Hello reddit!

I'm Anjali Bhimani! You might know me as Auntie Ruby in Ms. Marvel, Symmetra in Overwatch, Rampart in Apex Legends, Fy'ra Rai on Critical Role, and - most recently - as Lady Amangeaux Epiceé du Peche on Dropout.tv's Dimension 20: The Ravening War (click here for the trailer, and here for the first full episode on Youtube)

It's been an honor to be part of so many brilliant creative endeavors, and I can't wait to do more! (you'll also see me soon on Critical Role's investigative horror series, Candela Obscura)

I'm here to answer your questions - about Dimension 20: The Ravening War, my work on Critical Role, and anything else you'd like to talk about. Ask me anything! @sweeetanj on the socials! (remember: that's 3 "e"s). And if you want to know more about my life than I can fit in this AMA, you might wanna check out my book - I Am Fun Size, and So Are YOU!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/zknh1lhyjf0b1.jpg

Edit 3:05pm Pacific: It's been so lovely talking to you all, but I've gotta run! Let's do this again sometime!

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autumnborncrone177 karma

Hi! I've loved seeing you across the TTRPG shows I watch! How does it feel to be at a table with Aabria, Matt, and Brennan at the same time? I loved your work on Undeadwood SO MUCH.

sweeetanj186 karma

Feels like an embarrassment of riches. But also, LOU and ZAC. ALL of them...playing with these folks is just magic.

sweeetanj84 karma

And thank you! I loved DOING Undeadwood so much!

SkeetySpeedy20 karma

Undeadwood 2 would be the greatest gift.

sweeetanj6 karma

Oh believe me, it would me a dream for me too! I'm DYING to find out what happens a week after the events of that last episode...

northendtrooper109 karma

Good day!

Loving you as the Lady Amangeaux.

When do you or any of the players you play with know when to jail your naughty D20s? 1 bad roll? 2 bad rolls? 3? 4? When it becomes cannon?



sweeetanj97 karma

Oh good question. I have so many dice sometimes I'll jail them right away...others I'm partial to so I give them a few chances before they're benched. And yes, I have been known to yeet them Aabria style from time to time out of sheer frustration. Not proud of it, but it happens.

thesonofbattles62 karma

How does playing on a show like Dimension 20 affect how you play? Is it any different from playing on Critical Role, or acting in a show?

P.S. i am loving you as Lady Amangeaux

sweeetanj78 karma

Thank you!

I don't think it's consciously different specifically from company to company any more than it is from party to party. The difference is in the people you're playing with (and who your characters are adventuring with) more than who is creating the show.

Jakyland56 karma

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there more behind Lady Amangeaux's name besides "A mango"?

sweeetanj93 karma

Nope! It's not that deep! Honestly I just wanted a French version of mango (since the fructerans generally lean toward being the equivalent of French in our real world), and the word for mango in French is "mangue" which isn't such a great sounding name for a queen. Also, I LOVE the look of -eaux when written, so it felt fitting both to say and to write!

brothertaddeus18 karma

Also, I LOVE the look of -eaux when written

Are you (secretly?) from Louisiana?

sweeetanj8 karma

Ahahaha, no...but I do love New Orleans... AND France! And I speak enough French to get by when I'm there without anyone making toooooo much fun of me there (at least to my face).

petit_lu-cyinthesky10 karma

As a French person I love all the "French references" in D20, but Amangeaux Epicée du Peche bugged me so hard! with proper French grammar and pronunciation it should be Dame Amangueau /Amangot/Amangaux Épicée De La Pêche /Du pêcher.

sweeetanj13 karma

Oh man you are SO right...I got the gender of la pêche WRONG! That's on me. Not sure how I didn't catch that, but it's embarrassing. I wish I could somehow justify it with ANY other word, but mangue, maison, AND pêche are all feminine. And it would have sounded even better too! <facepalm>

How about we just say that she is a fantasy queen in a fantasy universe so we can let maybe just that one slide? But I definitely will never forget IRL que c'est UNE pêche, et n'est pas UN pêche. Je suis desolée!

LizG131247 karma

Hello, thank you for taking the time to do this AMA!

Do you ever watch DnD campaigns you're not a part of (either as a writer or a player)? If so, which is your favorite?

sweeetanj76 karma

Oh ALL the time! I usually listen/watch while I'm either doing chores/admin tasks around the house or while Im driving. Always more pleasant to do bookkeeping when I'm listening to my friends have a great time - feels like hanging out. I don't have any favorites, I'm just trying to keep up with as many as I can which is hard! At the moment I'm splitting my time between CR Campaign 3 and catching up on random seasons of D20.

RjNosiNet10 karma

I would just like to tell you you're so sweet! Great addition to the D20 family. 💕

sweeetanj3 karma

Dawww thank you!

