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Were you ever worried some jackass was going to abduct you or hurt you, even with the camera crew and cops right next door?

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How would algae have problems? If they are dried or frozen and stored away properly, they should have no issues in transport.

Lyophilization of algae is an old preservation technique to transport algae for months. Cryopreservation of samples may also be done and you only need small vials preserved in a container of liquid nitrogen. The only thing one needs to do is really just have enough space to store the X-amount of samples you want to culture.

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I am amazed at your character and its something that's pretty refreshing considering the boring liberal and conservative wigs running around the congressional chamber floor.

Goat blood and tattooed ladies aside, if you could actually convince the parties to come together on one major issue, and you get to spearhead the discussion and legislation, what would be that one thing that you'd throw your entire being into?