I will be doing an AMA from 6PM – 7PM PST today. My Majoras Mask remix album Times End released last night on – http://www.terriblefate.com.


I am looking forward to answering your questions and responding to any feedback you have on the album.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your questions. I'll be answering as many as I can...

EDIT2: Thank you Reddit for the kind words, this has been amazing. I'm leaving for now but I can try to answer more of your questions tomorrow!

EDIT3 Back for a few minutes to get any questions I missed! Thanks for your patience!

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finn_the_hooman33 karma

I have to give you a round of applause, mate. You thoroughly convinced me that Nintendo were going to re-release MM on 3DS, and if they ever do, you would be absolutely perfect to conduct the soundtrack. I downloaded the album immediately.

But I came here to ask this; How long have you been working in this project and what did you think of all the positive reviews?

Keep up the good work.

TheophanyRemix50 karma

I regret causing so much confusion, but I believe the more that Nintendo sees the love people have for Majora’s Mask the better chance there is for a remake. To be honest the outpouring on facebook, /mu/ and /v/ in support of Majora’s Mask and the album is more than I can even take in. When Crystal Flash and Harmony of a Hunter came out, I spent a little time every day searching for comments and reaction to my tracks. Now it seems like there are more comments than I could ever read, but I am trying. I don't want people to feel like I am ignoring them. I appreciate every comment, positive or negative. Even comments like “Fuck you, your music is bad and you should feel bad.” You never know where people are coming from in life, the fact they would even take a moment and post something about my project means something to me. I have no control over how people react to my work. All I can do is listen and try to see where they are coming from. If they’re just trolling or even if they really hate the music it doesn’t bother me. All in the game yo.

Xeon0622 karma

You sure chose the right date to release your stuff. Very good too. Good job.

Favorite MM song?

TheophanyRemix21 karma

Thank you. Originally my favorites were Final Hours, Stone Temple Tower and Oath to Order. But having spent time with tracks like Elegy of Emptiness, Song of Healing, Clocktown and Astral Observatory… my appreciation for the versatility and beauty of this music continues to amaze me. The same melody heard a different way or even just changed slightly can alter my whole perception of the song.

The_Restricted9 karma

1) What kind of influence had you make the new Time's End album and how did they affect the outcome of it.

2) As a college student over here and a music major as well, I'd like to know how you got into remixing and/or what influenced you to go into it.

3) Thanks for your work on this amazing new remix of Majora's Mask!

I look forward to any future work in music you may have.

TheophanyRemix11 karma

1) I tend to take influence from anywhere. Anime OSTs, world music, ambient, postrock, folk, film soundtracks, UK garage, Sigur Ros …

2) Overclocked Remix is primary how and why I got into remixing, but I have always been a music enthusiast and game music enthusiast. When I started seriously getting into producing I tried any and every style that appealed to me musically. I learned production through youtube and by experimenting, and spending most of my spare time remixing. I spent all of my money on gear and Kontakt libraries. If it wasn’t for people donating I wouldn’t have money to pay my bills this month. Music has become one of the most important aspects of my life.

3) Thank you

deathvocals9 karma

Is the album only going to be digital or is it going to be out as CD as well? Because then I might wait with purchasing it... It would be so cool to have it as a CD.

TheophanyRemix10 karma

I’m not sure. I don’t want to get a phone call from Reggie saying I’ve met with a terrible fate, but if there is a lot of interest in a physical version—either CD or vinyl or both—I could look into it. Before I do that though I should probably fix the small glitches and mixing issues in the current release. I didn’t finish Time’s End until an hour before the album launched so there’s some unintentional mixing issues I didn't have time to fix.

MarcFirewing8 karma

Will you be doing any other remixes from Majora's Mask? I'd love to hear some remixes of New Wave Bossa Nova, Goron's Lullaby, or Sonata of Awakening. If not Majora's Mask, then any Zelda game in the near future?