LizG13123 karma

Absolutely agree, and thank you for answering my question!

sweeetanj3 karma

You’re so welcome!

memymoemonkey46 karma

What are the keys to portraying a great PC in a tabletop game? I'll never forget your entrance into EXU, "DARK BEING!". Big fan!!!

sweeetanj72 karma

Awwww thanks! (I'll admit that's been my favorite entrance I've gotten to have so far...what a great experience Aabria laid out for us all) I think the most important thing, just like acting, is committing to the story and supporting your fellow players in telling theirs, and being willing for that to mean that, no matter what you as the player may have wanted for the character, you need to commit fully to who that character is and how to tell the story the dice choose for you. I think one of the coolest things to explore is when an extremely capable character fails or a character who is a novice succeeds wildly - that unusual moment of someone being surprised by themselves is really fun to play.

Doctor_Fez1346 karma

In both The Ravening War and Exandria Unlimited, you have perhaps been the most consistently in character of everyone at the table to the point that my friend who was watching The Ravening War with me did not realize you had an American accent until 3/4ths of the way through the episode. How do you approach roleplaying and what makes a character interesting to live in for you?

sweeetanj45 karma

Oh I just love stepping into a character's shoes, so to speak, which is part of why I love roleplaying, so I do try to stay in character a lot. Plus it just makes it clearer for me when I'm doing things as the character or as myself...played a game once where one of the actors did something in his own voice (which was also the character's voice) and the GM assumed the character was doing it and it completely changed the course of the game and the story! I think what makes a character most interesting to me is the conflict between what they think they are good at and who they think they are versus what actually happens and what flaws they have. Internal conflict is as important to me as external conflict in storytelling...sometimes more.

Healing_touch45 karma


I’m obsessed how rich and incredibly specific your accents/tones are when switching to fructeran and back to your standard character voice for QUEEN Amangeaux.

Where did you find the inspirations for her multitude of character “flavors”?

Additional question—I’m the one who tweeted hoping for another Bombae collab with you. Do you have any other drag performers you get excited about, be it drag race and beyond?

sweeetanj50 karma

The flavors came from the food she's inspired by! I love mango, have since I was a kid - sweet and juicy and delicious. BUT I also love SPICY mango - the addition of spice to the sweet makes it much more complex. So the spice definitely comes out in her sass (for better or for worse). The accents are simply inspired by the world Brennan created where as the Queen of Vegetania she would sound more British and as a Fricteran she would sound more French (which is EXTREMELY fun to play with).

I mean, in my dream world? RuPaul of course!

opthaconomist36 karma

The characters you’ve voiced are tons of fun to play, thanks for giving them such personalities. Any advice for people who are trying to develop some VA talent?

sweeetanj60 karma

Play play play! Explore what YOUR voice can do - it's your instrument justice guitar or piano, and the more you figure out what you can do with it the more versatile you can be. Also check out www.IWantToBeAVoiceActor.com & www.skillshub.life -- loads of resources there from people who are in the trenches. And if you're looking to be in video games, I highly recommend Julia Bianco Schoeffling's book - the Art and Business of Acting for Video Games. Good luck on your journey!!

Hoovenist30 karma

Was Amangeaux your first character concept or did you go through multiple before settling on her?

sweeetanj31 karma

She was the first!

slightlysanesage19 karma

Hi Anjali!

As a guju nerd, I'm so glad to see Indian representation all over the biggest name Actual Play shows thanks in no small part to you.

What are your favorite themes to pull from when making a character?

Also, what's the ratio you use for you chai spice mix (if you make chai)?

sweeetanj30 karma

Ahahahah fellow guju here! Love it! You're going to LOVE DesiQuest :)

Some of my favorite themes are: -people whose experience with pain or loss in the past has driven them toward a bigger cause -people who have had to adapt to a difficult or unfamiliar world and how they have found their place and power within it. (e.g. in Undeadwood, given the world of that particular game, my character had to find a way to be powerful and valuable that was unique to her own set of skills.) -internal conflict between who someone is and who they want to be.

Generally anything that gives me some kind of obstacle to work with, internal or external, past or present, is really fun. And definitely giving them a little weakness that might pop up in between moments of strength and courage.

And I love finding their voice! A specific voice just for them.

sweeetanj19 karma

Oh! Chai spice! It depends on the day, really. Or what kind of tea leaves I'm using. Probably about 1/8-1/4 tsp per cup, but I also throw in fresh ginger because I like the spice. But I never use the sweetened pre-made stuff. It's either the masala from my cupboard or just a straight up cheat of using a chai spice tea bag.

pixelated-parsnips18 karma

I've loved seeing you with the Dropout and CR casts, and I can't wait to catch DesiQuest!

