been: "I am Immortal, AMA."

Overwatcher6 karma

Fuck that would have been cool as shit.

bitemybubbles0 karma

Can you grow a mustache? If yes, please post pic.

Overwatcher2 karma

I CAN. but I just shaved I'm so sorry

1arrow24-1 karma

Tricky question here: Can you actually be born if you were already dead?

fleurettes_mom2 karma

My son says he was born twice. Maybe you feel that way too OP.

Overwatcher2 karma

I like that haha I think I'll use that now haha

Henkkaaaaa-2 karma

Can you lift bro?

If so do you (even) lift?

Overwatcher2 karma

I can lift and I go to the gym everyday to strengthen my calf. So the real question do you even lift?

Henkkaaaaa1 karma

Indeed I do.

Glad to hear that you can lift and it's awesome that you do!

Calves can be a bitch to train but may the gains be with you.

Overwatcher1 karma

And may the gods of lift be with you.

my_tactless_opinion-9 karma

Have you snorted cocaine?

Overwatcher3 karma

No only r/trees