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Not necessarily a question to you, but I think you could answer it as well: How did your parents experience your birth? Did they know of your foot before labor?
I can only imagine being scared shitless if I'd ever become a father of a baby with a backwards foot - not to mention the born dead part.

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Thanks for your reply! I will check out Bill DeWees from now on, took a quick glance and it seems really helpful!

As for a good warmup routine, are the ones I find via Google (the WikiHow one, for example) considered 'good', or do you have any specific pointers?

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Hi, thanks for doing this!
I've been looking into voice acting for quite some time (though mostly for my own projects, nothing professional), and I noticed there's quite a lot of courses offered on it - but they cost a heap of money (close to a thousand Euros). Would you say it's worth taking a course?
Also, does a voice change throughout the day or am I imagining stuff? I can't help but feel like my pitch raises a bit throughout the day...