TheophanyRemix22 karma

Yes, I have rough material for Discs 2 + 3 including Stone Temple Tower and Goron’s Lullaby. I will do my best to cover the majority of the Majora’s Mask soundtrack, so long as I can maintain quality and avoid redundancy. I am also leading the Ocarina of Time remix project at ocremix.org. I’ll be remixing single tracks from other titles and games including Metroid, Lufia, the Chrono Trigger/Cross series, and eventually Earthbound... I think each game calls for a different style and approach, which is why my Metroid tracks are more fusion and IDM influenced.

carlyhb7 karma


TheophanyRemix11 karma

Thank you. I am hoping to release the next disc of Time's End on Dec 21, 2013. I'd certainly like to go bigger with the audio visual experience if possible. More performers, better production value, and more art. What I would really love to do is more cinematic quality renders or possibly even a short scene from the game, or a trailer. I think that could be amazing.

vantai3 karma

Can I send you artwork?, i'm an animation student and would love to volunteer! Or do you have like a team?

TheophanyRemix7 karma

yes, please. send a message to my fb :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Theophany/213415812041455

justahipster6 karma

I have to commend you on the detail in this album, I have not stopped listening to it since I bought it yesterday, I am not disappointed one bit.

How long have you been a Zelda fan? This is by far one of the best Fan Pieces I've ever heard.

TheophanyRemix10 karma

Thank you. I’ve been a Zelda fan since Link to the Past :)

Emunator6 karma

Hey dude :) Grats on the release!

As long as I've known you and as much of your music as I've listened to, your music making process is still a bit of an enigma to me. Your end results seem so polished and effortless, I'm really curious what your actual composition/production workflow looks like.

Do you generally utilize MIDI files or do you rebuild melodies from scratch when you remix? Do you focus more on production or arrangement first? Any insight into your process would be great!

Also, it would be nice to hear a few words about how your collaboration process works when you're utilizing instrumentalists in your tracks, and how you tackle it differently from a solo piece.


TheophanyRemix6 karma

Composition: This happens several ways. 1) I mess around until something starts sounding good. 2) I have an idea and it works 3) I am inspired by other music and try to recreate a similar mood with my Zelda tracks 4) I am remixing something else and end getting an idea 5) I do 5 very terrible versions of something until I arrive at something better—“Terrible Fate”, “Lovers Mask”, “Clocktown”.

If MIDI is available I usually start there. If not I transcribe the song as best as I can by ear. Sometimes it is easier to strip away everything when working on a track. I think it depends on the track, but usually I focus on arrangement first. But in general arrangement is kind of a lose term when it comes to what I do, sometimes finding a sound or atmosphere is enough to get a track going, so to a certain extent it’s hard to separate arrangement and production. I feel like, more and more, music is becoming about the sound and style. The arrangement is really important but I also believe people make decisions about your music from the very first sound they hear and not necessarily the first note.

Collaboration: With Majora’s Mask, I wrote the arrangements or produced the tracks and then contacted performers. I wrote out parts for them but I encouraged them to improvise new material, alter the original parts or do whatever felt natural. I have never met anyone who performed on the album; it was all remote through e-mail or Skype, but they did an amazing job and I can’t thank them enough. I really hope there are more performers out there who would be up for helping out on the next album or the Ocarina of Time project.

x4NDYB0Yx5 karma

What programs do you use to remix this music?

TheophanyRemix8 karma

FL Studio and Kontakt

MajoraTCO5 karma

Hey! I'm listening to the album right now! "Clocktown" and "Majora's Wrath" are my favourites! I just have a few questions. 1) What's your opinion on the dark themes in Majora's Mask? 2) "Lover's Mask" sounds very "Mass Effect-ish" (In my opinion) is there a reason for that or is it just coincidence? Thank you so much, Theophany! You have gained a fan for life! :D

TheophanyRemix6 karma

Hey, thank you. I think the darker themes in Majora's Mask are extremely rich and atmospheric, but beneath the surface there is a really unique and striking beauty to the whole OST. "Lovers Mask" came about as a result of me trying to fuse the "House/Inn" theme with Zelda's Lullaby. After finding the chords I would say Max Richter was my biggest influence in terms of honing the sound. I haven't checked out the Mass Effect series or its music, but I will now that you mention it.

The_Shrimp525 karma

What kind of experience have you had in music over the course of your life? (Band class, music theory course, stuff like that.)

You must have had at least some to release that good of a Majora's Mask remix.

