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Feels like an embarrassment of riches. But also, LOU and ZAC. ALL of them...playing with these folks is just magic.

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Oh good question. I have so many dice sometimes I'll jail them right away...others I'm partial to so I give them a few chances before they're benched. And yes, I have been known to yeet them Aabria style from time to time out of sheer frustration. Not proud of it, but it happens.

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Nope! It's not that deep! Honestly I just wanted a French version of mango (since the fructerans generally lean toward being the equivalent of French in our real world), and the word for mango in French is "mangue" which isn't such a great sounding name for a queen. Also, I LOVE the look of -eaux when written, so it felt fitting both to say and to write!

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And thank you! I loved DOING Undeadwood so much!

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Thank you!

I don't think it's consciously different specifically from company to company any more than it is from party to party. The difference is in the people you're playing with (and who your characters are adventuring with) more than who is creating the show.