Hello Reddit, My brother told me you guys would be interested in talking to me so he set this AMA up for me. Here's proof Here are the links to the New Jersey and Kentucky episodes. Also we realize the irony of doing an interview in an online chat room style with strangers...AMA!

Edit: Thank you for the questions! This has been fun but I have to go now. If I have time I will try to come back at another time to answer some more questions.

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corskier2582 karma

Why would you think we'd be gullible enough to think those brownies were homemade?

caseythedecoy1586 karma

I didn't have time to make any today, my apologies

Hosni__Mubarak1407 karma

Did anyone show up at the door who wasn't a pedophile and was really just trying to meet Chris Hansen?

caseythedecoy2292 karma

No, but one guy shook his hand and said it was nice to meet him and that he was an avid watcher of the show.

newcirclejerkmod1313 karma

Earlier versions of To Catch a Predator included the suspect entering the house, getting a quick talking-to by Chris Hansen, and the suspect getting arrested. Now, the decoy girls have conversations with predators, asking them very leading questions only for the purpose of filming. Do you also find this superfluous and potentially dangerous for you? This is the reason I stopped watching TCAP.

caseythedecoy1683 karma

Yes earlier episodes they would get the predators in the house and leave. I naively did not know this and no one told me what I was supposed to do. The first guy came and they just said "go!" I thought I was supposed to have a full on conversation with them. After that, they loved the idea and told me to keep doing it.

angelcake893887 karma

What's the weirdest conversation you've ever had with a predator?

caseythedecoy1498 karma

A man old enough to be my grandpa was verbally "teaching" me how to get him off

thefurioustaint830 karma

Did it ever disturb you to some of the stuff they said? Did you eventually reach a point where nothing they said shocked you?

caseythedecoy1301 karma

I was completely disturbed especially knowing my dad was down at the police station watching and hearing the entire thing. You definitely habituate to the situation a little bit but not in any way substantial enough to put me at ease. I would still feel nauseous all day every day we were shooting.

LizjaimeS778 karma

How exactly did you get the job to be a decoy? And why did you choose this job? Where there moments when the predators got too close to you? What was the scariest moment for you? Thanks for the AMA!

caseythedecoy1476 karma

NBC was renting out my nana's house to hold the show and was explaining to my dad they hire a young looking actress. My older sister was with him and they said kind of like her and my dad said that I was even younger looking. He happened to have in his truck a magazine that I was on the cover of and showed the producers. They told him to get me down to the house and I walked through the door and the first thing the producer said was "you're hired". I had no idea what it was for or what I was getting myself into but I am in the entertainment business so I figured, why not! The rest is history... and nightmares

trythisdance538 karma

do you feel awkward about being in your grandmother's house, knowing who has stepped through that door?

caseythedecoy1655 karma

Due to Hurricane Sandy unfortunately nana's house has been swept away into the ocean. :(

dNYG643 karma

Have you ever felt bad for anyone who showed up?

caseythedecoy1384 karma

for about 5 minutes then I remembered the things they were saying online

Parallelcircle581 karma

What is Chris Hansen like?

caseythedecoy1416 karma

Chris Hansen is a great guy, and a witty journalist with a great personality. The crew and I watched the South Park episode that made fun of To Catch A Predator and Chris walked over and thought it was funny and the whole room finally burst into laughter

Lazarbeam499 karma

Did you ever get to watch the guys get tackled by the cop in the ghillie suit?

caseythedecoy682 karma

yes I did, when they would tackle them in the dunes the predators would have mouth fulls of sand and hands cuffed behind their backs so they couldn't wipe it off.

DaddyGabrielson479 karma

Don't you think predators will catch on by now and realize that you're the decoy? I can't imagine the show can go on for much longer with all the exposure.

caseythedecoy767 karma

I had the same thoughts when they asked me to go to Kentucky after NJ had aired. They were not concerned and they were right. I did straighten my hair which changed my look slightly. Also, during the online chats they were using pictures of young girls that didn't even look remotely close to me for the different screen names they were talking to these guys with and I would be at the door and they wouldn't even bat an eye. Some of them questioned it but I would tell them I dyed my hair and they were willing to believe anything I said.

KelvinLu465 karma

Do you have another occupation or plans for another future job?

caseythedecoy1583 karma

I have a degree in Biology and Neuroscience and do research as well as continue my dancing-modeling career full time

gkburr425 karma

Was there really a guy who killed himself on the show?

caseythedecoy526 karma

not my episodes

Laconium398 karma

I'm sure there is a lot of footage that doesn't make it to air. What is the most memorable/weirdest thing that didn't make the show?