TheophanyRemix4 karma

Hey, good question. I took orchestra in middle school, but... I don't really know music theory or have any formal schooling in music.

josh13674 karma

What tracks were used as background music for the site before the timer hit 0? Are they all in the album?

Bunnies3 karma

IIRC, it's Majora's Wrath that transitions into Final Hours. So tracks 8 and 9.

TheophanyRemix5 karma

This. I plan to make the non-vocal version of Final Hours available as well through download links soon.

Remagoen3 karma

Hey Theo! I had emailed you and you asked me to post it here for others to see the answer to.

I'm hoping one day to be an established writer and I've been toying with the idea of a "pay what you want" style. I'll ask for no money, but if my audience wishes to donate, I'll give them the option to do so.

My questions is why did you also take a similar route? Do you plan to make a living with your work or is it more of a hobby?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

Hey, remixing is a hobby, and with Time's End especially I wanted it to be a free gift. Although bandcamp has some flaws, I released Crystal Flash EP through bc so it made sense to keep all my music in one place. bc also integrated into the design better than soundcloud, which caps downloads per track at 100 anyway (i think).

bandcamp also allows people to donate to support me as an artist. i went completely broke in the process of creating this album so i was secretly hoping that there might be some kind people out there willing to help me out.

i don't plan to make a living with my music at the moment. any remix album i do will always be free (or .$50 if i have no download credits on bandcamp). i am open to doing commercial work or original work if there is a demand for it, but i would approach that more like freelance work or case by case.

fabricatedinterest3 karma

Nothing to ask, just popping in to say the site and album were perfectly done <3

TheophanyRemix4 karma

thank you :)

ColinHalby3 karma

First of all, amazing album. I've been listening to it all day, and it sends chills through me every time. I think it's amazing that you offered it as a free album, but I didn't hesitate to throw a few dollars your way - and judging by the wave of sales that came in at midnight, so did quite a few other people.

So as for the question: do you think offering an album for free impacts actual sales at all? That's obviously a big question in the music industry as of late, and I'm curious to know what it's like from your point of view.

TheophanyRemix5 karma

I don't really know how the music industry works, but I think if you are trying to make a living it's hard to offer your work for free. Creating any quality art or product costs money, and this album has definitely cost me a lot just acquiring the right sounds and putting the time in. So thank you for donating. It helps me justify going broke to make Zelda remixes :)

Slender_rake3 karma

What are your favorite video games of all time? Do you plan on making remixes of their soundtracks?

TheophanyRemix9 karma

other favorites: Super Metroid, Ocarina of Time, Lufia 2, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Megaman X series, LttP, FF6, Fire Emblem, DKC... I definitely have plans to remix tunes from these games, but as far as bigger projects, for now I am focusing on Metroid and Zelda.

LoLGohma2 karma

I love http://www.terriblefate.com. thank you it was really cool and I really enjoy the album.Thx bro. One Question, the animated background of the site, is there a way you can upload the animation or as video somewhere ? Would be an awesome wallpaper imo :) keep it up

TheophanyRemix3 karma

Yes, we're definitely working on that. Going to post it on facebook as soon as it's ready. We're all just exhausted from no sleep at the moment. My friend got sick and actually passed out from trying to get up too fast :/

angelinthebeautytrap2 karma

Lovers Mask vaulted right up into my top 3 tracks of 2012. It's beyond evocative - it hits on every level just perfectly. As a composer and musician I'm just in awe.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you so much

BillPzc2 karma

I loved the album your released as you captured the sound really well.

I have two Questions

  1. Why did you decide to do Majora's Mask, was it because of the end of the world or a love for the soundtrack.

  2. How do you feel about people using your Music in their YouTube Videos. A lot of remixers go un-credited in videos where their music is used and I wanted to know a musicians opinion on the matter.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

hey, thank you :)

  1. I think it was the combination of the existing Time's End remix and the end of the world. This may sound weird but I want to live in a world where cool things exist. When you hear yourself thinking "it would be so cool if this happened or this existed", I don't think you're alone.

  2. Go ahead and use it. I don't care about credit on things like Youtube, this is free music that is just out there on the internet. I'm not keeping tabs : ) i don't know how many people share that opinion, but i dont mind

Mattoxd2 karma

Waiting 'til midnight was one of the greatest experiences I've had. Listening to Majora's Wrath over and over was very satisfying. How did you capture the beauty and atmosphere of Majora'a Mask?