When you create a character for an Actual Play, what do you usually start with for the concept? Do you go with mechanics first (class, feats, etc.) or more narrative aspects before building into a full character?

sweeetanj21 karma

Great question! I honestly don't have a regular system for it - sometimes it's a visual, sometimes it's an internal struggle I want to explore, sometimes it's a physical build I want to play. For Lady A, I figured one of my favorite foods in the world is spicy mango, so that was the inspiration - and then trying to decide what that would mean when manifested in a personality and look. My DesiQuest character on the other hand came directly from the desire to have a particular animal by my side in that campaign. And also my desire to play an Indian character that wasn't an auntie (which tends to be what I have played a lot in the past). I will say I seem to tend to go for mechanics later than personality or physicality because I feel like that part comes out of who they are. For example, knowing Lady A had grown up a noble and then lived at court as the queen for so long was what made me choose a lot of the things she was good at or not so good at. She's might not be physically super tough, but after all those years of navigating the noble life and court, her passive perception is through the roof.

slorp-the-ocean15 karma

I mainly want to say a huge thank you for your voice work on Symmetra in OW. You perfectly play to her autistic traits in all your voice lines, and I cried very hard the first time I heard a compilation of her new OW2 voice lines.

Smaller, related question: Do you have a favorite Sym + other OW character interaction? I love her talk with Mei about snowflakes!!

sweeetanj13 karma

I love her conversation with Echo, where Echo laments being misunderstood and Symmetra responds "You operate on a level inaccessible to others. I do not see that as a weakness." It's similar to what she says about coming to terms with her own neurodiversity in the original comic A Better world. I love that she recognizes and shares that being unique is a wonderful thing, even when the outside world may not understand you.

sweeetanj12 karma

Also I’m so glad her lines resonated with you…I’m so grateful.

bambamhenny15 karma

How did you become involve in Dimension 20: The Ravening War? Did the Dimension 20 team reach out to you about the opportunity. Did Brennan or Matt throw your name in as a guest?

sweeetanj41 karma

Ahahaha, Matt txted me while I was on a plane about to take off and said something to the effect of "I'm doing this project and NO pressure to do it but I need to know by tonight" and before he gave me any additional details I said something to the effect of "It's YOU. I'm in." Then when he and the team told me what it was I was even more excited. But yeah, there are a handful of people in my world who, no matter what they are working on, if they invite me I say yes. And Matt is one of them.

thepixelists5 karma

This just warmed my heart! I am so sad I missed this AMA! In case this still reaches you, Anjali you are an absolute gem, and your passion and skill for the craft is overflowing, it's such a joy to watch. My question would be about Fy'ra Rai, might we see her again? Have you talked with Matt or thought about what her journey might have been since we saw her depart to go search for her sister?

sweeetanj5 karma

Awww you're so kind!

As for Fy'ra and her sister...watch EXU: Kymal....there's a pretty big Fy'ra Rai development in that little 2 episode reunion of the Crown Keepers. ;-)

thepixelists3 karma

I can't believe I've been sitting on untapped lore all this time haha! Thank you so much for the response

sweeetanj5 karma

I'm excited for you to see it now!

ahr191713 karma

I love how much trust Lady Amangeaux places in the Bishop despite out of character hearing the Bishop go behind Amangeaux’s back. Was that something you and Brennan established before session 1, or did you make that decision in the moment?

sweeetanj29 karma

Both! I already had a sense from our session 0 that his character would be ... not what he might seem to be...but I didn't know how that would manifest. So the "decision" really just comes from the commitment to not metagaming and remembering that Lady A only knows what SHE knows. Not what the audience or other players know. I will say that by the end of the series Brennan STILL surprised me in loads of ways. So some of it isn't a decision so much as what actually happened at the table AND in the story.

ms_mangoo13 karma

What was it like to have a role in Ms Marvel? How was it to work on that show compared to other shows or TTRPG you have done?

sweeetanj20 karma

oh it as wonderful...shooting that show was just joy upon joy. The whole cast, crew, and creative team were lovely. I think the biggest difference (other than, ya know, knowing it was for Marvel) was that I didn't get the entire script or story when we were shooting, so I was basically on a need to know basis for plot. What was cool about that was I didn't have to worry about the on screen equivalent of metagaming, because Anjali didn't really know anything that Auntie Ruby didn't know lol. Also it enabled me to watch the show with as much anticipation as the audience because I didn't know the whole story either!

SvenTheScribe12 karma

Obviously no spoilers but how much emotional damage did Ravening War deal in the long run?

What was it like playing in a darker setting that encourages conflict compared to something like EXU that fostered more togetherness?

sweeetanj22 karma

I mean, both times I've sat down to watch the last two episodes I've had moments of "oh boy, I'm not ready for what's gonna happen here" because yes, as you can already tell, things get dark. BUT since I've had to let go of a lot of dramatic and painful stories as an actress, the only lasting damage was that I still miss being in the dome with those beautiful humans - the team on camera and off - so so much!

SuperVaderMinion8 karma

Hey Anjali! A lot of people first became familiar with your wonderful work in the actual play space during Critical Role's 'Undeadwood' mini series.

Now that you're a few years away from it, how do you feel about Brian W Foster's decision to not allow you to stop Aloysius from dueling Clayton in the final episode?

Thank you so much,


sweeetanj17 karma


Oh I think it was absolutely the best decision in the long game. While I normally am not so much for people saying "no" in games, if Miriam HAD tried, knowing what I know now about Aloysius' build, Goodnight Miss Miriam would have meant something much different. Also, the story went exactly as it should have - as heartbreaking as it was.