Also, did you get to eat the cookies after the sting was done?

caseythedecoy575 karma

TV aired two guys coming at once in NJ- the car salesman and the guy who brought Mc Donald's but little did they mention the third guy who came at the same who they held outside.

Would you eat cookies, they were actually brownies, that creepy guys breathed on?

FrankieSucks340 karma

Are you involved in the baiting process at all or only the face to face meet?

caseythedecoy551 karma

I did webcam, phone calls and face to face meet. Perverted Justice handled all of the words in the chat rooms.

fingerprince298 karma

What was the craziest thing that ever happened?

What was Chris Hansen like?

How old were you when you first started appearing on the show?

And how did you feel when you were talking to the guys? Did you feel sorry for any of them? Did you ever feel like laughing at some of the ridiculous shit they said?

Thank you for the AMA!

Oh also, I don't know how long you worked on the show for, but was there ever a point where it just became a boring, routine job?

caseythedecoy590 karma

The craziest thing that happened was having to do a verbal gun check on the guy from KY from the doorway to make sure he didn't have his gun on him while the police had his hand on my belt ready to pull me out of the doorway if the predator tried to shoot. In the end, the police ended up tazing him and wrestling him to the ground. I was 18 years old when the first episode occurred. If you only knew what was going through my head to keep me sane....

smoking_toddler277 karma

Casey, do you get a lot of hate mail? Are you afraid that outing yourself (in a sense) so publicly will encourage the trolls to attack?

caseythedecoy566 karma

I have only received awful and disturbing comments on the youtube clips.

BillRiker218 karma

Of all the creeps that came to the house, which one was the worst/had you the most worried if you were and underage person?

caseythedecoy406 karma

it's a close call between all of them but the guy who came on the motorcycle from Pennsylvania because he was already a convicted offender and there was just something about him that gave me the chills. Also, the guy in Kentucky who had a gun.

keenwah15207 karma

How did you keep a straight face while they explained what they wanted to do with you.....

caseythedecoy479 karma

bit my cheeks and sang songs in my head to distract me from the vile requests they were making.

theoilking183 karma

Has anyone actually physically attacked you while on air?

caseythedecoy305 karma

no, they weren't interested in attacking me right away. If they were going to harm me it most likely would have been after what they came for originally.

nunshallpass179 karma

You sooooo didn't make those brownies. I demand PROOF!

caseythedecoy273 karma

I didn't make the ones in the picture, I did for the show.

MysteryGambler165 karma

Hello! Thanks for IAMAing! Was there at any time that you felt in some sort of danger, because of what you were doing? Also because you were appearing on these shows? I would think that some weirdos would go to extremes to either find you or get back at you somehow for being the reason that they got jailed.

Additional question: Craziest pickup line?

caseythedecoy486 karma

Your welcome, I was scared out of my mind most of the time because you never know what these guys are going to pull. They do have some neurological damage to their frontal lobes that make them impulsive and irrational. Luckily the police were very good in making sure I was safe at all times. None of them have tried to contact me since. The craziest pickup line had to have been "The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile" -Motorcycle guy from PA

French87160 karma

what was the ratio of men who took the bait vs men you spoke to?

like, if you spoke to 100 guys how many of them actually took the bait and went to the house? was it like a 1 in 100 type thing, or like a 50 in 100?

caseythedecoy206 karma

I am not exactly sure but 39 guys between KY and NJ actually came. There were definitely at least that amount that were spoken to via online that never came to the house whether it was because they got scared or just never finished the conversation that may have been going on for 2-3 days.

prhbtn129 karma

Are you/how often are you recognized from the show?

caseythedecoy234 karma

very rarely anymore. Right after they show a producer from the Weinstein Company recognized me after the Sweeny Todd screening in NYC. That was the most random, I would say -or when I would work for my parents at our outdoor furniture store in NJ. I would be telling them about a poylresin chair and the stainless steel hardware and they would say "you are that girl from that show!"

feedmahfish75 karma

Were you ever worried some jackass was going to abduct you or hurt you, even with the camera crew and cops right next door?

caseythedecoy130 karma

Of course I was worried they were going to pick me up and carry me away or like the guy in KY who told me he was bringing a gun with him but the security was right there hands on guns ready to go if he made any moves so I felt like I was going to make it to see another day.