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Hi! First of all this absolutely horrible and so so so scary. As a cancer survivor (just got the word I'm in remission in July!) I understand some of what you're going through and I'm here if you ever want to chit chat.

If you ever got a chance, what is the main thing you'd want people to know about your experience? What is the one question you're tired of answering? Favorite food?

Thank you for doing this AMA! Sending love your way

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My boyfriend is getting ready to go to the training facility in Oklahoma City. Do you have any advice for him or words if wisdom?

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The thing that got me is that people said "well you look too good to have cancer! You still have your hair" okayyyyyyyy I'm sure my oncologist is so wrong about my diagnosis. I feel you on that. ):

I'm sorry you're suffering and dealing with all this. I wish I had something eloquent to say but I don't. I do however have an amazing pizza recipe if you'd like.

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He's definitely not lazy. He's working his ass off. He's actually doing an internship at the Seattle center right now.

As an instructor, what do you think is a overlooked or under utilized from the trainees?

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Thank you! Been a crazy couple of years, but it's nice to finally get life back on track. We are getting married next year (: