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You really are incredibly brave! And this is such an awesome thing that you're doing, posting this. I'm sure it will help to keep other young women abreast of the issue.

It's unfortunate that insurance wouldn't cover something like this. It's obviously going to prevent many future issues for you.

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When I was growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed scouting. It was an amazing experience. Years later, my mom sent me an email asking if anything "odd" had ever happened. I never saw anything remotely inappropriate, but she sent me this news article:


Yep, my former scout master. I thank GOD (or whatever higher authority is or isn't present) that he didn't put his hands on me, but feel horrible for those he did molest. Oh, but 'gays' are the ones destroying our children... riiiight. Massive amounts of respect from this straight (and slightly conservative) former scout. Thank you for all you've done and for standing up to such unfairness and hatred.