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From what I've seen of Scientology, it seems like there is a major difference in treatment between celebrity "followers" and folks in Sea Org who are tortured, locked in the Hole, beaten publicly by Miscavige, etc.

Did the news of this mistreatment find its way to celebrities and general "members" of the Church who weren't in Sea Org? Or were people left completely in the dark?

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And we have a budget of $850,000.

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I mean, have you read any of Frank Miller's comics? They're some of the most reactionary, conservative, hawkish books out there. This doesn't surprise me at all.

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Hi Toni!

I don't have anything to ask specifically, other than--is there anything YOU want to talk about or discuss? Any burning questions you have for internet strangers? Any topics you just want to unload about?

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Any tips or tricks to sharpen your knives? I have an electric sharpener that I try to avoid because it shaves off too much steel, but I'm not great with my whetstones.