I had my surgery on May 18, and I'm 18 years old. I got it done mostly because of back pain, rashes from skin-on-skin contact, posture problems, and to increase my quality of life (self-esteem and whatnot)

Here are the basic questions I get:

How much did it cost?

Around $5,000, and insurance didn't cover. My parents paid.

What size were you before? And now?

I was a 32G and now I'm around a 34D.

Why would you get it/You're slapping God in the face/People pay for big boobs

I had really bad back pains, dents in my shoulders, rashes under them... blah blah.

How much boobage did they remove?

They took around 3/4lb from each, so, about 1 1/2 lbs overall. (293g from the left tit and 281 from the right)

Will the scars fade?

They'll always be there, but they will turn white as time goes on. I don't care. I'd rather have scars than have my boobs how they were before.

Did they give you a lift?

Yes! Typical reductions (except in the uncommon cases in which it's liposuction only) essentially take a wedge out of your boobs and move the nipple up. It results in a lifted breast.

Did they make your areolas smaller?

Yep. It's procedure, and I see it as a bonus.

Here (NSFW) is my progress album with proof. RES users are encouraged to click on the link for captions because they can be quite gruesome out of context.

Anyways, AMA and I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

Thanks for all the questions. I'm still around, but if you have any questions, you're more than welcome to PM me and I'll do my best with advice or answers.

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WacticalTank1193 karma

Point out something really obvious.

gypsywhisperer1183 karma

You're a master of editing.

WacticalTank669 karma

Point out something even more obvious.

gypsywhisperer614 karma

Your username is a reference to masturbation.

Certifried279 karma

You really are incredibly brave! And this is such an awesome thing that you're doing, posting this. I'm sure it will help to keep other young women abreast of the issue.

It's unfortunate that insurance wouldn't cover something like this. It's obviously going to prevent many future issues for you.

gypsywhisperer192 karma

I enjoy the pun usage.

And thank you. I hope to help others.

Justmadeaccount41002 karma

No being creepy but they definitely look better! Perkier and such.

gypsywhisperer385 karma

Thank you!

mrjackspade459 karma

I just want to say, this is the first breast reduction photo I've ever seen where I liked that "after" better. You have forever changed my view of breasts.

gypsywhisperer271 karma

That's what I like to hear!

Thank you!

schizoidvoid171 karma

Maybe being a little creepy but those scars are cool as hell.

gypsywhisperer113 karma

Thanks! I think so as well!

VicYesterday132 karma

Not trying to be creepy but I hope you're happy with the choice you made. I'm not gonna assume it was a brave one (because I've never owned a pair of breasts) but if you're glad, I'm happy for you.

Basically, you go girl.

gypsywhisperer50 karma

I'm incredibly glad! Thank you!

Emjay221140 karma

Confused. Those don't look like G's and they don't look like D's in the after. I wear D's and they look bigger than either of your shots.

gypsywhisperer315 karma

You could be wearing the wrong size.

EnterTheMan200 karma

This is incredibly common

Source: I once went into a Victoria's Secret with my girlfriend

But no, really, my girlfriend thought she was a B-cup, but was professionally measured and ended up being a full C-cup. Her friend thought she was a D-cup, nope, wayyy bigger. The lady measuring them said it was very common for girls to get cup-sizes that are too small for various reasons, and it generally leads to problems. Apparently many girls (and guys) enjoy breasts to be spilling out of bras. Most Victoria's Secret models you see posing are in too small size of a bra as well. Go figure.

Other metrics besides cup-size are also wrong quite often. 14 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Bra Size, and one more.

gypsywhisperer129 karma


And Victoria's secret tried to put me in a 36DD which was painfully small, and they wouldn't help me or tell me to go somewhere else.

eelassirak89 karma

Nordstrom bra fitters know their stuff.

gypsywhisperer34 karma

They do indeed!

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gypsywhisperer908 karma

I appreciate your honesty and devotion.

upvote_cuz_ninja330 karma

I can see you are from the internets with the high tolerance to creepyness and wtfness.

gypsywhisperer293 karma

Indeed. I'm used to internet creeps.

404-shame-not-found147 karma

Going on a limb here, but I'm sure most people aren't actually creeps. Being a dick on the internet is just too easy (and fun). Can't take things too personal or serious.

That being said, nice tits. the after photos look perkier. Nice work on them. And yes, I was looking for the blue link first. That's why we're all here. ʘ‿ʘ

gypsywhisperer129 karma

I know. They're just messing around. I don't take it too seriously.

And thank you. I'm incredibly happy. And blue links are amazing.

Aperfectmoment56 karma

Nothing to do with nakedness but you are pretty awesome for responding so well to fishyguy13s in such a manner.

gypsywhisperer112 karma

Eh, I can't control what people do with the pictures. Guys can get boners or urges for no reason. I think people could masturbate to anything successfully if they use their imagination.