Scary-Dress-33676 karma

Hello from a Scandi!

How is it different filming with Critical Role and D20… the two shows obviously function differently and also do the post talk(s) differently - pros and cons?

Much Love ❤️

sweeetanj11 karma

Well hello from an Indi in Cali! :)

I think the main difference is mostly in visual aesthetic rather than how we played ... but I also realize that I had Matt as our DM in my D20 experience, so there was likely some overlap between the two that might not have been there had it been Brennan or Jasmine or Aabria. The playing part is very similar - committing to the truth of the story, the characters, and the dice and what those rolls mean - while honoring the fact that life is full of comedy in dramatic times and drama in lighter times. You can go pretty darn quickly from hysterical laughter to heartfelt tears playing with both of them because everyone commits so much to all of it. And both of them are ridiculously fun and wildly satisfying to play with as a performer and a person

ChoppaZero5 karma

I know it's not so simple as wishing, but if it worked out logistically, would you want to do more seasons of dimension 20 in the future? Love you so far on Ravening War and of course all your work!

sweeetanj5 karma


Sorry I got excited. ;-)

Yes, I would (And thank you!)

Ninjaofshadow5 karma


what is your favorite DND class? both creatively and mechanically!!!

sweeetanj8 karma


I haven[t yet played all the classes so I can't tell you! So far it's a tie between monk, bard, and druid. But I haven't yet played any pure spell casters or pure warriors, and haven't played a cleric since I was a kid, so I have a lot of exploring to do before I can choose!

57ghosts4 karma

Hello! Hope you’re having a great day. :) What’s your current favorite song or album?

sweeetanj8 karma

The Love That Once Lingered by Vintage Trouble...just came out last week and it's soooooo gooooood. The combination of Ty Taylor's voice and Lady Blackbird's is sure gold. And I have a sneak preview copy of VT's album that comes out this summer, which I've also been listening to, and it's just delicious.

milesdraws3 karma

Hi Anjali 💕 How long have you been playing ttrpgs? I didn't know you were into them! Much love 💕💕💕

sweeetanj17 karma

Got my first basic set when I was 8 from my AWESOME brother. Devoured it, moved onto AD&D 2nd edition right away! I actually won the 4th grade spelling bee because of it - no one else knew how to spell "vengeance" lol

Realistic_Heat79812 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! Out of all of the cast members who have appeared in Dimension 20 (minus Brennan, Lou, Zac, and Aabria of course since you played with them already), which one(s) would you love to work with on a future season, either because of a similar playstyle or it would just be super fun?

Also curious, are there any other worlds that Dimension 20 have included in their campaigns that you would like to explore and play a character in? I personally think you would do quite well in the Starstruck world!

sweeetanj6 karma

Oh man, any and all of them! I binged A Crown of Candy when I found out what we were doing for this and I was just blown away by all of their work and play. They're all so clever and creative!

I need to explore more of he D20 worlds before I could answer that...although I have a feeling I'd love any of them because everyone who plays and DMs at D20 is so darn good at storytelling and creativity.

Myrynorunshot2 karma

Was there any other food or kingdom you considered other than Mango/Fructera when you were making your character? Was there a reason you picked those in particular?

sweeetanj3 karma

I was definitely leaning Fructeran....thought about being Candian but I felt like they explored the world of those characters enough in ACOC.

Can't divulge more than that at the moment for...reasons.

thomasguyregis2 karma

Loving this Ravening War season on D20! As a long time Apex fan and off-and-on Rampart main, how much fun is it to let loose and be wild when voicing Rampart?

Also, if you could bring one of your fellow voice actors from either the Overwatch or Apex families with you into the dome for a future D20 season, who would it be?

sweeetanj2 karma

Oh man, it's just a joy - Rampart is a lot more like me than most of my other characters (only a little meaner with her jokes) so it's fun jumping into that character any chance I get. And who to bring into the dome ??????? Hmmm...obviously my bestie and work waif Carolina would be fun to play with (I did get to play D&D with her a few years back for her first time on Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blires show The Golden Spiral), but really almost ANYONE from those casts would be a blast. They're both really good groups of people.

augustineofwind2 karma

hello! did you have any fun facts or ideas for lady amangeaux that didn’t make their way into the campaign?

sweeetanj6 karma

hmmmm not think I can answer that without giving away some stuff so I'll have to keep quiet on that question. There's a lot about her childhood and family that I don't remember getting to explore in the series, I can say that!

bossmt_22 karma

Anjali thanks for coming by to answer questions!

How much fun have you had being DM'd by some of the biggest names like Matt Mercer, Aabria Iyengar, and Jasmine Bhullar (Pax Unplugged was super fun for me hope it was for you too)?

And what character have you played was your favorite to create?

sweeetanj5 karma

It's been amazing...I have been so spoiled in my TTRPG adventures. And I love that each DM I have played with has had their own special sauce and all of them are delicious to play with.

