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Norwegian here, I worked with a guy for over a year, in really close quarters and we became really good buddies, then I learned that he had been caught drunk driving twice... fucking twice...

This really changed my perspective on the whole guy and I really havn't been able to let it go... Drinking and driving is stupid kids, don't do it. Not for fear of having to answer to /u/vegarbeid in prison, but for fear of dying or even worse, killing someone else.

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then at the end of the month, we would have a merit sale where you could buy things that parents had donated to the merit store, like water guns and playstation games

How has this yet not been applied to regular schools? I mean, it's the perfect "If you work hard in life, you get rewards"-ideology that kids need to learn... (Said the unemployed 20 year old who browses Reddit from morning to night without applying for any jobs)

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Sad to say, but the guy squirting semen into pigs is getting more action than I am.

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In 2012 when Anders Behring Breivik happened, a lot of international media went crazy over how he was only getting 21 years for having murdered close to 100 children, it doesn't work like that, after the 21 years he will be sentenced to another 5 years because he's not "ready yet", and then another 5 after that and so on.

Besides, if they'd let him out, he wouldn't had survived a whole lot of trips down to the grocery store, he's already in solitary in prison because of other inmates attempting to kill him.

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It does follow you, yes, but from what I've heard it's not as bad as in the US. Housing issues are present but worst case scenario the state will find a place for you, as for jobs, there are certain benefits in hiring an ex-con, the state sometimes even pays a % of their pay.