Surreal_Effect341 karma

Ouch that looks painful. Does this surgery effect your ability to produce breast milk if you decide to have kids?

gypsywhisperer318 karma

It really wasn't too painful.

And it's really a 50/50 shot, but I hope I can. I know it's best to breastfeed children. I have hope that I can, but I won't know until I try.

IIoWoII325 karma

50% x 2 = 100%(virtually)

no... the chance of success is 75%

gypsywhisperer161 karma


Omgwtf_hypatia187 karma

If you can't, don't get discouraged. It is okay to breastfeed, but it is also okay NOT to breastfeed. Do not let anyone shame you for formula feeding, if that is what you end up having to do.

My sister's sister-in-law had a breast reduction and she ended up not being able to breastfeed. She felt HORRIBLE about it, and it caused her so much stress.

gypsywhisperer81 karma

I know. There are benefits to breastfeeding and I hope to if I can, and I won't take it personally if people shame me.

smellsliketoast258 karma

"breast reduction" and "photos". You just gave most of the reddit community a reason to look at your AMA first.

gypsywhisperer184 karma

My previous one got front page.

But funny story, I met my wonderful boyfriend because he commented on one I put on /r/TwoXChromosomes

smellsliketoast52 karma

That's actually pretty cool! Good luck to you guys :)

gypsywhisperer168 karma

Indeed. We're happy together. Yesterday I was helping him set up for his LAN party and he just said, "You're a good girlfriend, I hope you know that."

He makes me melt.

JonnyMoseley56 karma

You are an awesome girlfriend!

gypsywhisperer53 karma

Well, I hope so.

suju1513221 karma


gypsywhisperer215 karma

Recovery was super easy. Bring a small pillow for the car ride home. Set an alarm to remind you to take meds. Drink lots of water, snack. I was also really hungry after surgery. Sleep slightly propped up.

Best of luck tomorrow!

suju151391 karma


gypsywhisperer115 karma

I could only sleep 3-4 hours at a time, but it wasn't bad. It's painful to sleep on your side at first. It hurts to move your arms certain ways. But no problems with sleeping itself.

suju151394 karma


gypsywhisperer464 karma

You can PM me and I'll give you my number if you need someone to text tonight or after surgery.

lockntwist71 karma

You are an incredibly awesome person for reaching out like this. Just so you know.

gypsywhisperer6 karma

Thank you!

XFMelissa164 karma


gypsywhisperer20 karma

Yay, they look awesome!

aboondocksaint113 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how badly would you say the pain from recovery was? I'm looking at these photos and am wincing.

Glad they're working out for you though. Being comfortable in your own skin counts for a lot.

gypsywhisperer103 karma

The pain was at a 6 at the highest. That really bad photo was after I stopped taking pain medication for a day or two. Didn't hurt unless I pushed down or moved my arms.

Thank you. I am so much more comfortable.

sweetsamanth__91 karma

Good for you! When I was 19 (just over three years ago now), I had reconstructive surgery because my breasts were completely different shapes and sizes. The psychological effects of dealing with these issues is horrible, so I feel your pain and I think it's awesome you're doing this to help people understand. I always think it's so shitty that insurance companies can't make exceptions for these sorts of things. My surgery cost just under $12000. I paid for half, my very amazing and wonderful family (parents and grandparents) paid for the other half.

So, yeah, good on you girlfriend! And damn those are some nice lookin' boobies! :)

gypsywhisperer42 karma

Aw, congratulations on your surgery as well. I totally understand how crazy life probably was for you. And I can't believe your surgery was so expensive. I'm glad your family helped you out.

Thank you!

sweetsamanth__23 karma

It was well worth it in the end, as I'm sure you totally know. I had a lot done. Both breasts have implants in them. The one that was bigger needed a bunch of stuff taken out. My scars really suck on that side, though. I'm the only person who complains about it, though ...

But, again, very happy for you, my dear. Internet hugs!

gypsywhisperer31 karma

Yeah, I was assuming you needed a reduction/lift one one side and an implant on both sides, but I'm sure you're looking fantastic now. And yeah, I'm the only person who really cares about my scars.

My boyfriend one time said, "you know, you have some fantastic breasts." which made me happy.

I'm happy for you as well. Enjoy your boobies!

Trickenzie83 karma

As a 50yr old woman who had a breast reduction at 18, I can only congratulate you on making such a great decision. It is a life-changing operation and I still look back and am so happy that I had mine done.

I was able to feed 3 of my four children - not fully and not for long but at least for the first couple of weeks. I promise you, you will never regret having done this.

gypsywhisperer15 karma

Thank you, I love hearing this!

meaganlodon77 karma

Good for you! They look like you had a very competent surgeon taking care of you, and they turned out well!