I can't pick a favorite! That's like picking who's my favorite child if I had children! lol. All of my longer term characters are aspirational in some way - they all have a part of them I would hope I have in myself: Stingray's bravery, Miriam's heart and swagger, Lady Amangeaux's poise and quick wittedness, Fy'ra Rai's honor and loyalty...and each of them has a weakness that is very much something I've dealt with in my own life. So they're all a big part of me. Of course. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Floop the Lovely because she was just...well, you were there. You know lol.

zonte942 karma

What advice do you have for people DMing for a younger/less experienced audience?

My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and will do small D&D sessions on Fridays with her class to relate it to her English curriculum, but teaching them the basics of the game while also being new to DMing in general does not always come easy.

sweeetanj6 karma

Focus on the story, not on the mechanics of the game. D&D (and most RPGs in general) is essentially long form improv, and the game mechanics are just there to give you structure, not dogmatic rules. It's an open book test so no need to learn everything, and at the end of the day, my favorite DMs are all most interested in the story than in whether you got the rules perfectly right. I started playing when I was 8 so I'm all for your wife playing with her students! Really the most important thing is that the players have FUN. And just as a person who loves to support people in their ambitions at all ages, any chance as a DM that you have to give your players a sense of agency, THAT can be so empowering you end up taking a little bit more of that confidence into the real world. THAT is a beautiful thing.

Force_Of_Arms2 karma

I'm so very lucky today! My wife thinks you're beyond precious, and always gushes when your name is mentioned. She is hard at work, so I'm doing my best!

One of her favorite moments was in a video where you met KeltonFX and their stunning Hindu inspired Symmetra cosplay. I'm sure you have seen quite a few things in your work/travels. Do you have any experiences, big or small, with creators/makers you'd like to share?

(And a personal thank you for your work! I can't imagine how little rest you (personally and the general voice and creator profession) must get. Appreciate the content, respect the world of effort that goes into it all happen.)

sweeetanj2 karma

Thank you for such a kind kind message. Tell your wife I appreciate her too!

Goodness, I have so many experiences I would want to share - I'm just in constant awe of the good fortune I have to get to be around such extraordinary humans, both at work and at play (although my work tends to be largely play...as Symmetra says "Everything by design"). And honestly, the creators that inspire me every day are usually the folks king fan art and cosplay online. I am endlessly inspired by them...just like by sweet Kelton who has also become a dear friend!

asadchull2 karma

Hi Anjali!!! Loving you in the ravening war so much—as a player, what’s your favorite role to play in the party? Do you prefer support, face, attacker, etc? Tysm for taking the time to do this btw!!<33

sweeetanj3 karma

I think it changes from game to game. Just like I can't choose one medium I like to act in all the time, I like to switch jobs in the party and the game a lot too. Although I haven't played a healer much...probably because I tend to be that person in real life lol.

cassettebro2 karma

Hello Anjali! I loved your I am Fun Sized videos, I stumbled upon your work because Symmetra was my favourite character in Overwatch when I played (about a century ago.) It's such a pleasure to see you appear again in a franchise I love! It's my first time watching you play a TTRPG and I'm such a fan of your playstyle so far 💖

Do you have a dream concept/archetype of character to play? Like, if you could play ANY character at all, in any setting, is there one type of character that springs to mind that you'd either like to explore or that you know you'd particularly enjoy playing?

sweeetanj3 karma

In TTRPG land cEvery time I have a character I want to play, that ends up being my next character, so the dream keeps changing! Not sure I know what the next dream will be sooooo...who knows?

In film/tv I'd love love love to play an comedic action hero. Or a super villain. But something involving action.

sweeetanj1 karma

And PS I'm so happy you loved the IAFS videos! I love doing them, too - which is why I wrote the book!

totallynotsmurlcat452 karma

How’s Charlie dog doing??

sweeetanj3 karma

OMG he is the greatest thing in the world. He's snoozing happily in his bed right now. Thanks for asking!

booksherpa2 karma

Are there any hints/sneak peeks/tidbits you can give us for either DesiQuest or Candela Obscura? So excited for both of these!!!

I've loved watching you in so many CR one shots and mini-series, but my first intro to you was in We're Alive - you were so good; that show should get more attention in general!

sweeetanj3 karma

Ahhhhh I LOVVVVVVVED We're Alive: Frontier so so so much. I agree, I wish we had been able to finish that show.

Hmmmm...I think y'all have been given as many sneak peeks/insights into Candela as we can give without going anything away. As for DesiQuest, I CAN tell you that Jasmine created an extraordinary world for that show, and I loved doin it so much I cried when we finished (also from the emotional release of the events of the last episode, so THAT'S a sneak peek right there!)

Zandapus2 karma

Loving your performance on D20, you have such a strong presence as Lady Amangeaux!

Did you have any other characters in mind, or was she your first choice?

sweeetanj3 karma

Absolutely my first choice. I mean, spicy mango is one of my favorite things, sooooo.

umbral_ultimatum2 karma

How does it feel to be such a ridiculously talented and knowledgeable actor? I recently described you as "Meryl Streep playing a royal mango".

sweeetanj3 karma

My goodness, that may be one of the best compliments I could imagine…thank you.

