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What is Chris Hansen like?

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Remember when you played that show in West Palm Beach with Ninjas and a broken leg (or something)?That shit was cray.

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I feel like he said this was due to knowing somebody inside...

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Lee, what role do you think partisanship plays in the pieces you create and how they're interpreted? Bonus: it seems like you used to have animosity towards Glenn Greenwald but obviously work under him now, is there a story behind that?

Side note; you may have been the best guest on Chapo they've had so far, really enjoyed the podesta stuff

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I live in Queens like I'm sure you once did. I know that DIY has always been a foundational philosophy in your music. Lately, the DIY venues in Brooklyn & Queens have been dropping like flies: 285 Kent, Death By Audio, and several other venues have been forced to shut down or move. Yourself, you've moved from Quote Unquote (though you still put records out on your label) to SideOneDummy. Are we now in an era where a future Jeff Rosenstocks can't do what you did, and truly do it all themselves? Is it possible to maintain the spirit of DIY in collaboration with larger forces? And where does the DIY movement go from here?