I would love to get this done (I'm around a 36F right now)... Next to impossible to buy a pretty bra.

gypsywhisperer65 karma

Yes, she was incredibly competent and she did a wonderful job! I'm so happy with how it turned out.

I'd totally encourage it if you're considering one. It has improved my life so much.

MatCauthonsHat74 karma

Having dated a woman who had breast reduction surgery, I can assure you the scars are no big deal. Your new breasts look fabulous. Congratulations.

gypsywhisperer59 karma

Thank you. Yeah, I actually wouldn't have met my boyfriend if I hadn't gotten a reduction. We met via Reddit because he commented on a thread of mine.

Jabberminor71 karma

Are you very happy with your decision to have your boobs reduced?

EDIT: Your boobs looked very nice before, but they look even better now.

gypsywhisperer95 karma

Incredibly. It has improved my quality of life and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jabberminor32 karma

Thank you for your reply.

Can I also ask, I have a friend who's sort of in a similar situation to you. She thinking about getting her boobs reduced, but at the same time doesn't feel that she should do it. Do you have any advice for her?

gypsywhisperer55 karma

I would definitely say that you can PM me and I can send you my contact information and you can relay it to her. I'm definitely biased, and I was uncertain, but now that I did it, I have no regrets at all.

meiguess60 karma

In one sitting, how many pancakes do you think you could eat?

gypsywhisperer81 karma

Probably 1 to 3 pancakes. I need to know more specifics. How big? Do I have syrup, butter, or fruit on top?

SonOfJohn48 karma

Just posting to say that you have rockin' tits now!

gypsywhisperer22 karma

Thank you!

j_t_h48 karma

Why would 32 change to 34?

gypsywhisperer26 karma

Not sure, just felt more comfortable.

chocolate_snore44 karma

What kind of conversations did you have with your parents to bring this up? In fact, how did you bring it up?

gypsywhisperer65 karma

Oh, that was actually a funny one. My psychology teacher said to try and do a foot-in-door procedure to get what we want. So I asked if I could go shopping, then to go on a school trip, then for surgery. Um, my dad was more like, "Oh, when's surgery?" because I peeled off at the mall trying to find a 32G bra.

chocolate_snore40 karma

Wait, so you just straight-out asked them?

gypsywhisperer45 karma

Yep, I did!

chocolate_snore31 karma

Braave. The thing is, my parents would have never agreed for me to have surgery on my body, much less pay 5K for me. They most likely would have expected me to get a job first or something like that.

gypsywhisperer39 karma

Well, thanks. I've been fortunate to have a family that hasn't had to worry about finances, so it really made asking a lot easier, as sad as that is. I truly think insurance should have covered it, but my parents didn't really try too hard to get it covered.

Rush_Is_Right31 karma

Politely as I can ask, does your mom have large breasts and knows the pains and complications that comes with them that may have led to them understanding your plight easier?

gypsywhisperer44 karma

Nope. She has B cups. Isn't that funny?

Muame35 karma

Congrats! I'm 5'3" and a 32G, so mine look crazy big. One day, I'm going to do this, too!!

gypsywhisperer57 karma

Congratulations! Aw, you probably don't have a torso :(

ejbz33 karma

How did people around you take it? Not just family but friends and classmates? Props on doing this, bet it took a lot of courage!

gypsywhisperer68 karma

My friends were confused because they didn't really think my boobs were that big. I mean, I was really good at hiding them. People didn't believe I was a G.

Mostly, people ask if I lost weight. Otherwise, people haven't noticed.

Arggghhhhhhh73 karma

I got the same thing after my surgery. People asked if I lost weight. Technically, I did!! From my chesticles.

gypsywhisperer23 karma

Yes! And it's amusing to show people scars.

jdsizzle114 karma

So you show people your boob scars? I mean don't get me wrong this is just interesting. When a friend of mine got implants she was more than happy to show anyone her boobs for a good 4 months. Not so much anymore though..... :(

gypsywhisperer7 karma

Aw, sorry about your loss.

Hotwings2625 karma


gypsywhisperer42 karma

Yes, and it also helped with posture and stuff. They were really saggy, too, so I don't get rashes underneath them.

mermer6725 karma

My mom had the same procedure done, but she waited until after she had kids. I guess her boobs were large before, but got even bigger after having kids. She's very happy that she did it. Whenever I complain about being flat chested (I didn't get the big boobs gene), she reminds me of how uncomfortable big boobs can be, especially if you get breast tenderness during your period. Yours look great though! I wish I could get implants, that will probably never happen though.

gypsywhisperer20 karma

Thank you.