TheophanyRemix8 karma

I tried to approach it as a story or a film and and look for the emotional heart of each scene. Whether you are being transformed into a helpless scrub by a curse, waiting for the world to end with someone you love, or being offered a glimmer of hope by a creepy guy with a bunch of masks, Majora's Mask has no shortage of strange and heartbreaking moments.

Mirrorslash2 karma

First the album is one of the best albums I had in my intire life. :) Next: Is you love for videogames limited to nintendo games ? With that asked will you bring out remixes for like, uhm I don't know maybe Morrowind!? Majoras Mask and Morrowind are my 2 favorite games of all time and they both got amazing soundtracks. Man I could not believe how incredible it would be to hear Morowind theme remixed by you and your talent :)

TheophanyRemix2 karma

Thank you, I can't tell you how awesome it feels to get that kind of reaction after working on this album for so long. Although I haven't played Morrowind i can definitely check out the soundtrack...

Jaredmf2 karma

Let me just say what a fucking amazing album. Majora's Wrath was creepy as hell when first listening to the countdown on the site, not to mention the nostalgia when listening to Healing the Great Fairy. I'm in love with every song here, favorites probably being Clocktown and Terrible Fate.

For my question, what's your policy on using your music in a youtube video, for example. Are you ok with this?

Keep up the great work, you've definitively earned a new fan.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

Thanks man. You can use my music for whatever you want. I don't really care about credit with internet videos. It's free music. Do link me though i am always curious to see what people are doing :)

Nevflinn2 karma

How difficult was it to get help with this project? Did the artist, the vocalists and other performers take serious coaxing with more than one refusals, or did some of them jump at the chance?

Either way, I'm thankful for their part in such an enthralling album.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

The hardest part was getting in touch and staying in touch. they were all pretty open to working on the project and showed a lot of dedication. i'm really fortunate in that regard, they are all amazing people

zaquanimus2 karma

Not much knowledge when it comes to the technicalities of music but I know what I like.
And I definitely love your album.

•How/Why did you choose the songs that you did to put in this first release?
•I'm still working it out, haven't been able to listen to it as much as I'd have liked because of my last final exams but... does "Time's End" play a bit of each song before it in reverse or is it only the song sped up backwards. (I really loved that bit, as soon as I got chills up my spine I knew you were gonna do a whole backwards flow thing for effect.)
•I know you're planning to continue with Majora's Mask, but will you ever branch out into any other LoZ games? Are there any other game series or tv shows or anything in particular that you're thinking of working with in the future?

—THANK YOU for using BandCamp, ALAC <3
Looking forward to the next release. Definitely gonna grab your Metroid album later this week.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

Hey, thanks for your questions.

  • I chose songs based on the events of the first 3 days of Majora's Mask. Falling down the well and getting transfigured, meeting the Happy Mask Salesman, getting the moon's tear, and meeting characters like Anju from the Stock Pott Inn. I took some liberties but I wanted the first chapter of the album to cover the first 3 days specifically before you get the ocarina back and time effectively "ends" and no longer becomes a deterrent from saving Termina.
  • I wanted to do a bit from each song but it didn't sound that great musically. The ending is "Time's End" in reverse with some risers and effects I created with time stretching orchestral sounds :)
  • Yes, I plan to cover as many of my favorite games as possible... though not all of them will get an album treatment. As far as working on other projects, I'd love to compose the soundtrack for an iOS game, RPG or a console game at some point.

Thank YOU <3

hyliandan2 karma

I'm particularly interested in your vision for this project and your understanding of the game's music. Do you have new insights into Majora's Mask's music after working with it like this? What aspects of the game's soundtrack interest you? How do you choose which themes to emphasize and mix together in your album (such as Clock Town played over Zelda's Lullaby)? Is there a story you want to tell with this music?

Thanks so much for making this album. I've been hoping for a long time that someone would tackle a project like this for Majora's Mask - to the point that I've started playing and experimenting with the music myself, though I'm pretty inexperienced. Looking forward to the rest of this album!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

Hey man, first of all thank you for posting my mix on youtube. I don't think I would have ever made this album if i hadn't seen the reaction people were having to Time's End.