It’s a hard question to answer though because I certainly don’t see myself that way - I mostly just think I’m a person doing my job well enough that I’ve been lucky enough to call it my day job for a few decades. And even luckier that i get to do it with some of my dearest friends. But I’ll try to be worthy of those sweet words you shared!

casiopia77022 karma

Hello! I may have missed this in the show so far, but what food is Lady Amangeaux’s Deceased husband?

sweeetanj5 karma

Well a cardoon is technically an artichoke thistle, a variant of artichoke, but my beloved King Arthur Cardoon was the most regal artichoke that ever graced the throne of Vegetania. 👑

Hungry-Database-63751 karma

Hi! Thank you so much for doing this! I hope you don’t mind me asking a non d20/CR question but I’m just so curious about who approached who about you playing in desiquest? I’m so excited for it to come out and am rlly enjoying seeing you in ravening war!

sweeetanj3 karma

Jasmine Bhullar and I actually talked about doing an all desi D&D project years and years ago when we first met playing the DOOM Eternal one shot at CR. She had had a similar conversation with our mutual friend Janina Gavankar, and then the pandemic hit. So when I got the call from Sandeep that he was working with Jasmine on something, before he finished the explanation I said yes because I'd already planned on doing it with Jasmine ages ago.

I am SO SO excited for it to come out too!

AdEmbarrassed82771 karma

Hi! I’d like to know what happened during the missing week for The Crown Keepers?

sweeetanj1 karma

So would I! Fy'ra Rai wasn't with them at that point...unless you mean the part that Dorian remembered happening that she WAS there for?

AdEmbarrassed82772 karma

Thank you for replying. I’m sorry I was away. I’d take any info! I know Fy’ra made a sacrifice and Dorian felt guilty but I don’t think I ever picked up the full scope. It haunts me in my dreams lol

sweeetanj1 karma

Ahhh yes…I think we talk a little more about it on the wrap up episode for EXU…it was a session zero series of events. I can’t remember how much we shared there so I’ll refer you guys back to that episode!

Battle091 karma

Favorite Thing you acted in?

sweeetanj1 karma

Can't POSSIBLY pick one. My brain would explode if I even tried!

amentalaim1 karma

What sort of character/role is on your wishlist to play? (Super excited to see Lady Amangeaux's arc after a biiig secret of hers in episode 2 by the way!)

sweeetanj2 karma

I think I'd like to play a character with...questionable morality. Most of my characters live in the chaotic/neutral good realm. But I'd like to see what it would be like to play someone less noble and more...well...chaotic in general.

cassettebro1 karma

Hello Anjali! I loved your I am Fun Sized videos, I stumbled upon your work because Symmetra was my favourite character in Overwatch when I played (about a century ago.) It's such a pleasure to see you appear again in a franchise I love! It's my first time watching you play a TTRPG and I'm such a fan of your playstyle so far 💖

Do you have a dream concept/archetype of character to play? Like, if you could play ANY character at all, in any setting, is there one type of character that springs to mind that you'd either like to explore or that you know you'd particularly enjoy playing?

sweeetanj1 karma

Hi! I’m so sorry, I thought I answered this but just saw somehow the answer didn’t go through. I don’t have a dream concept for a TTRPG role just yet, I just get inspired by different things when I see them, but on TV or film I do wanna do an action role, as either a hero or a villain!

sweeetanj1 karma

And I’m so glad you loved the IAFS videos - I loved doing them so much, too, that’s why I wrote the book!

ArgentSun1 karma

Absolutely loving The Ravening War so far, y'all are slaying! I want to ask, this party feels more inclined to... not quite engage in PvP, but scheme and plot around the other PCs. As a player on the table, do you feel like you need to be suspicious of your fellow players' characters, and/or make plans of your own?

sweeetanj1 karma

Well, this HAS been a game of intrigue so far more than battle...but don't expect it to stay that way. :) That said, since we knew going into this that this was going to be about the events leading to the Ravening War and the outcome we all knew from watching A Crown of Candy, I definitely felt like focusing on the relationships and chess games being played was already on my mind. I just didn't think it was going to go as quickly as it did...thought we were going to be in the setting of episode one for much longer. But, that's why it's fun to dive right in!

ninny_muffin1 karma

Hi! I met you at Supanova Con a few years back and saw your singing performance and you were incredible! I couldn't find any video of you singing online, is there any content of you singing online or is it more of a personal hobby? (Also love your Symmetra and Rampart voices, can't wait to see you in d20!)

sweeetanj1 karma

Oh wow, thanks! Yeah there should be some videos on my YouTube page of a few times I sang at cabarets and stuff. I've been singing for a while, I started my acting career in the theatre so I've been doing musicals in regional theatre and Bway since the 90's!

whitneyahn1 karma

I truly find you amazing in all things, but I mostly want to know your skincare routine, because how do you do that?

sweeetanj3 karma

Awww thank you so much!