And never say never about implants. I'm sure if you want them, you'll eventually get them.

seerow23 karma

I'm not gonna lie, but I came here for the progress photos.

On a lighter note, glad things are working out for you.

gypsywhisperer17 karma


Urbane_Username23 karma

Did you have a say in the final size of the new boobs? was there a minimum they said they'd take off?

gypsywhisperer49 karma

I told my surgeon to do what suits me. She is trained to know what looks good.

Urbane_Username24 karma

I've been considering one for awhile now. mostly because of the shape of my breasts, much like yours before the surgery. I've noticed lately I sometimes have red welts basically underneath from the skin on skin contact annoying as fuck. Also because I would greatly appreciate them being perfectly even. I don't really have posture problems its more of a reshaping that I want, in some ways I want one, but having always been chesty I don't know if I would still feel like me if they were smaller. its a dilemma...also finding the time to do it.

gypsywhisperer21 karma

I actually still feel pretty chesty. People still say I have big boobs, and I don't feel flat. Sometimes, they feel too big still!

But you could always do a lift with a small reduction. Talking to a surgeon about what you want can help make a good decision. Best of luck to you!

Myuriko21 karma

Have you received any criticism for this decision? I had breast augmentation surgery, and some people were kind of assholes about it... but I guess it's different situations.

If you have, how do you deal with that?

gypsywhisperer45 karma

I mean, there are always people who will go, "You're slapping God in the face." People definitely have respected my decision, though, but not everyone agreed that I needed it. I just know that I feel better and I'm happy, so screw whatever people say.

Also, I have nothing against implants. Seriously, if a reduction made my life better, I can't even imagine how happy people would be to get implants. I'm sure your self-esteem improved a lot. Also, I totally envy how you don't have as many scars as I do.

TheFue20 karma

Alright, I'm a dude and I want to mention this:

The picture from 5 Days after surgery made me uncomfortable; Like a dull nerve twinge that isn't sure if it wants to become pain, or even where to become pain. It turned into a bit of an ache centered around my right nipple for a moment. After a few seconds this ache transferred to my testes as if it thought "Well, wait...I don't have tits, so the closest thing is...balls?" It then began passing back and forth between the two zones as if in some sort of confusion, my face twisting slightly.
Shortly after, but not before the ache bounced a few more times, it settled somewhere in the region of my gut and turned into more of a gut twisting feeling.
That was weird. I have never experienced that sensation before.

Also, Balls of Steel posting this and remaining on a discussionary point knowing full well what the majority of responses would be. Props.

gypsywhisperer14 karma

That's insane. You must be an empathetic person.

[deleted]19 karma


gypsywhisperer33 karma

No, I should have though. The residual boob was likely incinerated after pathology poked and probed through it.

[deleted]24 karma


gypsywhisperer58 karma

IIRC, fatty tissue vaporizes. Cremains are bones. The bones don't burn, and they grind them into a dust. So, ashes aren't ashes. They're burned bone dust.

[deleted]68 karma


gypsywhisperer41 karma

Fair enough.

RedCandles31 karma


gypsywhisperer21 karma

I'm glad I could teach you something today.

fjellfras18 karma

I said it last time and I'll say this again, those scars look badass. I think in a post apocalyptic scenario you can be a leader of people based on those scars.

gypsywhisperer14 karma

Oh my God, YES!

[deleted]18 karma


gypsywhisperer30 karma

I'm 5'7" and I fluctuate between 135-140lbs. Because of starting college and starting the pill, I'm around 140 now.

Frajer16 karma

When and how did you realize that your boobs were abnormally large?

gypsywhisperer34 karma

I was a 34B when I was 12 and before I got my period. I grew into a 34D by the time I was 13. 34DD at 15 or so... and then I kept squeezing into that until I was 17 and a 32G.

mstrkft15 karma

Do you have to get new shirts? Do you enjoy shopping more now? They look amazing by the way congratz!

gypsywhisperer24 karma

Some are stretched out, and I got dresses! Shopping is a lot easier. Thanks!

Blahblee14 karma

Good for you! I had a breast reduction when I was 16 years old (in 1995) because of the back and shoulder pain. I went from a 34EE to a 34C. It helped my self- esteem and I was able to play sports better. I had a baby in 2009 and could not breast feed at all. You will definitely be so much happier now! Congrats!

gypsywhisperer18 karma

I wish I could have gotten one when I was 17, but I waited until I was 18.

Did yours get bigger after surgery? Were you even able to produce milk, but not express it?

Thank you!

depal8813 karma

How did you pick your surgeon?

gypsywhisperer4 karma

She was actually a friend of my parents'. I babysat her kids when I was in middle school.

GrizzGriffiths12 karma

Do your new breasts make you feel more or less sexy?

gypsywhisperer16 karma

More. Much more.