I have a much deeper appreciate for the music after having worked with it so intimately. It's really diverse, you could easily do 10 versions of song of healing and all of them would be beautiful.

I generally try to tell a story with my tunes, even my Metroid tracks are a bit like that. I enjoy creating a cinematic experience with music. I am not entirely sure when I decided to put Zelda's lullaby in Clocktown, but it just seemed to fit. I think once i have a concept for a track, the whole process really becomes more about the music. Sometimes the story element is present through the whole track like with Terrible Fate and sometimes the music does its own thing. I usually make something and take a step back later and make decisions about refining my approach.

Cheers dude, thanks for promoting the album on your channel :)

Ninjakunai22 karma

The album sounds fantastic, and the website is awesome. Thanks for making this! The person that made Majora's Mask animate did an awesome job as well. Did that take a lot of time? Sorry, not to pull away from the subject of the actual music! It's amazing how good this sounds. Can't wait for the Ocarina of Time remix!

TheophanyRemix3 karma

My friend Mike did that and he definitely deserves some recognition for making the mask look as good as it does. He and Cordell Felix were responsible for all the 3D. I will be posting Cordell's polycount thread about the mask on the fb soon so people can see how it was made. Thanks for your support!!

euphoria2472 karma

when will the rest of the album be out? and would you ever do a ocarina of time remix?

also i bought the album from you this morning i love 'terrible fate' it was like i was playing the game for the first time again after being turned into a deku scrub

TheophanyRemix3 karma

thats awesome to hear, thank you. yes i am planning to do something for ocarina of time

Shade012 karma

What basic software did you use to engineer your mixes?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

FL Studio

JacobTheHat2 karma

Are there any other musical works or other film/video game soundtracks that influenced the overall atmosphere and composition of Time's End? The tone of the album sounds very dark ambient / film-scorey, sounds like it could fit right in on a more modern adventure game like Bioshock.

Also one other note, I thought the whole thing was phenomenal - you really did the music of Majora's Mask justice. Looking forward to the release of the second disc!

TheophanyRemix3 karma

I feel like every track had different influences, with the exceptions of "Terrible Fate" and "Time's End". With Terrible Fate I did several different versions that slowly evolved into what the final track became. The original "Time's End" was mostly composed by my friend Mike (who did the mask renders and website). My contributions to that were mostly the ending buildup and song of time reversal, but with the remake I tried to build on it as much as possible and just scale up the scope.

darockerj2 karma

How exactly did this come about? Were you just playing MM one day and thought, "I SHOULD REMIX THIS SHIT", or was it something else?

TheophanyRemix4 karma

"I should remix this shit" sounds about right :)

NinjaoftheSpoon2 karma

I gave you $5 this morning and got the album. Thanks for doing what you do :)

TheophanyRemix4 karma

thank you

Dutch_Wilkerson2 karma

I don't have any questions, but fuck dude, times end is incredible. Congratulations on getting out such an amazing album. I hope we see a lot more of you in future

TheophanyRemix3 karma

thank you for the kind words dude, i appreciate it

alecsteven62 karma

The Clocktown remix nearly put me in tears with how perfect it was. Thank you.

My question: How are you so fucking amazing?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you!!

golbar2 karma

thank you for making this album, i've been trying to get back into majoras mask because its a great game and havn't been giving it enough time, my game venture starting now until i beat it is the entire zelda series. you did an incredible job with this remix.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you, i appreciate you taking the time to comment :)

DarkSim_2 karma

Hey Theophany, DarkSim from OCR here, I was just wondering how much bigger this ended up getting than you expected?!

TheophanyRemix3 karma

uhhh... a lot :)

Killchrono2 karma

I think I'm going to have to ask one of the obligatory 'You shouldn't have done that' questions...any plans on doing a Ben Drowned inspired track for discs 2 or 3? Reverse Song of Healing perhaps? =P

But in all seriousness, fantastic work on the album. The thing that stood out to me most was the atmosphere - it was amazing, I could almost drink it. How did you go about creating a lot of the ambient, atmospheric sounds?

TheophanyRemix4 karma

yes, i have plans to cover song of unhealing at some point :)

Rhymey2 karma


TheophanyRemix2 karma

i'm going to try for dec 21, 2013 for the next disc thanks bro :)

AyJonnay2 karma

This album was amazing! Majora's Mask is my favorite Legend of Zelda game. I would love to work with you on the next parts for your Majora's Mask remixes. I am a guitarist of 10 years. If you need any help, I would be more than glad to help you!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

Thank you, that would be awesome. Please send me a note on fb :)

Quetzal17762 karma

First off I would like to say that the album is fantastic! My question is when are you starting on you're next project?

TheophanyRemix5 karma

Hey, thank you! i am already working on the next disc for majora's mask and material for ocarina of time and a new metroid release

DeadCrab1 karma

I was in science class a couple days ago and student told my teacher to go on this site in front of class.
Everyone was terrified by the music (track 8)
Also, how did you remix it (what software/gear/instruments did you use)

TheophanyRemix3 karma

wow, that's pretty sweet

i used fl studio with kontakt, lots of 8dio/soundiron

jklewa1 karma

All I can say is WOW!

You have done a great job capturing the essence of one of the greatest games of my childhood. Thank you!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you!

deathvocals1 karma

It would be very awesome if you would like ta make the animation of Majora's Mask @ your site into a live background! Like for the computer or phone. What do you think? :)

TheophanyRemix2 karma

We've had this request from a lot of people, we're working on it! :)

Cthulhu961 karma

Hey Ophany, Is there any way for you to have an autostart to "10. Time's End" on the site ... it would be awesome for vistors to see the mask shaking to horrorkids laughter :D By the Way: This countdown and this music is the most awesome thing I've senn in about 5 years! Can't wait for Stone Tower Temple :O

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you, w'ere going to take another look at improving the site sometime soon. good suggestion!! :)

Tofa71 karma

Just wanted to say this is one of the best remix albums I've ever heard. Nice work, congrats, and I hope to hear a lot more in the future.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you

blooping_blooper1 karma

I just have to say that the album is excellent. I'm looking forward to the next ones you do. The teaser site was also well done.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you

Spootywater1 karma

No questions that haven't already been asked (a little late to the party) - just thanks for Time's End. It's amazing.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you for listening <3

bstrader1 karma

Who are some of your favorite video game remixers? :3

TheophanyRemix2 karma

You mean other than Brandon Strader? :3 I would say my top favorites are still oldskool ocremixers Avien, DJ Pretzel, AmIEvil, Protricity, Rellik. New favorites include Harmony, Radiowar, e-bison, doc nano, XPRTNovice, Sam Dillard, zircon, bLiND, big giant circles, ABG, and the amazing covers by dummeh. I'm forgetting some people...sorry.

Freakyller1 karma

Amazing remixes, so much melancholy! My question is: Have you ever heard of Austin Wintory's soundtracks for the game: Journey. If yes, what do you think of them? And if no, you should check them out! Thank you for your work, as a fan of MM.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

Thank you! I have definitely heard some of the Journey soundtrack, but I have never listened straight through. I've heard many great things about it, so I'll be checking it out as soon as possible!

DevinEngland1 karma

What software do you use to make your music, erm, why are you so addicting, what inspired you to do a Majora's Mask remix?

Sorry for more than one, but I couldn't decide...

TheophanyRemix2 karma

Thanks man, I use FL with Kontakt

IronVeTT1 karma

Are you planning to make something else about a game with such "nightmarish music"? Seriously great job the music on the very last date before your album release on terriblefate.com gave me chills and all your songs are really awesome!

TheophanyRemix3 karma

thanks it's great to hear people got chills. that is honestly one of the biggest reasons i make music. if i can make people feel something or share a feeling with someone i don't know, that's amazing.

i'm not sure. there are definitely some terrifying elements in metroid and ocarina of time that will try to capture in future releases. my remix of "Nightmare" from Metroid fusion may be a good place to start :)


Ocarina_of_Time1 karma

Did that BEN story inspire you to do this?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

no, but it definitely influenced the way i presented the album. it was something that brought majora's mask back in a really cool way. i definitely wanted to acknowledge that aspect of majora's mask and build on it for the end of the world count down

KingMcBlubber1 karma

Nothing much to say at the moment. Listening to the album in order right now. You are fantastic. You've taken Majora's Mask fantastic music and have made it even more awesome. I'm eagerly awaiting that second part, if this part is anything to judge by.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you :)

qwv48511 karma

Amazing soundtrack. Which part of the game is "The Clockworks" from?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you, Clockworks is based on the second part of "Song of Healing" while "Terrible Fate" is based on the first, more recognizable part

pixelprefect1 karma

Do you have a really awesome hand-me-down piano that you use or at least practice on? Also who built the website? I don't care who designed it, just who wrote the code. Ermahgerd, them codes just shiver me timbers!!!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

keith tonini (tonini.me) and andrew thompson (emberlab) did the coding


TheMusiKid1 karma

Love the soundtrack; fantastic job :D.

My question: what is your favorite part of the game?

TheophanyRemix5 karma

"Don't tell me... my mask... you did get it back, didn't you?" :)

Blue-n-White1 karma

What inspired you to do something like this?

TheophanyRemix3 karma

i have always loved music that was able evoke the imagination--whether it was imagery, scenes, a story, another world--music has the ability to transport us like nothing else. i try to bring that aspect to most music i create.

toasterovenly1 karma

Why isn't your album on OC Remix? I see that you have done remixes there before. Wouldn't it give you more exposure?

TheophanyRemix3 karma

I didn't want to approach OCRemix about this until the album was ready. Unfortunately, the album wasn't ready until 1 hour before the release : /

Shironotenshi1 karma

<3 I just wanted to stop by and throw hearts at you. Your advertising campaign was brilliant and the sound track is haunting and beautiful.

That being said... Do you have any favorite remix artists or composers?

TheophanyRemix4 karma

Thanks so much. My favorite composers are Joe Hisaishi, Arvo Part, Taku Iwasaki, and Koji Kondo, as well as bands like godspeed, silver mt zion, sigur ros, mum, electronic artists like burial, folk and experimental acts

fabricatedinterest1 karma

gonna shove these in your face: anoice, kashiwa daisuke, worlds end girlfriend, maybeshewill

TheophanyRemix2 karma

heh, thanks, i'm familiar with these acts quality stuff :)

ImperialUlfric1 karma

Hey man. The album was pretty fantastic and I love that you implemented real instruments into a primarily electronic album. It's usually the other way around. I haven't gotten around to listening to any of your other stuff but it's on my list. I've been trying to download it on my phone but can't get it to work (files won't unzip).

My only question is whether or not you'll be doing this on any other games? It would be cool to do remixes of some Final Fantasy games or any of the other LoZ games.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

hey thanks i'm working on ocarina of time and more metroid remixes

ImperialUlfric1 karma

You should do a play through of FF6 if you haven't already by the way. Totally worth your time.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

FF6 is a great game with some stellar music, wholeheartedly agree. Ocremix.org will be releasing a remix album for FF6 this month, be sure to check it out!

bbristowe1 karma

Fantastic album. I have listened to it all the way through at least 3 times today lol.

What inspired you to do this? I can see this remix really taking off, any plans to do more in the future? Do you have any other works that resemble the 'nostalgia-nintendo-era'?

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thanks so much, yes i am planning an ocarina of time album over at ocremix.org :)

fredtothedurst1 karma

Favorite Limp Bizkit song?

TheophanyRemix5 karma

king kong.wmv

AD-Edge1 karma

Love the album! Not something I was even expecting, you did well to keep it so quiet up until a couple of days ago. Majoras Mask is one hell of a game, the music is no exception and your tribute/remixes are spot on, very dark and powerful.

Lets all hope for MM3D in the near future. Oot3D was such a well done remake, it makes sense for them to do its sequel as well. Fans like yourself are proof this game is appreciated!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you

allingby1 karma

If there was one more track you could've made, what would it be?

Also, thank you so much for this! At first I was like "Yay! Remake for 3DS!... But the music is so amazing! WiiU remake!" But then I was like "Aww, dang, a soundtrack?" Now I'm like "This is my new favorite game soundtrack of all time" Hate to compare, but this soundtrack has a feel and quality very similar to Journey IMO. The way you encompass strings, I guess, it's just so magical and gripping!