Let's see: Morning I put on a little vitamin c serum and sunscreen under my makeup, nighttime I take off my makeup with Cetaphil for oily skin (I find it breaks up the makeup more than the regular one) and if I'm dry, throw on some moisturizer. I'm not very fancy - if there are fancy things in my bathroom its usually because I got a free sample of something...lI've been sticking with what works for me for years. But sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen for sure. Done that ever since I was a kid, no matter how dark my skin was. There's a great OTC one by Neutrogena that I can't remember the name of but it's super sheer and slides on great under makeup, I use that a lot, and it's like SPF 70. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin recovery is my other favorite, but it's a little pricier.

maggielemons1 karma

loving you in Ravening War!! do you have a favorite D20 season??

sweeetanj2 karma

I haven't gotten through enough full seasons to really choose, but at the moment, the obvious choice is ACOC!

benp2421 karma


sweeetanj3 karma

ahahahah, well..."maining" would imply I play enough for there to be an opportunity to play a lot. I would probably have to say Symmetra because she's the only one I took enough time to learn to play without dying in the first 30 secs of the match. But I'm still pretty bad at playing her. Been a while since I've played. Other than her I'd say Reinhardt because I love playing tank (which is so the opposite of my in real life experience lol) and also ANY chance to hear Darin de Paul's voice makes my life better.

adogg2811 karma

Hey, anjali. I played a lot of apex legends for a while, and I've been playing TDM, gun race, and control on my PC. I have plans on unlocking Rampart in the next few weeks or months. I have one question. Do you think that respawn and/or EA would team up with an anime company to create apex legends anime series?

sweeetanj1 karma

oooooooooh I hope so! That would be fun!

Zealousideal-9121 karma

When you create a character, where do you start? Like, do you create the character first, them what that entails for their class, or pick out the class first, then the character bells and whistles. Also, where do you gain the most inspiration for your characters?

Also, I really loved Fy'Ra! She has such good sibling energy!

sweeetanj1 karma

Kind of got into this a little above - I don't really have one way of doing it...sometimes I want to try a particular class, sometimes I want to explore a personal struggle or storyline that I am thinking of, sometimes I just want to have something cool like an animal companion or skill and I turn that into the thing I base the character around.

Thanks for saying that about Fy'ra! Although...I gotta say...I'm dying to play her twin too...she's...something else.

trentcrimm-indep1 karma

Congrats Anjali! So excited to see how your career has skyrocketed, and you have a caring fan base. What type of work has been most fulfilling for you?

sweeetanj1 karma

All of it! Any chance to create and then connect with the community surrounding that creation has been so fulfilling for me. In terms of the actual performance TTRPGs have been very fulfilling because I get to be such a huge part of creating the story and being in the moment. But I'vehad such incredible experiences on tv and on broadway and in other media, I can't just pick one. And then there's the added fulfillment of getting to do more inspirational or charitable work with the communities I've been around. Writing I Am Fun Size and hearing back from readers how much it meant to them had been an exceptional joy - and the fact that it came out of my desire to give back to these communities who have been so good to me makes it extra special. I love that my passion for storytelling has been such a wonderful way to lean into my personal purpose and mission of reminding people how extraordinary they are and that they are never alone.

gggjennings1 karma

Hi! Is there anything you can tell us about the game mechanics in Candela Obscura? Was it a difficult system to learn?

sweeetanj6 karma

There's a quick start guide coming in May 25 (that’s a correction from my earlier comment) on Darrington Press online! Check it out! It's actually surprisingly easy to learn and there's loads of creativity to explore within the system!

keirakvlt1 karma

What are some of your favorite TTRPGs outside of DND?

sweeetanj3 karma

Outbreak:Undead, Savage Worlds, and For the Queen!

naterothstein1 karma

Hi Anjali! I'm always excited to see you in the cast for a CR or D20 series. Your characters are always so fun and interesting. My question is this: Are there any character concepts you're waiting for the opportunity to play on a show? If so, what can you let slip about them?

sweeetanj2 karma

Hi!!! Hmmmm, I don’t have anything fully fleshed out at the moment…but I do know at some point I’m probably going to want to play a character who isn’t necessarily a “good” person. I always play pretty noble characters, even if they end up doing things that aren’t so noble in the game. Always look forward to playing characters of questionable morality.

skaldaspar_mjadar1 karma

Hello Anjali! Thank you so much for your wonderful performances. You were royalty before becoming Queen Amangeaux. ❤️

What's a piece of work you are proud of that maybe someone who only knows you from tabletop gaming or your voicework might not be aware of?

sweeetanj5 karma

What a sweet thing to say!

I think a lot of folks don't know I've done two Broadway shows and an opera, that might be a good place to start! My first Bway show was Metamorphoses and it is one of the things I am proudest of doing in my whole career.

Single-Trifle-39091 karma

Im not sure how to tag spoilers so I’m going to try to be vague. Did you talk previously about any pvp roleplay or was it on-the-fly? Your character was betrayed so quickly 😭

sweeetanj1 karma

We absolutely did NOT talk about that particular secret/situation or the betrayal which is why it's even more painful to watch! All we talked about was how we three knew each other before the events at the top of the show. And we did a session zero to get familiar with the world, before the events of the show.

