I have flown every learjet ever made for an owner of a charter company. I have flown celebrities all over the world, and have been to many amazing places. AMA. I'm new to this reddit, so my son is helping me. I sent proof to the mods.

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Bluedit51146 karma

Did you ever joke around with any passengers? Like "accidentally" leaving the PA on and saying to your co-pilot, "I swear to God Bill I'm going to crash this plane into the side of a mountain if you say one more thing about my wife..."

AlThePilot1191 karma

This made me laugh! I never did this, but there are plently of people I have flown that deserved it.

foug838 karma

have you seen any famous boobies?

AlThePilot1314 karma

Jenny McCarthy

fleeingmediocrity683 karma

Who's the shadiest person you've had the pleasure of jetting around?

AlThePilot1354 karma

Jesse Jackson Sr. Spent 10 days with him, and every place we went there was a limousine with a beautiful woman waiting for him in the back seat.

funkarama154 karma

What kind of women, black or white?

AlThePilot499 karma

All young to middle age black women

Senorjefe633 karma

How many Angelina Jolie adoptees can you pick up in one trip?

AlThePilot1519 karma

The plane seats 8, but I'm sure you could squeeze some in baggage storage.

MISTER_HUGE616 karma

Which celebrity was the coolest and which one was the worst?

AlThePilot1157 karma

Dennis Rodman was the coolest by far. He was just a down to earth guy. He was very polite and very courteous. Damen Waynes was the worst. His golf bag was so damn huge you couldn't get it in the plane. He was really full of himself, and acted like he was "all that."

AlThePilot460 karma

It's getting late for me. Thank you for all your questions. This was a lot of fun! I hope I was able to answer enough of your questions. I'll try and answer more tomorrow. Good Night!

x_yz_x_yz391 karma

which celebrity freaked out the worst during turbulence?

AlThePilot728 karma

Definitley Karl Malone. Total white knuckle

Chefbeanstock369 karma

What are your most interesting "I promise not to tell" moments?

AlThePilot724 karma

left santa barbara after a previous day of mexican food on our way back to chicago. had a fruit plate for breakfast in flight and thats al she wrote. had to divert to pueblo to go to the bathroom my copilot asked why i was doing 250 knot in the airport traffic pattern and told him i would have to pull a circuit breaker to do 300! could not walk back and crap in front of the ceo of proctor and gamble had to stop lol

ShittyFieldTech232 karma

What in the hell did you tell the CEO of proctor and gamble?

AlThePilot459 karma

We had to stop for a fuel stop some time along the way, so we stopped a few hours early to refuel and relive myself.

ShittyFieldTech130 karma

Which airport did you fly out of in Chicago?

Do you still fly for fun?

AlThePilot240 karma

DuPage Airport. I don't get to fly for fun as much as I would like. I do miss it.

funkdenomotron365 karma

Have you ever seen the green flash? Ufos?

AlThePilot749 karma

Have seen multiple shotting stars and even a B-2 bomber fly right over me at 45K feet. Have seen stars and planets that any normal person would say that it was a approaching aircraft, including me

westcoastredman275 karma

Could you explain how a star could look like a plane?

AlThePilot819 karma

Variations in reflecting light makes it look like an approaching aircraft. You can't believe it until you see it. You get 2 pilots with 20 year each experience questioning. You just have to see it

Maydayman124 karma

That's awesome you got to see the B-2 though!

AlThePilot200 karma

Wish I had my camera ready, it happened so quockly going from Houston to Chicago

BedOnARock363 karma

Whats the best place you visited? And who were you with there?

AlThePilot1320 karma

kalamazoo, Michigan. Sounds lame, but I flew my wife there while we where still dating. It was the most romantic moment of my life.

sm2012512 karma

Upvote for Kzoo!

AlThePilot875 karma

Thanks, 10 minutes after I landed I got my Fed Ex letter telling me I was fired. A matter of a chief pilot feeling threatened that he was a crappy pilot and spread bad words to the boss. Best thing that ever happened to me. Got a way better job 20 minutes later.