TheophanyRemix3 karma

Good question. I had originally planned to include a Song of Time remix that immediately followed "Time's End" to kind of describe the sensation of "falling through time" the way link does in the game. I ended up cutting it for lack of time, but I think it would make a good opening track for Disc II.

idmb1 karma

Have you considered working with ZREO?

I'd link to the main website, but it seems to be down.

TheophanyRemix5 karma

I haven't been asked by ZREO to work on anything, I'm not sure they knew who I was until a few days ago. If they asked for my help i might be up for it, it just depends how busy things are :)

idmb1 karma

Had you heard of them?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

yeah, definitely

idmb1 karma

If you have time, go on their IRC and talk to ebuch.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

hey, he contacted me on skype not too long ago through David Ramos, the ocarina player on clocktown. I'll be catching up with him soon!

ShadowGinger1 karma

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving my favorite Zelda game such a loving, thorough treatment. Parts of it still make me tear up, still launch me to elation. You've done this iconic game a great service.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

Much love dude, thank you for commenting

Peca_Bokem1 karma

You're probably gone by now, but just wanted to say your tracks for Harmony of a Hunter were sick.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thanks dude

EphemeralRain1 karma

The mask on the website is insanely beautiful - is there any way we could get it in wallpaper format, or if the image could be released for someone to make said wallpaper?

TheophanyRemix2 karma

yes, it should be available on the site soon!

falcorbeam1 karma

What's your DAW of choice? Also, awesome album. I bought Crystal Flash a few days ago, threw it into a playlist and I've been listening to it on repeat since, looks like this is going into it too. Can't wait to see hear what you make next!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you, I use FL

Lonlonfarm1 karma

I don't have any questions, but you dun good.

TheophanyRemix2 karma


Jambi951 karma

I have already downloaded your album. Dude, it's fuckin' amazing! My favorite is definitely "Majora's Wrath"

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thanks man

martusfine1 karma

You are "likeness of God"? Lol

I'm joking. I know Koine Greek.

TheophanyRemix2 karma

my friend came up with the name. i'm not religious anymore but the name just kind of stayed because i didn't want to confuse people :)

afgeneral311 karma

Thank you so much for this awesome album! Please keep up this awesome work. You are a true artist. Well done!

TheophanyRemix2 karma

thank you

i_justwanna_knowww1 karma


TheophanyRemix2 karma

hey, i heard people were doing that! i wanted to watch their live streams but i was finishing the music right up till the end. when the site crashed i heard there were 35,000 on the site. looks like they all hit refresh at the same time... D:

FikanaSiRet1 karma

I don't suppose there's any possibility that you might make solo piano arrangements of any of the songs on the album and release sheet music for them?

I love this album, and I've been following it since the first day. I couldn't stop listening to the Final Hours over and over from the countdown page.

(On the topic of Final Hours, is there any possibility we could get a version without the vocals, like was originally on the countdown page?)

EDIT: This is a lot of questions, but, I'd also like to ask, do you mind if I upload the album to YouTube? I know you're distributing it for free, but I want to make sure you're okay with it before I do.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

yes, please go ahead and upload it, i'll be doing the same soon. i may do something with purely solo piano for the album, but i do want to make sure i have time to finish the other discs as well.

TheDarkChief1 karma


TheophanyRemix4 karma

Yeah I might be able to get you one without the ocarina. Actually, the whole album was like that. That was one of the reasons I did multiple versions of each track until I found something that felt right.

retroclarinet1 karma

A tip of my hat to your talent, sir. MM was one of my favorite games on the Nintendo 64, and the music was definitely one of the best parts of it. I like the way you've captured the mystery and wonder of that in your renderings.

Keep being awesome.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

cheers :)

DrClutch1171 karma

Amazing job! Sent 10 dollars your way! I was just wondering what your thoughts are when adding background "noise" such as happy mask salesman's laugh. It seems it would be difficult to gauge when enough is enough and you do that perfectly.

TheophanyRemix3 karma

Thanks so much. It really depends on the track, the mood and the moment. I wanted people to feel like this music exists somewhere or that a scene from the game was unfolding before them through the music. there are probably times i use this too much, but it doesn't bother me. i believe the sounds are part of the arrangement :)