SunYat841 karma

Is there a particular setting or theme you want to play in but haven't yet?

sweeetanj1 karma

Nothing specific just yet...any thoughts on what I should try next? :)

00destin1 karma

Who is on your bucket list for playing a TTRPG with?

Thanks for doing this - you look like you're having so much fun in D20!

sweeetanj2 karma

Oh so many people…I mean hopefully it will happen someday soon, but I’d love to play with Brennan when he is the DM. But there are tons of people who I’m not sure even play that would be on that list. Like probably half of Hollywood. For some reason right now I’m imagining playing at a table with Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Ian McKellen, and Sir Patrick Stewart. Because I know ALL of them would be cracking each other up one second and breaking our hearts the next. (But also. I just wanna be at a table with them period because they are incredible). And we’ve already achieved one of my TTRPG dreams of having a table of all South Asian players and DM when we filmed DesiQuest, so that one is checked off the list.

Nooni771 karma

A lemony gelatin cube wearing a top hat and monocle, engaging in a lively debate with Colin Provolone about the best fashion trends in Fructera. Who wins the argument, and what is their final verdict on the trendiest accessory in the land?

sweeetanj2 karma

HATS obviously!

wolfbyte_1 karma

Loving The Ravening War. This is the first season of Dimension 20 I’ve watched week to week. As a player, how much of your fellow players character backstories did you know about before playing? When some of the reveals already cooking come out, will you be learning about them as they unfold, or are you already privy to your party members secrets?

sweeetanj2 karma

Most of the secrets are just that - secrets, even to us. So it was as delightful (and heartbreaking) when we learned them in the game as when you guys do while watching! We did know a little of each other’s backstories though, especially since some of our characters knew each other for a long time.

autoposting_system1 karma

Okay. This may be a stupid question.

In the late 1980s in a high school in south Florida there was a chorus group called Dimension 20. This was an official group, practicing for five class periods a week: fifth hour, as I recall.

Does it have anything to do with your operation?

sweeetanj1 karma

Oh I wouldn't know! Dimension 20 came up with that name long before I joined them on this show!

wolfbyte_1 karma

Loved you in ExU! I even ended up plying a genasi monk in my current campaign. Why were you the only cast member to come in late and leave early? Was it a scheduling issue, or was that just how the story unfolded?

sweeetanj3 karma

It was a scheduling issue unfortunately…would have loved to stay for that final battle!

Staineddutch1 karma

Do you find it weird to call yourself a star?

sweeetanj5 karma

Oh I’d never call myself “a” star. In the above context “one of the stars” is being used in terms of the roles we play - leading roles versus guests - as is often done in the entertainment industry. As all of the performers in this show are leading characters, I would describe all of them as such as well!

Ok_Glass84331 karma

hi im loving you in the ravening war so far was wondering if you choose specific clothes or makeup looks to display features of lady Amanqeaux in the episodes?

sweeetanj1 karma

Sure did! At least for the first two episodes...but also for a few more if I'm remembering correctly. I do remember loving one upcoming look but knowing it wasn't particularly Lady A so much as something I liked and that was different from the other looks so far... while also being different from Aabria who held the bar HIGH for looks on this show!

Gooseberry_Grower1 karma

Just a simple one from me.

How did you start with TTRPGs, did you have any experience before the CR/Dimension 20 stuff that we've seen you in, and how do you get into character?

sweeetanj3 karma


Started playing D&D when I was 8...came to the live gameplay world bad at Geek & Sundry with We're Alive: Frontier (which Marisha connected me with)...and then the CR and D20 stuff you know of!

I don't think I actually officially "get" into character so much as just be it in the moment while we're playing. When you've got a whole character sheet and background to lean on, jumping in is pretty easy for me. Also, unlike TV or theatre, where I have to get to a certain emotional place before I start, we usually experience things in a TTRPG as they're happening, so I haven't yet had to start from an emotional place too different from where I'm at.

Its_AB_Baby1 karma

How did you do think of Lady Amangeaux?

sweeetanj2 karma

I just imagined what I thought the anthropomorphized version of a spicy mango would be and voilá!


First off. Loving the Ravening War. Ya'll are doing great.

Secondly. Your makeup has been amazing for the show, Are you doing it yourself? Or Are you giving the makeup team a vibe you're going for?

I feel like a never have a really deep question for people, but I do have a very simple one. What do you like for Breakfast?

sweeetanj5 karma

Thank you!

The makeup team is responsible for these looks ... I just told them a vibe and we powwow-ed each episode on what it should be.

My favorite breakfast is Eggs Benedict with Spinach and smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon. So I guess that's really Eggs Florentine with smoked salmon. Second favorite (and also more like a "only on special occasions" meal) is probably challah French toast. That's more like a dessert than breakfast though. And I don't love eating breakfast in the morning. I'm a late in the day eater, so my favorite would be having that meal around 5 pm....mmmmmm. Now I'm hungry.