Ruisseaux355 karma

Did you ever have to restrain, or threaten to restrain/control a passenger? What was the most obnoxious thing a celebrity has done on your craft?

AlThePilot922 karma

Never had to restrain anyone. Most obnoxious thing involved Dennis Rodman. He was with Carmen Electra, and some other girl who I didn't know. They where completely wasted, and he wanted to fly to Las Vegas to marry both of them. His manager told us to fly him to Rockford and back (To Chicago), until he passes out.

DBiz548 karma

I thought you said Dennis Rodman was cool?!

AlThePilot880 karma

He is! I have flown him several times. This was just a strange occurrence.

nekendrick320 karma

Any close calls/issues with celeb clients on board? Did they know?

AlThePilot769 karma

Was flying Karl Malone, and while we where over Alabama we encountered some heavy storms. He was freaking out from the turbulence. It wasn't exactly a close call, but it's the only thing that comes to mind. He was so happy to get off the plane, he tipped my co pilot and I $500.

simcole318 karma

Damn. Fellow pilot here who flew a celebrity for 3 years. It was a fun job with lots of interesting stories to share. I enjoyed yours.

Welcome to reddit.

AlThePilot349 karma

You know what i am talkin aboot. Lol

rezzotoof268 karma

Did the celebs tip you and what was your best tip?

AlThePilot1023 karma

Jenny McCarthy tipped 250, Karl Malone tipped 500, but Peter Forsberg from the Colorado Avelanche tipped a 1000 because when we took him from Toronto to New York, the custom agent said he had more than 10k in cash coming into the country, so ha tipped us in order to have less cash. Lucky me!

desmopilot277 karma

Forsbergs always been a class act. Thanks for sharing!

AlThePilot354 karma

He was totally cool. His girlfriend was really nice but was the one in charge. Lol

mohsinkhan293252 karma

How much did you make?

AlThePilot668 karma

i started at 35K in my early days and ended up at close to a 100K the best part was that I never spent any money on the road. The boss paid for everything!

Batman_for_President202 karma

Why did you quit?

AlThePilot490 karma

It's a great job if you're single, but it's very hard with a family. I was away from my wife and kids too often. I now run a small business with my wife.

uposis163 karma

What sort of business do you have? Was it an easy transition between the two?

AlThePilot364 karma

My wife had started a Mr Handyman Franchise in the Chicago suburbs. It was a bit tough at first but has been fantastic for a long time

Whatsup167200 karma

Who was the nicest celebrity you ever flew with?

AlThePilot452 karma

Walter Payton by far.

jjiminian200 karma

What is the craziest thing you have witnessed?

AlThePilot478 karma

Warning my young co pilot to not fly too close to a thunder storm and watching him get suckered into flying between two very large cells that were converging. We proceded to get our butts kicked. My fault for letting him go too far. His fault for having the presumption of being invinsible

jjiminian129 karma

Shit man, that sounds pretty tough, thanks for answering

AlThePilot357 karma

The next one was flying into Aspen in a snow storm. That will make you pucker. Damnnnn!

johnnyapp199 karma

How do you go about becoming a corporate just pilot

AlThePilot308 karma

Get you private pilot license, and keep getting additional ratings, i.e., instrument, commercial, multi engine, and network with guys that run charter companies

NiggerheadRanch135 karma

Were there ever conflicts over unsafe flying conditions vs. the client insisting on getting somewhere? How easy is it to maintain command of an aircraft when powerful people are paying a lot of money to be kept happy?

AlThePilot259 karma

Yes Plent of times. You just have to say better to arrive late than not at all. If you don't like it. Please call someone younger.....lol

T1mac133 karma

What is your favorite destination? Who was the most famous person you took there?

AlThePilot480 karma

Favorite destination is Savanna Georgia. Third biggest saint patricks celebration there. I love it. My favorite person to fly was Walter Payton. I flew him to Mayo Clinic for his cancer treatment once a week. I'm a huge bears fan, and I have a lot of respect for him. He was a very humble man.

Nakishwana125 karma

Hell yea. Jackson, MS resident here. Thank you for flying Walter to treatment!

AlThePilot352 karma

Walter was the MAN. He used to ride with Matt Suey (spelling?) his fullback. Great guy. Walter picked my pocket 4 days before he died. Never lost his sense of humor throughout his medical ordeal. Never jumped the organ donor line to get a liver. Flew many organ donor trips after that and it was always more rewarding than flying a celeb

Nakishwana122 karma

Man, you've done things right.

AlThePilot414 karma

Thanks man. We went on a trip to get a liver. Always after midnight. Got back to Chicago, doc said wait 2 hours, ame back after he cut part of the liver off for a child and then we flew the remaining liver to Madison for an adult. I was so drained but got a second and third wind after hearing what we had to do!!!!! Life!!

AlThePilot85 karma

Btw. Been to Jackson many time and Xavier too. Love that town. What great people

squirrelyMAPLE113 karma

Savannah is amazing. Next time you are here with time look up a soul food joint called "Sisters of the New South". The BEST

AlThePilot138 karma

Will do bro. My wife and I want to retire there. For real!

Wolfskie115 karma

Have you ever had an intoxicated passenger attempt to enter the cockpit and fly the plane?

AlThePilot225 karma

No, he was too drunk to get off his seat. on the way to Vegas, showed up drunk and burried a fifth intwo hours

ironichaos112 karma

Sounds like an amazing job, how realistic are the flight simulators?

AlThePilot238 karma

Regular computer simulators aren't very realistic. But flight training centers are extremely realistic. You would think you're in an airplane.

timmmmmm86 karma

Any pointers for someone interested in becoming a pilot?

AlThePilot135 karma

Take introductory classes to see if you really enjoy it. Have some fun with it. Getting a lot of solo flight hours will help you a lot if you want to fly commercial or corporate planes.

AlThePilot235 karma

Or get in with a female chief pilot???

thorirmar79 karma

What is the weirdest thing you have seen a celebrity do on a flight?

AlThePilot219 karma

dennis Rodman tried to marry 2 women in Vegas

enferex79 karma

Aside from your majestic voice, what other sounds have been played over the PA system? Any music?

AlThePilot192 karma

Nothing really comes to mind, but we would randomly play funny movies for our passengers all the time. Most of the time it was The Waterboy.

IIoWoII72 karma

Best plane you've flown?

Most fun plane you've flown?

AlThePilot199 karma

Lear 23. Straight pipe jet with great handling. Small cockpit but hold on brutha

occupythekitchen55 karma

How much drugs do they do and how insane are celebrities when you spend 5 hours with them in a metal box?

AlThePilot93 karma

Never saw the drugs but always had plenty of drink

nursedre51 karma

What is the most surprising moment/story you have?

AlThePilot119 karma

Flyi g into Aspen in a snow storm and could not slow down because the engine computers were not working right and would not slow down.....crazy stuff in the mountais when you can't see them

ohmoes47 karma

You said you've flown every type of Learjet. Which one is your favorite? Do you enjoy all the new technology in cockpits today?

AlThePilot93 karma

60 and the 60 and the 60!!! It has the most ballls with a 31 wing

Birdy61147 karma

Ever visit KROG in Arkansas?

AlThePilot67 karma

Did do some part time flying with ConAgra and went to Rogers a few times. walmart baby

Birdy61119 karma

I worked at BLA from '05 - '08. Hope we treated you well!

AlThePilot48 karma

Always, it was my goal to treat the FBO crew better than they could treat us. We always tried to buy lunch for the ground crew because they were awsome

stanigator46 karma

What's the weirdest stories that happened in the cabin?

AlThePilot77 karma

The pilots I flew with were pretty stable. We were usually laghing about our pax